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 Gameguru Mania News - Sep,15 2006 -  
Company of Heroes Patch v1.2 - patch
(hx) 04:44 PM EDT - Sep,15 2006 - Post a comment / read (16)
Relic has released the first patch (local US mirror ~ 8.4MB) for Company of Heroes, updating their WII real-time strategy game to version 1.2.
v1.2 : 9/12/2006:
- Connectivity fixes
- SLI performance fix
- Allied HMG exploit fix
- Axis wreck exploit fix
- Various crash fixes
v1.1 : 8/25/2006
- Multithreaded lens-flare destruction fix
- Burning building crash fix
last 10 comments:
xxxx(09:29 PM EDT - Sep,15 2006 )
- Allied HMG exploit fix
- Axis wreck exploit fix

and people support PC.. :roll:

I wonder, how many hack xbox 360 games?? or for that matter, I wonder how many xbox games will continually need patches? :lol:

I'm bad, but it's so damn fun and easy. :lol:

Stumpus(07:34 AM EDT - Sep,16 2006 )
Ironicaly the XBox *does* get games patched. They do it automaticaly through 'Live'. Oh and yes gamers get seriously pissed off because if the HDD fails they have no backup and have to download everything again -same for 'Live' content like extra levels etc.

xxxx(11:33 AM EDT - Sep,16 2006 )
4 ex-pc gamer who have been xbox 360 freaks say you are full of shit(how am i not suprised eh Stumpus?). Only an idiot loses stuff off their HDD and likely cuz they were f'ing with it. They've never lost their HDD nor have they heard of anyone else that "they know" losing stuff on their HD. As I get to play on my neighbours Xbox with him, NHL 07 last night, I asked him this morning while cutting the grass if he ever lost anything on his HD. His exact words?

"What the hell do u mean? Am I?" I said "Well I don't know some guy on a site I frequent says lots have". He said, "Well, hasn't happened to me and you know I have nearly every Xbox game, so I'd say he's full of it. Considering my 9 year old is on it more than me, you'd expect my HD to have died a long time ago, no?" (it's what he said, to best of my recollection)

Thus my opening sentence.

Stumpus(04:59 PM EDT - Sep,16 2006 )
xxxx you see now you've made a complete arse of yourself, now why doesn't that surprise me? Jesus are you so stupid that you can't think independantly??? duh!!
Never heard of an Xbox failure?.....obviously not! :roll:
As in when/if your XBox fails -for whatever reason- M$ tell you that the contents of your HDD must be backed up, which is fine for games saves but BULLSHIT for game content. Why do i know!? Oh here's another simple answer for X.B.O.X D.V.D D.R.I.V.E F.A.I.L.E.D so since it was under warranty at the shop, it was just a straight forward swap for a new one - Obviously the shop wasn't going to say; "Does sir want his original HDD swapped out for him into his new machine?" that easy enough spelt for yah??????????????

Jesus how simple does it have to be..... man open your eyes once in a while and THINK!!. If ONE part of your XBox fails you don't send it to M$ to repair LOL, they can and will either replace the whole unit (which *obviously* inc the HDD -amazing eh?) since it's much easier/cheaper for them to do. Or replace a HDD if it's failed, but -like PC HDD repair companies- they DO NOT backup your HDD content.

Ok now that's one to go explain to your tunnel visioned mates :roll:

If only everything in life broke down as easy as you and your friends make it out to be.....sigh

xxxx(10:37 PM EDT - Sep,16 2006 )
Whatever bud.. month or so I'll have a Xbox 360. Oh boy if I have a problem with it, I'll return it to the store for another. Whoppe. Thank god for Warranty as well..You are the only one I know that has talked about failures and it wouldn't surprise me if it was your own actions that broke it. Again, nearly 10 people I know have an Xbox 360 and not one of them has experienced a problem, only INSTANT entertainment.

Stumpus(10:30 AM EDT - Sep,17 2006 )
Erm no xxxx, i *didn't* have any part in the fact that my Xbox failed -oh how hard is it to setup an XBox these days? Install OS,reformat HDD, put in a motherboard. Well unsurprisingly NONE of that is needed.
Unpack, plug in and play, and it sits in the same spot since day one.

I'm surprised at you for have such a 'narrowminded' vision on people.

"Just because your mates work ok, means that if anyone else has a problem is *their* fault" mentality is sooo anal

What i do know is that, that 'little XBox', has been bundled with thousands of others and banged and dropped and shunted all over the globe on it's journey to the shop that i bought it from -likewise it's been subjected to *crazy* temp extremes no doubt (yes i do know about climate-control transport) but this is about maximising profit and corners do get cut.

