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 Gameguru Mania News - Jun,12 2004 -  
Nightly Tech Madness - tech
(hx) 04:09 AM CEST - Jun,12 2004 - Post a comment / read (8)
  • Microsoft sues 200 accused "spammers" - Microsoft Corp. has filed suit against nearly 200 people accused of sending millions of fraudulent, unwanted e-mail messages, including one Florida man considered to be among the worst "spammers" in the world. The Redmond, Wash., company, in an effort to slow the a barrage of junk e-mail directed at its customers, filed four lawsuits on Wednesday and four others on June 2, each naming at least 20 defendants whose identities are not known.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Location: URL and malformed IFrame content vulnerabilities - Microsoft Internet Explorer contains several vulnerabilities that might allow an attacker to access local resources, bypass security restrictions, and execute arbitrary code. The first vulnerability is due to improper handling of the Location: function. Attackers can use a website containing a carefully crafted Location: URL to access local files. The second vulnerability is due to improper handling of content contained in an IFrame. An attacker can create a carefully crafted URL to execute arbitrary code in the Local Security Zone when the URL is clicked on by the victim.
  • Internet Explorer Security Zone Bypass and Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability - The vulnerability is caused due to an error within the handling of URLs, which may cause IE to view a web site in context of another less secure security zone than intended. Example:
    http://[trusted_site]%2F%20%20%20.[malicious_site]/ Successful exploitation may allow a web page to be displayed in context of another domain e.g. in the "Trusted sites" or "Local intranet" security zones. However, a malicious web site's domain has to support wildcard DNS and accept invalid values in the "Host:" header.
  • Real Patches Critical Media Player Flaws - RealNetworks has patched two highly critical holes in its media player. The bugs could allow an attacker to run malicious code by directing users to a specially-crafted Web page, via an email message for example, according to security experts. RealOne Player, RealOne Player v2, RealPlayer 10, RealPlayer 8, and RealPlayer Enterprise are all affected.
  • StarForce: Copy protection or scumware? - Installs hidden devices - The Star-Force copy protection installs hidden drivers. The drivers can be shown when selecting 'hidden devices' in the device manager of Windows XP. Installed drivers are: 'Starforce Protection Enviroment Driver v5', 'Starforce Protection Helper Driver', 'Starforce Protection Helper Driver v2', 'Starforce Protection Synchronizer v1'. All these drivers are installed when you install a game that is Starforce protected. (A list of games can be found here).
  • German Nazi spammers invade the net - NEO NAZI groups have been targeting Germany with a flood of racist spam, much of it pretending to come from the country's best loved mag. The spam pretends to come from Der Spiegel or its online version targets ethnic Turks. The usual goose-stepping prose, which indicates that humanity has not really moved on much lately, accuse asylum seekers of, amongst other things, torturing animals to death
  • Microsoft patents "to-do" list - The software giant now has certain rights to 'task lists' in software-development environments. Better not get too fancy with your grocery list, now that Microsoft has patented a glorified form of the to-do list.  US Patent No. 6,748,582, granted and assigned on Tuesday to Microsoft, covers the use of a "task list" in a software-development environment. The patented technology essentially integrates certain comments left in the source code of an application under development with an accompanying checklist. Leave a "TODO" comment in the source code, and an authoring application automatically creates an item in the task list. Check an item off on the task list, and the corresponding source code comment is changed. A Microsoft representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
  • Off-topic: Car Tech  - To be sure, the rich get new technology first. Burying a $2,500 radar cruise-control system in a $75,000 Mercedes sticker price is easier than in a $25,000 Dodge's. And luxury car buyers carry development costs in the decade it takes to make important technologies like antilock brakes and airbags affordable and standard. In this story, TechMag looks at some of the most fascinating new technologies for your car.
  • Off-topic: How exciting was the AMD booth at Computex? - Woohoo, check it out!
  • Off-topic: Mutant human stem cell lines created - Human stem cell lines from genetically flawed human embryos have been created by US scientists. The team that produced the mutant lines at the Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago believes the cell lines will help shed light on genetic diseases and could be used to test new treatments.
  • Off-topic: Sex more likely during women's fertile phase - Women are significantly more likely to have sex during the fertile part of their monthly cycle, suggests new research.
  • Off-topic: Mathematicians sceptical over claimed breakthrough - A French mathematician is claiming to have solved a fiendishly difficult problem, upon which rides a million dollars of prize money. But other mathematicians are sceptical that he has really done it. On Tuesday, Louis de Branges de Bourcia, a professor of mathematics at Purdue University in Indiana, issued a press release claiming that he has proved the Riemann hypothesis is true.
