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 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,06 2005 -  
Battlefield 2: The Video Card Controversy Part 2 - briefly
(hx) 03:12 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 - Post a comment / read (8)
Popular has posted an interesting article called "Battlefield 2: The Video Card Controversy Part 2":
Battlefield 2 requires new hardware in order to even startup, while in the past games have required new hardware in order to run smoothly at higher detail and resolution levels. Besides the fact that the minimum supported hardware, a Radeon 8500 is slower then the non-supported GeForce 4 Ti. With the upcoming release of Battlefield Modern Combat on the Xbox making this all the more laughable. Battlefield Modern Combat will be the Battlefield 2 Xbox port. The Xbox uses a tweaked version of the GeForce 3 running PS 1.3 and is programmed for in DirectX. This is clearly showing that DICE can make the Battlefield 2 engine run on GeForce 3/4 Ti hardware.

Many users attempted to respond by telling people to upgrade their video cards. Claiming the issue was no big deal and an upgrade was only $50. These people obviously do not grasp the situation nor understand the economics behind this ignorant response. GeForce 4 Ti owners, especially 4600 and 4800 owners paid over $375-$400 for their cards back in 2003. At the time this was the top of the line card. It played Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam on the highest detail levels. Battlefield Vietnam was released only last year. GeForce 3/4 Ti owners completely understand that newer games will not be able to be played at the highest detail levels but being unable to even start the game is unacceptable.

AGP will be replaced with PCIe entirely. The latest GeForce 7800 is PCIe only and SLI can only be found on PCIe. When these owners upgrade they would obviously be going for a PCIe video card, requiring a new Mainboard, CPU and Memory. If they looked to run the game on the recommended hardware, this so-called "upgrade" is now pushing $1000. Not a $50 "fix" that would actually give them worse performance in other games.
last 10 comments:
xxxx(04:19 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 )

I remember the debate on people buying these cards and others saying what's gonna happen in a year from now etc. Then those buying the cards, defending their own ideas etc. 2 years on a video card is pretty good imo. I got no sympathy for those running lower end cards. Join the rest of the world and enjoy upgrading every 2 years or less.

And when you got fools running antiquated hardware, they lag the server. I hope more companies follow suit and not allow older generation cards to work. Maybe then people will get the hint and if you don't like it, get a CONSOLE and then you wont have to worry except to replace your console every 2 years at $400


AGP isn't disappearing overnite. I got a feeling this article was written by a teenage baby who doesn't know very much. ATI is still making cards AGP and I got a X800 XL, thanks, and it works fantastic. Just cuz nVidia isn't putting a 7800 card in AGP, who gives a $hit. That's their choice.. I doubt it will last long anyhow. People aren't fools. I knew I could upgrade my mobo with CPU and video card for a lot cheaper than going generation 1 of PCI-E. Their loss, people will just get ATI. But AGP ain't going anywhere and I wouldn't be surprised if AGP comes back since the only reason they replaced it with PCI-E was because both nVidia and ATI were stuck in their own methods of transfering data over the bus. I have heard that they could go the true AGP route and provide cards nearly as fast as PCI-E. It's ATI and nVidia that F'd up AGP. Memory on motherboards is a lot faster than it used to be so working the AGP as it was 'intended' can still provide some amazing results.

tub0rg(05:20 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 )
gees man u sure got some issues. why do u have to attack people personally? you got this little self-confidence?
btw the people with 5200 or 5700 would "lag" the server more then the ones with 4600 or 4800 since they got more power. and i very much doubt they will trash pci-e or that they even if they would change back to agp architecture would be able to compensate the 4times higher bandiwith even if it isent needet today they would have to comeup with an revised agp 16x when it is needed and to provide backwards compability keep the contact sizes hence making the new "16x agp" a shit load longer, or increase the clock wich at somepoint would be in an issue either. and since again it would have been easy for dice to include compability but they didnt.
oh yeah and console produktion cycles are at 6 years, at least for the ps. and since ms wasnt able to beat the ps2 by long shot even with much more powerfull hardware i doubt they will be able to get even with em with approxemately equivalent hardware, i think they only gone for the 3 year cycle to be able to ship it before ps3 so that they could be the first this time.

lemon8(06:09 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 )
so ehm..this could also just mean that many people won't be buying the game..i see no problem on the USER side here..developers/publishers better take note...

