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 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,28 2018 -  
TechNews - Best Graphics Cards (Update) - tech
(hx) 08:38 AM EST - Jan,28 2018 - Post a comment / read (3)
  • Best Graphics Cards (Update) - At the time of purchase, PC gamers need to know what the best GPU for the money is. And if you don’t have the time to research the benchmarks, fear not, we've compiled a simple up-to-date list of the best GPUs for gaming at the most popular resolutions, virtual reality, and eSports. Update: removed AMD Radeon RX 580 for Best FHD & Good QHD recommendation and replaced it with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. Modified AMD Radeon RX 560, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti entries.
  • Intel's Spectre & Meltdown fixes = complete & utter garbage - Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, has bashed Intel's Spectre and Meltdown fixes. In a public email exchange, Torvalds called Intel's fixes "complete and utter garbage" and wondered what the fuck was going on.
  • PowerVR Series8XT Virtualization - Demonstrating the benefits of virtualization in PowerVR Series8XT
  • Microsoft Releases $189 Laptops For Schools - Microsoft is unveiling 10 new Windows 10 devices for schools starting at $189, challenging the Chromebook to keep teachers and students using Windows. The least expensive if the group is the Lenovo 100e, which is an 11.6" rugged laptop, with an unspecified Intel Celeron Apollo Lake processor, 2 or 4 GB of LP-DDR4, 32-64GB of eMMC storage, and weighing in a 2.7 lbs. Affordable laptops isn't the only thing that Microsoft is announcing today for schools. They also go into free Professional Development for schools using Microsoft 365 Education, to train teachers how to get the most from the new technology. As well as additional learning tools, Minecraft: Education Edition, a curriculum using Mixed Reality and HoloLens, and more. It makes sense to get kids into the Windows environment as early as possible from a business standpoint to get them into the ecosystem early, although that didn't work with me and the Apple II's my school had.
  • Integral Debuts 512 GB MicroSD Card - Integral has announced what is the world's first 512 GB microSD card for smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices. Until this week, the highest-capacity card, 400 GB, was sold by SanDisk. Integral's new offering, called the 512 GB microSDXC V10 UHS-I U1 card, includes Class 10 high-speed video transfers for capturing HD video and writing it directly to the memory card. The card is robust, meaning it is waterproof, and it ships with an SD card reader so it may be used with PCs. Most of today's flagship Android devices support cards up to 2 TB, though no such cards yet exist. Integral said its new 512 GB microSD card will reach stores in February, but it did not reveal pricing. By way of comparison, SanDisk's 400 GB card retails for $250.
  • Microsoft Is Retiring the Windows Homegroup - With the latest Windows Insider build of Windows 10, Microsoft has killed off "Windows HomeGroup." Originally a part of Windows 7 in 2009 and continuing until now, HomeGroup was a way to share files and devices between computers on your network. This change will go live in the Spring 2018 update to Windows 10.vReally does not phase me at all, except I'm happy to have less bloat on my machines. The handful of times I've tried to use HomeGroup it simply failed miserably compared to just sharing over the network without it. Quote below is from Microsoft's Blog post on Insider Build 17063.
  • Chrome to Support HDR Video Playback - Google today provided an update on the progress it has made with the Chrome browser over the last year and offered a peek at some features that will arrive later this year. To start, Chrome now supports play/pause, rewind, and fast forward controls for audio and video. The browser handles picture-in-picture playback on Android, and improved audio/video controls on both the lock screen and notification shade. The browser is able to mute web sites and soon will let people customize which sites are allowed to autoplay audio and video content. Google has already begin adding support for high dynamic range video content to Chrome for Windows 10 devices, and will expand HDR video playback to more platforms soon. HDR content of course offers more vibrant colors and darker blacks. Last, Google is prepared for the official release of virtual reality on the web, which it has been testing for the better part of a year. Google said HDR video and VR are coming to Chrome later this year. HDR and HDR+ content can be played back on a handful of smartphones, such as the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8.
  • Google's Bulletin App Lets Everyone Be a Local Reporter - Google is testing a new application called Bulletin, a way for people to contribute stories about their own community. The free app lets people capture photos, videos, and text on their phone and then publish those microstories directly to the web without forcing people to create a blog or build any sort of web site. Google believes Bulletin can help communities highlight stories that aren't be told in regional newspapers or larger news sites. Stories published on Bulletin are public and easy to find via Google Search, social networks, and direct links. Bulletin relies on smartphones and no setup is necessary. The idea is to let more people share in creating the voice of their community. Google is testing Bulletin via limited pilots in Nashville, Tenn., and Oakland, Calif. People who live in those markets can request early access to the program.
  • Apple Says iOS 11.3 to Add Battery Tool, More Animoji, Better AR - Apple has previewed iOS 11.3, a system update that will give iPhone owners with a significant number of new tools and features. First up, iOS 11.3 provides iPhone users with more control over their handset's battery performance. As promised, people will be able to asses the health of their iPhone's battery, for example, to see whether or not it needs to be replaced. The tool will also allow people to turn off Apple's power management function that is used to prevent battery shutdowns at the expense of speed. iOS 11.3 introduces four new animoji: a bear, lion, dragon, and skull, making for a total of 16. These will only be available to the iPhone X. Apple has updated its augmented reality developer tool, ARKit, to version 1.5
  • Apple Release iOS 11.3 Public Beta 1 - Apple today made iOS 11.3 Beta One available to public beta testers. iOS 11.3 adds a host of significant new features to iPhones and iPads, including control over the battery, new animoji, business chat, health records, Apple Music videos, and improved augmented reality. Apple released iOS 11.2.5 to the general public earlier this week. Apple typically tests five to six betas, distributed every other week, before finalizing iOS releases. iOS 11.3 isn't expected to reach most users until later this spring
  •  iOS 11.2.5 Released with HomePod Support - Apple today made iOS 11.2.5 available to iPhones and iPads. The update primarily adds support for Apple's forthcoming HomePod speaker. It also makes it possible for iPhone and iPad owners to ask Siri to read the day's news. The news feature is initially only available in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. iOS 11.2.5 also fixes bugs and smoothes over performance. The update is free to download and install. Apple also released macOS 10.13.3, watchOS 4.2.2, tvOS 11.2.5, and macOS Server 5.5. The macOS update, in particular, patches significant security holes, while the others perform general bug fixes.
  • iPhone SE 2 Rumored For Late Spring Launch - Previous rumors claimed that the iPhone SE 2 will feature Apple's A10 Fusion SoC (which was used on the 2016-era iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus), 2GB of RAM and a larger 1,700 mAh battery (up from 1,624 mAh for the current iPhone SE). The iPhone SE 2 will also allegedly be available in 32GB and 128GB capacities, leaving the larger 256GB SKU for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
  • Man Causes Explosion in Electronics Store After Biting iPhone -The customer is seen bringing the component to his face for a closer look, before putting it in his mouth to bite down on it. Moments after he removes it from his mouth, the battery ruptures, causing a small explosion with a brief flash of light and some smoke, with the damaged hardware flung out of the customer's grip behind the counter.
  • Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries - Washington state is attempting a bill that would ban the sale of electronics that are designed "in such a way as to prevent reasonable diagnostic or repair functions by an independent repair provider." Tech companies are already opposing the pro-consumer bill, claiming that self-repair will lead to cybersecurity and safety issues.
  • T-Mobile, Verizon Offer Free Roaming In Korea During Olympics - Americans traveling to South Korea to attend the 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be able to roam for free if they subscribe to T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless. T-Mobile says its customers can take advantage of free unlimited high-speed data, unlimited calls within South Korea and back to the U.S., as well as free texting while attending the games. The service will be made available automatically to T-Mobile customers visiting South Korea between February 7 and March 20.
  • Teen Shot in Head after New Internet Challenge Goes Wrong - The "No Lackin Challenge," which encourages people to get into fake arguments and pull guns on one another without firing, has suffered ( another? ) casualty: a 17-year-old in Tennessee was accidentally shot in the head during the dangerous game. The shooter reportedly did not have a carry permit for his weapon.
  • Beat Saber Gameplay Teaser - Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game, where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you. Beat Saber will be coming out before April 2018 for both PC and PS4.
  • READY PLAYER ONE - Change the World - I won't be surprised if this becomes the "Star Wars" of the 21st century!
  • It's Not Fun Dating A Guy From The Future - Dating is already pretty hard without any creepy back-from-the-future shtick.
  • LIL PHAG - CLOUT 9 (ft Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau & Dr. Woke) - For once Tana wasn't the worst part of the video
  • Alone In The Past - Surviving 240 days in 10th century conditions - 24-year-old Pavel Sapozhnikov is putting himself through one of the most epic socio-psychological experiments in history. He is trying to replicate the lifestyle of his Russian ancestors from around the year 1100, and practicing an ascetic lifestyle with very little human contact for the entire duration of the experiment.
  • Magnets Can Do Some Pretty Crazy Stuff When They Get Near Copper - Copper isn't magnetic, but its electrons can generate enough resistance to make magnets literally float.
  • Robot?? WOW! - Best Fails of 2017 - Funniest Fail Compilation
  • Selena Gomez puma ads - I've never really understood why Puma decided to make Selena Gomez their official spokesmodel. Don't get me wrong, I'll take any excuse we can get to see more of Selena in leggings and sports bras,
  • Britney Spears in a Bikini on the beach in Hawaii ! - check it out
  • Camila Giorgi 2018 - She knows exactly what she is doing! Beautiful ass and she is gorgeous!
  • The best pics on the Internet #248 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
last 10 comments:
Tom(11:24 AM EST - Jan,28 2018 )
Lol it still says carbage instead of garbage.

