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 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,23 2016 - all 
Halo Wars 2 Story Vidoc - movie
(hx) 09:14 AM EDT - Jul,23 2016 - Post a comment
Know Your Enemy: The Story and Characters of Halo Wars 2. Join 343 Industries for a glimpse into the task of bringing beloved heroes back into the fold after three decades adrift in space. What new adventures await them in this new galaxy? What new allies and adversaries will they meet? Find out how it’s all coming together in this behind-the-scenes featurette for Halo Wars 2.

Silence Shots - media
(hx) 08:49 AM EDT - Jul,23 2016 - Post a comment / read (1)
Daedalic Entertainment has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming adventure game, Silence. Silence will feature 3D characters and opulent 2D backgrounds, and promises to offer up to 12 hours of playtime. The game is planned for a Q4 2016 release.
 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,22 2016 - all
NVIDIA Titan X GPU Announced - tech
(hx) 07:51 PM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment
NVIDIA has announced a new Titan X graphics card that will be based on the Pascal architecture. The new NVIDIA Titan X features 3584 CUDA cores and its core will be clocked at 1.42GHz (with a boost clock at 1.53GHz). The GPU will come with 12GB of GDDR5X VRAM, and will offer 480GB/s memory bandwidth. The NVIDIA Titan X will feature 12 billion transistors and will sport 11 TFLOPS. The GPU will require one eight-pin and one six-pin PCI-E power connectors, and will come with 3x DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0b and a dual-link DVI port. This new NVIDIA Titan X GPU will be priced at $1200 and is schedule for release on August 2nd.

CoD: Infinite Warfare Black Sky Video - movie
(hx) 07:48 PM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment
Activision has released a new gameplay video from the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The Witcher 3 - First person fighting - briefly
(hx) 02:03 PM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment
DPR's forum member ‘skacikpl‘ is currently working on a first-person mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and has released a new video in order to showcase

Pro Pinball Ultra is now available on Steam - briefly
(hx) 02:01 PM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment / read (1)
Barnstorm Games today announced that Pro Pinball Ultra is now available on Steam. The game initially launched on iOS, Android and then Steam Early Access, following a successful Kickstarter campaign that garnered the support to bring the series back. As a result, the first table: Timeshock! can now be downloaded from Steam on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard Announced - briefly
(hx) 03:21 AM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment
Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Games Farm announce Vikings – Wolves of Midgard, an action/RPG steeped in Norse mythology centered on the apocalyptic conflict of Ragnarok. Vikings – Wolves of MIdgard will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early next year.

The main character will be the clan chief of Ulfung, the Wolves of Midgard. Following the destruction of their village, these Viking warriors decide to stand against the foul Jotan,  hordes of terrifying undead monstrosities and countless other beasts of Ragnarok.

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard will offer you the chance to play co-op mode alongside a friend online. Other than the regular Story Mode (which includes a New Game + option), there’s also a special challenge mode called ‘Trials of the Gods’ that rewards the best warriors with special equipment and runes.


    Fantasy Meets Nordic Mythology: Travel the realms of earthly Midgard, freezing Niflheim and boiling Balheim, either as a fierce Viking warrior or merciless shieldmaiden.
    The Deadly Fimbulwinter: Withstand the deathly colds and protect yourself from exposure to nature’s wrath in order to survive.
    Tribute to the Gods: Collect blood from fallen enemies and sacrifice it at the altar to gain gifts from the Gods to enhance your powers.
    Berserker Rage: Let your anger take hold by activating Rage Mode to overwhelm your enemies in bloodthirsty combat.
    The art of combat: Perfect your skills with each weapon to unlock their true potential, including swords, bows and spell-powered canes.
    The Power of the Gods: Make the abilities of the Gods your own by equipping power-infused amulets, like the Talismans of Thor or Loki. Put your new skills to the test by competing in the Trials of the Gods to earn further rewards.
    Teamwork: Team up with a friend and journey to the Shores of Midgard together in an epic two player online co-op mode. Choose between four difficulty levels to suit your skills and talents. Do you dare attempt the unrelenting hardcore mode?
    The Clan of Wolves: Restore and rebuild your village and lead your clan to glory. Upgrade buildings such as weaponsmith, armourer, runesmith, and mead hall to unlock more content and better equipment.
    Legendary Weapons: Gather the scattered fragments of mythical weapons and armors to take on the most fearsome creatures of the realms.
    A Class of its Own: Become even more powerful in the next life by attempting New Game+, and push your Viking warrior or shieldmaiden to their limit.
    Destructible Environments: Utilize your surroundings by burying your foes under falling rocks or pushing them off high cliffs.
Sid Meier's Civilization VI Preorder Bonus - briefly
(hx) 02:36 AM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment
Preorders are now being accepted for Sid Meier's Civilization VI in preparation for the October 21st release of the next installment in the beloved strategy series. Those who commit in advance will be rewarded with early access to the Aztec civilization for 90 days, and in a welcome move, will be released for everyone free of charge after the 90 days pass

Haimrik Announced - briefly
(hx) 02:29 AM EDT - Jul,22 2016 - Post a comment
1C Company announces Haimrik, an action/adventure game in development at Below the Game for release next year on Windows PCs