tub0rg(06:18 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 )
yeah think so too, bf2 gets boring after a few hours anyway >)

xxxx(06:42 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 )
n00bs. BF2 gets boring?! HAhahaha, ya I guess, ur getting owned all over the place. Guess it would get boring. tub0rg, learn something about computers. self confidence i hate to say, got lots of it. u however haven't got a clue. Kudos to EA and DICE for scrapping dated hardware players. I just hope more game companies do it. Seeing by the massive list of BF2 servers.. Who cares if Joe blow wont buy the game.. LOL! who said they'd trash PCI-e? I didn't. I said, AGP isn't dead yet and ATI is still releasing newer cards on AGP. I said that ATI and nVidia chose to use the AGP bus a 'different way' because at one time system memory was too slow. That's not the case now.. Try reading up on AGP and have a clue tub0rg cuz you sound like a total moron. And lemon8 if u knew anything about EA, they don't give a $hit about you..I'd be highly suprised they do ANYTHING for older card users. It's UR loss cuz you'd be missing out on a great game, just because ur a cheap ass.

tub0rg(09:58 PM CEST - Jul,06 2005 )
yet again you bluntly insult the people i actually pity you... anyway:

you said: "But AGP ain't going anywhere and I wouldn't be surprised if AGP comes back since the only reason they replaced it with PCI-E was because both nVidia and ATI were stuck in their own methods of transfering data over the bus"
i may overinterpreted that since a doubt that there will be 2 diffrent gfx port types over a stretch of time. since you said that wasnt you meaning im sorry for that.
but still ultimatly the bandwith of any port is limited by its amount of pins or contacts , its number of clockcycles and its number of bits it can send per cycle, so ultimatly agp would have to be extended by either increasing the number of contact points, wich would become a problem since they are quite large at least in comparison to pcie, or increasing the clock cycles wich would lead to higher noise lvles on the bus. pcie increases nearly all of that but more importantly has point-to-point bus topology and an Quality of Service function wich enables it to prioritize packages eg video audio steaming etc.
also pcie in generell offers a faster link from the graphics port to the main memory and cpu while especilly agp ports were considerd a bottle neck between main memory and the gpu.
again im happy to discuss this in depth with you and if you got the link to the article you mentioned about agp im happy to read it.
it would however be nice if you could just accept that i dont like bf2 and its not because i got owned, i actually got 100 frags without getting shot down once, in the demo flying the su and it was fun, but it was ultimatly not my skill killing those guys, if you played a lot dc as pilot the sam sites at least on the demo map arent a real threat to you and if the enemy dont got a decent pilot its bombing fun..... but i dont want to get frags because i got the 1 bomber in the map but because i earnd the kills so it is boring to me. this is my personal view, even though i disagree with you i respect you preference and it would be nice if you could do the same.

xxxx(02:05 AM CEST - Jul,07 2005 )
PCI-E will be even better in a year from now. So why buy first generation crap at a high cost? Either buy it later when price comes down when newer hardware comes, or buy 2nd generation later. Most of the features of PCI-E will likely not be all supported on the first generation of cards. You are detailing the specifications of the standard. Just like AGP, it's all in the video card manufacturers agenda when they will support all of them or maximize on them.

AGP cards, such as the X800 XL come with pretty damn impressive power. I am running 1024x768(preferred) with highquality aa and all. No video lag. Instead of throwing away my system I upgraded it for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

For someone who knows about PC's anyone knows PCI-E is not needed for todays games. Maybe a year from now or so it might make more sense. nVidia is cutting on AGP because they didn't do all that hot, so they are saving money and forgetting AGP for now. Well that's their business. ATI on the otherhand is smart and continues to put out on AGP. People will buy AGP.

As for BF2, only thing I can say is they have my support to drop support for old cards, we need to move ahead not stick in the past. If you want great games, then expect that they will only support the most modern of hardware. I say go cry to your mommy if you have a 4600-4800. I got 2 years out of my 9700 and I continue to use the same system with a simple upgrade of cpu and video card only. I didn't throw my system out, get 64bit or PCI-E because it's new, first generation. I'll wait until late 2006 or early 2007. By then things will look a lot different than they do now.

i am avoiding debate of consoles vs pc's for gaming.

whew. done now.

JohnyDog(06:11 PM CEST - Jul,07 2005 )
$400 for GF4Ti in 2003 ? Where did the number come from ? At the beggining of 2004 i paid $200 for FX5900, much faster than GF4Ti.

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