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Kanye West Is Making a Video
TechNews - OneNote is now co
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Homeworld Remastered 4K Cine
The Order 1886 - First 25 Mi
SWTOR - Choose Your Path Tra
DX12: 900% FPS Increase Over
TOXIKK - Curry Build Teaser
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 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,25 2015 - all 
Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC Trailer - movie
(hx) 01:27 AM EST - Feb,25 2015 - Post a comment
Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC is available as now as the final DLC pack for the game. Before The Bright Lord, the other DLC packs consisted of new skins, enemies, and hunting missions. The Bright Lord however stands out as the sole story DLC for the game, and promises to look like a formidable final battle. It promises 10 new missions and a new elite nemisis system for war chiefs and enemies. Let's just hope it will not be so reliant on quick time events as the main campaign's final battle bout was. Players can also play in a new challenge mode against high level enemies and earn high level runes.

Now it's up to the managers of Steam, XBL, and PSN to update the store :-)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Drama Trailer - movie
(hx) 01:11 AM EST - Feb,25 2015 - Post a comment
The fates of Resident Evil past and present meet on an abandoned island faciliy. Will they be able to survive the madness that awaits them? Evolving the episodic chapter set-up of the original Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil Revelations 2 will initially release as a weekly series of episodic downloads beginning on February 24, 2015 and a physical retail disc product on March 17, 2015. Each episode in Resident Evil Revelations 2 includes Raid mode content and two full playable scenarios focused on both the Claire and Moira campaign and the Barry and Natalia storyline.

Power/Rangers Fan Film - briefly
(hx) 01:08 AM EST - Feb,25 2015 - Post a comment
Incredible Power Rangers fan film starring Katee Sackhoff!

Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth DLC Trailer - console
(hx) 01:03 AM EST - Feb,25 2015 - Post a comment
Lords of the Fallen will be receiving a new piece of story-based DLC called Ancient Labyrinth on March 3 on Xbox One and Steam and PlayStation 4 on March 4, according to its developer CI Games.

 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,24 2015 - all
NVIDIA Issues Statement Regarding GTX 970 - tech
(hx) 03:04 PM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment / read (4)
NVIDIA's co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang has issued a statement regarding the infamous VRAM reports surrounding the GeForce GTX 970. Je-Hsun Huang admitted that this memory architecture was created so that reduced-configurations of Maxwell can have a larger framebuffer (otherwise the GTX970 would come with 3GB of VRAM) and that the upper 512MB of the additional 1GB is segmented and has reduced bandwidth.
Hey everyone,

Some of you are disappointed that we didnít clearly describe the segmented memory of GeForce GTX 970 when we launched it. I can see why, so let me address it.

We invented a new memory architecture in Maxwell. This new capability was created so that reduced-configurations of Maxwell can have a larger framebuffer Ė i.e., so that GTX 970 is not limited to 3GB, and can have an additional 1GB.

GTX 970 is a 4GB card. However, the upper 512MB of the additional 1GB is segmented and has reduced bandwidth. This is a good design because we were able to add an additional 1GB for GTX 970 and our software engineers can keep less frequently used data in the 512MB segment.

Unfortunately, we failed to communicate this internally to our marketing team, and externally to reviewers at launch.

Since then, Jonah Alben, our senior vice president of hardware engineering, provided a technical description of the design, which was captured well by several editors. Here's one example from The Tech Report.

Instead of being excited that we invented a way to increase memory of the GTX 970 from 3GB to 4GB, some were disappointed that we didn't better describe the segmented nature of the architecture for that last 1GB of memory.

This is understandable. But, let me be clear: Our only intention was to create the best GPU for you. We wanted GTX 970 to have 4GB of memory, as games are using more memory than ever.

The 4GB of memory on GTX 970 is used and useful to achieve the performance you are enjoying. And as ever, our engineers will continue to enhance game performance that you can regularly download using GeForce Experience.

This new feature of Maxwell should have been clearly detailed from the beginning.

