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 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,26 2004 -  
GDC: John Carmack: DOOM 3 "Close" - briefly
(hx) 10:00 AM CET - Mar,26 2004 - Post a comment / read (21)
HomeLAN has posted an article based on John Carmack's address at the Game Developer's Conference. Here are some highlights:
  • To get this out of the way first, no new Doom III footage was shown and Carmack said the game was "pretty close" to release.
  • Carmack confirmed that id is already thinking about their next first person shooter project after Doom III is due. Unlike Doom III, which is in its fourth year of development, Carmack said their next game is only supposed to take a couple of years to make, mainly due to the fact that they don't plan to make a huge graphical leap as they did from Quake 3 Arena to Doom III.
  • Carmack revealed that he and id thought about, and then dropped, a plan to revisit Quake II, remaking the same exact game but use an all new graphics engine as a way to show off the engine without having to concentrate on game development.
  • Carmack talked about how game development is getting more and more expensive and how more and more people are needed to make major game releases (He said he wouldn't be surprised to see a game with a budget of $100 million fairly soon). However, he also said there is still room for a small team to create games that can have mass appeal and be successful, like teams who make web based or small downloadable titles.
  • Carmack said predicting what new hardware will be out in the future and what it will do is basically a guess furthur out than five years, although he did say his unique position as creator of some of the most graphically intensive games tend to influence how graphics hardware companies make their future products.
  • While true photo-realism in games is still down the road a ways, Carmack said other aspects of games, like physics and AI, could become more important.
  • last 10 comments:
    magaposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 11:47
    ?? what game will be next ? i want to know, damnit!

    g-manposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 14:26
    Who cares what carmack thinks.

    hmmposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 15:24
    'a budget of $100 million' Poor guys... What's this whining? Even the toilet-cleaner has a Ferrari at ID.

    L.Aposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 16:47
    hey valve watch who ur talking 2 buddy this Carmack was making games while you were swimming in your fathers testies ! show some respect to the creator of pc gaming!

    stumpusposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 17:31
    Comments from L.A - L.A "hey valve watch who ur talking 2 buddy this Carmack was making games while you were swimming in your fathers testies ! show some respect to the creator of pc gaming!" ROFL!! At least with D3 the internet isn't swamped *continuously* in your face with 'PR engine demos' like Half-Life2! When HL2 **FINALY** ships, there will be NO surprises in that game PERIOD! We've seen what the physics engine can do, the lip sync and facial animations etc. There has been DOZENS of tech demos... it's all pretty exhausted out and going to be a big anti-climax (just like your dad creating you valve ;P )

    g-manposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 18:16
    Carmack is over-rated and overpaid. He's treated like a guru of game design, when he's made the same games over and over and over... doom/quake/doom/quake... there are just as many other great game engines that carmack didn't make. And my name is 'g-man'... not 'valve'. And L.A., you show where your mind is at.

    stumpusposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 19:04
    Comments from g-man - "Carmack is over-rated and overpaid. He's treated like a guru of game design, when he's made the same games over and over and over... doom/quake/doom/quake... there are just as many other great game engines that carmack didn't make. And my name is 'g-man'... not 'valve'. And L.A., you show where your mind is at." Tell me how many games that Valve have made then that stand out as much as ID has??? I'll tell you exactly, it's **1**!!.Valve has sat on their laurels and produced NOTHING since(CS etc are just mods of HL). Regardless of what you say, the DOOM series is the largest in the *world* It spawned modding as we know it. Without it, the path that created present-day FPS was formed. Can you *really* be looking forward to Half-Life 2 when it has had more setbacks than an Iraqi double glazing saleman!? 12th November 2004 being the latest farc.....sorry *release date*

    santaposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 19:49
    carmack is over rated. doom was not the start of mods, halflife was, where have you been stumpus? what did doom have in mods? doom3 is a bore and sales will be super poor. don't believe me, just wait. carmack is a hasbeen.

    magaposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 21:09
    hey, santa, for your information, the original doom has more user modifications, maps, etc, than *ANY* other game in existence.

    magaposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 21:11
    and, no, Carmack can do no wrong.

    xxxxposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 21:17
    who cares? 2 words: ur gay. carmack sucks, doom sucks. carmack is a homo with no originality. g-man, ur right. santa is cool, ur not. nobody but kids today play a old antiquated game like doom the ones who were still swimming in their dads balls like stumpus said.

    xxxxposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 21:32
    ur not means, maga.

