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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,15 2005 -  
StarForce Destroy Your PC? Collect $1000 - briefly
(hx) 10:36 PM CET - Dec,15 2005 - Post a comment / read (9)
StarForce has announced a contest, giving away $1000 to anyone who can prove that installing StarForce damages their system:
Anyone who can reproduce and demonstrate the mentioned above problem with CD/DVD drive in our office will receive $1000.00 US. You should arrive in our office with your PC or use any of our PCs and reproduce the problem. Here are the terms of the contest:

* All the drives in the system should be properly functioning prior to the installation of a StarForce protected product.
* After the installation and start-up of StarForce protected product the problem with (CD/DVD read-write malfunction) must exist and be reproduced in any other configuration.

If you can be the first to reproduce this situation in our office, we will be happy to award you with $1000.00 US, cover your trip to Moscow and pay 2 days' lodging.
last 10 comments:
lmer(11:54 PM CET - Dec,15 2005 )
cheeky bastards :)

Majnun(12:35 AM CET - Dec,16 2005 )
So...lets break this down.

Here's how you get your money back:

1. You've already HAD your computer destroyed by StarF*ck.
2. Your computer cost LESS THAN $500.
3. Now you can buy/rebuild the EXACT same system (and it still might not break).
4. Fly to Moscow to meet these morons and install StarF*ck to let it destroy your NEW system.
5. Collect $1000 and break even on having 2 crappy computers destroyed.
6. Yay, at least you got to go to Moscow and hopefully beat the crap out of at least one empleyee at StarF*ck.
7. Sell the suitcases full of toilet paper and blue jeans you brought with you for a tidy profit.

Bravo StarForce for your infinite compassion for your customer's customers. Idiots.

xxxx(01:22 AM CET - Dec,16 2005 )
Well they are proving a point. People are trying to criticize game makers for putting this in claiming it messes up their machine. I think it's personally pretty poor they install drivers without telling you so but either way, the fact is people just don't appreciate the lengths that Starforce goes to to enforce protection and they are calling everyone out on it.

Personally I don't like Starforce but there is no-cd's even for Starforce crap, so who cares? I too would like to see proof that Starforce actually kills a computer. I don't think that's the case, it's just people who are inexperienced and don't take care of their PC.

I agree with lmer, they are cheeky bastards! :lol:

Febo(02:25 AM CET - Dec,16 2005 )
OMG guy's who says that StarForce destroy hes PC is a total dumb.....
I got Soldiers heroes of ww2 game original with star force protection and my crap old burner and DVD still work starforce just check for original CD or DVD anyway if u un-plug ur cd-dvd room's still u can play evry damn star force protection game u want! or u don't need to un plug cd rooms if u don't got any burners! Again Star Force don't destroy your PC, people don't like SF coz they dunno how bypass it and they won't buy games with SF protection. So learn how to bypass( read above ) SF or get buying games!

and don't be a total dumb and say omg this damn SF kill my PC .......

devilhood(02:33 AM CET - Dec,16 2005 )
The whole StarForce rubbish about destroying PC's is a lame hax0r myth that has been spread by people with duff disc drives and ruined Windows installations.
I bought UFO Aftershock and that uses SF, haven't had a problem with it since the day I first played.
The only minor complaint I have is the annoying 1 or 2 second freeze which occurs on first load whenever SF does its disc check.
They're being a bit cheeky I guess but it's good publicity for them :lol:

huldu(06:08 PM CET - Dec,16 2005 )
My hardware havent taken damage YET. But after speaking with the support at StarForce trying to solve my problems, i might actually get something for the problems ive had with StarForce on my computer.

I have a few games that uses StarForce.. ALL bought of course, no warez. The problem im having is that my computer force a reboot, from where the computer refuse to start up. The support at StarForce havent found the problems yet however. I know its a bit off-topic maybe, but the point is StarForce is FAR from perfect and if i continued trying to start a StarForce game i could probably damage my hardware in the end.

