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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,26 2006 -  
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter demo - demo
(hx) 12:42 PM EDT - Apr,26 2006 - Post a comment / read (7)
Ubisoft has released a playable demo (local US mirror ~ 532MB) of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, allowing you to try out the PC version of their near future military tactical shooter. This demo contains mission 2 from the full game, playable in single-player or on LAN with up to three other Ghosts. Another mirrors: 3DGamers, GH, VGPro, WP.
last 10 comments:
(12:45 PM EDT - Apr,26 2006 )

1.1. System Requirements

Processor: Intel or AMD, 2 GHz
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Disk Space: 850 MB
Graphics Card: 128 MB DX9.0c compatible card,
GeForce 6200 or higher
Radeon 9600 or higher
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive : x2 read speed
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Network: High-speed modem with 64 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game.

Recommended Configuration:
Processor: Intel or AMD 2.8 GHz
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Disk Space: 850 MB
Graphics Card: 256 MB DX9.0c compatible card,
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive : x2 read speed
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Network: High-Speed Modem with 128 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game.

Graphics Cards Supported:
Radeon 9600
Radeon 9700
Radeon 9800
Radeon X300
Radeon X600
Radeon X800
Radeon X1600
Radeon X1800
Radeon X1900

GeForce 6200
GeForce 6600
GeForce 6800
GeForce 7800

Stumpus(01:15 PM EDT - Apr,27 2006 )
This is the crappiest piece of *overhyped* software that i have played since Daikatana (DEMO i hasten to add) and that is saying something :roll:

Firstly it plays like a bag of spanners with an Athlon64 3500+, 1Gig dual-channel 3200,BFG GeForce 7800GT OC 256mb PCI-E and Audigy 2ZS.

Secondly it SMACKS of pure console port -just like Deus Ex:IW., the AI is blindingly stupid along with your half-arsed buddies who just love to throw their stupid selves around corners and eat rounds.... The graphic quality is laughable in this day and age of SM3.0, (i've had it up to 1200x something stupid like 900 and it doesn't improve at all!! Oh yes it's a pure plug for a Physix AGEIA card -just like the LAUGHABLE Parhelia! and that's it's limit.
It ONLY detects high quality graphics if you have a 512MB graphics card!!
Yes folks have edited the XML file but NO AA only AF which is why it looks crap!!!

This is a Daikatana -stay away from this on the PC, it may be good on the XBox360 -graphicaly- but that doesn't improve the thick-as-bricks AI..

Thanks for the demo, saved me wasting my cash.

read this before splashing out

lmer(06:12 PM EDT - Apr,27 2006 )
I was thinking of checking it out but i think i'll skip it after hearing this, although hx's post should have given me a hint sooner :D. I got the one before this and got bored to death by the time 3rd mission started. Uninstalled. I've seen the video review on the Gamespot (360) and yeah, AI looked pretty st00pid to me to, although i liked the graphics on the screens i saw for the PC version.

KingArthur(09:58 PM EDT - Apr,27 2006 )
I liked the game play, sure AI is dumb but so was the originals AI, but I don't play the game alone I only play with friends and it is fun.

so besides graphics being bad (I hope the actual game is better optimized) I thought it was fun as long as I can get my friends to get a copy too.

Stumpus(01:05 PM EDT - Apr,28 2006 )
Well shock of all shocks! I've just found out that this sin't a console port and was developed seperately from the XBox360 version -so what went wrong?


Major break through!!!!!

Found a **lone** post on the UBI forum of a guy that changed drivers and said they worked, thought 'what the hell, nothing to lose' and tried it.

Absolutely friggin' amazing, the game is now SOLIDLY playable with highest settings and smooth as silk using nVidia 84.43 drivers -it's truly like chalk & cheese.

Try it, you've nothing to loose 8)

The thing is why hasn't UBI even said that it wont play properly on drivers like the 81.98??? I've lost count of the amount of folks with high end rigs not playing this

KingArthur(04:35 AM EDT - Apr,29 2006 )
Yes that would have been nice to know!

downloading drivers right now, thanks for the info :)

Stumpus(10:04 AM EDT - Apr,29 2006 )
Some more **serious** optimising found out!

another post on the UBI forum (major searching zzzz) i found out that the game uses an older OpenAL driver.

This is a copy & paste of what the guy said:

"I just realize that GRAW using an older version of openal32.dll.
Here is what you do to update your OpenAL32.dll as some of you are probably using a version much older then the one supplied in GRAW thus causing the slower performance.

Go here to download OpenAL HERE
-Install OpenAL
-Go to Windows/system32/
copy Openal32.dll, wrap_oal.dll, onto desk top. Make a folder on your desk top and save these files there are many games like BF2 that use this file. Although BF2 calls it BF2OpenAL.dll instead of OpenAL32.dll.
-Copy and paste those files into X:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Demo\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Demo
-Yes you want to copy over the old files, next play the game and see if you have a boost in performance.

This may not work for everyone but those who have an Audigy or X-Fi should notice a bump.

I went from 30FPS-40fps to around 55fps-60FPS

Now lets compare and be nice!"

The game now loads in **seconds**, compaired to what felt like minutes (probably a minute) and the **SOUND** is amazing!!! Very stable so far.

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