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 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,28 2006 -  
Crysis and CryEngine 2 preview - preview
(hx) 11:53 AM CEST - Mar,28 2006 - Post a comment / read (9)
PC.IGN takes a look at Crysis and CryEngine 2 which includes some cool new screenshots and direct feed HD movie (for insiders). Here's a taster:
As expected, players will be thrust into the important shoes of a super soldier out to save the world. Weapons are important to a shooter and Crytek is hoping their customizable armor and weapons will add to the fun and dynamic aspects of the experience by making players adapt to their environment and enemies. Of course, as you would expect following Far Cry, players will want to be adaptable to deal with some AI that's pretty competetive in the market and will undoubtedly be much improved this time around. Not only will human AI be interesting and use military tactics in real-time, but the aliens will use their own tactics and highly tuned senses to make life difficult for any would be heroes.

Even more interesting is the promise of natural disasters to confuse the issue even more. Earthquakes, ice-breaks, landslides, and tornadoes will rock the landscapes of the game making the world a death trap as far as we can tell. These particular features could be pretty interesting so we'll have to see how Crytek has chosen to implement them.

Should the weapons that can be carried prove too small, a variety of vehicles will also be available to control including tanks and helicopters. We're hoping that all of these vehicles will be included with the 32-player multiplayer modes that ship with the game. We're also hoping that the multiplayer is really functional and fun out of the box this time.
last 10 comments:
nb411(01:40 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )
Omfg, this game is looking rad. This game looks worthy of being called "nextgen" not like, freakin UT2007. Oh wow just like UT2004 only normal mapped to hell and back and a trillion more fancy effects...and yesterdays gameplay.

These guys are making a real effort to innovate and make something new that has never been done before. Sure it's about aliens, but I bet it will be the best damn game about aliens you have and will ever play for years to come. I also find it hilarious that there is no XB360 version planned. +1 for PC ;D

lmer(03:07 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )
Like Carmack said allready months ago "The truth is, XBox360 is pretty much as powerfull as todays high-end PC". By the time this comes out 360 will be like XBox was about 6 months ago. :D

Anonymous(04:03 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )

miglaugh(04:28 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )
anyone care to venture a guess as to what kind of machine this game will need? I don't recall, have they said it's coming out next year and therefore on vista, so dx10? Looks like by then it'll be time to get a brand spanking new machine, again. This time I plan to wait till the game comes out to buy a pc, unlike with hl2 where I wanted to be 'ready' and bought it before, then it was delayed for another 6 months.

Yeah It'd be awesome if they integrate the PPU in with the game. That one movie where the truck explodes in Ghost recon looks amazing.

lmer(04:48 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )
In this article the main guy of Crytek says it's to be released in winter this year (if you don't count the possible delays), made for DX9 but DX10 "ready".

Stumpus(04:50 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )
check out the vid! When they were having a firefight, the rounds brought down branches & foliage :shock:
No doubt this will need a horse of a machine to run detail like that. The beauty of the PC is if you can't run it today, then there's always tomorrow. :wink:

xxxx(10:07 PM CEST - Mar,28 2006 )
Stumpus> The beauty of the PC is if you can't run it today, then there's always tomorrow. :wink:

Ya I guess there was no brightness involved with anyone who made this video. I guess it would have stressed too many brain cells to actually describe to their audience what it was run on. I'm not forking out more money on anything in my PC and I'm not upgrading to play a 'game'. I'm personally tired of filling the coffers of ATI or nVidia.. next upgrade I'm likely going to spend $400 and get a console. Then I can play cool games BEYOND 6 months and continue to play amazing games. If someone comes up with a mod chip, lets see how these new PC games fair.. If there was a mod chip for Xbox 360 right now I wouldn't even being playing PC games anymore.

yhancik(12:27 AM CEST - Mar,29 2006 )
I'm not upgrading to play a 'game'

but do you actually have to ?
i don't know, personally i don't care if i can't run a game with all the bells and whistles
i never really have, because of old/low-cost hardware.. so i guess i got used to it

i just need the game to run, even at low details settings

Stumpus(10:05 AM CEST - Mar,29 2006 )
XXXX, i know we as PC gamers get despondent with 'never ending upgrades' but that's the power we will *always* have over consoles.

I own XBox,PS2 and build my own PCs - i *used* to go through the same cycle as you ; vowing to never spend dough on this pain-in-the-ass Upgrade always etc,etc. But since i have experienced a long haul on consoles, i positively HATE them with a vengeance when it comes to FPS like Far Cry or Morrowind/Oblivion (which is sort of FPS if you get my meaning)
I owned Far Cry on PC (as you know ;) ) long before i bought an XBox and played the demo of Far Cry on it and boy was it just garbage trying to control with a gamepad.... :roll: Plus the graphics and draw distance were $hit! There is no immersion like on a PC **period**. Far Cry on a Radeon 9800 pro blew the XBox version away!

So what these games my be ported/made on XBox360? They will *never* have an editor for mod making -which you like doing. They also don't play well without keyboard & mouse (as in HUGE reticules to allow larger hit areas because of crap controls as i said previous)

Consoles are great for getting few mates round for a simple piss around and a laugh, but there is no serious gaming to be had on them. The PC will always kick arse in that dept.
Also once you are 'over the graphics' on the XBox there is seriously little underneath -i mean there is only so many things they can fit on a reason why flight sims *never* kicked off on consoles; Gear,Flaps,Engines start/stop,Weapons: air/ground,ripple/salvo, TIALD, comms, ejection,brakes,refueling nozzle,landing hook and so forth and the gamepad is buggered already!

Consoles are mainly bought for simplistic MP, a short-sharp-fix.
Nothing wrong with that of course. I just like the 'deeper' aspirations that the PC offers

Wise words from yhancik;
i don't care if i can't run a game with all the bells and whistles
i never really have
Quality over quantity.

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