  • Super-thin crystals promise fast memory - The phenomenon is currently exploited in so-called "Fe-RAM" devices, but these applications are limited to those needing only a low memory density, such as smart cards. For example, a commercial Fe-RAM chip made by Ramtron in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is 10 by 10 millimetres in area but holds just 256 kilobits of data. But the new discovery could allow the amount of data stored on a chip of that size to be increased by at least a factor of 100, says Stephenson.
  • Intel working on doubling battery run time - Zinc Matrix Power develops a polymer-based rechargeable alkaline battery technology that is very similar to common flashlight battery chemistry, but, has demonstrated about two times the energy to volume of today’s lithium-based laptop batteries in lab tests. This could potentially double run times in the same package size as current laptop batteries. Additionally, this technology, like common flashlight batteries, uses a water-based electrolyte which, together with its low pressure flexible plastic case work, minimizes the risk of fire or explosion due to abuse.
  • Nintendo plots next-gen console "Revolution" - Nintendo's next console release has been codenamed 'Revolution', the company's president, Satoru Iwata, revealed this week. Like the Nintendo DS handheld console, with its touch-sensitive screen technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, Revolution's design is more likely to focus on gameplay features than raw processing power, Iwata suggested.
  • HD-DVD Spec Approved - The DVD Forum this week approved HD-DVD 1.0, a specification that will compete with Blu-Ray for the future of the DVD disc format. According to the DVD Forum's web site, the DVD Forum approved the specification on June 9 or 10. In November, the consortium approved version 0.9, which defines a 15-Gbyte single layer DVD disc and a 30-Gbyte dual-layer disc.
  • Five Short-Range Wireless Standards Seen Combining - Five short-range wireless connection technologies are fighting for the industry limelight, but sector specialists said on Friday that companies would eventually combine the five to make life easier. Automatic wireless connections between electronic devices are the Holy Grail of the computer and consumer electronics industry. Companies hope consumers will buy new devices once they are able to listen to their music collections anywhere in the house or on the road, see DVDs and photo albums on any screen, or program their hard disk recorders from a Web site.
  • Intel Plans for Dual-Core Prescott CPUs in 2005 - Intel Corporation may release dual-core Pentium 4 "Prescott" processors in late 2005, a report over website claims. If the information is correct, the roadmap of the world’s largest manufacturer of central processing units gets completely reshuffled once again. Hovewer, a representative for Intel Corporation told X-bit labs the company had never released any precise details in regards the dual-core strategy. The information published herein should not be considered as based on official statements.
  • Next-Cool WaterCUBE GT3 Water Block review  - The WaterCUBE GT3 rel.D guarantees shiver performances and temperatures of exercise under control also with emiting CPU more than 100 Watts (power calculated with overclocked and under stress CPU).
  • Sony Vaio VGN-X505VP review - At it's shallowest point the X505VP is only 1.1cm high when closed, while at the other end it's still a svelte 2.1cm high. But it's not just the height that's impressive, the full dimensions are 25.6 x 20.8 x 1.1-2.1cm and the weight is an unbelievable 822g. In reality, the Vaio X505VP is smaller and lighter than, well, than a notebook.
  • Averatec's Sub-$1,000 Athlon XP 2000+ Ultra-Portable - Averatec's AV3220H1 ultra-portable notebook packs a mobile AthlonXP 2000+ and weighs just over 4.4 pounds for only $1000. How does the performance of this very cost-efficient device stand up against pricier systems, such as the Asus S5200N?
  • Athlon64 Socket 754 Motherboard Round-up -  In this round-up Explosive Labs take a look at 5 different motherboards from two different chipsets for the 754 pinned Athlon64, the VIA K8T800, and NVIDIA's nForce3 150 chipset. Four of the motherboards are based on VIA's solution, the ABIT KV8-MAX3, Albatron K8X800 Pro II, AOpen AK86-L, and ASUS K8V Deluxe.
  • GF 6800 First Look - MikeC of NVNews has posted a first look at the GeForce 6800.
  • Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro review - Aside from the Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro's bundle, the card is also an excellent performer. The Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro had virtually identical performance to the retail ATI Radeon X800 Pro, with both cards excelling in every benchmark thrown at them. We were able to maintain just over 49 FPS while running Far Cry at 1600x1200x32, performance no other card available on retail shelves can match. Even with Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering enabled, the Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro held its ground, running at over 50 FPS in our Splinter Cell 1600x1200x32 benchmark.