Likewise you have 10 folks that their XBox's work fine -still doesn't account for the fact that M$ sent out MILLIONS of power cords 'just in case' their XBox was a fire hazard....10 people out of how many????
Herein i rest my case, the world doesn't revolve around a small clique of people xxxx LOL!
10 sold and the 11th doesn't work, or fails, is quite normal probably. The main point about the post is *backing up data* which still puts the XBox alongside the PC and doesn't change the fact that the HDD in the XBox IS the same HDD technology that is in the PC.

xxxx(03:00 PM EDT - Sep,17 2006 )
It's all 'confidence' here to know that if 10 of my good friends have 100% reliable experience and that I will too. Thanks for coming out Stumpus. Take care of your Xbox a bit more is all I care to say to you on this subject. I've since gone online and checked into 'your' issues and haven't really seen enough substantial evidence to bother me in the slightest that I will have a lemon. But I'll be sure to let you know if I have a problem. :roll:

P.S. I don't recall anyone saying they got a new power cable, you think something like that being odd-event would have sparked a memory? But nope, nobody mentioned any replacements parts either? What part of the world do you live in Stumpus? You are one special person, guess you just got defective products in the first place, oh is you. MS would have long ago since swapped new cables in all their boxes. Duh. My playstation 2 heats up the capet too, better move that to a slab of concrete you never know! Or better yet, better trash my PS2, never know it could burn down the neighbourhood.. pffff.

Stumpus(05:45 PM EDT - Sep,17 2006 )
oh god xxxx, you realy take the biscuit don't you... :roll:

Ok here is the <cough> hard to find official article on....yep M$ main XBox site.

Oh and since you are realy pushing the boat out on this -obviously without the slightest bit of research...

Here is the article ONCE again to AGAIN back up my statements.

Why oh why don't you just actualy READUP before mouthing off????

An Anglesey woman was pulled unconscious from her house by two strangers after succumbing to smoke generated by a faulty Xbox.

Stuart Ward and Robert Johnson ran from a pub in Llanfairpwll to find the unnamed victim's house engulfed in thick, black smoke and resembling "the Black Hole in Alton Towers" as Ward later put it to the local Daily Post.

Inside were the woman and her father, who had rushed to the scene in response to a call from his daughter before she was overcome. Ward recalled: "We shouted 'Is anybody there?' The next thing the father upstairs answered 'Yes, I'm upstairs'. We shouted 'Anybody else in the house, we can't see.'

"We put some coats over our mouths and ran upstairs. Robert and I were swearing and the father was shouting 'My daughter's here!'. We were going on our hands and knees - that's how dark it was. You couldn't see your fingers if you put them in front of your eyes.

"We felt our way around the darkness. We found her and dragged and carried her down the stairs and outside. She was going in and out of consciousness."

Johnson added: "We could only feel our way about. The father was stumbling around. He couldn't find his daughter. We found her on the floor.

"I tried to get her on my shoulder but it was impossible. She was in a pretty bad way."

Happily, though, the woman made a full recovery after hospital treatment.

Anglesey fire and rescue spokesman Dave Evans confirmed the fire was caused by a "fault in an Xbox game machine" left on standby. Back in February, Microsoft recalled 14.1m Xbox power cables shipped into Europe before 13 January, 2004 and in other territories before 23 October, 2003, as we previously reported. MS admitted to "30 or so reports from users suffering minor burns, singed upholstery or scorched carpets as a result of power lead malfunctions".

....why bother.

devilhood(08:07 AM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
Stuff like this happens ALL the time, with all manner of electrical devices.
There's no point in arguing about it, there will always be proof of cases that things 'can' go wrong and 'have' gone wrong, but it isn't the end of the world.

As xxxx partly said, taking care of your XBox and keeping it in a safe environment with filtered wall-plugs is your best bet, but if something still goes wrong, then you're just very unlucky and/or the place you bought the device from probably had a bad batch.
Factory build and quality standard discrepencies do occur, and that power cord problem is a perfect example, but they do try their best to put out quality products, because the last thing any company wants is a pissed off customer and bad press.

I don't know anyone that has experienced an XBox 360 HDD failure either, nor could I find an abundance of articles to do with it.
My gf has a friend that modded the shizzle out of his XBox 360 and it all works fine.

Calm down people.

Stumpus(12:43 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
But Devilhood, but why does someone ALWAYS *twist* a simple conversation INTO an arguement which doesn't even follow the structure of the initial topic
Have a look at my first reply to xxxx post then HIS reply back?

The problem is xxxx DIDN'T say anything, he CHALLENGED me as if it was my fault! WTF is that about???

An XBox fails nigh on every MINUTE around the world (most probably) Do those people get subjected to such abuse by xxxx? erm no! "Must HAVE BEEN YOUR FAULT" is xxxx only answer, The guy's popped a screw!

