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 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,05 2009 -  
Crytek Threatens To Leave Germany - briefly
(hx) 06:10 PM CEST - Aug,05 2009 - Post a comment / read (12)
Crysis developer Crytek is threatening to leave Germany as the government plans to ban violent video games. 16 interior ministers met in June to form a proposal that would ban the production and distribution of violent games "where the main part is to realistically play the killing of people or other cruel or un-human acts of violence against humans or manlike characters". If the proposal passes then Crytek will certainly be moving.
English version of Cevat Yerli's statement: A ban on action games in Germany is concerning us because it is essentially like banning the German artists that create them. If the German creative community can't effectively participate in one of the most important cultural mediums of our future, we will be forced to relocate to other countries.

The current political discussion will deprive German talent of its place on the global game development stage, and deprive German consumers of entertainment that is considered safe and fun around the world.
last 10 comments:
amra(08:37 PM CEST - Aug,05 2009 )
As a german I could cry about the nonsense our politicians produce.
We are loosing a big chance to be placed well in the gamebiz, and
it seems that no demonstration or protest will prevent this.
There were about 10.000 to 30.000 people on different demonstrations,
but all these voices aren't noticed. Its sad.

Ozieo(12:39 AM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
Oh come on, every current game is build around, how excessively pity, bullets and guns. There are much more entertaining games that do no need to take the easy "bullet-route" and which attract far more player because they're actually fun instead of boring bloodfests.

tub0rg(01:58 AM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
its quite interesting that we aren't allowed to play soldier games but every single male after he reached is 18 birthday is required to do basic military training in Germany.
you can refuse to do the basic training which then requires you to do social services. like driving handicapped people but how fucking retarded can you be to outlaw playing games with guns while every male is bound by law to be trained with real guns and in shooting real people... soldiers are trained killers...

Ozieo(02:13 AM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
Yeah, and most end up in psychiatry, cause all of a sudden they lose the environment where killing people means higher rankings and medals.

nb411(05:26 AM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
As much as I hate the stupidity of the German government in this matter, it *might* lead to Germany producing some of the most innovative new games in the future that we have seen in a long time. Germans are still going to need to consume and produce entertainment, it will just have to be different (in areas that the govt. can control anyway).

El_Coyote(02:32 PM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
On the bright side.. At least they wont be able to blame computer games for the next Hitler :P

strangestsensation(06:42 PM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
Pff Germany sucks. Nothing has changed since WWII. Still run by a bunch of dictators now hell bent on cutting it's people's own personal choices. When your government is telling you what you can and can't do in terms of playing games, there's a problem. When people protest and nothing changes. That's a SERIOUS problem.

amra(10:20 PM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
it *might* lead to Germany producing some of the most innovative new games in the future that we have seen in a long time

Thats a good point. Hope u'r right. But loosing crytek is loosing some standard bearer, who pins down germany in the big map of the world.

Pff Germany sucks. Nothing has changed since WWII

Thats no point, just blubbering without thinking, since germans don't need courts to know who's their president. :twisted:
And for what we can do and what not: We are not the biggest producer of porn in the world, but on the other side throw people off of facebook for showing some nipples. U know what I mean?

strangestsensation(10:27 PM CEST - Aug,06 2009 )
That's funny because my post is basically a re-write from friends I have known for a long time living in Germany. They say Germany sucks and it's getting worse. LOL!

amra(12:08 AM CEST - Aug,07 2009 )
This is your right, u can sure speak after the mouth of your friends, or your own mind. I do know that germany in some things sucks, but just look in front of your door for something going wrong, dude.
So get to your mind that WWII is long time gone. In your short bloody history u just take a not so close look to what a dictator could be with your bush junior, who says you won't get a hitler too? But this is not my thing, to say USA sucks. Although its my right too. This way of thinking is just dumb.

strangestsensation(04:30 PM CEST - Aug,07 2009 )
amra as far as I'm concerned Germany is run by a bunch of blokes. I laugh my ass off constantly at the blokes you have running things. That's How I see things. Sure my country has questionable figures but my government isn't making choices for me. I have that free-will that you don't or wont. Ban violent games but yet require that anyone over 18 does military service makes absolutely no sense. Then there is a school shooting and your government says it's going to ban games etc. No, no of course that makes sense it can't possibly be that Germany introduced it's youths to weapons when they were younger, that can't be how they got the taste for holding a weapon in the first place. Course not. It's video games that cause it to happen. That's lame brain thinking. It's not my fault you're in a segmented population who needs others to make decisions for you but ya my friends of +10 years in Germany think they live in a joke of a country and when they're done what they are doing they are exiting. I have an idea for the rest of you though, maybe we can send you Jack Thompson and he can get a job in German government or the EU since he's nothing but a useless POS now in America with no credibility. A big mouth who discredited games and blamed games for bad things that happened. The nation spoke and he's disbarred and amounts to a zero now. Sorry for the big write up but when you posted I just felt a need to give you 'my impression'.

amra(10:07 PM CEST - Aug,07 2009 )
Its okay I can read, and its better to understand, than just a short term of nothing ;)
Besides our harder regulation system of laws, what is important to me is that bringing up WWII is offtopic, and meaning that nothing has changed "a little bit" wrong. Your seat is to high my friend.

"but my government isn't making choices for me"
I doubt that. You have laws, we have laws, nothing more. Living your free will is only restricted through that. And if I will, I break the law, seen? Okay, we perhaps have some more laws, but no politician is standing next to me and talking to my ears what beer to choose. And we have enough freedom to loudly criticize our government, without getting a visit from FBI or CIA. (Maybe not everybody gets a visit, it surely depends on your words)

"That's lame brain thinking."
True, and nothing germans have in particular. Really don't wanna mention that lame duck again you got lately.

"live in a joke of a country"
Based on what facts? That fact you got all our intelligence since the beginning of the 20th century?
I believe the states won't be a piece of what they are now, if there weren't that real huge magnetism to these people that have brain.
I allways laugh at your lastnames kruger, peters, berger etc. etc. etc.
From my point of view the joke is for sure located in middle america, sorry. Bring Jack over here, when he's done he can exit too ;P

Perhaps you see that this kind of "I look down to you" behavior is the simpliest form of using your eyes. Ignoring history or context isn't helpful, especially if you look at history like a schoolboy, reducing germany to the chapter WWII.
I even can communicate with you in your native language. Can the common us citizen speak another language than his own? Or write?
I do accept the states as what they are, having my probs with this or that, but looking far more differentiated at the things like u do.
You have given the world a lot of things: the atomic bomb, the desaster of economy, the best vietnamfilms ever, but what's the use of judging you with that? I see the good sides of your country too, even when its hard.

If I can bring you up to that train, everything is fine.

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