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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,12 2005 -  
Quake 4 patch v1.0.5, Linux client/server v1.0.6 - patch
(hx) 07:18 PM EST - Dec,12 2005 - Post a comment / read (4)
id Software has released a new beta patches for Quake 4, bringing the Win32 edition of Raven's sci-fi first-person shooter sequel to version 1.0.5, and the Linux client/server to version 1.0.6. Word is "This update is recommended for Windows users with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology) enabled processors, multiple processors, or systems with a dual core processor" Another mirrors: 3DGamers, FileFront, VGPro, WP.
id Software and Raven have worked with Intel to dramatically improve QUAKE 4 performance on systems with HT Technology, multiple processors, or dual core processors. Players who have a system with one of these configurations will notice performance gains in QUAKE 4 of anywhere from 25% - 87% depending on processor type. If you do not know whether or not you have a multi-processor, dual core, or HT Technology enabled system, please see the ReadMe file for simple instructions on checking your system. Please use the form at to report any issues you find with the 1.0.5 update.
last 10 comments:
Jelster(09:28 PM EST - Dec,12 2005 )
Thanks! This might sort out the random crashes I was getting when joining MP games, and the nasty packet loss simulator. :)

Anyone play Q4 at all? I've not really got involved in the community much but was an avid Q3 player and am interested in seeing if Q4 is going to get the same mod/map support. It might be a little no brainer compared to the class and realism in more recent games but frankly Q3 could not be beat for fast, heart pounding, 20 minutes fixes of pure fun.

Failing that Quakewars just looks excellent too. I've read some comments that its a BattleField wanna be but I think thats just going a bit too far. Seems to me we need a good class based, vehicle (optional?) laden, arcade style game out there that actually produces the goods.

lmer(08:25 AM EST - Dec,13 2005 )
Personally, i'm waiting for Quake Wars. A few people at central gaming forum over here are all about Q4 going to be big, but somehow i doubt it. There's surely gonna be a comunity for it, but not likely as strong as it was in the Q1,2,3. Also, some teams that started with D3 based total conversions are now moving to Q4. So that might be some sort of indication..dunno.

And for those people that claim QW is a BF wannabe...if they ever played ET, they should know SplashDamage is above that. But who knows how strong the marketing decisions from Activision/id are gonna be. I hope they don't f*ck up. :(

v1m(11:58 PM EST - Dec,13 2005 )
As you can see at, Quake 4 multi is dead on arrival. There are nearly 3,000 people tonight playing Q3, but only around 500 playing Q4. And twice as many as Q4 are playing the original UT, lol!

High system requirements, mainly. But probably also antipathy for the new generation of id engine games. Something's been lost, or put another way, something's already been done to death and not many people want to play it anymore.

I loved Quake and Q2, and part of what made that scene great was unlimited custom content. You won't see anything approaching that for Q4; in fact, probably no more than you did for the another multiplayer flop, Doom 3.

Jelster(01:44 AM EST - Dec,16 2005 )
Its a shame, the fast paced gameplay is certainly missed in this house. Painkiller was also the same, seemed to offer it all but dropped the ball on crappy net code and slow uptake.

Since Quake 3 I've been waiting for something to sink all my time into and nothing has grabbed me. CoD came close, RTCW/ET we're good but lacked a substancial community in the end. Since then, I've been let down.

Now I wait on ET:QW.

Question is, are there now just too many online games and not enough players to support them?

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