It's like an arrogant, self richeous school kid *actualy* trying to tell the teacher that THEY are wrong -without of course the slightest bit of research put in by the kid ](*,)

You keep posting *the facts* up but it just doesn't sink in :roll: I mean how many people have read this and are rolling about the deck laughing at xxxx stupidity for entering and creating an arguement based on ZERO TOPIC to back it up. Me i'm perplexed at it all, haven't got the slightest why xxxx was so vicious and arrogant :?

When i took the XBox back, the manager told me it was a faulty batch that they had in, and no questions asked, straight swap for a new one.

Thank god xxxx wasn't THAT manager! Imagine parents being hollered at by him outside the shop "IT'S YOUR FAULT IT'S BROKE!!" Then the men in white coats straight jacketing him :lol:

More on topic stuff.

While Capcom acknowledges that the text in Dead Rising is too small for non-HD televisions, they do not intend to issue a patch for the game.

Despite complaints from gamers lacking high definition televisions, Capcom has told 1Up that they do not plan to issue a patch for the Xbox 360 game. "Due to the amount of text and the size of the patch necessary to change the text, a patch isn't possible for this issue," said a representative from the company.

Gamers with standard televisions appear to be out of luck as the small text is not augmented by voice acting of any kind. "I find myself leaping up from the couch and pressing my nose against the glass to try to read the text displayed in Dead Rising," said Russ Pitts, assosiate editor for the Escapist. "And I still can't read most of it. I have no idea what I'm missing, but I'm sure it's important."

Another popular Xbox 360 title, Saints Row, already has a patch in the works to fix a number of issues.

xxxx(01:09 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
The only thing I've been telling you, you dumbass, is you are full of $hit. All your points are meaningless and based on all the people "I" know that have Xbox 360 including some of the Xbox 360 FORUMS I AM ON, all show you are full of crap. I don't research? No you are a dumbass, I don't have to research your pointless points.

Learn to take care of your Xbox 360 as obviously most of my friends do.

And quit making bs claims as u seem to be famous for...

An XBox fails nigh on every MINUTE around the world (most probably)

If you don't want flack from me, don't BS me or anyone else here with factless opinions back with ZERO PROOF.

And look at his last reply(his quote), how many times have i said, I have a HD screen? How many F'ing times have I said that backed by a THX sound system?? Oh, but wait he's showing me they have a patch too!!! Oh geez! Obviously you are stupider than I first thought Stumpus. I was comparing 200MB fu_cking PC patches with small irrelevant patches an Xbox has.. but of course, you just read ALL my posts huh...

Nosferatu(01:39 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
Now this is sado-masochism really. XXXX, you're like kicking and expecting a person won't fight back, so you try to kick him even harder and enjoy yourself!
Come on, you're an adult and have to know a bit of elementary psychology. If you throw insults into whatever facts and arguments, noone will ever consider your thoughts and listen to you. I'm impressed how Stumpus was so reserved after all.

And I hope you won't consider my post as an invitation to spilling thousands of not so pleasant words onto me. I didn't insult you in any way, I hope this attitude will be mutual.

xxxx(02:21 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
Nosferatu> Now this is sado-masochism really. XXXX, you're like kicking and expecting a person won't fight back, so you try to kick him even harder and enjoy yourself!
Come on, you're an adult and have to know a bit of elementary psychology. If you throw insults into whatever facts and arguments, noone will ever consider your thoughts and listen to you. I'm impressed how Stumpus was so reserved after all.

And I hope you won't consider my post as an invitation to spilling thousands of not so pleasant words onto me. I didn't insult you in any way, I hope this attitude will be mutual.

This is between Stumpus and me. If he wants to BS and exagerate things on Xbox 360, he can sit there and swallow my crap. I don't personally care if his Xbox 360 blew up I don't care if he had to return it. I know lots of people and I am on Xbox 360 forums and as far as everyone I know is concerned, Stumpus is an idiot. Overally all he's done is yap and prove nothing how PC is superior to Xbox 360. So if he's gonna yank my chain I'm gonna yank his. And Nosferatu, you more than anyone probably should know I don't give a rats ass who's side you are on.

Look at his last post. His quote, ok patches and TV users out of luck?.. Wah Wah.. Why would you buy an Xbox 360 and play it on a POS tv? I've said a million times i have a HD Screen with THX sound, so then there is a little thing about patches, well most of my friends say the patches are not that important for Single player and even if they had downloaded patches it was seconds worth of waiting. A far cry from 200MB PC patches which still leave huge amounts of bugs.. How many BF2 patches have you still downloaded??? Do you know there is an active aimbot Wallhack? You know there's gonna be a ton more patches..