We wonít let this happen again. We'll do a better job next time
Brutal Half-Life Is a Thing! - briefly
(hx) 03:02 PM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment
Modder Zoonyarts has been working on a gory mod for the first Half Life that will be released soon as most of the work has been finished. As its title suggests, Brutal Half-Life is a mod inspired by Brutal Doom, and you can view a trailer from it below:

M249 - Mod DB
Titanic: Honor and Glory - New Video - preview
(hx) 03:00 PM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment
Four Funnels Entertainment has released a new video, showing 7 minutes of pure in-game footage from its upcoming title Titanic: Honor and Glory.

Quake Live Tournament - Allyrion Vs Jelouish - movie
(hx) 02:59 PM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment
These players were playing Quake as it would have been in 1996. The advanced exploitation of an engine was not known to them. To an experienced Quake player this display might be hilarious, and maybe you'd even want to reach out and teach them. Yet the game I was watching didn't show player crying for help. They were both well matched, the game was a close one and went to three maps.

Homeworld Remastered Collection Launch Trailer - movie
(hx) 02:53 PM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment
The Homeworld Remastered Collection introduces Relic's acclaimed space strategy games Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to modern players and operating systems using the newest sophisticated graphics rendering technology, plus a fully remastered score and new, high fidelity voice recordings by the original actors, and more!The Mothership awaits your command starting February 25, 2015.

Grand Theft Auto V PC Delayed To April 14th - briefly
(hx) 02:50 PM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment
Rockstar has announced that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed from March 24th to April 14th. In addition, the release of Heists for GTA Online on consoles is scheduled for March 10th.
GTAV for PC will be arriving on April 14th at retail and as a digital download. Our apologies to PC gamers worldwide who have been counting down the days until the launch of the game, but a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC. As a gesture of thanks for your understanding, we will grant anyone who has pre-ordered the game an additional $200,000 in-game cash for use in GTA Online.

As always, we ask for the GTA PC community's understanding and assistance in helping to report any concerns during the early days of launch when those inevitable initial teething issues arise on the new platform. If you do experience issues please visit Rockstar Games Support and send feedback to Ė we'll be closely monitoring the situation and addressing any hitches as quickly as we can.

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is our most graphically and technically advanced version yet, fully optimized to support a broad range of current hardware (system specifications) and features a host of PC-specific enhancements including greater levels of detail, deep configuration options and ultra-high-definition support Ė as well as the powerful new Rockstar Editor for recording, staging and editing original custom videos.

We thank GTA players worldwide for their patience in awaiting these big game updates and we are excited to bring both Heists and GTAV for PC to you very soon. Please stay tuned for lots more information in the weeks ahead and for now, check out some new screens showing action from Heists.
From Bedrooms to Billions - The Amiga Years Trailer - movie
(hx) 01:00 AM EST - Feb,24 2015 - Post a comment / read (1)
From Bedrooms To Billions sequel, focussing on the 16 bit video game era, specifically with the Commodore Amiga. The new film due for release 2016.

