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 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,10 2008 -  
Crysis - in-house
(hx) 02:23 PM CET - Feb,10 2008 - Post a comment / read (4)
If you liked Far Cry, you'll like Crysis. Maybe not as much, since the open-ended level design has been partially castrated by the demands of the new game engine. But yeah, it's still a GREAT game. However, the one thing that you're going to have to seriously consider before purchasing the game specifically for the visuals is the power of your a full review
last 10 comments:
devilhood(02:39 PM CET - Feb,10 2008 )
Personally, I liked Crysis more than FarCry.
The sound, graphics and presentation have all been vastly improved, so my initial thoughts were a lot more positive.

I agree with your comments about the AI, with all the fantastic work put into CryEngine's graphical ability, the AI lags behind.
The fact that Frog entities hop around when they are in water, instead of swimming, just goes to show that AI had a half-hearted focus.
How can they miss something like that? :lol:

The multiplayer element, for me, remains the best part of the game.
Once Patch 1.2 comes out, which addresses some very serious issues, I will be very happy, but more people need to buy this game instead of whoring private servers! it deserves the cash! and hurry up CryTek and release that bloody SDK already :P

Stumpus(04:18 PM CET - Feb,10 2008 )
Crysis was a huge leap forward, but that was its downfall. It came out so full of problems it's divided the community.
I cannot abide by a next-gen hyped game that is released in such a poor,poor state that there is no immediate 'day of release' patch.

I stayed away from reviews and (my own fault) looked at those dazzling movies of 'what will be' and thought, 'hey it's Crytek, these guys do no wrong'.
Instead, i play a game where cutting edge AI & physics mean every animal dies as soon as you lightly toss it on water or on the ground. Also newspapers have the physics of odd-jobs bowler hat! (James bond) and have the ability to cut through steel :lol: You cannot shoot through corrugated steel, you can't destroy bricks with an RPG...yeah sooo cutting edge..... :roll:

lots of bad triggers and scripts and lost storyline -in the alien nonsense level. Spawning useless NPCs and linear level design, NO support from EA/Crytek on day of release, utterly ended any respect i had for this 'next gen' hype.
I finished it eons ago! Exactly how long do people wait for a patch for a FPS??
Oblivion for eg, i'm still playing. That's like 250+ hrs into it. Patches could come and go and i will get my value out of it.
Spending 100's of dollars or euros etc on hardware for a game like Crysis is just crazy.

Titles like this are killing the PC games scene off through stupid hardware demands and poor value, imo.

devilhood(07:51 PM CET - Feb,10 2008 )
I'm personally only waiting for the patch for MP/Modding reasons, same as everyone else on the forums; that's what you get when the game is so short though.
I couldn't care less about any SP related fixes unless it is something that benefits the engine on the whole. Maybe user created SP campaigns will be more interesting!

psolord(09:29 AM CET - Feb,11 2008 )
I will play Crapysis in a couple of years when i will have hardware capable of running it at 1920*1080 at 60fps.

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