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 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,07 2004 -  
Painkiller v1.3 Patch & Server - patch
(hx) 01:29 PM EDT - Jul,07 2004 - Post a comment / read (14)
As promised a couple days ago, DreamCatcher has now released a new patch (94MB) for Painkiller, updating their first-person horror shooter to version 1.3. The patch improves network code (constant physics framerate - smoothing game play), fixes bugs and adds "Low Quality Multiplayer FX" checkbox in advanced graphics settings (removes ragdolls and some effects in favor of performance), adds non-standard display resolution (i.e. LCD monitor resolutions) and built-in support for All-Seeing Eye. There's also a standalone Win32 server that allows server operators to host games without requiring to install the full game. The patch can also be found on 3DGamers, GH, FileFront,

Update: The original patch reportedly contained a "corrupted map pak file" and has now been superseded by a valid version. The incorrect patch is 94129932 bytes in size, while the corrected version is 94133452 bytes.
last 10 comments:
xxxx(01:52 PM EDT - Jul,07 2004 )
well, though i really bought this game for the SP play the MP has intrigued me. But nothing has worsened my feelings of the game as MP has. it's chuggy/choppy and prediction is in need of work. i installed the 1.2 patch and really noticed nothing much different. so i have finished the SP game on all skill levels, i'm pretty much done with the game. but I'll give it another go with the patch and then Painkiller goes on vacation on my shelf for another bunch of patches. i'll give it another chance in the MP field tonite. here's hoping this is a better patch. 8)

Stumpus(05:05 PM EDT - Jul,07 2004 )
Isn't it funny that not so long ago, you were raving about PK and dissing FC :lol: How times change. People were calling FCs MP a load of crap, it's playable and still getting patched. But i would have thought that PK -since it doesn't have vehicles etc would play realy smooth in MP?

xxxx(05:35 PM EDT - Jul,07 2004 )
Painkiller is a better entertaining and original title than Farcry Bloatware will ever be. if you knew anything about Painkiller(which you dont) you'd know its a "heavily" altered Quake3 engine and that involves lots of work and encompasses lots of bugs but underneath the netcode etc is all there and is a matter of fixing/tweaking as they have promised as they have released patche to try and fix. the problems simply plague MP which is "NOT" the reason i bought the game in the first place, though it's a nice feature to have and extends the life of the game it wasn't the selling point for me. farcry is crap. over rated piece of junk(i even played it over and over again cuz of numb nuts like you saying its so good).

the biggest things of Farcry was the (a)AI, funny it was dumb as hell even at the highest level(my time going from easy to hard was relatively the same) and it didn't matter going up the skill levels, the stupid idiots still got stuck on tree and bush! But ya! lets look past that and because they move around a bit more and find you like you were wearing a noisy elvis shirt behind a rock, behind a bush! Ya that's really good AI! ESP like.. it's crap, it's not AI, it's path following. Simple as that. (b)The game has the most brush than any game out, ya at a cost of your video card and system resources! great thanks! (c) graphics are top notch. Ya for who?! X800? 6800U? Who? i got a nice system, BF runs great with planes and stuff and tanks etc and UT2k4 runs amazing on my rig too! Not farcry, lag city, gayness speed of walking running in MP etc, and how many Farcry servers are there? I see like 50! Woooooooooo!!! Farcry is the biggest overrated unoriginal trash to hit the shelves. "NOBODY" i play with online in any game has ANY interest in that junk, either their PC's are inadequate or bad things they have heard of the game. My local store? they stopped carrying it. Good game? I've never known my computer store to 'remove' something from their shelves because it sucks and doesn't sell and even explain to people who are looking for it that it wont run on their systems etc. i laughed even harder to hear their claims of 15% improvement. ya in what? loading a god damn map? Pfff. if it's one thing that's certain, everyone that was on the beta was right about farcry the MP is crap and the game is so-so overall. the best and most accurate assessment of this game thus far. until you list to game god Stumpus who is probably crying cuz is Hoyles Card games went under.

oh and did i mention the painkiller expansion is coming along fine! Yaaaa!!! stumpus, as i said, no biggie if 1.3 doesn't work right away. i have time and i have lots of games to play in. i can wait a month or two for painkiller. farcry cost me $5 after trading in crap games i had for a long time, so its not a huge loss plus i did end up finishing it a few times just in desperation to get my $5 worth.

