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 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,29 2004 -  
New level "Research" for Far Cry demo - mod&map
(hx) 01:16 PM EST - Feb,29 2004 - Post a comment / read (22)
FarCryHQ has posted a new level "Research" (previously only available in the official SP demo included in english print-magazine PC Gamer) for recently released single player demo of Far Cry.  The map contains more different enemies and needs using tactical advantages. The monsters, known as "Trigens", can also be seen in the end. The Map-Files must be copied into the Demo-folder, the "Campaign.lua" must be overwritten in the Folder "Scripts / MenuScreens". Further instructions are included, don't forget to make a copy of the old files, because the mission "Fort" will be deactivated after installing the new map. The 38MB download can also be found at Tiscali Games. (thanks jd).
last 10 comments:
35729357posted - Mar, 01 2004 - 01:07
Is there something wrong with me? I played FryCry SP demo, and while the graphics were okay, i just wasn't blown away by the gameplay. Anyone else felt like that?

magaposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 01:55
i play for the graphics alone.

dudeposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 02:43
The demo did not show enough, IMO. The Crytek engine is capable of SO much better....

Max Payneposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 03:07
no naked chicks. boring!

amazedposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 05:49
i felt exactly the same "35729357". Good graphics but it didnt amazed seems another fps just like the others. And i play FPS for long time..

Vladamirposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 06:30
i felt exactly the same "Max Payne". After the Mona Sax nude-model-hack, every fps just seems like another fps game. ;-)

xxxxposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 08:49
that's cuz the game play lacks originality, it's just another cash cow fps game. the graphics are also not that hot, sure from a distance, up close it sucks. just another over-rated game, is all. question. how does someone get off putting a nude patch on a game like max payne? man, it's not real!? kinda like ur inflatable's not real man!

stumpusposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 09:38
Quote:"Comments from Vladamir - Lem posted - 06:30 AM EST - Mar,01 2004 i felt exactly the same "Max Payne". After the Mona Sax nude-model-hack, every fps just seems like another fps game. ;-)" "Comments from Max Payne - posted - 03:07 AM EST - Mar,01 2004 no naked chicks. boring!" Except Max Payne was a THIRD-PERSON shooter LOL!!! FFS you guy's need to get out your shady bedrooms and meet REAL people ie like **WOMAN** instead of fantasing over nude patches with every damn game! The AI is bloody good in FC, they will outflank you and take cover. All you kids go on about is 'graphics'.....

xxxxposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 10:21
ya ok man.. i played it and the ai to me; enemy was walking into a tree, guy in distance despite me jumping up and down less that 200ft away couldn't see me, throw a nade and they stand there like morons. ya good ai.. and what games have you played? this game sucks donkey balls. first time i played i walked through the game. you turn up the difficulty, it's not 'ai' anymore it's like aimbot sensitivity. bf vietnam is gonna kick the living crap out of this game. thank god they released a demo, cuz they saved me from buying this trash. another game the videos said more than the game played. oh and same old weapons as every other fps.

Noposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 10:47
the Ai seemed ok to me, you can hide in the bushes and jump around alittle, no one will notice. You can sniper from bushes and people will come over to investigate where the sound came from. Hide under the wooden floor boards and shoot people through the planks and the gaps. I enjoyed the possibility of being able to run all over the island and shoot people. But i'm not sure if this is a plus of negative considering it might limit gameplay in the full rel.

stumpusposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 10:52
God KNOWS what demo you got XXXX but that sort of behaviour NEVER happened to me in the 4 times i replayed the demo. I got my version off of PCZone. Maybe another poor BETA doing the rounds out there? I have been spotted in the tall grass and HEARD by them. Since we've already talked previous re: painkiller, it just shows the differing opinions

asdposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 11:01
for one you can not go anywhere you want in the island, the island was very limited, the AI was terrible,they will spot you from miles away, if you got the glider mod you would know how limited that level was and if you swim to the open sea some helicopter bitch will shoot you down, if you wanna see big levels id suggest delta force black hawk down.I for one aint going to buy that game, im gonna download it;)

callumposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 11:32
theres a mod to get rid of the helicopters the boattrip one i was gonna mod the back cause when u go to the back of the island i repeat it looks AWFUL!

xxxxposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 13:01
beh.. nothing new in this game. first time i played the demo and it was on medium or whatever, i literally walked through the game guys in like 20mins. first time i was shooting the guys from a distance coming out of copter. if that's good ai, whewww i'm the best. when i turned it up all the way i was getting pecked off and i couldn't even tell from where. ya i played with the hangglider, that wore off in about 10mins..well i guess some people like it, i'll wait for other games like Painkiller. different kinda game and a little more entrenching than walking gilligans island. someone said and i think i agree, it's a lot like sof2.

callumposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 14:05
i downloaded the demo.... I'm definatly not gonna make the mistake of not buying it this game is wicked

stumpusposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 16:19
The guys that complain about the Hangglider mod *come one!* The level ISN'T designed for that, if it DID then you would have the glider dohhhh. OBVIOUSLY the levels that WILL have the hangglider in them will be HUGE. Satisfy some of the people some of the time.............

xxxxposted - Mar, 02 2004 - 15:14
stumpus, why you think they released the hangglider mod? cuz the game isn't getting any attention??? fact is nobody cares for just another shooter, the masses of people are waiting for an 'original' shooter not some repeat game with zero new. FC graphics are hugely over rated.. does the water splash? do the bushes move, is there sound of water hitting the docks, do lights look good? the game is cheap and the engine aside from the water(directx effect, not used much) is nothing new. and have you talked to beta testers or know lots left beta testing? why? cuz the game sucks. i know beta testers and they say online will suck for a long time as there is lots of work to do both in terms of netcode and just gameplay. if ya like it good, but the game is just another uninspiring shooter.

stumpusposted - Mar, 03 2004 - 09:34
Quote:"Comments from xxxx - FC graphics are hugely over rated.. does the water splash? do the bushes move, is there sound of water hitting the docks" So what! and for your info the water does splash when *I* shoot it or throw a grenade into it -check your G-card drivers. Have you shot an enemy and then walked over and shot him all over the body? Bullet holes appear everywhere!! Tell me a game where bushes move when you walk through them??? I've played rakes of them and NONE model moveable bushes -they may SWAY but NONE physicaly move when the player pushes throught them. I think people are getting a bit annal about this, Painkiller is realy only living on the Havok 2 engine. Without it it's NOTHING. Besides XXXX i can get the game for £22 in the UK that's £13 cheaper than a normal PC game here, so at that price what the hell are people getting your knicks in a twist at? It's FUN and CHEAP, i don't give a DAMN about MP i wont play it! So you don't like it but DON'T berate it untill you've played the final release and lay off the 'tearing it up' and finding stupid excuses like the 'size of the island' and 'hanglider mod' Games are for FUN!!!!!!!!!!! The real worlds out your door; moan about taxes,food prices,travel costs. Kinda puts it into perspective now eh?

My Name??posted - Mar, 07 2004 - 07:45
This game great.. i have both the demos and the beta. the multiplayer plays alright and the netcode appears stable. the ai is above average and is definatly playable against. the handglider mod was released by a third party and is not in any assoicataion with crytek. so don't bitch about the limited play area. the demo is also built on a eariler build to that of the final release, so again don't bitch about what isn't finshed. as for the textures, u can't select the highest option because the developers haven't included the hi res textures with the demo. so ur only limited to the "high setting". the retail version will also require a slightly more beefer computer, to draw the reflections of the boats and trees into the water, which is all done on the fly.

Utopiaposted - Mar, 20 2004 - 14:47
I Think this is a brilliant remake of an old skool genre. The AI is incredible (only on harder difficulty), but my GeForce 4 seems 2 have sum sort of problem with the graphics, so I have 2 put them onto low :( nvm, I can't w8 2 download the second demo!

posted - Apr, 17 2004 - 18:08
this game owns :)

ianposted - Jul, 14 2004 - 14:49
this game is cool!tho i've had a problem where my save games have vanished?got quite a way in twice and that happened so p@ssed off anyone know of any save games on the net?i like the game but cant be arsed to go through all that again!

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