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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,25 2019 -  
Enable Google Chrome 74 Dark Mode In Windows 10 - tech
(hx) 03:24 PM CEST - Apr,25 2019 - Post a comment / read (4)
Google has now released Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android users. The biggest thing in any of those releases is that Dark Mode has now landed for Windows users. If you want to turn on Dark Mode, you have to first change Windows 10 to use "dark" setting via the personalization tab, and then Chrome will automatically switch to Dark Mode with the OS. Next, you will need to enable Dark Mode in Chrome using the following steps:

Go to the shortcut icon that you use to that start Google Chrome.
Right-click the shortcut icon and click Properties.
Add --force-dark-mode at the end of the Target field.
Click Apply, then OK.
Start Google Chrome.

The other changes in Chrome 74 are for web developers, and some things have been removed in this version. One of the removed features is the deprecation of file downloads initiated from sandbox iframes. That was removed because it was a common method for malware distribution. Google also removed the ability of a webpage to open a new tab when the current page is being closed. Data Saver mode was replaced by Lite Mode on Android; that mode is only on Chrome for Android. Google's page offering all the details on changes for Chrome 74 can be found here.
last 10 comments:
Csimbi(03:31 PM CEST - Apr,25 2019 )
You know, when Google was asked to allow for a dark mode years ago - in an attempt to save power - Google blatantly said no, we would never do that because that's part of our brand.
A decade or so goes by and here we are.
I guess enough of those proud people have died or went to fuck themselves by now.

I suppose it will take a decade or so for Windows 11, too.

In not-so-much related news:
Still doubt about Intel dying out over the new few years?
They are stuck with 14nm until 2020, first 10nm in 2021, lol
And people are wondering why the PC market is stalled...

Here's the article if you speak .nl:

heretic(04:57 PM CEST - Apr,25 2019 )
I found excellent article on this topic here:

Here's is an except:


This is relatively straightforward: does your device use an OLED or AMOLED screen? If it does, then dark themes can save you power! If your device instead uses an LCD or another type of screen, changing the color won’t do much for your battery life.

AMOLED screens work by passing electric currents through organic compounds to light up individual pixels. If a pixel is black, though, it’ll just stay turned off, not drawing any power to illuminate. True black (hex 000000) is the only color that will turn off the pixel, though. Any other color will draw more power, with white being the most expensive to display in terms of electricity consumption.

AMOLED is usually more power-efficient than LCD, but not when it comes to white backgrounds. Even Google, whose Pixel phones use an AMOLED, has started promoting dark themes as a way to save battery on Android devices. They’ve demonstrated up to 63% reduced battery usage by dark themes on AMOLED displays, and they’ve been adding this functionality into newer versions of Android.

Dark Themes Lcd

On the flip side, though, devices with any form of LCD screen won’t see battery life impacted by color at all. Brightness, yes; color, no. LCD displays have a bunch of layers that contribute to the end image, but part of the equation is a backlight made up of a bunch of LEDs. If your screen is on, every single one of those LEDs turns on, consuming the same amount of power regardless of the color that each individual pixel is flipped to. The pixels themselves aren’t consuming any power in an LCD screen.

The science is pretty clear here, which is nice. AMOLED/OLED benefits a lot from dark themes, while LCD does not.

Related: How to Turn on Dark Mode for Your Most Used Apps in Windows
Do dark themes help your eyes?

Dark Themes Iris

This is where things get a little trickier: because dark themes are better for your eyes sometimes, but not all the time.

In terms of readability, the verdict is clear: black text on a white background is the best. This comes down to the properties of color, light, and the human iris. White essentially reflects every wavelength in the color spectrum, which means our irises don’t need to open wide to absorb enough light, leaving them in their natural shape. Because the lens isn’t being deformed by a wider iris, we can see things more sharply, especially a high-contrast color like black, which actually absorbs wavelengths instead of reflecting them.

Dark Themes Readability

White text on black backgrounds doesn’t work as well, since our iris needs to open up more to get light, deforming the lens and making it look like the white letters are bleeding into their black backgrounds (known as the “halation” effect). This is especially true for the 50% of the population that has astigmatism.

All this actually does have an effect: scientific studies have found repeated evidence that text readability is significantly improved by dark-on-light vs. light-on-dark.

That’s great for readability, but what about eye strain? Starting at a white screen for a long time certainly feels worse, but the scientific jury is still out, and the colors may not really be the problem. Here’s what we do know.

Dark Themes Classic Dark


Dark themes can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions (night-time or dimmer workspaces).
High contrast between text and background reduces eye strain.
Applications that require syntax highlighting (like programming) can be easier to see with light-on-dark themes.


Dark themes can put more strain on your eyes in high-light conditions, since it washes out the text.
100% contrast (white text on a black background) is typically harder to read and may cause more eye strain.
Applications that require reading long passages of text will typically be harder to read in a light-on-dark theme.

NakedFaerie(06:33 PM CEST - Apr,25 2019 )
I just tried the dark mode and it also works in Windows 7 so its not just a Windows 10 thing.
And I hate it so went back to normal mode.
Its a lot harder to read. I already have a dark theme and the dark mode changed the background to black but the text is also black. Some text was grey but it was really hard to read.
I've used this theme for many years and happy with the way things are so maybe in a few more years when I accidently delete my chrome settings or whatever, when I change the theme I might try dark mode again.
Maybe on Android? Does that also have dark mode? It doesn't use the theme so maybe have it there?

gx-x(10:26 AM CEST - Apr,26 2019 )
dark mode doesn't save power unless you are on OLED screen. All other screens keep the back lighting on, therefore, nothing is "saved". People are dumb.

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