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 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,06 2004 -  
Far Cry Single Player Demo 2 - demo
(hx) 01:36 PM EST - Mar,06 2004 - Post a comment / read (24)
After the unofficial release of the bonus level for the first demo, Ubi Soft has now officially released the second single-player demo (originally releaased the PC Gamer mag CD-ROM disk) for Far Cry, the upcoming first-person shooter by Crytek Studios. This second demo includes a new map entitled "Research, which is available as an addon to the previously released Far Cry demo, so if you already have that first demo and are bandwidth impaired, you're better off with the small bonus download. The massive 519MB demo can be downloaded from 3DGamers, Worthplaying, GH.
last 10 comments:
bloodukposted - Mar, 06 2004 - 14:16
Plays much better than demo 1 doesnt stutter at all in this version!

Zeusposted - Mar, 06 2004 - 18:05
519 mb, HAHAHA, insane! and there are really people out there who say we dont need broadband, since its only used for illegal stuff on p2p, i think this proves them wrong.

hahahposted - Mar, 06 2004 - 20:32
there are people who say we dont need broadband, wtf century are those people living in?

ohnoposted - Mar, 06 2004 - 20:38
yeah plays better than the 1st one but still some problmes with AA (or is it just me), with it turned off it's just perfect, with any AA settings turned on it looks like psychodelic love narcotiques

100% legitposted - Mar, 06 2004 - 23:14
What's wrong with getting broadband just for downloading illegal stuff? I'm not selling it to anyone (well, that's what a friend of a friend of mine says ;-)

Deathposted - Mar, 07 2004 - 04:25
How many of you guys can accually judge a game by a demo?? The developers will make the demo have the best part in the game or have a VERY good exclusive demo map. The full game will probably be shit. I don't remember the title of the game, but i tried a demo and i liked it and so i brought the game when it was released and i can't say it more clearly that it sucked bigtime! So i don't trust demos.

fx5900posted - Mar, 07 2004 - 08:38
After downloading the first demo.... no thanks, i'll save my bandwidth until a friend lends me the full game. I have a feeling I'll be glad i didn't play for this.

spixxposted - Mar, 07 2004 - 12:27
"The full game will probably be shit" so u gonna judge all u'r up comin decision in life on one bad game ? just wanna whis u good luck whit ur life !

asdposted - Mar, 07 2004 - 15:05
i hope they release a mp demo

fx5900posted - Mar, 08 2004 - 06:05
another demo... another map... why don't they just release the whole game???

xxxxposted - Mar, 08 2004 - 10:15
i like this map better than that crap first demo they released. But SP means shit to me, lets see MP. from what I heard MP sucks ass bigtime, likely the reason they are hiding it. i ain't buying this game without a preview of MP. most importantly cuz this game offers nothing new. just another braindead shooter with nice water. bushes are the worst, that stupid 2 dimensional crap..easy to see where they cut corners in this game..

Zeusposted - Mar, 08 2004 - 13:27
mm some people will always find something to complain.why does anyone complain about free stuff, its a demo, enjoy it or leave it, whats the big deal. i rather have a buggy demo than a buggy game release (greetings to deus ex 2, it achieved to have both). i dont care for mp on this game, i want the sp experience, if i want mp i play bf1942. and from what i have understood this demo was somekind of special version for a magazine, so its not like its a totally new demo, so dont act like the game was postponed cause they had to release this demo. and generally saying a game is worse than its demo is bullshit, its exactly the opposite often. games are not like movies, ok most trailers of movies include the best scenes of a movie, but what makes you think the same goes for demos, total bullshit. but i guess if you want to bitch, you will always find something. i will try to say something about the demo now, the first one ran ok on my geforce2mx, now on my new machine with ati 9600xt it freezes during the map loading screen, gotta check what this is about.

