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 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,06 2007 -  
Supreme Commander demo - demo
(hx) 01:02 PM EST - Feb,06 2007 - Post a comment / read (8)
THQ has released a playable demo (local mirror) for Supreme Commander, allowing you to try out the upcoming real-time strategy game by Gas Powered Games. The demo includes an early portion of the single-player campaign for the Cybran Nation, one of the game's three playable factions and a skirmish map named Finn's Revenge, which can be played on easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels. The 1097.1MB download can also be found on 3DGamers, FileFront, GameSpot, GH, VGPro, SI, WP.
According to the in-game fiction, the Cybran Nation consists of a race of cybernetically enhanced humans known as "symbionts" that seek their freedom from the oppressive human regime of future Earth, which is controlled by the aggressive United Earth Federation, a faction that has enslaved the symbionts for fear of rebellion. Meanwhile, the UEF and Cybran Nation will need to contend with the game's third faction, the Aeon Illuminate, a mysterious group heavily influenced by alien philosophy and technology that claims pacifism, but backs its claims with military might.
last 10 comments:
xxxx(03:41 PM EST - Feb,06 2007 )
Seeing how they are giving out a demo, will try it. However I have mixed concerns. Namely WHO made it. Secondly, how big is it. C&C 3 will only be so big, I'm used to Empire Earth 2, Age of Mythology etc etc.. Starcraft even. This game looks monstrous... maybe too big and I am not convinced this game will run fairly on my system without cutting out a lot of stuff. If I have to cut a lot of stuff off, I'm not interested. Games I have to cut down quality are not worth my money right now with the system I have.

gordho(06:29 PM EST - Feb,06 2007 )
chris taylor and gas powered games are known for quality product so i am not concerned about the who. also, this is the spiritual successor to total annihilation.....the greatest rts of ALL TIME, imho. the size of the playing field is enormous but the beta ran fine on my x2 4400, 2 gb ram, and nvidia 7800gt at 1024x768. I would love to run it at my panels native resolution of 1680x1050 but the game was not enjoyable at that res on my system.

xxxx(09:52 AM EST - Feb,07 2007 )
I tried it, not totally impressed. Sure big game and all but maybe I have to play it a little longer. Tutorial linking to a web page was pure lame, especially when all the page said was DEMO. Wohoa, no way, this is a demo?

SC seems to be a polished demo and it recognized everything in my system so I ran it at it's default settings relatively close to you but at 1680x1050. Seemed pretty silky in performance. Oh and I have to disagree with you. I don't share your opinion on Chris and TA was a 'ok' game to me, didn't hold my interests really. C&C and Starcraft are no-brainers for the best RTS EVER. Magazines may make Chris Taylor to be some god, but I wont get into that boat, thanks.

And if TA was so shit hot, why is there a hell of a lot of players still going at it in C&C and nobody, or nothing in sight with those playing TA? Hell there are even 10x more people play Starcraft. TA best is just wishful thinking...

gordho(10:20 AM EST - Feb,07 2007 )
i can't speak for the unwashed masses and why they would like the same old tired gameplay. more players does not necessarily equate to a better game. there are TONS of counter strike players, enough said. most die hard rts players that have been around for a while will tell you ta is tops.

the game was released in 1997 and the features they brought to the table should be standard in any modern rts, yet developers still do not put them in. things like automatically following a unit. this one feature alone should be standard yet it is not. the fact that ta was a futuristic rts gave it the ability to have futuristic technology and boy did it make use of it. things like the radar, auto targeting facility, and the big bertha. that was what hammered in my love of ta. the fact that you could pummel your opponent from half way across the map. i still fire it up every now and then but now i believe it can be retired since the throne is about the be usurped!

xxxx(12:50 PM EST - Feb,07 2007 )
I am hardcore RTS and TA didn't turn me on when I got it and still doesn't. Hitting people across the map has always been something available in most RTS games. Do you not recall, jets, ships, missiles, nukes, ION beams? Sorry TA and Chris didn't come up with that so ur facts are messed up and full of holes. I will agree that a lot did like TA, but most don't play it anymore. "I" for one, just didn't personally care for it and the hype it got pissed me off. Kinda like the hype u try to give it. Same thing. False claims and stuff really piss me off cuz I am hardcore RTS and half your comments towards TA are bs in relation to others of the same period. SC and C&C were the defacto in my book as all time best RTS not to mention Age of Empires.(not the new crap)

gordho(01:25 PM EST - Feb,07 2007 )
xxxx getting pissed off about a video game? shocker. now, about these false claims. the only feature i listed as being unique was tailing your units. the other things i listed were features i found intriguing about the game. no hype here, just one person getting excited about a new video game.

imafoolru12(09:13 PM EST - Feb,19 2007 )
9,172,971,894 bytes taken up after install!

It also has some sound problems!

sow(09:59 PM EST - Feb,19 2007 )
it runs okay at max resolution and details on p4 3.0g, 7800GS(7600gt equivalent) and 1.5g ram

slowdowns occur when the map area is extended and when there are too many units moving at once due to cpu overload.

A RTS that emphasize more on strategic aspects than tactical aspects.

In short... I'd say it's a RTS version of dungeon siege. if you like RPG in dungeon siege style (e.g. dungeon siege, titan quest), then maybe you'll like RTS in supreme commander style.

As for me, I didn't enjoy too much of dungeon siege so, I didn't enjoy playing supreme commander neither.

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