 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,23 2015 - all
Evening Reading - NVIDIA GTX 970 Lawsuit - briefly
(hx) 07:14 PM EST - Feb,23 2015 - Post a comment / read (2)
  • NVIDIA GTX 970 Lawsuit - It would seem that NVIDIA has been hit with a lawsuit over the whole GTX 970 debacle. Popcorn anyone?
  • Homeworld Remastered Collection Trailer - Gearbox Software now offers a another trailer from the Homeworld Remastered Collection, showing off the story for Homeworld 2
  • Trash TV Lands on Steam - Do you still have any CRT TVs in your home? Chances are no, you probably tossed or sold those monolithic things to make room for a much lovelier, flat screen set. Trash TV puts you in the shoes of one such tube television that has been sent to a recycling center. This angry TV must fight its way through the garbage in a 2D platformer in order to find its remote. There are tons of weapons to be found in the dump, as well as puzzles to solve along the way
  • SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition review - There is no doubt that SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition improves over its predecessor in just about every way possible, polishing up things that were great the first time around and adding loads of new content in terms of gameplay and story. Still, itís one of those things that only the most dedicated purists will appreciate, because the overall experience can still be enjoyed just as much in SanctuaryRPG: Classic
  • EA is teasing Battlefield Hardline Premium reveal - EA is teasing the reveal of the Premium service for Battlefield Hardline soon. Judging by the way Premium has been in previous Battlefield games, itís safe to assume the purchase will grant users all future DLC packs along with exclusive in-game perks, such as Battlepacks and cosmetic items.
  • Darkest Dungeon on Windows 8 Store is a scam - Darkest Dungeon is not officially available on the Windows 8 Store. Instead, someone is listing it on there for $3.99 as a 2MB download. This, of course, is a scam, as noted by Red Hook Studios co-president Tyler Sigman on Twitter earlier.
Dying Light Short Live - Action Film - movie
(hx) 06:33 PM EST - Feb,23 2015 - Post a comment / read (1)
How much of Dying Light could actually be recreated in film? This question inspired Techland and Flying Carpet Studio to create a live-action short-film "The Last Supply Drop" which was released today. Telling a story about four quarantine survivors' last ditch attempt to get to an air-drop full of crucial supplies, the video brings Dying Light key gameplay features to the real life, including parkour movement, car traps, and the fan-favorite dropkick attacks.

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun video (cancelled) - movie
(hx) 04:42 PM EST - Feb,23 2015 - Post a comment / read (1)
The video contains some of the opening story sequences, exploration, combat and an array of gameplay mechanics from Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. The game was cancelled by Square Enix in 2012 after three years of development at Climax Studios, with Crystal Dynamics acting in an advisory role. The game was not projected to meet Square Enix sales projections, and was scrapped, to the enormous disappointment of staff who had dedicated a lot of work to the project. One source recalled that staff came in at weekends to continue working on the game, while higher ups already knew it was cancelled. The game had included a multiplayer component, an online asymmetrical deathmatch mode completely disconnected to the story and era of the single-player campaign. This was the only part of the project to survive the cancellation, and has now been heavily expanded upon and released as Nosgoth.

The story of Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun seems to be along the lines of the following (with some information from insider sources and some from my knowledge of the franchise): Kain and Raziel's time-travel throughout Legacy of Kain: Defiance appears to have stabilised Nosgoth's far future. Humans spread across the land once more, and plant life began to re-appear. The vampire monsters returned to more elegant vampiric forms, though some maintained their bestial ancestors' hunger for souls. The vampires continued to block out the sunlight using huge ever-burning smoke stacks. The conflict between predators and prey continued as it always had done. Humans were able to regain enough control of the wilderness to re-establish trading towns, and became enamoured with worship of the obscured Sun.

The respite faded, and mass sterility plagued the human race. Asher, a human, was able to achieve a miracle and father an unborn child. From unseen machinations, a Saradin Soul-Eater vampire is sent to kill Asher and his family (with orders form on high to make the assassination purposely look like a massacre) but something goes wrong: As the vampire attempts to consume the human's soul, a freak occurrence results in Asher taking complete control of Gein's body - leaving Geinís vampire spirit impotent as ghost that only Asher can see and hear.

Their journey together across Nosgoth's future would have initially explored who sent Gein to kill Asher, and why. It would later link to the wider Legacy of Kain mythos. There would be substantial connections to The Elder God, the Spectral Realm and a mysterious vampire child. The large theme running throughout the story would be the religious beliefs of Nosgoth. Climax were instructed by Square Enix to introduce a new protagonist to the series (as Crystal Dynamics had done thirteen years ago with Raziel in Soul Reaver), but the events were to be a continuation of the established Legacy of Kain storyline.

