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 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,23 2015 -  
TOXIKK - Steam Early Access Teaser - movie
(hx) 04:35 AM EST - Jan,23 2015 - Post a comment / read (13)
Best watched in 1440p! A little teaser to remind you that TOXIKK's Early Access Beta is now available on Steam!

last 10 comments:
Tom(08:56 AM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
Played a few hours last night. Very cool and just what I expected. Like UT3 but better. Less fluff items and no BS. Looking forward to more maps or at least 1 more. One map gets boring real fast.

heretic(09:01 AM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
Tom> Played a few hours last night. Very cool and just what I expected. Like UT3 but better. Less fluff items and no BS. Looking forward to more maps or at least 1 more. One map gets boring real fast.


Tom(11:15 AM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
Sad how people already whining about weapon balance. I've used all the weapons and alt - fire and actually found it all pretty balanced. There was no one weapon I used really. Actually love the flame thrower. People whining they can't see. Its a flame thrower ffs. I didn't come in first at any time but I had fun regardless. I just hope they add another map soon or people are going to get bored real fast. You think 2 maps would be a minimum.

Koogle(12:41 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
eeh i was interested.. but only 1 fking map to play, i mean I'm sure they have a few more that are playable.. for an EA, unfinished, i like to play unfinished content

you have to 'apply' for the sdk ... to make maps? Epic need to get there UT engine map editor shit sorted out.

And can't run your own dedicated server

and the kicker no anticheat or any mention of how they intend to combat it.. game already has hacks developed for it, and if they use EAC fuck it.

not sure how they will compete with UT

heretic(02:42 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
Koogle> And can't run your own dedicated server

doodah(03:39 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
You guys do understand what "early access" means, right?

Koogle(03:54 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
you have to purchase CLAN ADMIN PRIVILEGES to run a server.. i mean that is nothing like 1999 quake / ut dedicated server build was there for anyone to use.

and you can't even buy CAP right anymore so dunno what they are doing.

will just wait i think, see how it turns out, paying extra to run a server when the game is comparatively cheap could be ok, but early days.. always got UT to see

NyaR(04:13 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
wtf are you noobs talking about? Go to SteamApps\common\TOXIKK\TOXIKKServers and run the .bat. I have a dedicated server running on my mumble box.

As for the game, its great, I am making a montage.

Koogle(05:17 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
so they changed it then

doodah(05:50 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
The CAP stuff is for them to run a dedicated server for you, which you get control over..

Tom(06:23 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
Dedicated works fine. The game doesn't have to compete with UT and a lot of people like me don't care about UT. I have no problems with EAC if they choose to use that. What else is there? As for UT, I haven't even thought about UT. I plan to play a bunch between tonight and Monday.

Koogle(06:45 PM EST - Jan,23 2015 )
I might get it, just fking sick EA games ..remember when companies released games for beta testing and it was usually free.. and if I liked it I bought it.

This is like a demo with 1 map and they ask for money.. its just the principle of it really, they aren't asking much for a full game, but then there total maps for the game seem really low.

Tom(11:57 AM EST - Jan,26 2015 )
The game is decent, how it will be when finally released is another thing. All depends on who they listen to. I'm hoping they stick to their promises and release a sdk.

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