Stumpus(07:15 PM EDT - Jul,07 2004 )
My,my and here was me being rational to in trying to hold a civil conversation? XXXX falls out his pram and that's it -a whole load of verbal diaohrea plastered for all to read... :roll: You've got a chip on your shoulder as big as mount everest, better see a quack and get some pills before you vapour lock!!!

It's funny how i read completely different from the people that play FC, eh? I have a Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb and play it with FULL settings x4AA and x4AF with absolutely the BEST graphics on any game todate -considering it's cutting edge DX9 engine. There *ISN'T* another game on the market that utilises the latest hardware as FC, your just like all the rest XXXX a moaning git when your hardware can't cut it you blame the game.......ZZZZZZZzzzzzz.

PK has **ABSOLUTELY** nothing to contribute to the games market that hasn't been seen a milions time before, plus it's graphics are CRAP!!! My frame rate on the demo was a JOKE! I cranked it up to 1600x1200 and full settings to try and SLOW it down!!!

"oh and did i mention the painkiller expansion is coming along fine!" WOW that's going to add a whole bundle of difference to the game isn't it..."here you go PK fans, ANOTHER 5 levels of repetitiveness", bet you CAN'T wait!!

Oh did I mention that FC shipped with it's own editor? Kinda different to an expansion that costs half the price of a full game eh? With the editor you can mod ANYTHING and BUILD anything. Did i also say that FC had about 20hrs gameplay and different paths to complete the levels in?

Of course you knew that since you OWN it....yeah right XXXX, your married to J-lo as well eh? Carry on living in your own fantasy world.....

CaptStar(10:00 PM EDT - Jul,07 2004 )
Ok guys, simmer down.
Your arguing about a game.
Your also arguing over something stupid.
Just make peace.
Besides, XXXX is right, Painkiller is way better than Far-Cry

xxxx(12:54 AM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
they are two different games to begin with. but in terms of graphics/physics/resource management PK kicks FC ass. PK has a smaller footprint than FC and PK is made on quake3 which has been around way longer than FC and way more proven. A mod kit will come out for PK in time, there's no huge rush. they never thought the game would be so popular, due to overwhelming response they already have begun. FC is nothing new and as a matter of fact, bland in nature. All the same crap you can do in any other game, real weapons, blah..just nicer eye candy. PK doesn't require a new system or new hardware and plays at high quality even on a 4200. i like variety and PK brought that variety. FC is a non-imaginative off the conveyor belt, game. aside from that, i got nothing more to say to stumpuswumpuscuntus. i could see someone make a mod on UT2k4 and be better than FC.

maga(01:17 AM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
anyone with a little common sense can see that FarCry surpasses Painkiller at al levels. XXXX, dump that 4200 , pick up a 5600/5900 and go play FarCry. After reaching the carrier interior (level 3 i think) , come back and tell us about it. Painkiller is worse than Serious Sam.

Stumpus(07:34 AM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
maga,CaptStar.Iit's absolutely NO use trying to mention anything good about FC to XXXX nor hold a constructive arguement, he's an uncivil twit who only ever replies like a non-eductated delingquent. If the guy could even see two sides to criticism it wouldn't be half as bad. But NO, XXXX opinion stands above EVERYTHING else. So i was correct in my first assumption when i said "your just like all the rest XXXX a moaning git when your hardware can't cut it you blame the game" Why couldn't you admit it? I NEVER critcise a game because my hardware is crap! Rather i *look* forward to the day when i can play it full detail when i next upgrade. When i jumped up from my TI4600 to the 9800 Pro in FC, it was truly 'night and day'!!!! I would have said the same for PK *if* it had made a difference but it didn't! Clever level design and gameplay is what most gamers want. The AI in FC is brilliant and frightening, i've replayed levels and NEVER saw the AI in the same place.

I can't believe you are arguing over PK XXXX? Did you miss out on Doom1/2 or Hexen etc? I mean these games had the same formulae that PK has -and that was over 10years ago! Even then they were better, because you DIDN'T have to clear a level of ALL monsters before the exit would appear!! That's the bit that grinds. I do like the wizard effects in PK; raising the dead and throwing them at you - very clever. But the dev's seem to have run out of ideas after that and the level design suffered as well.