Anonymous(09:48 PM CET - Dec,16 2005 )
Of course people who claim software destroys their PC are in "most cases" not right and could be described as casual unsaavy computer users...

But to say they are morons is moronic itself...

If I, the customer, do not want Starforce I do not buy the game...
And if people like you here go on to tell me what I should accept then I might even obtain the games illegaly then just BECAUSE...

without any reason, only witht he goal that people who demand DRM and copy protections who are a bother shut up...
just to damage the companies that force things upon you you do not want and you do not pay for. period.

if you think that is irrational, then you are right but that does not help the game companies getting their hard earned cash...
I'd rather see them close their doors than me being forced to buy software that tells me what to do with it or hardware that controls my every step.

If you laugh and think that this is "my" problem, then you are again morons, cause I obtain the game free and you have to pay a higher price or get game made with less effort to save on the losses.

mcgoblinul(04:36 PM CET - Dec,21 2005 )
1 no damage - how about more use - more wear to the cd or dvd ?
2 unplug stuff - you never broke a pin on the back of your unit , did you?
3 higher cost to consumer - still crackable
4 even with online activation, or one use cd consumer will be cheated of their money and crackers would still have their fun
5 best solution? - may seem to easy: no protection for lower cost and better distribution in problem countries - there many parts of this world were you can not find an original
6 with the permanent increase in price and time consumed with installing and activating a product we will soon find ourselves with more of a boring load than a fun one
welcome to the death of plug and play to
the era of permanently plugged and seldom play

xxxx(02:13 AM CET - Dec,22 2005 )
You can argue until you are green about the cost of games. The choice you have is not to buy it. I've not bought lots of games cuz they were over priced and I joined in getting it for free like MANY others. I know when I get it for free I wont have MP. Well sometimes, the sp is all I will live with. If I find the MP to be decent, hearing from others I will buy the game later on when it's cheaper. In the meantime I can enjoy single player with my NOCD. The more people that don't buy high priced games, means the more the company has to put the game on sale or just lower the price. I got Far Cry this way. As I wasn't impressed with the game, I eventually picked it up for $19.99. A good price for a game with a decent story. Maybe not tops in terms of gfx or physics or anything, but it was worth the $19. You will find that your voice is like the only one in the universe when you complain about the cost.

As for protection. The way I see it is that Starforce wants proof and will pay $3000 for anyone that can prove Starforce has killed their PC. That's not nice and it's not bad either. I don't really agree with it. Find it rather classless and tasteless, but they want to prove that it's only n00b's with big mouthes that are complaining about a copy protection scheme that more and more companies are buying into. Starforce doesn't want their name dragged through the dirt so they put up a contest to PROVE that people are full of it and just pissed because it's a decent copy protection. Well again, you can fight them. DON'T BUY THEIR GAMES. If it has STARFORCE, swallow it down, and don't buy it. I don't have BOS cuz it has it, there was NO NOCD for it at the time and I wasn't interested and still aren't interested(based on reviews) in buying it, especially at an outrageous cost. Hell this Bet on Soldier got like 3/10 in one magazine. Just crap, and it has Starforce crap. If they agreed to have Starforce put on their game, tough luck cuz it certainly is gonna cost them sales. I told them on their website but they were too stupid or uninterested in replying.

All pc gaming really needs and I'll fight anyone who wants to disagree, :p but most every game should have KEY protection and validated online(or it should be if it's any worth). If the company wants to go further by ensuring your bought copy isn't in every one of your friends PC they put Starforce on it. That's their choice and it's your choice or job to check for a anti-starforce workaround and play offline or not buy the game.

It's a losing battle for the consumer and it's a senseless battle to go up against the game industry. They are doing whatever they feel like to make extra bucks, it's your choice whether you support it. The whole gaming industry is corrupt and a lot of it is because of companies like Electronic Arts that gouge people for little return most times in Addons. Electronic Arts is also famous to gamers for screwing you in the long run for support. But they get away with it, make lots of money and buy out other companies. What can you do except just leave the whole money racket and get a bigger social life?

Don't even get me started on the video card industry..

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