Zeusposted - Mar, 08 2004 - 13:32
"How many of you guys can accually judge a game by a demo?? The developers will make the demo have the best part in the game or have a VERY good exclusive demo map. "-- shame on the developers, how dare they not use their worst map?-- "The full game will probably be shit. I don't remember the title of the game, but i tried a demo and i liked it and so i brought the game when it was released and i can't say it more clearly that it sucked bigtime! So i don't trust demos."-- good point, i once had that game, dont remember its name, that was shit, so i expect every game to be shit. i dont trust games.

xxxxposted - Mar, 08 2004 - 15:15
i do, cuz that's what it's for bonehead. it's a demonstration of the full version, it's whats coming in the retail box. it's supposed to encourage you to buy the game and from what i've seen the game is nothing much, solely on SP mind you. it offers nothing more than anything else currently out there. i don't get sold on shiny water. the game is an average game, and u obviously have a lot of money to burn on any title. i'll wait for stalker and others thanks. and don't even comment on mp cuz i have 2 friends who are beta testers and they say it's crap.

Nimnioposted - Mar, 08 2004 - 20:58
A game doesn't need fantastic multiplayer to be good, it doesn't even need multiplayer. And Zeus, funny stuff.

Nimnioposted - Mar, 09 2004 - 00:57
Not that this proves anything in the slightest, but here's an opinion of Far Cry's multiplayer from someone who's actually played it:

Zeusposted - Mar, 09 2004 - 14:22
thx nimnio, but some people just make it to easy. it appears i am the only one who is talking about the demo in particular here, so my results are, didnt get to run the second demo on ati 9600xt, and i couldnt find a solution. but i didnt get into it too deep, its just a demo, i expect the full game to run.

Support_Adminposted - Mar, 11 2004 - 20:20
Is incomming new Demo multiplayer.

elbochewposted - Mar, 15 2004 - 14:43
Ok, having read a few posts and having played all the fps games out there. I happen to like both demos alot even if they feel kinda short and force a monster download, from the physics to the ability to be outside with actual trees etc... It feels right, it gets the weapons right, the physics make you feel the game somehow and is just fun to play. It's got a different pace, a sneaky real life sniper kinda pace I think. A game doesn't have to break all the rules to be great, it just has to be good at what it does and be fun to play. This game is both, if mp is responsive and the maps continue to be good, there's a game award winner here in the making. To be honest I'm tired of the games that almost get the physics right, shooting someone 10 times in the face and then they kill you doesn't work in my book any more and I'm not alone. Check out unreal XMP or the new tournament 2004, they still don't have the physics right or battlefield 1942, a guy can kill you with a pistol 500 yards away and you can shoot him in the face and he ignores it. I've been on both sides of that. It's no longer acceptable with all the great software engines available. BTW: I have a Geforce 3 card, and dual intel 850s in my pc and everything runs fine with no jerks as long as I run medium level graphics which ends up being a great mp setting anyways. Besides tell me another game besides Deux Ex the original, where you can sneak up on someone, anyone you choose to, anywhere you choose to, any time you choose to, shoot them then slide under the water and swim away while his friends keep looking for you. Then go to the other side of the island and do it to someone else. =) How fun is that? =) The possibility of an intelligent game versus a blast them in the face game will be a big draw, so I hope they can finish what they started and that the demos aren't the entire cheese.

=GARRi=posted - Mar, 20 2004 - 08:34
I think it's silly to download the !!!519!!! mb demo!!!! what the fuck??!! This is only for crazy gamers!

SGposted - Mar, 22 2004 - 01:43
im not sure how the demo plays.. but i've recently played the full version, and its the complete opposite of what elbochew was saying (minus the physics cos they're not bad. the boats and the physics are the only thing this game ahs going for it IMO).. you could be mistaken for thinking this game was made by microsoft.. all emphasis on graphics and amazing physics, no emphasis on gameplay. suddenly not even 3 bullets directly into someones head doesnt kill them anymroe (so you cant sneak up on anyone, its also too easy to spawn camp) then they simply blow you away. its obvious that original thinking tactics arent going to work here. im going back to playing UT2004 & COD etc, games that are actually FUN to play.

simon webbposted - Mar, 27 2004 - 07:14
yer it ok

bbposted - Mar, 29 2004 - 04:23
Far Cry R0X0RZ j00 B0X0RZ

sawnoffposted - Apr, 23 2004 - 01:40
hey zeus i put a 9600xt in my new machine,just downloading the demo now.ill let you know how it run on my machine ;=}

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