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 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,04 2019 -  
Tales of an aging gamer: Why don't I pick up a controller as often - briefly
(hx) 08:40 PM CET - Jan,04 2019 - Post a comment / read (5)
This article on why people game less as they age is a decent read, even if some of the explanations are obvious (less time etc). Here's an excerpt:
Despite a wider variety than ever before, video games don’t have the same effect on me as they used to. That might not sound like a problem to some of you, but it is to me. I have played video games from the early days of my childhood, starting somewhere around the late ’80s. I became heavily addicted to my Game Boy as a kid, and I can still remember the thrill I felt the day I bought my first PlayStation 22 years ago.

Gaming was like breathing. It was the biggest part of my life as a teenager, one of my priorities as a college student, and eventually one of my most expensive “hobbies” as a young professional.

Then all of a sudden, after thousands of hours spent playing across genres and platforms, boredom hit me hard for the very first time in my early thirties. Some of my favorite games soon gave me the impression of being terribly long. I couldn’t help but notice all the repeating tropes and similarities in game design between franchises.

I figured it was just a matter of time before I found the right game to stimulate my interest again, but time continued to go by and nothing changed.

My 41-year-old cousin had dealt with the same thing years before me, and he had a simple explanation: “Now it’s you who has to worry about rent and bills, not your dad.” Deep inside I knew he was right. The more responsibilities, problems, and stress in life, the more we lose our appetite for things that used to entertain us, gaming included. But could there be something more to it than that? Games themselves were also changing. As technology enabled things I wouldn’t have dreamed were possible as a kid, it created entirely new platforms for gaming.

On top of that, as people grow older there are inevitable changes that influence how we see games—including things as simple as needing glasses to actually play the game. The gradual loss of focusing ability for near vision as we age, known as presbyopia, makes gaming on smartphones and portable game consoles a nightmare for older people. Happenings like this help explain why devices such as PS Vitas are created almost exclusively for younger players.
last 10 comments:
Csimbi(11:49 PM CET - Jan,04 2019 )
I guess that's true for the most part - at least, I feel somewhat similar.
What worries me is this:

The exact same thing likely happens when it comes to music, literature, TV, and film as well, but this doesn’t mean we have to stop listening or watching, right? We just get older and change—or, perhaps how I would’ve once phrased it, we level up.

I get bored with music and movies really quick these days.
I used to watch some movies over and over again, listen to the same music a lot.
Now? It feels like "I know it all" - after 10-20 minutes you see the similarities to the games/movies/music you saw/heard before and you can predict the outcome with very high accuracy.
And that's really the problem because most games, music and movies rarely bring something refreshing and thus, feel like a real bore on day 1...

KuBr0(03:08 AM CET - Jan,05 2019 )
its just like with an old whore - it takes a bit more to get her really excited and going ... it all comes down to what you prefer as your psycho-hygiene and what you pick as relaxation. The majority of ppl in our countries (Czech & Slovak republic) get home after 5PM, prepare & eat dinner till 7, then watch the news and then some silly local production wack comedy sitcom and go to bed. I prefer to rather sit behind my rig and play a good game for a few hours, be it a turn based 120MB strategy like Into the Breach now in the winter or a more story-driven game like the Witcher 3 earlier this year. There is plenty to pick from and is just about the choice when it comes to being entertained - just laying back with your family chatting, watching a good movie or - digital entertainment of all kinds - games, videos, reading stories etc. Don't expect stuff to get you the same thrill when you're almost 40 (like me) that LEGO used to give you when you were 8 or 10 (all the excitement over a few plastic bricks in a box, right?).

heretic(09:48 AM CET - Jan,05 2019 )
Damn, article made me feel old. I am 49 and have been gaming since the Atari 800 era of games, however my really first electronic game was "landing on the moon " which I coded on my calculator Casio FX3600P :-)

FYI ;-)

Gaming is now harder for everybody because there are just too many options. Its paralysis analysis. As a kid, I had to wait for a birthday or christmas for a new game and that would be my game for the year. Now I have thousands of options, and I will not just play a game because its the only one I have. So it becomes tougher and tougher to figure out which games I will like. The same with books, music, movies, TV sitcoms. No mention there's VR and other really interesting toys/gadgets.

Besides I think there’s a trend switching between older gamers and newer ones about what we want out of games. I think that most people my age are generally looking for wish fulfillment out of games. Stuff like how RDR2 makes me feel like a cowboy, or how Obra Dinn makes me feel like a detective. I think the newer generation is looking for competiveness. Remember 10 or so years ago we were trying to get gaming to be considered a "true art"? I think now we’re hearing more people wish that gaming was considered a "true sport". One good thing, is that even though I’m older, I still see gaming companies at least making games for my age range and interest. Which is very good :-)

Tom(05:17 PM CET - Jan,07 2019 )
Well I been gaming since the days of Pong. I can even remember the day we played was amazingly fun.

My hands are shot from mouse clicking and gaming consoles and work. My eyes are shot too, more powerful glasses... game text in a lot of games is way too small and I can't play FPS anymore because my reflexes are shot and my interest is gone due to continual over-dose of the same game in a different skin every year. If my interest has dwindled in games, it's not cuz my body has aged or anything, it's because gaming these days is just boring. It's all repeat crap and buggy games and then PRICES. In my youth I bought anything popular. In my old age, I only by a couple games a year and only because I've read community sites and peoples honest opinions.. no longer a sucker for any game review site. I can watch game vids and read peoples comments and get the real deal. And actually in a lot of cases, I can predict nearly flawlessly whether a game will succeed or die.

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