heretic(12:01 PM EST - Jan,28 2018 )
Tom> Lol it still says carbage instead of garbage.

Damn :D

Csimbi(03:27 PM EST - Jan,28 2018 )
Best Graphics Cards (Update)

No need to post any of these until crypto-mining collapses.
I just saw a few mining rigs posted for sale, so I am guessing it's starting about now. Give it a short while and it's going to be where it belongs (that is, the toilet).

Intel's Spectre & Meltdown fixes = complete & utter garbage

I'm glad we are getting an experts' opinion; I don't have to state mine.

Microsoft Releases $189 Laptops For Schools

They can't let Google 'hijack' the new generation single-handedly, can they?

Microsoft Is Retiring the Windows Homegroup

I am glad to hear, keep removing the shit and it might just become usable.

Apple Says iOS 11.3 to Add Battery Tool, More Animoji, Better AR

Seems innovation stopped at Apple - this is a new low for them, catching up to Microsoft, aye?

Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries

I would extend it that to any part of any machinery.
I spoke to a farmer the other day. He said they are doing to same thing to these huge machines used to cultivate the land as well. To make things worse, if you attempt repair, you loose warranty (and these things cost >10M USD each with an annual fee of ~2-300k for "support"!),
It seems like the new trend - this is how the manufacturers try to turn customers into subscribers, making them pay 10x the price they paid for the product.
So, yes. Good idea, but they should look beyond the world of electronics.

Magnets Can Do Some Pretty Crazy Stuff When They Get Near Copper

What's this? Spot the stupid day?
There's a reason why copper is being used for just about any transformer and electromagnet.
You'd be surprised how much you would know if you listened during physics class.

Britney Spears in a Bikini on the beach in Hawaii !

I expected much worse. She's looking quite decent, actually (for her age).

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