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 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,16 2014 -  
Divinity: Original Sin Patch Adds AI Personalities - patch
(hx) 03:41 AM EDT - Jul,16 2014 - Post a comment / read (7)
Larian Studios has released the first patch for its hardcore RPG, Divinity: Original Sin. This first patch fixes a zillion of issues that were reported by its fans, and adds a new feature called AI Personalities. Thanks to the patch, you can now select an AI personality at character creation, and your companion will make dialogue choices based on that foundation. So you'll still be able to have arguments with your chum, but their position will make sense rather than being selected at random every single time.

There's a vast changelog to browse through for those interested, as this patch adds a lot more than AI personalities. Perhaps of greatest note is a new sort by type inventory system. Inventory management was a bit of a mess before, only offering tabs that showed a few different types of item that were completely separate. So, if you wanted to look at your arms and armour, you wouldnt be able to see the rest of your inventory, and youd need to switch back. Now they can be sorted by type all in the same inventory screen.
last 10 comments:
Csimbi(05:05 AM EDT - Jul,16 2014 )
Larian Studios has released the first patch for its hardcore RPG, Divinity: Original Sin.

The "1st" patch? The "10th" patch would be more accurate; it's been raining patches since release...
Apparently, this product was not finished before release, neither.

tiamat(08:30 AM EDT - Jul,16 2014 )
Csimbi> Apparently, this product was not finished before release, neither.

Comments like this never fail to make me chuckle. Withhold the game until it is perfect and people complain it took too long. Ignore bugs and people rightly complain they aren't patching. Furiously patch and people complain it wasn't finished at release. Developers literally cannot win ;)

It has to be said that a small (or even large) pool of beta testers cannot find every bug or quirk caused by a specific hardware combination and given the near infinite combination of hardware, operating system/patch level and drivers so I have much more understanding for PC developers. As long as they acknowledge and fix the issues quickly you can't really ask much more even if the bug shouldn't have been there in the first place.

I have far less sympathy for console devs where the target platform is nearly identical on every install yet day 1 patches are necessary to fix major issues.

Tom(09:25 AM EDT - Jul,16 2014 )
Even still, with the dev time the game had it shouldn't be raining patches. Sounds like they were more interested in pushing it out to grab sales, possibly because of pending competition. Raining patches and as stated in this news article "1st patch" is erroneous.

I am considering getting this game, glad I waited. More time = more patches and a more stable game.

Tom(09:33 AM EDT - Jul,16 2014 )
-dup post

Csimbi(03:55 PM EDT - Jul,16 2014 )
tiamat> Developers literally cannot win
Sure they can: simply deliver quality products on schedule.
Everyone wins.

Today's devs seems to have interest in something, they don't mind making a few bucks in the process, but when they actually need to deliver something, they throw something together that works. Just works. They don't care how though.

kittomer(03:38 AM EDT - Jul,18 2014 )
Keep nitpicking, then you'll be left with 10 million facebook pay to pay games as the only thing to play one day.

Just be glad someone still makes actual games.

It also must be great to be a flawless worker. I bet they have an altar for you guys at work, celebrating the superiority of your meticulous deeds.

Csimbi(08:52 AM EDT - Jul,18 2014 )
I am not seeing any new games made, just remakes and clones.
Which would not be a problem if they were quality titles.

No, I am not flawless, but at least I stopped developing software once I was not motivated.

No, there was no altar. We had a jar for bug reports, clearly visible in the office for everyone to see and there were bonuses to compensate (and the bonus was bigger than your salary). You do the math.

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