Maybe some day in your life you'll find piece with your own demons XXXX

CaptStar(08:50 AM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
Uh, Stumpus, if you weren't being a complete idiot, you would know that I said that PAINKILLER is way better than Far-Cry. Far-Cry was nothing special, only in terms of graphics. Its physics engine sucked, especially the ragdoll physics, and I wasnt captured by the atmosphere and the storyline.
Painkiller did all of these things for me.

xxxx(10:25 AM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
doesn't matter CaptStar, he's clueless. just thank GOD he isn't making games and pray he isn't breeding! Yes, lets buy a game, we run at medium(actually low) quality and MAYBE when HL, Doom3 and STALKER and all that come out i will still have time to go back to FC. whatever! stumpus, u r the biggest bloody retard i think i ever had the displeasure of communicating with. PLEASE DON'T BREED! maga, my house contains 3 machines with a 5950, 4200 and 9700. i dont have to dump my 4200 because OUTSIDE of FC it runs anything and very well including BF1942. i rather avoid bloated pointless repetitive games and go for an original title, one that runs without issue. and as many said, and as far as i'm concerned FC can be characterized easily just telling people it's SOF2, oh and there is a carrier mission! oh lets go buy it! pfff... maga and stumpus = clueless.

Stumpus(04:12 PM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
At least i'm old enough to breed you testube baby XXXX, you can carry on W@nking as that seems to be your limit! Back in your darkened room child and crawl under that rock and surface in another year to STILL tell us how PK is the BEST PIECE OF SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD.
You haven't got a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend,pretty easy to guess why? Because if you had, they would have smothered you YEARS AGO!!!

Capstar, i take it your the result of XXXXs 'experiment' with w@nking and a testube?

Here's me thinking that piece of dysfunctional DNA -XXXX- was the rarest thing on this planet apart from hens bloody wrong can a person be! Now we have TWO XXXXs roaming the streets, what a NIGHTMARE.

"maga, my house contains 3 machines with a 5950, 4200 and 9700. i dont have to dump my 4200" No because that's the ONLY things you LOVE in your life eh?

Sad imbecile. Away back to your cerebraly challenging PK, you've probably forgot the ending all ready -it was sooo hard eh???

xxxx(05:33 PM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
ah stumpus again, oh you don't side with my opinion, let me tell u off. go to some anger management classes man or just leave the site like u do for short times. it so pleasant without you.

"maga, my house contains 3 machines with a 5950, 4200 and 9700. i dont have to dump my 4200"quote:
No because that's the ONLY things you LOVE in your life eh?

hey stumpus, im married with child. how about you? my career is in pc/lan/wan/carrier/data network technologies and internet in general. my side hobby is helping develop games, building afforable pc's for people and helping people with their machines, be it at my house or remote access to their machines. and what do you do? other than wack off at gay porn on your machine and flog your dog. don't be jealous just because i have more than you can imagine with your paper route job.

love this though quote: bloody wrong can a person be
apparently with you, its a pretty frequent happening thing. stumpuswumpuscuntus.

Stumpus(07:27 PM EDT - Jul,08 2004 )
Ok fourskinsex, you've got me beat!
You've married a stiff and the dogs expecting your first child,of course that's what you *realy* mean reading between the lines eh fourskinsex?

I just can't believe a 37 year old would be so HOSTILE on the internet!!??

Don't go trying to trun this around, go look at my first post and your pressure cooker reply!!

Would you believe it if i said my job was a carer? Yeah helping people that have had their lives screwed up by car accidents,illnesses etc. I must admit though, YOU bring out the worst in anybody with that attitude -forget the games arguement, you just don't know how to drop it eh, you just want to continue TOTALY off track with arguements, you can't ease off. It HAS to be personal FIRST with you eh? ALWAYS got to win??

I also build PCs for myself and for other people (i have 6 personaly) How ironic that we have something in common....I also teach computing to those less priviledged.

Anway, this has gone as far as it's going to go on my side, this has just turned PATHETIC big time!

slayer(11:27 AM EDT - Aug,18 2004 )
this game works fine on my machine stumpus it goes smooth when the guys have come and the graphics are on insane so what! :evil:

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