 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,21 2016 - all
PAC MAN Championship Edition 2 Trailer - briefly
(hx) 06:19 PM EDT - Jul,21 2016 - Post a comment
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One this September, publisher Bandai Namco announced. A new trailer for the sequel to 2010’s fast-paced take on Pac-Man shows off what’s coming to the sequel: ghost-bumping, jump pads, giant-sized ghost boss battles and more.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 will be playable at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con 2016.
Mafia 3 Live Action Trailer - movie
(hx) 06:14 PM EDT - Jul,21 2016 - Post a comment
Check it out.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC is Free for One Week - mod&map
(hx) 08:48 AM EDT - Jul,21 2016 - Post a comment
The Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC is available free for one week on PC (Origin), Xbox Live (Xbox 360, Xbox One) and PSN (PS3, PS4).
Another day, another Battlefield 4 DLC freebie. Today it's Naval Strike, a collection of four aquatic-themed maps set in the South China Sea: Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar. The DLC also adds five new weapons to the game, new attachments, and the Carrier Assault Mode, “a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode.”

The freebie is part of EA's effort to stoke interest in Battlefield 1 by giving away DLC from previous Battlefield games in the months leading up to its launch. It began in May with Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth, and then continued last month with Second Assault. There is one catch, though: The DLC is only free until July 26, although you'll keep it forever as long as you snag it before then.
 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,20 2016 - all
Gears of War 4 - new gameplay video - preview
(hx) 12:54 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Microsoft has released a new gameplay video from the campaign mode of Gears of War 4. In this short gameplay demo of Gears of War 4, JD, Del, Kait and Marcus Fenix are in pursuit of creatures called the Swarm. Gears of War 4 will be released on the PC on October 11th

No Man's Sky - FIGHT Video - console
(hx) 12:53 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Hello Games has released a new trailer for No Man's Sky that focuses on the battles and fights that players will engage in. As its description reads, on a planet, players are equipped with a multi-tool to defend against deadly predator creatures and mine resources. No Man's Sky releases on August 9th.

Life is Strange - Episode 1 is Now Free - briefly
(hx) 12:51 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Starting on the 21st of July, Episode 1: Chrysalis will be free for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac and PC!

Obduction delayed - briefly
(hx) 12:50 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment / read (1)
Cyan has announced that its new adventure game, Obduction, has been delayed. The game was originally planned for a July 26th release, however the team decided to delay. the game few weeks (until the week of August 22nd) to do a bit more cleaning and polishing.
Hey Backers,

We'll get right to it - we are down to the wire, and we have to delay a few more weeks. We are SO sorry! Please let us explain…

The last few weeks have gone very quickly. We’ve been working long days, and seven day weeks. Obduction has been getting better and better. But we still found ourselves implementing the last couple of systems we needed instead of having quality time to focus on squashing more bugs. Last week we still had a chance, if everything worked perfectly. At the end of the week the leads met to discuss our options. We were so close, we could ship. But we came to the unanimous decision that if we shipped it was driven mainly by the deadline — not because we were satisfied. Obduction is a product that we’re very proud of, and we don’t want to let unpolished edges get in the way of an amazing immersive experience.

So with humble hearts, but admittedly a bit of relief, we’re taking another few weeks (until the week of August 22nd) to do a bit more cleaning and polishing. No excuses, we should be better with our estimated completion dates. It’s really hard — please forgive us.

We know that you are an amazing group of supporters. Most of you have already expressed that you trust us to give you the best Obduction experience we can. We realize that there are a few folks that will think this is just another “20 minute gate delay” of a plane that will never depart. We really do understand the skepticism. We wish you could be here with us, play Obduction, see how good it is, and how close we are. We think it would change your mind.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.
Titanfall 2 - Inside Development: Intro Video - preview
(hx) 12:45 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Want more information about Titanfall 2? This upcoming video series will take you behind the scenes of Respawn to speak directly with the developers who are spearheading the new game. There are a handful of videos planned, starting with an intro from Producer Drew McCoy. If any of you out there are dying to know more about something please let us know. This look at development will give fans insight into the development of TF2 including the Multiplayer tech test, and leading up to the worldwide launch on October 28th.

NHL 17 - EA SPORTS Hockey League: Build Your Brand - console
(hx) 12:43 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
NHL 17 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2016.

 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,19 2016 - all
Mafia III 'Lincoln Clay: The Soldier' trailer - movie
(hx) 06:07 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment
2K Games and Hangar 13 have released the first in a new series of six feature trailers for Mafia III. This one is titled 'Lincoln Clay: The Soldier.' Mafia III is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide on October 7.
Get an inside look at the motivations of Lincoln, a man robbed of his family. Orphaned at an early age and raised on the streets of New Bordeaux, he fell in with the black mob. Now, back from Vietnam, his adoptive family has been wiped out by the Italian Mafia - and Sal Marcano will pay with everything he holds dear. The Mob is about to learn that family isn't who you’re born with, it's who you die for.

BATMAN - The Telltale Series on August 2nd - briefly
(hx) 04:49 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment
Telltale Games announced today that the first episode of BATMAN – The Telltale Series will be released on August 2nd.