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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,11 2006 -  
Call of Duty 2 patch v1.2 - patch
(hx) 02:22 PM EDT - Apr,11 2006 - Post a comment / read (7)
Activision has released the promised patch (local US mirror ~ 32.5MB) for Call of Duty 2, upgrading the World War II tactical shooter sequel by Infinity Ward to version 1.2. This release adds PunkBuster support, two multiplayer maps titled mp_harbor and mp_rhine, more multiplayer enhancements and fixes, and other changes. Another mirrors: 3DGamers, DLNet,, Filefront, StrategyInformer, VGPro, WP.
Rhine (Wallendar, Germany): The 2nd Rangers crossed the Rhine on March 24, 1945 at Wallendar, Germany in pursuit of retreating German forces. German forces harassed the advancing Allied units while withdrawing. Decimated by five years of war, the streets of Wallendar are covered with rubble and impact craters creating intense battle over difficult terrain with blown-out buildings providing cover. The Americans are attempting to take the German city on this map of urban combat.

Harbor (Rostov, Russia): An important shipping port in southern Russia, Rostov fell to the Germans in November 1941. The Soviet 37th army quickly counterattacked and punched through the overextended and winter-weary German lines to the north, forcing the 1st Panzer Army out. The Battle of Rostov resulted in the first major German withdrawal of the war.

Call of Duty veterans will recognize the Harbor map as an updated version of the original from the first Call of Duty game.

Infinity Ward confirmed the PC game modification tools were being finalized and would be released shortly. The industrial-strength tools will feature Radiant, as well as Maya plug-ins, allowing users to create their own single player and multiplayer Call of Duty 2 maps and missions.
last 10 comments:
xxxx(04:07 PM EDT - Apr,11 2006 )
Fantastic!! Guess i know what I'm playing tonite.

devilhood(04:54 PM EDT - Apr,11 2006 )
*downloads* :P

xxxx(06:41 PM EDT - Apr,11 2006 )
true, but this is a long awaited download...

xxxx(08:36 PM EDT - Apr,11 2006 )
oh my god. the aimbots still work. that's just sad. damnit. wtf were we waiting for... sigh.

devilhood(07:53 AM EDT - Apr,12 2006 )
clearly the dev's can't live without aimbots :wink:

xxxx(09:20 AM EDT - Apr,12 2006 )
ah well a few more months and maybe both of them can get it fixed up. :lol: You think they would have been on the ball so many months later. Apparently PB isn't really turned on or doing much right now..I just hope they hardware ban every bloody cheater.

No.21(09:58 AM EDT - Apr,12 2006 )
Give it time, and the cheaters will be hauled in. When a cheat is detected, pathetic cheaters will be caught. It will pretty much play out like CoDUO and PB. Sooner or l8r the public cheats will get fewer, becouse of the loose of interest to make new ones. And players that have been caught in the process. But things can speed up and make it more antagonistic for the cheaters if server owners configure PB and starts streaming to . Where they can evaluate SS,s and cheat files, and ban them over a larger magnitude than just the server with the SS. Oh and the tweakers that get kicked by various dubious settings are also logged. And where you can search for at PsB,s website.

COD2 should of had PB from the start. IW and Activision are a bunch of retards that have jeopardized their credibility of making a good MP game. I didn't even bother to give it more time back when it was released, just becouse of that it didn't have PB. And i dont think i am the only one. Looking at it now, it took them 6-7 months to release a patch that fixed a exploit that could of crash a server and was in CoDUO even. And all the of roaming cheaters...wooaah. In my mind i dont think its acceptable. Sure it can be fixed by a third party patch. But then again, does the server owner know of it? At least it,s fixed now.

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