    L.Aposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 22:21
    some noobies here werent born when DOOM was released, i however was around and remember installing the floppy based game on my 486sx pc. nowadays noobies dont appreciate wolfenstein game which were carmacks first footprints into the gaming history. The man hasnt been acknowledge fully by the gaming world for his work in gaming (personally he deserves the noble peace prize for creativity and groundbreaking work) and if it wasnt for his inspiring game engines, heavy metal music soundtracks and creative flair NVIDIA, ATI would still be using 12mb ram GFX cards to cater 4 the other gaming companies producing inefficent and poor gfx qualtiy/playable games. Carmack has ACCELERATED the gaming industry like no other person to date so i repeat read a bit of pc gaming history b4 u make pathetic and pointless comments.

    Viper357posted - Mar, 27 2004 - 00:07
    L.A: Youre absolutely right! *applaudes* Others: The rest of you should shut your mouth and think before you say anything stupid. Do a little research and you'll find out that it's thanks to Carmack what the Gaming World is today! *falls of chair* ZzzzZzzz

    Nukemposted - Mar, 27 2004 - 01:13
    I love id etc... but I got a quastion for u L.A - L.A: by saying that "Carmack has ACCELERATED the gaming industry " are u actualy happy that u have to buy a new graphic card every month??? an as for u Viper357 befor u say shut up to everyone maiby u should shut ur kiddie howl and go masterbait some more on that small dick of urs.

    Viper357posted - Mar, 27 2004 - 10:06
    LOL @ Nukem. You can't spell masturbate and yours and your saying that im the kid?! :D whatever.. poor guy. Atleast i can masturbate! (but you cant!). :P ps. your quote was kinda pointless.. i didnt tell them to shut up! I told them to hold their thought for themselves before they make fooles out of them selves.

    Nukemposted - Mar, 27 2004 - 19:24
    man what kind of coment is that??? "Atleast i can masturbate! (but you cant!)." having a hard time to belive that ur not a kid.

    SmackTheCarmackposted - Mar, 27 2004 - 23:18
    PAINKILLER Will Dominate over DOOM3..The Reason? PAINKILLER does not require the latest hardware to run well. Doom3 will only run well on highend rigs.. That is of course if Doom3 ever comes out..Carmack does not predict these things very well... Someone please explain how carmack accelerated the gaming industry..the way I see it is that he rides the coat tails of other more dominate game developers.. Doom3 is not original it just a rework of what he haas already done..taking advantage of the hardware capabilities that exist today. DOOM = Shoot monsters in First person mode which = limited vision of Game development..If Carmack is so good why cant he create something different that has not been done yet? Anyway PainKiller will out sell DOOM3

    NOTHINGposted - Mar, 28 2004 - 08:56
    Carmack ingenuity lies with the backend processes that powers the shit you see on screen. He doesn't care what the gameplay is him, the more simplier the better. Fortunately, there are others at ID who push Carmack to agree with the creative side of gaming. Lastly, HL ran off a spiffed out Quake engine originally programmed by none other than Carmack - hats off to the crew at Valve that managed to squeeze more things out of it for the CREATIVITY Valve had in mind. But never diss the wizard - Carmack.

    thunderposted - Apr, 07 2004 - 22:27
    whithout carmack, there will be no hl, no cs, no painkiller, no nothing he is the one who invented the fps hehe i also played the first doom, hauHAU ON FLOPY DISKS, aHUA those were good times................. now every game that is released, we have to buy a new video card.......

    persedarkposted - May, 19 2004 - 01:28
    Doom 3, are we there yet, are we there yet. No but hopefully soon. Ture Doom 3 is a feast for the eyes and scares the crap out of you. The beta was good enough to show what the finished version is capable of. Carmack is still one of the top programers out there and while he truly gave the industry a huge push forward that doesn´t make him a God (where´s Miyamoto the creator of MArio nowadays). People often complain about Carmacks games having the same style. I guess if it´s not broke don´t fix it is there strategy on keeping it the same. What is beyond me are all the retarded emphasis to satanism. It´s like Carmack traded in his soul for programing genius. Well Carmack your game is beautiful but can it beat out HL2? I would say no from what little has been shown so far from both titles. HL2 demonstrates a far surperior physics system. It also showcases far more face paced game action. I believe Doom´s biggest flaw is in it´s tight enviroments. While this heightens the creepy factor (I figure that´s the price of cool dynamic lighting). I way rather snipe someone from a distance or shoot a missle into a crowd. Plus the latter can still have the tight enviroments for it´s share of the "creepy" factor. Half Life 2 isn´t as pretty but moves way better and in the end it´s a game and not a painting. In the end any real man will buy both. Cuz that´s what we do, we consume, that´s why they drive Ferrari´s. (and we complain about the need for constant upgrades)

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