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 Gameguru Mania News - May,30 2004 -  
Grand Prix Legends 2004 demo - demo
(hx) 07:46 AM EDT - May,30 2004 - Post a comment / read (6)
Blackhole Motorsports have released a playable demo of Grand Prix Legends 2004 (download ~ 86MB), a community project to bring the venerable Grand Prix 1967 racing simulation released by Papyrus in 1998 into the new millennium. The demo has been upgraded with the official patches, modern graphics, car models and other modifications. Mirror: 3DGamers.
This GPL 2004 demo includes the original Papyrus demo plus all of the official Papyrus-produced patches that have been released since GPL's first introduction back in 1998. In addition to these official patches is a small sampling of some of the numerous and more substantial updates that have been developed and produced for GPL by individuals who like yourself are merely avid fans of this fantastic racing simulation.

The GPL 2004 Demo has close to if not more than 20 separate installs or tweaks. All of this is common knowledge to a GPL freak but for newbie's this is not so easy. It's not like it is hard or to difficult, but it can take a considerable amount of time to figure things out and to test the game multiple times to see if the changes work etc. We all know that most people would rather skip all that. Well now they can.
last 10 comments:
Pa Pyrusposted - May, 30 2004 - 09:38
Wow, great background.

Dr John Beckerposted - May, 30 2004 - 10:27
things were a lot simplier back then... including backgrounds. =D

stumpusposted - May, 30 2004 - 12:34
Sod the background, the gameplay is what counts! You both make it sound like it was released 30 years ago. GPL was and *is* the best racing sim released period, it took me months to get setups correct and to brake correctly *before* turning the wheel or taking a corner -no ABS or stopping in 20ft here. Anyway, if we were to all judge games by graphics, then there wouldn't be a PS2 or Xbox released today -because most of them are garbage at first glance. Download the demo and i bet you couldn't even keep it on the track LOL

The Basherposted - May, 30 2004 - 14:35
I think Pa Pyrus was joking about the background(he meant it was bad) Stumpus. Just look at that blurry stuff behind the small stadium. But I think decent graphics and great gameplay is a great trade off.

Spectatorposted - Jun, 01 2004 - 17:25
Here we go again, stumpus the know all, dude do you have a gf? Anyway..pff, the background does look like feces. Yippe, lets race in circles. 10 mins later I go in coma either from reading stumpus bleck! or playing this game. xbox doesn't have bad graphics, you obviously don't own one. And it's easy and simple and a great pastime. PS2 also has decent graphics. Consoles were and are a cheaper solution to PC's and always was. Get with the program. Love how he picks anything out the air to backup his statements. Love his bias and he criticized others on here for it. Hypocrit.

ALMSfanposted - Aug, 02 2005 - 07:18
GPL is one of the most realistic simulations available - even to this day! (Aug 2005) I think all these people are making fun of the graphics in 1 screenshot, and thats ok. Big Deal. Realistic "immersion" in the desired setting is achieved by ALOT more than just pretty pictures. Anyone can make fun all they want. I guarantee you could take the top 100 gamers at a 3D FPS tournament, put then at a best-quality PC and steering wheel setup, and after 10 minutes of trying, they would feel like they've just been bitch-slapped by a 500lb. gorilla. Yes, it's *THAT* hard. Yes, it's THAT realistic. It's hard *BECAUSE* it's realistic. In the 60's, those powerful formula one cars were BEASTS, yet you had to drive delicate and precise. There are enough REAL racers (and yes, a few guys from that era) around on the internet if you search around, that know, that could tell you how realistic it is. Does it have flaws? Sure. what game doesn't? But this is definately a MAN's game, not for little boys that want to sit down to a purdy looking screen, and be kicking butt mastering the game with 5 minutes of practice (like Need for Speed, etc.) You could take 6 months playing this game, and just barely start to understand how to control the cars.... and mastering? Ha! Years.... if ever... It's just like real life. Most of the gaming kids would give up in 10 minutes and dismiss it as being stupid or too hard....but, well...that's why you're probably at home playing games and not a REAL champ at something - cause real life IS hard! Don't even bother to try it if you don't have a steering wheel. It's not a 'toy' game for the keyboard. Suck it up and spend that $100 on a good FF wheel. PS, Spectator - You obviously haven't tried this game - sorry to say - it's anything BUT circles... this is road racing through winding, twisty, courses with hills, dips, and bumps - not NASCAR ovals! Have fun all!

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