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 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,01 2018 -  
Steam's Best of 2017 - briefly
(hx) 01:38 PM EST - Jan,01 2018 - Post a comment / read (7)
The Best of 2017 on Steam categorizes the 2017 sales performance of games by top sellers, top new releases, top VR games, and top Early Access graduates, along with a list covering games with most simultaneous players.
Rocket League
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Rainbow Six: Siege
ARK: Survival Evolved
Dota 2
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Grand Theft Auto V
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Divinity: Original Sin II
last 10 comments:
gx-x(01:53 PM EST - Jan,01 2018 )
so, people were buying warframe, that is free? Interesting...Fat Gabe's half-life just got a twist :D

heretic(01:57 PM EST - Jan,01 2018 )
gx-x> so, people were buying warframe, that is free? Interesting...Fat Gabe's half-life just got a twist :D

Hehe yeah :D

however, there's lot of downloadable ($) content, so maybe that's why

Koogle(01:33 AM EST - Jan,02 2018 )
First few days playing warframe in the summer and I got 75% off voucher on platinum...according to people who've played the game for alot longer and have never got one.. well I just went and used it, still got a bit of platinum left.

Not a bad a game, I probably sunk the most hours into it in 2017 its good coop game, but the last few months I've gotten bored of it.. after you get alot of the prime gear/warframes and ranked up to like 17 the grind is just boring and isn't a lot of reason to keep playing. I hope they do another large open world for other planets though.

Warframe was best game of 2017 for me.

Only recently started playing PUBG.. most likely be best game of 2018 if the developers do more gamemodes and maps and nothing else comes along to shake things up.

gx-x(06:39 AM EST - Jan,02 2018 )
I play warframe, but not over steam. I bought platinum 2 times on 75% discount, on their website. There is literaly no need for steam. other than platinum and some warframe packs, there is no content behind the $$$. And the things being sold for $$$ (even platinum) can be obtained for free.
So, Gabe getting % of the platinum purchases is just pure genius.

As for 75% discounts, don't play for a month and the first login reward will be the 75% discount :D I got it like 3 times last year when I was sporadically logging in, just to see who is online :D

Koogle(07:35 AM EST - Jan,02 2018 )
I've never bought platinum or dlc stuff for warframe through steam either

Tom(01:05 PM EST - Jan,02 2018 )
Warframe sucks. Full of cheaters I'm told too. Free with paid addons, fuck that shit.

I should mention I got the new Wolfenstein game.. took advantage of sale and used a steam card to grab it. It's actually not that bad. Better and longer than the last one and the story is pretty good. AI is still stupid as fuck as expected. Taking out people who are no more than 5 feet away, corpse on the ground and guys walk past it. That kinda thing, but the game also takes you to many different environments, warehouses, outside, tunnels, ships etc. I don't get the griping on gfx because I got it high and ultra in some areas of config and I get a pretty solid 60fps all the time.

Koogle(03:23 PM EST - Jan,02 2018 )
"Warframe sucks. Full of cheaters I'm told too. Free with paid addons, fuck that shit. "

Looks like you don't know much about the game at all then.

The game is really a singleplayer/coop game vs ai ....hardly a game you find cheaters in where their decisions to cheat affect you in anyway, its not really a pvp game either. The loot and drops are randomized server side so literately no benefit that cheaters could gain advantage on.. unless playing the game vs ai with an aimbot is fun.. I'd call that boring and doubt there is many free hacks for the game that even do that without already being which point you're paying for a maintained hack from a third party. And we all know cheaters in multiplayer games are sociopaths who really only do it when they know it provides an advantage to them over non cheating players. With Warframe not being much of pvp game with any competitiveness it doesn't attract that sort of moral degenerate crowd.

Also you don't have to pay for anything, you can literately get everything in the game just by playing it and selling high lvl drops you already have for platinum on the market. Use that to buy other things you do want.. infact I'd recommend not buying any addon packs until you know more what you want, especially not prime gear (you get a better deal buying platinum directly and buying prime gear off the ingame market for better prices), as part of the games fun is to get those items yourself. Buying platinum just makes it a little quicker to get a few things off the market without as much repetition in trying to get a random drop... all in one one of the better games to handle ingame markets and paid content and put cheating into a pointless category as it promotes coop play more than anything.

Do your research next time. The games on that chart that have the higher amount of cheaters are probably CSGO, H1Z1, PUBG followed by Rainbow Siege and GTAV

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