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 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,27 2007 -  
Crysis Single-player Demo - demo
(hx) 02:00 AM CEST - Oct,27 2007 - Post a comment / read (16)
A day earlier than expected, EA has released a single-player demo (local mirror ~ 1.8GB) for Crysis, allowing you try out the sci-fi FPS by Crytek.  The massive 1.8 GB file contains the first level from the game along with a version of the game's Sandbox level editor. Mirrors: 3D Downloads,, EA FTP,,, FileFront, FileShack, Fragland,, GH,, OW, Softpedia.

Also, new NVIDIA beta drivers for the demo were released earlier today.

last 10 comments:
Renton(02:23 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
In vista my performance was a disaster, with my system (Core 2 Duo E6750@2,66, EVGA 8800GTX@600/1000, X-FI Fatal1ty, ASUS P5KC, Corsair 8500C5@800x2GB, West.Dig.2x250GBSATA2) with no aa, 8x af and 1280x1024 have a performance of <20 fps.

In xp i have better results (also, the game only gives the high options detail only, i can use 2xaa tr, 16x af and 1280x1024 with fraps i got this results:
min: 20
max: 39

The difference is higher than the rest of dx10 vs dx9 performance (it repeats to be an 15% avf difference low in vista) here is a 50% drop!!!
I hope more people star to dig this, cause i really very hungry with this and i want to know if is only me or others similar sytems have this performance, i think UT3 looks better and i got 57 avg framerates in that.

Sabot's(05:16 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
Nice rig Renton
Well i'm pretty impressed with this graphicaly -even with my GeForce 7800GT :lol: UT3 didn't impress me one bit, besides Crysis is a true CPU,GPU and RAM hog! as there is a helluva lot more detail, lighting and physics going on. The grenades absolutely kick arse!! 8)

Quite a few physics/colision probs; run over chickens and they don't die, vehicles don't feel 'weighty' nor do they run over objects very well. Tires exploding off the rims is rubbish with a bullet -likewise vehicles don't suffer damage from grenades very well; parts should fly off for eg a grenade should blow a door/wheel off on one side, instead of a vehicle sitting on rims!

Enemy take a rediculous amount of fire to kill and prob a few others. Other than those gripes i do like it as the gameplay is good. It's a pretty good sandbox game ala Far Cry :wink:

darknothing(06:11 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
i agree i have an amd 5400x2 crosshair mobo 2gigs of ddr 800 and 8800gts

on medium settings i get a max of 28 fps... this game isnt optimized for vista at all.

games i play on high are bioshock, medal of honor airborn, company of heros.... Ut3 demo runs on hight without fps drop past 90 for me...

they need to optimize this game before i buy it... the new drivers didnt help At all.. they made it worse for me... to bad so sad..

Sabot's(07:26 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
shouldn't it be 'vista isn't optimised for this game' :lol:
Besides, why is everyone fixated with fps?? If it plays smooth visualy then you should be happy.
God knows how we existed without FRAPS :lol:

Here's a link to the bad fps thread

Reminds me of flight sims; used to take about 2 years of upgrades before you could play them with settings on FULL. Flight SimX is very much like that, there wont be many (if any) machines around that can play that maxed out -especialy at airports.

darknothing(08:24 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
low fps is bad dude anything under 30fps you notice, its not smoth gameplay at all its laggy and annoying
,, i have a good system i should be able to run everything on HIGH no problem. around 45fps..

thats what were saying.. if i cant play the game on high the game dosnt look good at all...

just to let you know fps= frames pre second....
low framerate = bad..
it is a demo so maby the full version will be better. thats usually the case..

darknothing(08:27 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
Here's a link to the bad fps thread

ps thanks for this forum link

Sabot's(09:51 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
Yes i know that low fps is bad, that's why i mentioned flight sims.
Crysis and fsims are similar in that some areas are heavily foliaged/populated and some are not.
For eg: You find some areas of the demo are smoooth, whereas the bit at the beginning where you walk up to the dude hanging by his chute from the tree are stutter city! As soon as you hit water/beach, less dense areas it settles down. (like flight sims :wink: )

Have they sorted out drivers for the 8800 yet (for vista) or is that one of the problems still existing.

I'm sure it will be optimised more.
I wonder how old the demo was anyway?

Renton(10:02 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
thanks pals, i feel a lot better now, cause a couple of friends do have low and mid range machines and do it better or equal than me.

thanks stumpus/darknothing for the link

Sabot's(10:37 PM CEST - Oct,27 2007 )
Here is a weird one, try it and see if it works for you?
I had x2 AA on in-game and the graphics/fps were poor 1280x1024 with my 7800GT
So i checked 'application choice' in my Nvidia drivers, again made no difference.

Soooo i completely turned off AA and AF in my drivers and also within game and would you believe it, the graphics are smooth (no jaggies) and the fps shot up!? :shock:

Try it and see how you get on 1280x1024?

NP Renton :wink:

Renton(12:17 AM CEST - Oct,28 2007 )
I already try that and i get only a 20 fps boost average but the quality goes down a lot. I blame the drivers, cause its ridiculous than the game performs better on an 8400gs than it does on a 8800gtx... or maybe its the game itself.

***For those who doesn't like a lot UT3 visuals, try to put postprocessing effects on default or vivid, otherwise it looks like crap and the image is washed out, black turns grey and the others colors turn into a white extreme balance***


Renton(05:03 AM CET - Oct,28 2007 )
With everyone trying resolutions over 1024x768 i try with a sh*tty 800x600, the results, even with 16xaa tr, all the settings in high for xp and in very high for vista, with all the possible enchanced drivers quality at maxium, my fps doesnt go below 60... so... wtf?!?!

devilhood(11:40 AM CET - Oct,28 2007 )
Game runs silky smooth for me.. but then again I do have a BFG 8800 GTX flashed with custom clock rates :D

It crashed once or twice during my extensive testing but I put that down to Vista.

(03:51 PM CET - Oct,28 2007 )
I'm going to buy the 8800GT next week 8)

Sabot's(03:54 PM CET - Oct,28 2007 )
Found this thread
if you want to extend the demo some.
Haven't tried it, but it looks quite good.

Hey hx, looks like i'm going to be the only one here without an 8800GT etc :lol:

(04:55 PM CET - Oct,28 2007 )
Stumpus> Hey hx, looks like i'm going to be the only one here without an 8800GT etc :lol:

LETS UPGRADE! :D I admit the 6800GT is really slow for Crysis, GoW, UT3, etc 8)

My upcoming gaming PC:


Intel Core2 Duo E6850, Asus P5KR, Kingston DIMM 2048MB DDR II 800MHz KHX6400D2LLK2/2G, 8800GT 512, Creative Labs X-Fi mX Xtreme Gamer, Samsung SH-S203N black, Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 HDS725050KLA360 - 500GB SATA II, Chieftec GX-01BW-OP Case +
Chieftec CFT-650-14C 650W PSU

Any ideas, improvements? Of course, my budget is very limited

Sabot's(06:24 PM CET - Oct,28 2007 )
my budget is very limited

Yeah, it looks like it :laughing5: Seriously, you deserve an upgrade mate for hosting the best ALL info site on the net. :notworthy:

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