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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,02 2007 -  
Need for Speed ProStreet PC Demo - demo
(hx) 09:08 PM EDT - Nov,02 2007 - Post a comment / read (6)
As promised, EA has released a playable PC demo (local mirror ~ 796MB) for Need for Speed ProStreet, allowing you to try out the next Need for Speed game which will be available for PC, Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii on November 13. The 796MB demo can also be found on 3DGamers,, FileFront, FilePlanet,, GH, Internode.
last 10 comments:
lmer(04:02 AM EDT - Nov,03 2007 )
Oh man, my link went to hell yesterday afternoon and is still kaack. I'm watching it DL @40 K.

Post some impressions.

darknothing(01:12 PM EDT - Nov,03 2007 )
got the game from File shack pretty fast. about 1005KB/s

the demo... same old looks, the way they made the game was kind of gay.. didn't really have anything to do with the tuner world other then the cars.. some gay announcer that sounded like a surfer was annoying.

the only real new thing was car damage... the handling on the cars was really shitty...
i don't know about you but when i go around a long bend corner in my Skyline R * real life car* i don't lose 50 Mph from doing it.. in this game every slight adjustment to the steering wheel results in a slowdown....

the Graphics were that impressive at all.. i had everything cranked and i could see the changes, but it wasn't significant, they just made the cars seam less cartoon e , overall this was a poor demo, and i wont buy the game jsut for some new race locations, or different looks to cars. its time EA drooped this franchise and start fresh.

if you don't agree thats fine, but this game really dose not offer anything new.

nb411(07:03 AM EST - Nov,04 2007 )
Well as a car enthusiast I don't have a problem with the concept at all.

I think the games presentation is excellent and I like the music.

The graphics are very nice and while the cars are not perfect, they are very good.

The engine sound and the turbos spooling up is great too.

The car handling is ABSOLUTE dogshit. If anyone is suprised by this, go stick your head in the toilet and press the flusher.

I was also annoyed that the game saved my video settings but not my gamepad settings when restarting the demo.

Of course I won't buy this, I never bought any NFS games except for the first 3.

This game is ALL bling and NO go. They are selling the presentation alone. A nice crispy golden pie is nothing without chunks of meat and sauce inside.

gx-x(11:17 AM EST - Nov,04 2007 )
I think the game is hideous ! I thought that they can't make one worse than the "Carbon" but they made it ! (again) I haven't had a single bit of trill in that race in the demo, a single bit ! Car damage is baddly done, views are bad (still no in car camera), they removed the centered "hood cam" and inserted another one that makes you look from the driver's position...Graphics are not as nearly good as I expected, altough framerate IS bad as I expected.

All in all, back to the TDU which is something that NFS team should have played before making this game. They made a dmg model, made a nice smoke, and then made a game arround it instead of making a good game experience and then add stuff to it...

Safer(05:14 PM EST - Nov,04 2007 )
Worthless car handling, useless interface and an announcer sounding like he was recruited from the same septic tank they keep the off-beat "didn't make it quiet well" NFL announcers. Further we have graphical elements which goes along with the rest of the presentation as posting goatse pics on a reuters website.

It is in every shape and form a EA game - running along the same lines of "pimping" the graphics a bit, getting the right mood with licensed music and finally the coup' de grace of this corpse spinning, grave violating, mess called "Need for speed": the street racer "culture" theme.

A part from a few other games the last year or so, this "game" offends in some sort of way. Blrgh! I'll download this retarded piece of software just for the sakes of buring it and giving out free copies on the streets to poke EA in its arse.

lmer(09:05 AM EST - Nov,05 2007 )
Heh, will there ever be a game again to have NFS1 handling? :)

The art department is top notch, although all of it is recycled. But the whole philosophy behind the "story" is just putting me of big time yaaaaaaal. The handling is more like the Underground parts, just a bit more damaged. Dunno, whatever.

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