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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,14 2009 -  
Youth plays MW2 for 17 hours straight (video) - movie
(hx) 12:22 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 - Post a comment / read (9)
Here's a video of a kid who can't 'get into' Modern Warfare 2, despite playing it for 17 consecutive hours! Hah.

In related news, here's Modern Warfare 2 in 90 seconds!
last 10 comments:
PoliticalMaestro(12:35 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 )
17 hours ? come on kid you can do better than that, be like a Korean !

Korean drops dead after 50-hour gaming marathon

hairball2(12:52 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 )
he should get out more ofen, and take his pills. GET A LIFE.

ykazka(01:51 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 )
It wasn't milk on under his nose! It was cocaine!!! That explains all the violence and general mood. He needs another line to get COD!

Venom1(02:08 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 )
Stupidity never ends and start growing quickly (and early)...

Tom(03:10 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 )
The video says very little and shows very little of the game. I liked killing the whole crowd of people. I was more thinking, cool I'm playing as a terrorist. Not that I wanted or am inclined to ever do what is in that video. I do have some marbles on my shoulders. The killing etc, ya, so what it's rated on the box who can play it. So whats the problem. If you don't want a violent game, don't get this one. Pretty simple, no?

There is a lot of things new in MW2 and the stuff that was there is built up with more cooler options and tweaks. Weapon all have a cool feel and look. Physics are really good. There is challenge modes you can do in co-op, single player campaign and a F'load of different ways to play online, not to mention LAN which also works great. From a players perspective it's perfect in the sense you can easily join or join up with friends and go get on a server in seconds. You don't have to hassle with 12 friends all connecting to a server that just shut down and the amount of yap you have to do to find a new server. You just join together and play. I also like pure. I hate mod crap where "I" don't know everything that's 'modded'. I'm at a disadvantage as are others. Then you have modded servers with clans on them who feel a need to play organized against simple pubbers. This game is amazing and I personally don't care who wants to spit on it. It's a 1st rate shooter. Best there is imo. I can't see IW putting a dedicated server out there because that's not how it works with MW2. You can easily have clan wars on this game. It's all a matter of using the gui it's called a Private match. I'm tired of replying on these forums about this game. It's a great game and they really did do a good job on it.

Smiley_ie(03:52 PM EST - Nov,14 2009 )
Someone should get him to do Game video reviews.

tub0rg(02:02 AM EST - Nov,15 2009 )
the only thing they did newish (not really new but you rarly see it) is the challange modes.

the gameplay is exactly the same as allied assault or even ET. well exept going prone. but thats 10 years old too.
its actually kinda disturbing how flat the gameplay is, and dont you console haters blame it on the console, Metal gear solid is a console game and you got a shitload of gameplay options.

oh and one guy you play with in mp will be running the "server" wich is really nice for a twitch based game.

Koogle(03:42 AM EST - Nov,15 2009 )
poor guy, self inflicted pain just to tell us MW2 is FUCKING SHIT!

He could have told us something we didn't know.

Tom you sound like a flaming pr noob, piss off, and btw It's a 2nd rate shooter for noobs like you :P And they did not do a good job, the game is a rip off for what consoletarded pap you get. Oh and the storyline sucks balls.

Ozieo(09:17 AM EST - Nov,15 2009 )
OMG! And on top of that, he's Englishman, and to make it even worse a schizofrenic Englishman :shock:

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