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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,07 2004 -  
Painkiller SP Demo #2 - demo
(hx) 03:07 PM EDT - Apr,07 2004 - Post a comment / read (13)
A second second player demo for Painkiller (first SP demopreview) has been released, giving up more of a chance to try out this soon-to-be-available horror-themed FPS from People Can Fly and Dreamcatcher before it ships to stores next week. This is not the promised multiplayer demo, but rather another single-player demo featuring the "City on Water" map. The 156MB demo can be found at NVIDIA's nZone, 3DGamers, FileShack, GH, Filerush, Pixelrage, WP and Tiscali Games.
last 10 comments:
xxxxposted - Apr, 07 2004 - 15:17

stumpusposted - Apr, 07 2004 - 18:36
I thought the first demo was excellent but this one has ruined my impressions of PK. This demo is as about damn near a rip off of Serious Sam as there ever is. Some of the AI is attrociously bad in this demo, i've lost count of the amount of times that they *continualy* get stuck at stairs (or stuck with themselves!) -they just can't climb them- leaving you an **EASY** job to pick them off :( Also a missed opportunity, imo, is the non ability to pick up the shotgun or tommy gun that the enemy drops. That WOULD be cool to do. I just feel that the story is going to be tagged on now and meaningless...the ragdoll has worn off now leaving it shallow and repetitive.

v1mposted - Apr, 08 2004 - 02:36
It's fun for a bit, but it's pretty mindless and overly simple. There just isn't much the designers can do to create tension and suspense in these Serious Sam-style gibfests. Where's the variety?

Tomposted - Apr, 08 2004 - 12:33
cool, at least that's 2 of you I don't have to worry about online. Nothing worse than stupid bitches who buy a game and complain in MP about it to people who could give a crap. Serious Sam was a complete piece of crap. Serious Same SE was even worse. This game rocks and so does the community and the developers. I love games where the developers listen to the community and do what they want or explain why they wont. Look at Soldner, these boneheads are just continually ignoring the fact thousands can't even connect to a game server. Well at least they saved me money for something else. Nothing I hate worse than developers ignoring their community.

stumpusposted - Apr, 08 2004 - 13:22
Tom you can *gladly* play with yourself online! There's NO skill needed in this game, it's obvious that it will only be little kiddies that will be pulling your chain and making you feel adequate LOL Ever tried games that require tactics/teamwork and thought? Operation Flashpoint or even good old RTCW is way,way over the top of this for MP fun

xxxxposted - Apr, 08 2004 - 21:08
god stumpus, ur such a fucking moron.

Danmposted - Apr, 08 2004 - 22:03
OMG! to call this game crap or Serious Sam clone, you guys shouldn't even call yourself gamers. This game is seriously good. The physics are amazing, the blood and gore is great and the weapons are a lot of fun not to mention the amazing textures and maps in general. I'm with Tom, please don't buy this game! Go back to your HalfLife. Man, I was so into BF and UT2004 but this game is great and I can't imagine how much fun this is going to be online! This is the direction and quality of game I have waited for. UT2004 is cool to, but this game and the physics(vehicles aside) kick the crap out of UT2004. Being a gamer/coder I'm damn interested in modding for this game! I think anyone negative about this game is either a complete idiot or a console anal retentive boner.

stumpusposted - Apr, 09 2004 - 10:09
Quote: Comments from xxxx - posted "god stumpus, ur such a fucking moron." XXXX sorry did i dis your *fav game*? Awwwww....go suck on a teat and GROW THE FUCK UP!! Your in your 30's as well????? Yeah right in JEAN SIZE! Of course if i had bad mouthed Far Cry you would be all for it eh? KNOB

callumposted - Apr, 12 2004 - 13:01
i got cheats for full game of painkiller and this demo these don't work with the first demo. pkgod=godmode pkkeepbodies=bodies never dissapear:) pkdemon=Demon Mode pkhaste=slo-motion pkammo=Allammo pkhealth=allhealth pkweaponmodifier=weapon power up and thats all also some guy has cracked the cheats in the first demo so go to the official painkiller forums discussing about sp demo cheats and it'll tell you wooohhhoooo that guy rules, oh and stumpus how do you expect ragdoll physics to be perfect with fat blokes postal 2 was naff with them as well

TomXposted - Apr, 13 2004 - 19:43
Seriously do you guys ever actually look at the amount of monsters that constantly come at you? heck or is it the fact that you go from pentagram save point (the little red symbols from section to section) I mean come on guys heck the first demo I never got the impression that PK was a serious sam clone but after demo 2 its become ohh so obvious. That and the puzzles involving jumping around I thought games like those died off circa 2002 maybe.

callumposted - Apr, 14 2004 - 04:20
DUH its supposed to be old skool action dickhead.This sort of game died of 1994. When i was 1 year old This game is like doom and stuff like the 2 last doom's. This Game RULES!

Johnyposted - Apr, 20 2004 - 06:24
Ok am I the only one having a fucking hard time finding these stupid secret areas where the fuck are they. I slaughter every of the 249 monster there is to find and yet my mission is failed becuz of these stupid secret areas, they are a fucking pain in the ass, and today its 20 april and april 19th the mp demo should be online where is it !! :(

callumposted - Aug, 11 2004 - 08:43
the secrets are easy to find dude

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