None of you have proved anything where PC gaming is better or more worthwhile that Xbox or PS3. As far as I'm concerned your either in denial or just new to PC gaming and you don't want to hear that after you got in so late that you wasted your time for a platform that most smart developers have now skipped.

Like Stumpus it's just minor discrepencies which you try to escalate to the highest levels.

How many of you haven't had.
- a NEW hd that failed weeks after buying it on a PC
- a recall on your laptop power cable
- a recall on your power cables for LCD's or CRT
- how many have had to return mouse or keyboards that are broken
- how many of you tried to return a game that just wouldn't work on your PC
- how many of you, with more than adequate cooling had a video card fry on you.
- how many of you wait for drivers and stuff to fix problems and literally wait weeks to months?

All Stumpus' points are irrelevant. Nothing is made perfect. There is always design glitches. On console however they are at a much less severity level as on PC. The warrantys are fine and dandy but I've already lost brand new HD's with lots of crap on em, you don't think I was peeved to lose 200+ GB of data?!?!?! does the store just take em back and give you a new one? Some do some don't. In my area, I've had to wait to get the money back as they ship it off for final assessment while I get a new one having to pay for it and re-install my whole system. Are these defects limited to PC only? No, I work with 50 to 60,000 Sparc machines with failed HD's or fault mobo's..

So until Stumpus stops spewing trash, then I'll continue to put down all his comments because so far he's raised 0 valid points that are not mutual to PC. And what Stumpus forgets is the $ value to the problems in comparison to PC. So again, you want to yank my chain, I'll yank yours too.

If he can't handle the fact I base my decision to buy and switch to Xbox 360 for gaming off a handful of friends who have had zero problems, then tough! Not my problem and he should learn how to take better care of his stuff. NOBODY here can prove if or if not he's just a dufus with anything.

Stumpus(03:51 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
But xxxx, you DO care if my XBox blew up! Since you can't shut up about the subject. Look i've provided links to everything that i have wrote about, and you've challenged me to provide those links -which i have done.

But it's clearly not enough for you, is it? Your spitting and blowing blood vessels -why???? I'm calmly writing here and your spewing verbal diarrhoea and swearing like a 5year old with tourets syndrome!!

Your twisting and manipulating this way,way out of recognition to what YOU want it to go, and what YOU want to make into a totaly vindictive arguement -which your not going to get with me!

I never mentioned anything about PC Vs Console -other than patches & HDDs and what they have in common (link at bottom :) )

None of you have proved anything where PC gaming is better or more worthwhile that Xbox or PS3. As far as I'm concerned your either in denial or just new to PC gaming and you don't want to hear that after you got in so late that you wasted your time for a platform that most smart developers have now skipped.

What the hell is that about????????????? :shock: Of course none of us mentioned anything about that -YOU DID!?
Oh and now your a mind reader....:roll: and can tell that i/we are NEW to what? PC games/PC building/Consoles. Well sorry no cigar as far as i'm concerned, you couldn't be MORE further from the truth!

Anyway. Sorry (to hx) this went totaly off on a tangent (WOW an innocent conversation *just* about patches turns into a nightmare...??)

I'll leave you to your personal demons xxxx.

devilhood(07:06 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
It's just not worth the argument, that's all :lol:

xxxx(08:49 PM EDT - Sep,18 2006 )
Yes I continued to have invalid points and points that don't matter. Nice how you re-use my words, quite resourceful fellow you are. You provided nothing and proved nothing from the start Stumpus. My post to which 'you' responded was exactly themed at pathetic PC exploits and patches and more patches. You played down the Xbox and indirectly flamed me on and on in a diahrea storm by referencing it's problems and providing dumb links like the stupid power cord which is essentially recalled on ANYthing. I also checked with people on your claims of HD problems. Nobody I know including people who bought a Xbox on day 1 has had a problem, nor did they get a replacement cable yet for their Xbox.

you want links?? pc recalls ????

If I lose my HD here(which I have), I lose lots of stuff too. I don't have 'live' backups here on my PC ALL the time and the Xbox problem is RARE at best and most haven't experienced loss of their HD. God knows how many times I've had a HD fail here. and how long does it take to get that back? Am I pleased???? No. It's a hell of a lot easier with broadband to re-aquire what you lost on a Xbox as compared to a PC. Wake up.

I think you should wake up and go back to your original post and keep up with what 'you' said. All 'you' posted was verbal diahrea since and I replied, don't like it? Don't reply. 'You' lost focus from your very first post when you posted about stupidity and commonality.

And whatever your whine is to HX makes me laugh..

here's a story about nvidia recall ( I was a victim )

ATI recall

Boy oh boy, I'm gonna put the whole night aside to download Xbox 360 patches...they are SO BIG! Come on! How long does it take to get a new map?!?! Pffff.

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