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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,26 2010 -  
Crytek: PC 'easily a generation ahead' of PS3, 360 - briefly
(hx) 02:48 AM CET - Nov,26 2010 - Post a comment / read (15)
Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has claimed that developers' focus on PS3 and Xbox 360 is holding back game quality on PC - a format he believes is already 'a generation ahead' of modern day consoles. Crytek is currently beavering away on Crysis 2 for all three platforms - a move away from the PC exclusivity of its predecessor. However, the developer still considers the PC to be superior for game development.
However, Yerli admits that the "creative expression" of Crytek and other studios is being "limited" by the prevalence of Sony and Microsoft's current-gen systems. "As long as the current console generation exists and as long as we keep pushing the PC as well, the more difficult it will be to really get the benefit of both," Yerli told the latest issue of Edge.

"PC is easily a generation ahead right now. With 360 and PS3, we believe the quality of the games beyond Crysis 2 and other CryEngine developments will be pretty much limited to what their creative expressions is, what the content is. You won't be able to squeeze more juice from these rocks."

Yerli added that multi-format games not reaching their technical potential on PC couldn't be squarely blamed on consoles, however. "I generally think it's still developers' mentality [that is to blame]," he added. "A lot nowadays don't consider PC a big issue any more; their [sales] expectations are nowhere near what they are for the console versions. Until the PC market creates comparable revenues, companies are not going to spend enough on the PC SKU of a game."
last 10 comments:
Thudo(05:03 AM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Uhmmm WT<Gawd Damn>F!

ONE GENERATION!??! Bloody Tard-master!

When did these latest consoles come out, last year? We're talking 2006-2007 meanwhile PC tech advances less than 1 year each generation now sometimes much sooner with new tweaks/features to the hardware especially in clock/mem speeds. Consoles are static-tech, a mere snapshot of an era of another time.

I'm a system builder and cannot keep up with all the changes and advances which occur so I have to keep my "h/w lists" updated so when people want low-to-mid-to-high end systems I have to keep with it to offer the absolute best value vs. performance and damn is it ever fun!

Consoles..... Pashhhhhhhhhh! Yeah ok.. they capture an instance of gaming technological time. PCs capture time also but modularity is their incredible strength + competition keeps prices down but drastically increases choice. If I could build my own customized car from the ground up I would but standards and the insurance industry would say otherwise (makes sense as we're talking major safety concerns). ;)

So yeah frick'n ONE generation, eh? BAHAHAHAH! Jack a*s.. It takes more than a CPU + GPU to run a game. SSDs alone... enuff said.

Ozieo(08:02 AM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Koogle, Wake up !!!!!!!

psolord(10:31 AM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Maybe he wanted to say an order of magnitude ahead. Not one generation ahead.

Or maybe he meant graphical capabilities in the sense of DX9/10 to DX11.

Whatever he meant, the fact remains that consoles suck donkey balls when it comes to raw processing power. Gaming can be completely detached from processing power in some cases. Take Pacman, Tetris, Bomberman, World of Goo and a gazillion other low spec game, that were immensely fun.

My personal grudge with the consoles or to put it in a better way, the people behind them, is how they go into PC territory and fuck up games that are meant to be on the PC. First persons is the fist that pops in mind. Many others follow.

For example look how they fucked up Grand turismo 5.

I still believe it will be a great game, but can you start imagining how it would look on the PC? I mean come on, 2007's Grid looks leaps and bounds better. Yes I want my awesome graphics when I game. Why should I be a hypocrite about it?

Even Kaz Yamauchi said that the PS3 is not powerful enough
this is getting ridiculous. Current gen consoles must hit the highway ASAP! Heed my words, next gen consoles will be upgradeable.

The PC has gone so far, that it can even emulate Wii and actually play its games better than the Wii itself.
I tested Donkey Kong Country Returns on my very own system with Dolphin 2.0 Wii emulator

The freagin game runs at 1920X1080, with 4XSSAA, Aniso filtered at 45fps. I mean can you believe that? It looks stunning just be being emulated with 1:1 pixel mapped 1080P. Yes Nintendo did a great job and the PC did it even better. Same goes for all Wii games that run on Dolphin.

(it is quite demanding but any PC with core 2 duo/phenom II at 4.0 Ghz and a 4850 will have the same results-no SSAA with the 4850 though)

raven99(10:51 AM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Ozieo> Koogle, Wake up !!!!!!!

Why in the world would you want to see one of Koogles low brow comments? All that his comments ever accomplish is lowering the intelligence of anyone unlucky enough to read it.

Ozieo(11:54 AM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Why in the world would you want to see one of Koogles low brow comments? All that his comments ever accomplish is lowering the intelligence of anyone unlucky enough to read it.

This is the ULTIMATE subject for him to spill his guts ! :D

tride(02:38 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Well, i didnt read the whole interview, its boring...
But this is my opinion too and Hi is absolutely right - consoles are useless "fashion toys", nothing more! They are holding back the evolving and dev. of games, and the PC is not one generation ahead..... its like.....a generation per year since the PS3 and 360 went to market... lol!

