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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,29 2004 -  
Beyond Divinity patch v1.32 patch - patch
(hx) 12:14 PM EDT - Apr,29 2004 - Post a comment / read (9)
Larian Studios let us know they have released a patch for Beyond Divinity, bringing this just released (the game has begun shipping to stores in the USon April 27th) role-playing game to version 1.32. The patch (23.6MB) addresses a number of bugs and also introduces a couple of game enhancements. The full changelog can be found here. It's ONLY intended for the English version of Beyond Divinity. Your savegames won't be affected by applying the patch.
last 10 comments:
xxxxposted - Apr, 29 2004 - 12:52
there ya go. patched already. F this game, I was in beta and i was one who also told them to hold the game back to add more, change more etc and even fix some bugs they seemed resillient about and here we go, the game is barely on the shelves and out comes a patch.. no thanks, this game will be patched endlessly and they will desperately add features to it to make up for it, too little too late imo, i wasted my time in community and was fed a bunch of crap from the dev's. this was pushed out ahead of schedule imo and this is just a lame quality game lacking lots of features. anyone i knew that was interested in this game has abandoned it..

bdposted - Apr, 29 2004 - 17:28
patching a game isn't a bad thing, I think you're getting a bit confused with what's being done and what isn't. Sure people hate downloading big patches, but people with 56k modems dont really count nowadays do they? lol the game was pushed back in release, but please name me a game that is perfect straight from release? just because you guys had a close rep with the dev's shouldn't mean that your bitching ends up twice as bad, they're doing what they can to make up with any problems that arise. me personally, i never visited the forums, so i don't know to the fullest extent what's going on, i may take a look tonight to see the peoples reaction to the US release. i'm sure it's a good game, i was a big fan of the first and will 100% buy this one.

Betadudeposted - Apr, 30 2004 - 02:25
I was also in the beta, and let me tell you, this game is absolute CRAP with a capital CRAP. He is right, the devs didn't listen to half of the complaints us beta testers were screaming about. The game was severely rushed out of the door for $$$. Plain and simple. Save your money, people.

1@2.3posted - Apr, 30 2004 - 07:21
Thx for the warnings. I liked Divinite Divinity and had high hopes for Beyond. Now I guess I'll wait for the patches to catch up and make sure I'll try the game properly before I buy it :P

sarcastic dudeposted - Apr, 30 2004 - 13:21
Hmm... so should I listen to the ones who were in beta or bd? That's a tough decision. I've heard bad things about this from beta testers and others in the community. It's a real shame.

bdposted - Apr, 30 2004 - 18:27
beta testers say the same thing, instead of relying on info from them, wait till someone actually buys the game and gives their opinion then (from the non-beta stand-point), also wait for some more reviews.

OMGposted - May, 03 2004 - 01:12
Ok, I bought this one. The above posters are correct. Beyond Divinity is a total STINKER. I can't believe how they ruined this franchise. Fortunately, I was able to determine the smell factor on this title within ONE day of playing, so I can return it for an exchange for something more fun, like Super Breakout Plus.

stupid people!posted - May, 22 2004 - 22:28
WTF? Beyond Divivnity is awesome, sure Divine Divinity was better but the skill system is way better in Beyond Divinity, you people wouldnt know a good game if it bit you on the ass.

Muppposted - May, 24 2004 - 11:45
I like the gamme it isn´t perfekt but hey no gamme is, so i sugest you test the gamme some more not just the intro. Not all good gammes have outstanding graphics and special effeckts you know.

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