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 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,30 2006 -  
TimeShift demo - demo
(hx) 01:56 PM EST - Jan,30 2006 - Post a comment / read (3)
As promised, Atari has released a playable demo (local US mirror ~ 577MB) of TimeShift, allowing you to try out Saber Interactive's upcoming 4D shooter. The demo contains one full level "where you must use your timeshifting powers to infiltrate the perimeter of a heavily guarded building to meet an important rebel contact on the top floor."  Another mirrors: 3DGamers, CNET, FileNuts, GH, VGPro, WP.
Error: InstallShield error code -6001 during setup.

During installation, you may receive an InstallShield error that returns an error code '-6001'.

This InstallShield error indicates a corrupt version of InstallShield is installed on your computer. To correct this issue, simply delete the following folder from your computer and attempt to run the installer again:

C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShieldProfessionalRunTime701

If this fails to correct the problem, we recommend you RENAME (not delete) the entire C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShield folder and try again. You may rename the folder to anything you like, but we recommend something similar to 'InstallShield-old'.
last 10 comments:
lmer(06:13 AM EST - Jan,31 2006 )
Flash Gordon, Gotham City, YMCA...and still so generic, and buggy, but nicely optimized. I'm less and less into FPS. It rhymes.

KingArthur(01:39 PM EST - Jan,31 2006 )
IMO it wasn't the greatest FPS I've ever played, how ever I did like the fact I could stop time and set multiple enemies on fire with the flame thrower gun and when time came back they would all yell some thing along the lines of "I'm on fire! Put me out! Put me out!" it was also cool to stop time in an explosion and look at all the debris standing still in the air.

I only wish that time wouldn't instantly stop but would slow down and stop with a nice visual affect, I would also like to see the bullets in mid air I looked for them but I couldn't see any.

over all though I think its at least worth trying the demo, though I'm not sure if I would buy it since Oblivion is slated to be released very close if not right before this game, but if oblivion is pushed up (Heaven Forbid) I might get this game to tie me over :)

(04:59 AM EST - Feb,01 2006 )
In the meantime, producer Kyle Peschel has posted several interim fixes on the Atari forums:


I Can't Install! I get a 6001 error!
This Install Shield error indicates a corrupt version of Install Shield is installed on your computer. To correct this issue, simply delete the following folder from your computer and attempt to run the installer again:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\0701

If this fails to correct the problem, we recommend you RENAME (not delete) the entire C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install Shield\ folder and try again. You may rename the folder to anything you like, but we recommend something similar to 'Install Shield-old'

I start the level but the graphics look terrible! What is wrong!?
The game uses an automatic configure script that detects your computers hardware and decides automatically what will get you the best frame rate. Your problem could be one of two items:

1) Your system isn't very good, so the game is scaling down to your system's settings.

2) The script was overzealous and read some of your drivers incorrectly (something we'll fix for the full version). I suggest you go into SETTINGS > VIDEO > Find Material Quality and turn it up (Highest = best), and find something called Reflections and turn it up as well. Finally look for texture options that would boost texture resolution. These three options will affect the quality the most.

I have a decent computer but I get this "Stuttering" when I play
Odds are you have a dual core processor or some other advanced configuration. The problem is that the cores are not staying in sync. (We are working with INTEL and AMD on this issue for the full game.) There is a known workaround and it requires you to temporarily disable your second core. The performance of the game will not be affected. You can find software to do this for you:

Rope ( ) resolves this issue by allowing you to control your cores better then Powerstrip.

You should note that Atari and I don't endorse this software, but it has helped other users with this problem.

I just have a generally low frame rate. I don't have a dual core or multiple processor machine, what can I do?
Update your soundcard drivers. After reading most peoples feedback, over 80% of the problems are due to old or no sound card drivers. The game has over 10,000 lines of dialog and uses a very advanced system of sound playback. Often if your sound cards drivers are out of date it will manifest as a decrease in frame rate.

I did what you said but I still have performance problems!
I suggest you go into your video settings and turn down the biggest performance killers:

1) Resolution: Turn it down (will affect visual quality, but performance should boost)
2) Material Quality: Turn it down (will affect visual quality drastically, but will increase performance)
3) Reflections: Disable (Quality will go down, but performance will go up)
4) AntiAliasing: Turn it down (Will see jaggies, but might get performance increase)

I cannot rebind the Left Arrow and Right Arrow Keys -or- Where the heck is Straffe?
You are not able to remap Left Arrow and Right Arrow for the demo. We suggest you use WASD to play the game. We apologize for the oversight on our end. The issue was resolved shortly after finishing the demo. You can expect to be able to do this for the full version.

I simply can't bind keys at all! It just doesn't seem to work!
You must double click on the current binding area. We are making this easier for the full version of the game, but for now you'll have to try double clicking really fast for the change button prompt to respond.

My mouse is laggy or something, the sensitivity is just weird!
Please make a thread to describe your mouse movement, we have been trying to pin down exactly how to resolve this issue to make it "feel" correct but cannot pinpoint the exact problem. For the purposes of playing the demo I can only suggest you turn down the sensitivity and then contribute in this thread so we can learn more details.

Post Your System Specs!
The team has been working on compatibility for the last two weeks and we would like to enlist your help if you are willing. Please take a few minutes to go post in THIS THREAD so we can ensure your configuration is being represented.

Thanks for playing the game and your support!

Best Regards,

Kyle "Pezman" Peschel

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