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 Gameguru Mania News - May,27 2011 -  
The Witcher 2 Patch 1.1 Released - patch
(hx) 04:35 AM EDT - May,27 2011 - Post a comment / read (9)
The Witcher 2 Patch 1.1 has been released. While it boasts some impressive claims regarding performance, the biggest change is the removal of all DRM.
The major changes include:
- Added Troll Trouble DLC
- Fixed DLC download issues
- Fixed Module updates
- Fixed various game crashes
- Expanded Movement Key Mapping includes arrow keys & Number pad
- Fixed NVidia 3D Vision Surround issues
- Improved auto-detect to improve game efficiency
- Fixed bug preventing the completely of the quest "Blood Curse
last 10 comments:
bgione(08:07 AM EDT - May,27 2011 )
removing DRM entirely seems like a major change too.

psolord(09:33 AM EDT - May,27 2011 )
Will they ever bother multi threading the game a bit? How about some DX11 shaderpath to take advantage of its built in multithreading rendering? It's the biggest CPU hog I've seen in recent years.

Is Tom the final boss in Troll Trouble DLC? :lol:

tride(12:32 PM EDT - May,27 2011 )
psolord> Is Tom the final boss in Troll Trouble DLC? :lol:Ye! :D

Actually i love this game! This is a true PC game! I believe there is a lot more potential of pumping up the details and visuals overall.
I hope there are more dev's that follow that example!

Koogle(02:57 PM EDT - May,27 2011 )
It's better than Dragons Age 2 in some ways or many , can really crank up the quality and details (though I really hate the HDR overbright lighting to hide the draw distance for consoles I'm assuming).. though I wouldn't call it a true PC game, not at all.. little things like having to wait for item description to scroll down so you can see what items are needed... the whole item screen is consolized... and its damn annoying when it comes to climbing, passing through doors.. aagh the number of times I've gone to open a friggin door and end up casting a sign and putting out a nearby torch wtf.. just damn annoying fiddly stuff like that, following NPCs who go through a door yet you can't just follow behind them, nope gotta have your own door animation crap, where you have to be in an exact position to do an action, I would have thought facing a door directly would have been enough, but it seems you have to be a certain distance and looking at the right spot to get the [lmb] action notice.. bah I could go on, not a bad game though

tride(05:21 PM EDT - May,27 2011 )
Koogle, this is not consolidated, thats just lack of optimization that can be fixed with patches... its not problem, if its not meant to be that way by the devs!

Koogle(06:21 PM EDT - May,27 2011 )
Koogle, this is not consolidated

Well one could easily argue that the lack this type of optimization is because of consolization.

And yes its not a problem, the fixes and design considerations for better menu layouts and just overall game design interactions is a pretty damn easy.. so ask yourself how developers can make such stupid mistakes, I doubt you'll see a patch for those issues for such a game. I just bring it up because its amazing how such simple things can be so easily botched up, sure they aren't game breakers so its good enough. They could try again with a Witcher 3 I suppose.

its not problem, if its not meant to be that way by the devs!

Crap /lazy design and dumbification now a considered intentional, why you're probably right actually :P

Tom(07:53 PM EDT - May,27 2011 )

Is Tom the final boss in Troll Trouble DLC? :lol:

They couldn't pay me enough so they used your mother instead.

psolord(08:39 PM EDT - May,27 2011 )
Tom> psolord>

Is Tom the final boss in Troll Trouble DLC? :lol:

They couldn't pay me enough so they used your mother instead.


This picture is from 2008. Ma has lost a lot of weight since then! :D

kittomer(04:26 AM EDT - May,30 2011 )
The more I see some people writing here, the more clear it becomes that if someone just would let them design a game, it would be the gaming blockbuster of the millennium.

Angel choirs would sing, the forest animals would quiver in awe, and everlasting peace would descend on earth as the people gaze upon the wonder of creation itself.

A pity.

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