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 Gameguru Mania News - May,26 2005 -  
Boiling Point: Road to Hell US patch 1 - patch
(hx) 10:38 AM EDT - May,26 2005 - Post a comment / read (2)
Atari has released the first patch for Boiling Point: Road to Hell, bringing the newly released first-person shooter to an unspecified version number. Another mirrors: 3DGamers, FileFront.
Changes in this patch are as follows:
- Occasionally, the game would crash following the attempted load of a save game.
- Occasionally, an NPC would not appear visible though they could be selected an interacted with.
- With the watch out, if the user attempted to bring up the cell phone, the previous weapon would instead appear.
- Under certain conditions, the mission to get the young man accepted by Commandante Ricardo was completed prematurely.
- Occasionally, with 0% technical aptitude, the user's character would succeed at using level 4 weapon upgrades.
- The NPC Simon (in Pueblo Faro), needed for the completion of a mission, would run away and disappear if he was wounded and not killed.
- With the mission to kill the betrayer for Commandante Raul, if the enemies were killed and the user left the area and returned, the enemies would be respawned and could be killed again.
- During the game's final mission objective, if the user's character died in the process of completing the objective, the ending cutscene would play with no
graphics visible.
- The options to drive and access the trunk of Taxis were removed.
- The entrance to Don Pedro's villa located at the river was inaccessible due to the game positioning the character in the water when exiting a boat. A
ladder was added.
- Occasionally, during the course of gameplay, the character's car would disappear after leaving it somewhere and later returning.
- During the police mission to kill the gang leaders, if the user's character shot at one of the bandits from an elevated position, he would run through mid
- The user's character was able to engage enemy civilian NPC's in conversation while they were still shooting at him.
- Occasionally, when answering the cell phone, the message would remain on the screen after the call was completed.
- There existed a location in Puerto Sombra where a car could get stuck.
- The police station in Puerto Sombra could be destroyed with a single crossbow bolt.
- The main menu behaved unpredictably if the user pressed escape while the menus were transitioning from one to another.
- Grenades thrown at cars would have no effect on their drivers.
- In the mission to destroy the government planes for Mr. Botanist, the user's character was not given enough missiles to destroy all the necessary planes.
- If the mission to persuade the suicide jumper to not jump was failed, the mission remained on the objectives list.
- In the government mission to destroy the mafia transport helicopters, if the user's character died in the helicopter, the mission could not be repeated.
- It was impossible to drop less than the entire quantity of any item that was stacked.
- Debug information appeared when holding the = key.
last 10 comments:
lmer(05:22 PM EDT - May,26 2005 )
This game would be quite fun if it wasnt for this grand list of bugs shown here and it's loading sistem. The game actually loads the data durring play, resulting in a constant disk swapping. This is what the team that made this game calls a technology, you know.
In order to play this you neeeeed 1024 MB RAM, and some kind of a uber-fast SCSI hard-disk. Plus it needs an enormous VGA memory throughoutput.

Total apsolute technical disaster. Skip it.

v1m(12:01 AM EDT - May,29 2005 )
Thanks for the tip. The game actually sounds like a good idea that has been incompetently executed. Too bad.

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