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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,06 2018 -  
Google and Facebook Cross "The Creepy Line" - tech
(hx) 12:04 AM CET - Dec,06 2018 - Post a comment / read (4)
They are constructing a profile of you. And that profile is real, it's detailed, it's granular and it never goes away. They don't sell you anything. They sell you.

last 10 comments:
Csimbi(09:04 AM CET - Dec,06 2018 )
US/Canada might want to adopt GDPR ;-)

Tom(02:02 PM CET - Dec,06 2018 )
GDPR amounts to little more than whistling in a force-nine gale. There will soon be nine billion connected devices in use around the world, from smartphones to cars to digital assistants, that will betray our every quotidian whim and desire. Throw in CCTV cameras, facial recognition technology and satellite imagery and it becomes near impossible for any of us to remain anonymous.

Csimbi(09:34 PM CET - Dec,06 2018 )
Seems you don't understand GDPR. GDPR does not prevent data collection, it regulates it. Most importantly, data must be anonymized and if you wish, be deleted.
That gives you a good protection from all this nonsense because nobody can trace the data back to you.

But yeah, anyone dumb enough to buy a smart phone these days deserves that fate. You are the product and you even pay for it, lol
Get a legacy phone, forget Facebook and the likes, disable all tracking features on Google and use Firefox with NoScript and ADBlock to browse the net and you can forget all these problems: you will have reduced your digital footprint to 5-10%, which makes you much less of a target.

gx-x(10:17 PM CET - Dec,06 2018 )
Wow. You got born -> you were registered into the system, later you get ID, social security (americans) and god knows what. All that info can be used, sold, abused and all that was before we all became Cyborgs by merging with our phones, TVs and other shit we consume.

Suddenly, people are worried about their privacy and security, when there are cameras all around for decades, and it's all Snowden's fault (how dare he expose that shit!). But media doesn't talk about that anymore, the companies that you give your information to willingly are the problem. They should give you the platform, for free, and keep it up and running on sheer mental power.

Of course you have profiles, of course you are the product. You always are when something is free. And if you think Apple and others aren't doing the same thing - wow, grow up. They make you a product even when you pay. Even small companies, local shops etc. You even forgot that your phone numbers are for sale to advertisers and market researchers haven't you?


But yeah, anyone dumb enough to buy a smart phone these days deserves that fate. You are the product and you even pay for it, lol
Get a legacy phone, forget Facebook and the likes, disable all tracking features on Google and use Firefox with NoScript and ADBlock to browse the net and you can forget all these problems: you will have reduced your digital footprint to 5-10%, which makes you much less of a target.

Do you have home address? Phone number? Name and surname? Birth certificate? ID? AdBlockers also sell your data, that's the price for not getting ads. They promise they don't? Hah, sure, I bet if you asked them to sign that and put it on paper they will laugh you out. Firefox also sells your data. Your ISP sells your data. Unless all your packets are encrypted and they can't see where they are going (you are using Torr or alike and internet is trully shitty experience for you because now even worse people know things about you) they KNOW where you go, what you do, DNS, proxy, location spoofer, doesn't matter. They can sell your data.They probably do. The least they can do is tailor their services to fuck with customers.

No offense, but you are delusional if you think you can hide from professional data collection business.

Personally - I don't mind. I do block trackers and I don't like facebook at all, but my profile surely exists in some database, probably in more than one. Still, that's the price of modern technology. It's not intruding my life so I don't care. Not that I could do anything about it anyway.

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