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 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,11 2009 -  
Cryengine 3 - technology shots + video - media
(hx) 01:30 AM CEST - Aug,11 2009 - Post a comment / read (13)
PC Games Hardware has posted some Cryengine 3 media taken from Crytek presentation at SIGGRAPH 2009. The new technique is called Light Propagation Volumes and it is used for Global Illumination and Massive Lighting, both which improve the lighting quality according to Crytek. Massive lighting is a lighting of limited area with bunch of light sources (e.g. apartment indoor), according to Crytek.

last 10 comments:
strangestsensation(05:43 AM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
Very nice indeed! 8)

Nosferatu(08:53 AM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
Wow, amazing! Nice tech demo. I wonder how it'll look in the actual games they [or other devs] make.

psolord(12:11 PM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
What's so nice about it? Chrome 4 is leaps and bounds ahead! And there's an awesome actual game on it already!

Crytek has started their hollow promises once again! Prepare to be able to play any game based on this engine, on your 6870X2 or GTX 495!

kittomer(02:01 PM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
Are you seriously fanboying for middleware?

First of all, this is realtime global illumination (a pretty clever method too), and chrome 4 does not support it, only ambient occlusion.

Second of all, the quality of a game's graphics does not so much depend on the middleware and engines, as it depends on the artists and level designers.

Nothing the new engines introduce is terribly new, they just introduce these effects as realtime implementations.

Nonetheless, it is terribly impressive.

strangestsensation(04:23 PM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
Chrome 4?! wtf? Isn't that what Juarez is on? Chrome 4 is ok, but nothing compared to this. The lighting is just crazy here. Best lighting I have ever seen.

psolord(06:21 PM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
Sorry but i find nothing terribly impressive in all this. I'm fed up watching stupid lights bouncing left and right the past decade or so. They end up slowing everything down, offering nothing that really matters.

As for Chrome 4, maybe i need to remind you the video.

You should also check peoples opinions in the comments section....

I am waiting to see some outdoors footage and not that crap they showed for the consoles! Don't be too glad about the 120 fps ratings. I bet you they are in 480P resolution!

strangestsensation(07:18 PM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
I have the new Juarez and I don't find it fantastic graphically.. so great to see video's like this but when they dumb it down for their games, what's the point? And just because other people go wohoa when they see it means jack. I'm not so easily persuaded. I could criticize that tech demo too, tree's with branches that are flat as a pancake isn't too impressive and the water looks fake and not natural. The water in Crysis, now that looked real.

Badmagic(07:34 PM CEST - Aug,11 2009 )
Not that impressed either to be honest, tech demo is a tech demo, there have been many “ooo ahhh” demos over the years, nothing worthwhile has come of any of them.

Stumpus(06:15 PM CEST - Aug,12 2009 )
Tech demos are fine when you buy a new graphics card -every GeForce i bought had one. As for in game? Forget it. When a leve/gamel is loaded with baddies etc. The last thing you look at is lighting! The only thing you generaly see is things that affect the player; blurred vision,dirt, blood or debris for example.
How light moves or reflects over *static* objects is very old news, games have portrayed lighting like this for years, just because in this engine it bends over furniture or bounces color about..hello, so?? Do you attack furniture, or shoot lampshades? Not very often. This would be great for the sims, but since we already see this in everyday life in our homes or offices it's just lame.
How about an engine that portrayed REAL game effects, like bullet holes RIGHT through vehicles/objects -trajectories etc. Flight sims have tried this for years. I want to look THROUGH, not just see decals on walls etc -whilst the 'bullet' simulates object penetration ala Rainbow Six through mathematics.
Even the physics in Far Cry/Crysis were crap! Vehicles didn't handle at all well, no crumple of bodywork in crashes, tyres don't vapourise when shot!
These are the things i want to see in a GOOD engine. For eg, GTA4 had very good physics and good crash damage -it even portrayed tyres going flat slowly when shot -better than a tyre going invisible :lol:
Every engine promises so much but ultimately still never delivers -Unreal Engine # had countless tech demos -which looked better than any game built on it.

strangestsensation(07:02 PM CEST - Aug,12 2009 )
Your post is totally ridiculous from beginning to end. The better the lighting gets the better the immersion factor when you are playing a game. If it can mimic real life as close as possible then the immersion goes up. Lighting is a crucial element to realism. Bullet holes going through cars is a lot less important. Tires going flat, who gives a rats ass. Shooting a lamp and the light bounces and reflects accurately around your environment is going to do a lot more for a gamer. Crysis has fantastic lighting but the new engine clearly shows they have upped the ante. As for Unreal 3, Batman definitely showcases what can be done with the engine. You obviously haven't seen the game. tires going flat and bullet holes you can see through contributes a lot less than lighting does in a game. Anyhow, like the Win7 topic, it seems all you are looking for is a slugfest and I have better things to do with my time than educate you.

kittomer(10:40 AM CEST - Aug,13 2009 )
Lighting does more for the ambience and feel of an environment than see through bulletholes do. But of course if the only thing you care about is putting bullets through people and stuff, I can see why see through bullet holes have such an appeal to you.

Regardless, the Chrome 4 tech demo shows little that wouldn't be possible with any other next-gen engine. The lushness and detail is really mostly thanks to the effort of some very talented people at work there.
I assure you, you can make crappy graphics even with Chrome 4, Unreal Engine 3.5, Cryengine what's-his-face and your very own custom built version of Gamebryo.

Stumpus(10:54 PM CEST - Aug,13 2009 )
strangest, Your patronisingly annoying now. No one is allowed an opinion- is that it? Got to be the centre of attention... I don't care for childish remarks (and you have kids?) if i have a differing opinion about how i SEE my games, wtf is it to do with you?? This is the internet in all it's glory, some ignoramous -who doesn't know anything about you- proceeds to make a complete fool of themselves to gain ego points? Or is to make themselves feel adequate ?? What ever. I probably don't play any of your games, i certainly don't go all doey eyed at lighting -Thought i made that part abundantly clear? so?? Each to their own. I concentrate on other game features that are relevant to MY games that I play. Finaly, do i make myself clear? Keep your immature rants to the ps3 or xbox forums who no doubt suit your attitude. There was one similar to you here that got on everyones wick. His nick was xxxx. Please don't go down that route... Hx will tell you what happened to him. Kittomer can explain exactly how we can both have differing reasons for game engines and effects, without sounding like your the oldest most mature person on the net and especialy here. Btw, thankyou kittomer.

(11:23 PM CEST - Aug,13 2009 )
Stumpus> His nick was xxxx. Please don't go down that route... Hx will tell you what happened to him.

yes, I've banned him 8)

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