Koogle(02:50 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
hey ravinglunatic99, you're lucky i couldn't be arsed to trash you and your insipid ignorance during the last thread you made an appearance.

Also I don't see your intelligence getting any lower than it already is asshole.

Now please fuck off dead beat :)

@Ozieo ..I'm going back to sleep now.

Tom(03:38 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
PC's graphically are miles ahead of console, any retard knows that. That's not the problem. The problem is the mass population has consoles. That's where the money is. Companies like EA are out to make money not lose it. People don't care to spend +1K$ on a PC only to upgrade it every 6 months to a year. Myself I play more on the PS3 because it's just way less hassle than PC. Look at Black Op's on PC, it's a choppy mess. Console? Plays perfect.

Thudo(04:29 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Yeah agree Tom on the issue with consoles offering a single plat to dev on making patching less frequent. However, having said that, I'll take a platform ANYDAY that I can config myself, advances quickly, plays/runs 10,000x more things and not remotely just games, can make me cash and excel my career (ie. application productivity and dev), and basically.. "challenges me". Consoles are superb at doing those "one off" things with your bros at the cottage but they are disposable and "fad-ish" but damn they are fun when they need to be. The entertainment they offer is largely dumb and mindless so they have a place. PCs fill in that "Einstein-role" for me when I want to be challenged. Consoles just make my gaming simple but I'll always want the PC to fill my brain.

Csimbi(06:22 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Yes, PCs are modular (you can swap parts when you need stronger ones), which is clearly an advantage, yet MS provides a common platform...

Consoles are different. No swapping parts and the OSes are different.
But. What if? What if there was a console released every year to keep up the pace with the PCs? Would that make anyone happy? No. Developers, end-users would all be confused - and possibly, forced to go for the PC instead.
Consoles do have a purpose (open the box and play with minimal maintenance=>even dummies [ie. my mom] can fully enjoy it), and they do a very good job at that - but consoles won't fly once the market gets too fragmented...

Thudo(06:36 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Consoles offer me quick "one off" braindead entertainment shared with others. However, I need my large mug of "intellectual java" supplied by my PC more often to keep me thinking/expanding my horizons. Both serve a purpose.. I suppose both are needed.

I'm not sure others see consoles like the way I do but consoles represent the Colosseum in Rome - meant for Bread and Circuses kind of mindless entertainment. A way for the commoner to forget about important things in life and decompress all the while Rome is being sacked by the barbarians all around. Dunno.. just feel completely "dumber" around consoles. Like corps/gov't use em in some passive way to pacify the masses so we become junkies, to distract us from all the real sh*t going down. At least with PCs "I have to FIGHT for my entertainment" to sometimes get it working. A challenge? hehe.. guess it always has been never knowing something might be "compatible" but larger 9/10 it has been.

Not sure many see this as a "shift" going on.. maybe reading into it too much.

Tom(07:57 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
We are talking gaming, not furthering your career or intellectual capacities. My point was simply, consoles are cheaper and easier to game on and get they job done.

PC at home has become even more irrelevant for people because of PDA's/Apple and Blackerberries. For a lot of people that used to sit down and check their emails, instant message, play their music etc etc can do it all from the palm of their hand.

Those of you who said console can't do half as much as a PC, remember that one time the PS3 could do alternate OS. I could do practically anything you could do on your PC on my PS3. I still can if I used an older bios. But I can't be bothered. Without the other OS feature I actually touch my PC more. Hehe.

Thudo(08:05 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
Except the PC can do all of that (game, career, make you cash) -- its multi-purpose and terribly good at it. PDAs/Smartphones/Blackberries.. pleasssee.. they are glorified toys in terms of advanced function/application over a $1000 fully loaded PC with W7 + tons of productivity apps. Maybe in 5+ years we'll be able to do PS5 and Virtualization on a handheld but not even close. If your only gaming, emailing, and web browsing and thats your life then cool. No PC needed for you but in the BIZ WORLD PC will be needed for quite some time. Thankfully, it does MUCH MORE (at an advanced level) then any of the "toys" and guess what, at a lower cost too each year (system building these days is a buyer's market).

Tom.. I agree with you but the PC is here to stay for awhile yet UNTIL those other devices can do everything a PC with WinXP/W7 and all of its suite of productivity we're not dropping it. However, a PCs' days are numbered *IF* we can put everything a PC does in my hands. ;)

gx-x(08:29 PM CET - Nov,26 2010 )
"Until the PC market creates comparable revenues, companies are not going to spend enough on the PC SKU of a game." "

This goes both ways...PC revenues aren't just going to rise by themselves, and ported shit is not helping at all. On the contrary, it's making things even worse and it pushes profits towards consoles.

But I don't mind limitations graphics wise. The way Crysis looks is just fine. Now go make some games on it, not this washed out-no AA-crap-FuckOps-Medal of Lameness B$...

Tom(05:29 PM CET - Nov,27 2010 )
I agree Thudo.

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