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 Gameguru Mania News - Jun,17 2010 -  
Rage Gameplay Video - Finally! - movie
(hx) 11:19 AM EDT - Jun,17 2010 - Post a comment / read (5)
Oh finally! has two videos. of some hands-on play with RAGE, the first-person shooting and driving game in development at id Software.

last 10 comments:
psolord(11:46 AM EDT - Jun,17 2010 )
I don't know why it has eluded me so far, but this looks like Borderlands with better graphics. I mean the whole idea and execution is Borderlandish! In any case, Borderlands with better graphics, spells awesome in my books.

The looks and framerate of the game is pure awesome too. These guys claim 60fps on consoles! Maybe this will give some well known individuals, a much needed perspective of what 60fps is worth in a game. Totally awesome work for consoles although they don't mention if it is 720P or "something else". Regardless, the PC version will kick ass and that's all I care!

yessum(01:31 PM EDT - Jun,17 2010 )
Umm the game will be semi-identical to pc/360/ps3
that's the beauty of the engine
sure the pc version will have added super awesome fantastic features
but other than that it's be pretty much more of the same

60fps will just make it seem more fluid. doesn't mean it's 100% better than 30fps. Whereas console gamers don't care if it runs at 30 or more... pc gamers do. I'd rather have it locked to 30, because a noticeable drop from 60 is noticeable. Whereas a steady 30 is fine throughout.

Simple. You can argue the point, being a pc gamer. But console gamers don't care as long as the game plays fine and looks fine. Slowdowns are not welcome, but when it's fluid 30fps... it's fantastic and great.

It all probably stems from the olden days of fps ie cs and dod and many other old games where the higher fps the better you can do in a game. And then it carried onward and upward and now a game that doesn't run on a pc at a minimum 72fps (:D) it's shit.

Higher FPS just means you spent 700 on a videocard rather than 300. That's it.

Tom(02:55 PM EDT - Jun,17 2010 )
I agree, definitely looks like Borderlands just not with the cartoon bs gfx. I remember some idiot said it looked like HL2. Like how narrow brained is that.. oh wait, they have a similar vehicle! Yep, definitely HL2..:roll:

Fuck the Pc, I'm playing this on console. I rather have a choice of thousands of servers rather than a handful. I'd also like to play with the assurance that nobody is cheating. Impossible on Pc.

Koogle(01:42 AM EDT - Jun,18 2010 )
"I remember some awesome person said that particular vehicle in that particular environment reminded them of the similarities of a level from HL2. Like how intellectuality superior is that.. "

yeah... I've adjusted it for you Tom, fps on console tssk pfff :)

"It all probably stems from the olden days of fps ie cs and dod and many other old games where the higher fps the better you can do in a game. "

wut? but loads of people could get higher fps and still play shit (talking multiplayer its netcode and server settings, but obviously higher fps will be better).. It just happens that back in them good old days people had CRT displays that actually had INSTANT RESPONSE(ie NO LCD input DELAY/LAG/MOTION BLUR), and REFRESH RATES of 100hz+. Which is more than some piddly crap 60hz LCD/or 60fps cap. Just makes for better fps gaming and competitive play.

And you could use non native resolutions in order to get a better fps(and still play in fullscreen without blocky pixels/borders), So more freedom in not being subjected into buying more expense PC hardware in order to play a game at native display res which for pc lcd displays is nowadays above the 720p resolution that consoles have to get achieve at decent fps.

"60fps will just make it seem more fluid. doesn't mean it's 100% better than 30fps."

No no not at all :) its like watching a movie but instead you're interacting at 30fps -its totally smooth and interactive. [reality check] yah sure.. maybe you also become more passive and slower in the head with gaypad aiming reflexes to match a dead goat or something... truly I just hope them console gamers are playing on a good couch or lazyboy chair :) its only benefit to console fps gaming.

"I'd also like to play with the assurance that nobody is cheating. Impossible on Pc."

well they are only cheating themselves.. still I play with keyboard+mouse regardless of cheaters for my own enjoyment, and cheaters usually get spotted anyway and so that's really gotta suck and short of God mode they aren't unbeatable :)

psolord(04:11 AM EDT - Jun,18 2010 )

Some game engines that run at 60fps, they tend to do some frame drops from time to time. The better the hardware, the less possible it is to happen. Other engines are totally erratic. Take Crysis for example. You are at the beach and the camera is facing at the sea, with just a hint of land left and right. You could have 70fps at that point. Now if you turn 180 degrees, facing the mountain slop with trees and shit, the framerate could drop to 30fps. This is how things are man. The only way to keep a constant load in a graphics engine, is to not have the kind of variety Crysis has.

Regardless, saying something like preferring stable 30fps over 60fps with some framedrops, is like having the option to be paid for your work 600$ per week but some weeks you'll get 300$ and then the second option to be paid 300$ all the time and choosing the second option. I mean where's the benefit in that?

In my experience, game engines that are locked at 60fps, tend to be stable at 60fps. If your hardware can only do 45fps, then it will tend to stay at 45fps as well.

All in all, 60fps average is leaps and bounds better than 30fps stable. Seriously man, there would be no gpu market if things were otherwise.

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