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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,05 2006 -  
Neverwinter Nights 2 Patch 1.03 - patch
(hx) 02:17 AM CET - Dec,05 2006 - Post a comment / read (1)
Obsidian have released the v1.03 patch (final) for the recently lauched Neverwinter Nights 2, making it the 3rd patch since launch. To update, simply run the game from your Start menu or Desktop, and click the "Update" option, and you should be on your way!  If you are receiving a crash while launching the toolset and while the splash screen says "Creating Default Windows...", check out the third page of this thread. If you installed the 1.03 Beta patch you will need to rollback to version 1.02 before running the autoupdater. You can find the rollback patch at any of the following locations: NWN2 Warcry, NWVault, Obsidian.
Weapon combos in hotbar: Added the ability to set up dual weapon, weapon & shield, or weapon & torch combos in the hotbar. Clicking the hotbar button for a weapon you already have equipped will unequip it.
Camera Changes: We've made a series of camera changes to this version:
- New options for adjusting sensitivity for controlling the camera by keyboard, mouse, and edge of screen.
- Chase Cam adjusted to work more like NWN1.
- In free cam mode, the arrow keys now pan the camera, and holding down CTRL will zoom and yaw the camera.
- Added bindable keyboard key for mouse look / camera control. This mimics functionality of pressing down the middle mouse button for those without a middle mouse button.
Graphics Optimizations: A number of new graphics optimizations have been added:
- Anti-Aliasing Support: Anti-aliasing is now supported and can be enabled in the Options Menu. Please note: This could significantly affect frame rate, depending on your hardware.
- Shadow Rendering: Shadow rendering speed has been improved.
- Tree Rendering: Speed improvements to the rendering of trees.
- Water Rendering: Speed improvements to how water is rendered by the engine.
New Options:
- Buy/Sell Confirmation: You can now turn off the buy/sell confirmation dialog.
- Options menu has been reorganized to support many new camera control options.
- You can now change keybindings in game.
Database Support:
- The database script functions from NWN1 have been re-enabled. They are now significantly faster in many cases.
In related news, Neverwinter Nights Vault has some screenshots of upcoming campaigns, as well as more news from new modules coming up.
last 10 comments:
xxxx(06:52 PM CET - Dec,05 2006 )
This game is truely awesome, despite some movie/player sync issues. Things I don't like in the game are.

- the inventory system sucks. God, you think after NWN1 they would have revamped this, but no. For example, say you need something to forge a sword or something, you literally have to go through every item.
- it should consistently highlight the overall map to indicate where you 'should' be going based on your active quest.
- whats the point of mages having great new spells if they are totally ineffective on any major bad dude? What so we can use it against just Joe blow enemies.. yehaw..
-Characters are able to to hold x amount of things, yet it seems when you are ~50% of your max weight you are slowed.
-Big huge baddies can walk through walls, not doors. How many times have you thought, gee I'll be brilliant and use the door to stop the big bad dude and somehow this 20-30ft tall guy just literally walks through the wall.
-When you are in the tavern, you shouldn't have to leave with other characters just to re-acquire your items. It would have been nice to have an intelligent interface to get your previous members items without having to leave and come back
-Making spells and items should be way easier and much more accessible than what they give you.
-Bags, where are the f'ing bags? Wouldn't it be nice to chuck all your reagents and stuff in a bag. This alone would allow you to organize your stuff 1,000,000 times better.

Great game, but I am stuck where I literally cannot defeat Jerro. First time I met him I got him to the point he gives up but now, 10 times later and even more spells cast, I can't kill his daemon he summons.

I installed the patch, game seems even more smooth and now doesn't halt when baddies come into view.. Nice.. element of surprise is back now. I am getting tired of my great party members getting killed though. Here I am suiting em up they get lots of experience and hey, oh they killed him off. How convenient...

I complain, but I play this now literally every nite. I am looking forward to the expansion modules. I am truly glad this game came out, it kicks every RPG I know, right in the nuts.

Now if only Lord British would take his thumb out of his arse and make a re-done Ultima 'single player' series. That would be totally awesome. Yes, I tried the Dungeon Seige redone one.. It's ok, but I'd rather have a more professional remake.

All comments
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