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 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,04 2007 -  
Supreme Commander 3220 Patch - patch
(hx) 06:36 PM EST - Mar,04 2007 - Post a comment / read (6)
The second patch for the just released sci-fi Gas Powered Games-THQ RTS game Supremem Commander is now available and can be downloaded via the game's auto-updater. The patch includes a couple of tweaks and fixes, including a fix for a BSoD problem, and the removal of SecureROM disk check feature for all but a the Polish, Russian, and Chinese-Traditional releases. The 16.61MB patch to update version 3189 is mirrored on GH and The Patches Scrolls and the 1.3MB patch to update an interim version 3217 is available on GH and The Patches Scrolls.
last 10 comments:
devilhood(11:05 AM EST - Mar,05 2007 )
I've been playing this game a fair bit. Totally different to the new C&C; definitely a thinkers RTS with a true love for mechs.

xxxx(01:07 PM EST - Mar,05 2007 )
I agree, totally different than C&C(3) but to say SC is a thinkers game.. I have to laugh at that, sorry. Please enlighten me on just exactly what requires thinking in SC?

devilhood(02:31 PM EST - Mar,05 2007 )
xxxx, once again you have displayed your truely heart-warming and friendly side :P

When I say thinkers, I mean that there are many different approaches to strategy that can be undertaken.
It's really quite a deep game, with A LOT of things that you can do.
Sure you can just queue up 99% of all actions and watch things happen, but aside from that, there is real strategy in the whole process especially if you are playing an 81km sized map.
Compared to a lot of other RTS games I have played, Supreme Commander holds my interests for much longer.

Safer(05:03 PM EST - Mar,05 2007 )
I am gonna take devilhoods thoughts the longer mile and present this:

C&C and Supreme Commander - Spot the diffrence! Aka "A long god damn post."

This is my little guide to get the average joe to be able to define the diffrence they can "feel" in SupCom and CnC clones.

First off, lets us look the difference between the terms strategy and tactics.

Strategy; A strategy is a longterm plan or design to archive a particular goal - most often winning, in context of a armed conflict this applies to larger theaters and revolve around movement of forces, supplies and other methods to achieve in large sense - victory.

Now compare this to the word tactics.

Tactics: In combat tactics revere to the collective methods of engaging and defeating a enemy in combat - real time! In the middle of the action.

So now consider comparing two great games like CnC3 and SupCom. What is the difference?

Now SupCom is big - very big, in fact it is so big that it can take you MANY MANY MAAAAAANY minutes to move a unit from one end to another on a single map.
Compared, the CnC maps take mere moments to move one unit to the other side. And even if it is a large map, it doesn't even compare to the size of a SupCom map.

Now picture the average game time of a battle in either game. A single match of SupCom on a large map spans across hours while matches of CnC or it's clones can be told by up to 20 minutes or at best - 40 - 50 minutes for large map.

Now that we have established the size of the theater and the time span we can begin to talk about how this translates into actual gameplay, and of course how it plays out with our established words.

SupCom normally, in my case at least, have about 3 battles commencing at any given moment on one of the gargantuan maps. Large transport routs of units, transports and even planed forward bases or larger projects in construction or planning stages. There is never a stand still, you must expand, must build, must push, or you die. From building my small base I have began to build smaller forward bases and defenses everywhere, I have begning to take command over the sea by creating forces and points of gathering, patrols etc. I rarely involve myself into the battles themselves since my way points etc can keep the flow and the push together for a good while to come.

In the middle of a CnC match (let's say 3 for measure) I sit and order around your elite super units or so - planting a Ion Cannon blast from time to time. I hardly tend to your base other then moving around your units since you don't need to since both of you - the enemy and you have reached your full potential of the production/resource ratio. The enemy I encounter either in the middle of the battlefield or at their base. Much of my role now is point and click orders of individual units and groups to counter enemy units through the best means.

SupCom, by meaning of the word strategy, is strategy - a large theater where you build and plan for the future of your faction and your continued existence in the that world. While you certainly can involve yourself into the pure combat situation and tactics with other units - I feel that the games presents itself equally good in the large strategic arena.

CnC stand by as a tactical game with strategy elements. You build your base, just follow the flow of options that come with each building and you end up with the same result each time - cue different layout though. After this your main concern is the elements of choosing the forces to combat the enemies which you more or less do in person. Groups of snipers camp the tiberium sites or mammoths acting like walls of metal and pain moving in for the kill.

Summize - macro management and micro management.

Both games rock but one is essentially limited in its design to incorporate anything else but tactics while the other can do both. CnC dosen't span to the level of control of your forces or the theater as for example SupCom, it however do show it's brilliance as tactical game.

You with me?

devilhood(06:26 PM EST - Mar,05 2007 )
Very nicely said Safer, I would have contributed my own extensive and elaborate explanation for 'thinkers' but you've said it all :wink:

gordho(07:03 PM EST - Mar,05 2007 )
lets not forget the deep economic factors in supcom.

in cnc there is one resource, tiberum. how do you get it? build a truck. want more? build another truck. need to store some? build silos. that is the gist of the cnc economy. simple can be nice. sometimes you want to build some units and kill stuff and not worry about surplus, utilization, and the waste ratio of your economy.

now, lets examine supcom. we have two resources, mass and energy but we also have multiple ways of getting mass. it can be found in various locations on the map and it can be made with mass fabricators at the expense of energy. mass extractors can also be upgraded to two different levels to improve the output of the extractor at the expense of a one time cost of mass and energy. don't want to worry about capping mass all over the map? fine, don't. build a resource farm. using the building adjacency features allows you to place power generators and metal fabricators in such a way that the energy used in your fab matrix is just enough to power your mass fabs. there is a downside though since having some buildings adjacent to others can cause a chain reaction, if one of the buildings is destroyed then it will take your resource farm down with it. check out this post in the forums for a detailed description on mass fab matrices:

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