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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,27 2015 -  
Fallout 4 - First Texture Mod - mod&map
(hx) 01:17 PM EST - Nov,27 2015 - Post a comment / read (7)
Modder Hein84 has released the first Texture mod for Fallout 4 that overhauls the game's terrain surfaces. What is also amazing is that while these overhauled textures look better than the original ones, they are also about 1/4 less V-Ram heavy.

In related news, Fr4nsson has released a new mod that fixes the out blown lightsM in Fallout 4 both indoors and outdoors and remove skylights a.k.a FakeLights indoors. Do note that this mod makes the game darker.

BTW: Anyone run into this problem playing Fallout 4? There appears to be no cure for this.

last 10 comments:
gx-x(03:44 PM EST - Nov,27 2015 )
Get FalloutConfigTool from, disable DOF, done.

Csimbi(04:12 AM EST - Nov,28 2015 )
The first? Not quite!

BTW: Anyone run into this problem playing Fallout 4?

Which problem? The texture or the lights?

Played it through in 4 days incl. side-quest, no issues. 60FPS, just long load times and crashes (and the apparent issues like keyboard, etc.).

gx-x(03:44 PM EST - Nov,28 2015 )
His DOF is stuck. Since DOF is a camera lens effect it generally sucks for games unless it's just in cut scenes.

Tom(01:52 PM EST - Nov,30 2015 )
Csimbi> The first? Not quite!

BTW: Anyone run into this problem playing Fallout 4?

Which problem? The texture or the lights?

Played it through in 4 days incl. side-quest, no issues. 60FPS, just long load times and crashes (and the apparent issues like keyboard, etc.).

Finished it already? LOL! What a waste to run through the game like that. Taking my sweet old time, enjoying every second of it. I'm probably half way through and level 30 something because I'm just exploring and already found a bunch of (I think) secret areas hidden in the hills and heavily radiated areas. My power suit is so good I take like next to no damage. It's almost cheating with the power suit, so I've removed it to make the game more challenging. I've already collected 3 full suits.

Wish there was more customization on these suits, like your own custom paint jobs.

Love how they did the quests too :roll: you do Sommerville, get back to Sanctuary and he sends you back to Sommerville to talk to the same person for the same kidnapping. Hmm.

7 years dev in this game. Bullshit. More like sat on it for 7 years.

Csimbi(02:30 PM EST - Nov,30 2015 )
I think I finished at level 64 or something like hat.
XP is raining in the game, so you can get godlike with STR and AGI buffed armour pieces.

I think I found 6 suits (incl. the one from the brohood).
But then I noticed you can buy frames at some places and then you can attach anything you want to them.
X01 with jump jet was nice though - helped a lot with climbing to places (generators on top of the buildings can save a lot of space, hehe).
Though I got bored of the constant in and outs (you can't do this and that in powa armour).

Oh, I was sieving through the landscape for three days, then I got bored because it got very repetitive, so I began focusing on quests only. Then, eventually, I started skipping repeatable quests and focused on sidequests and main quest only.

Tom(04:13 PM EST - Nov,30 2015 )
Ha 6 suits, cool.

Ya I found a lot of places blocked too, and not on the edge of the map, you just couldn't get to certain areas, like 1000sq ft of area. Weird.

Actually I'm not super strength or agility, but my weapons are taking guys out easily.

Still waiting for the jet pack thingie. That'll be fun.

Ah didn't know the frames were that. Good to know. So much not documented including on the wiki.

Deatchclaws are easy, you just go where they can't and you sit there and headshot them continually. I've even used an open door, while he can get you, he doesn't keep on trying.

Csimbi(09:43 AM EST - Dec,01 2015 )
Eventually, you will leave the map area ;-)
Part of the main quest. I don't wanna spoil it for you, so I leave it at that.

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