  • PowerColor RADEON X800 PRO Limited Edition,X800 PRO Made Into X800 XT Platinum Edition - check it out!
  • 300GB Storage Devices - The testing session is over and its main outcome is the statement that the fastest and cheapest data reservoir of 300GB storage capacity is the Maxtor MaXLine II 5A300J0 hard disk drive. Well, I can’t say this is a surprise and you may also doubt the convenience of use of this drive in everyday work. Among the rest of the tested devices, the Maxtor MaXLine II 5A300J0 installed into the STLab rack is preferable as concerns performance, especially when it is connected across a FireWire interface. As we noted several times, it is faster than the Maxtor OneTouch drive, probably due to the lower access time of the ATA device.
  • AOpen 8x Dual DVD+/-RW review - AOpen has done a great job with this drive. It's fast, quiet, and reliable. As is the case with many drives, this drive would not run at 8x DVD-R with the Memorex media that I was using. Drives can be very particular about what you put in them, and the AOpen is not one to break from the norm.
  • NU SBW-242 External Combo Drive - It is hard to fault this drive, it reads and writes at its stated speeds and is extremely compact, portable, and stylish. The only aspect of the drive that could be improved upon is the DVD read speeds, at a maximum of 4X and a minimum of 1.69X, it is getting a little slow. However, as stated before, we didn't experience any performance reduction. One last factor that should be noted is that the drive was practically silent when reading CDs, which is a great plus.
  • Creative's E-MU 1820 Goes Home Studio Pro - Creative has added music production to its range of sound card offerings. Using know-how gained from its acquisition of E-MU, Creative's E-MU 1820 is designed to deliver professional-quality reproduction.
  • ZALMAN Theatre 6 (ZM-RS6F) review -  Zalman just doesn't have the rich experience of manufacturers like Sennheiser, Sony, Technics or Pioneer. At the same time, without doubt, the headphones from Zalman will enjoy a warm welcome in the gaming community as the main purpose of this model is in reproduction of sound when you can't enable your speaker system. I’d like to warn you once again, though, that you should be wary of turning the volume to the maximum lest you become deaf.
  • 5 headphones round-up - The best looking headphone goes to Koss UR-40 because of the slim design, the chrome color and the net as lining for the head hoop. HQ-1600 doesn't walk away without a price neither since it's the test's most adjustable headphone. Koss should get an innovational price for the smart folding on UR-40 and UR-18 but a slap for not mounting the cord in just one cap but on both caps on both headphones.
  • Full Alien vs. Predator Trailer is Online - The newest, and currently "Internet Only" Alien vs. Predator Trailer is available.
  • Dawn Theme download - For fans of NVIDIA's favourite pixie Dawn, you can now download a Dawn theme for StyleXP.
  • phpMyAdmin 2.5.7 Final - phpMyAdmin (changelog) can manage a whole MySQL-server (needs a super-user) but also a single database. To accomplish the latter you'll need a properly set up MySQL-user who can read/write only the desired database.
  • InboxShield 3.2 - InboxShield (download $40) filters your incoming mail and separates good mail from Spam mail. Thanks to it's Intelligent Filtering Technology (IFT), InboxShield learns as you are receiving mail. So the more you use InboxShield, the better it performs.
  • FlashFXP RC4 (SHW) - FlashFXP (download) is the most powerful and popular FTP & FXP Client for Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP on the market today.
last 10 comments:
Anonymous(06:57 AM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )

maga(12:05 PM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )
finally some forward steps in the HD-DVD battle...i can't wait for the next-gen DVDs... in the mean time, whoever wants to see some eye candy i can point to this:

El_Coyote(12:41 PM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )
Off-topic: Sex more likely during women's fertile phase - Women are significantly more likely to have sex during the fertile part of their monthly cycle, suggests new research.

since when is that "New Research"? i'ts not like its difficult to figure out. just look at how your girlfriends behave before she starts pms'ing :|

"If you're a couple trying to get pregnant, that's great news. There's a hidden biological process working in your favour"
<-- offcourse shes more likely to get pregnant during her FERTILE period. thats not excactly a secret - or news for that matter and it doesnt take a proffessor to figure that out!

Anonymous(04:59 PM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )

Anonymous(05:40 PM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )

Blindside(02:44 AM CEST - Jun,13 2004 )
Or the "S" could stand for "Shut the hell up....." haha.. Just Kidding Bill

madda(01:30 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
"Microsoft patents "to-do" list" what the hell is the point in doing that??

xxxx(10:46 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
realplayer is a "real" piece of junk. they are fixing two holes? ya in what? their unadvertised spyware included with the free version. pfff, i don't watch anything real player. if it ain't media player or apple or divx, i'm not interested.

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