The area shown in the video is The Wetlands. It acted as a gigantic hub, connecting the different areas in this region of Nosgoth together. Such areas would have included: "dungeons", huge boss encounters, intense use of shifting between the Spectral and Material realms, masses of exploration, combat and hidden/earned upgradable abilities. The game was described as being intensely story focused, and inspired greatly by Soul Reaver and Zelda (to quote a source: "think if HBO did Zelda"). The game was originally intended to be a XBox 360/PS3 retail release (note the use of XBox button icons in the video) but as development progressed, the game was strongly considered to be PlayStation 4 launch title.

The unnamed source that provided the video explained that the game was in a pre-alpha state when it was cancelled. Any abrupt framerate drops and jumps would have likely been tidied up before release, as the game still had a lot of development to go. Also, I have had to connect multiple videos together and upload them, this is not something I have done before, so any jarring jumps or drops in quality may be due to my inexperience at this video joining process.

 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,22 2015 - all
Late weekend game, movie, hardware deals - briefly
(hx) 04:24 PM EST - Feb,22 2015 - Post a comment
  • The Witcher Adventure Game - $5.99 (40% off)
  • Shelter - $1.99 (80% off)
  • Mount & Blade - $3.39 (66% off) (Other Mount & Blade games also on sale here.)
  • Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena - $4.49 (80% off)
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon: Deluxe - $1.79 (60% off)
  • Other games in's Atari + Rebellion sale, including Empire Earth Gold Edition and Moonbase Commander, can be found here.
  • Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault [Steam] - $19.97 (50% off)
  • Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies [Steam] - $9.99 (50% off)
  • Company of Heroes 2 [Steam] - $19.99 (50% off)
  • Alien: Isolation [Steam] - $24.99 (50% off)
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [Steam] - $39.99 (33% off)
  • Xbox One, three games, and an extra controller for $349.00 - If you are in the market for an Xbox One, Amazon has a fantastic deal right now where you can buy an Xbox One with three games and an extra controller for $349 .
Kanye West Is Making a Video Game - briefly
(hx) 04:13 PM EST - Feb,22 2015 - Post a comment / read (2)
A new video game from the new designer Kanye West should be a unique type of gaming experience. This revelation was revealed to the public from a radio interview called The Breakfast Club on Saturday.

Dark Souls 2: PS4 vs PS3 Comparison - console
(hx) 04:10 PM EST - Feb,22 2015 - Post a comment
Due out on April 7th, Dark Souls 2 makes its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debut with Scholar of the First Sin - a new edition that tweaks enemy positions, adds a new thread to its story, and ties together all updates and DLC chapters released so far.

Steam's Weekly Top Sellers - briefly
(hx) 04:07 PM EST - Feb,22 2015 - Post a comment
Here are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:
1.Total War: ATTILA
3.Grand Theft Auto V
4.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
5.Dying Light
6.Darkest Dungeon
9.Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition
10.Garry's Mod
Bloodborne - Story Trailer: The Hunt Begins - console
(hx) 04:06 PM EST - Feb,22 2015 - Post a comment
An incredibly atmospheric trailer has just been released for Bloodborne that details some exciting aspects regarding the game's story. The game is slated to release on March 24th 2015 exclusively for the Playstation 4 platform.

 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,21 2015 - all
TechNews - OneNote is now completely free - tech
(hx) 05:42 PM EST - Feb,21 2015 - Post a comment / read (4)
  • Monoprice CrystalPro 28-Inch 4K Monitor Review - Monoprice is at the low-end of the pricing scale. It performs among the best in this group of six TN-based screens, though. The company doesn't deliver the highest light output, but it has enough, and its color and grayscale accuracy approach professional level
  • MediaTek shows off 480fps super slow-motion 1080p video - MediaTek's capabilities have exploded over the last couple of years and their latest SoC range reflect that. In a teaser for the still-unreleased Mediatek MT6795, MediaTek shows off the super slow-motion video-capturing capabilities in a video of a BMX stunt. According to MediaTek, this is the world's first smartphone SoC that can capture 1/16-speed video. The SoC itself has eight cores clocked at 2.2 Ghz and is based on ARM's big.LITTLE technology. Unlike the standard big.LITTLE configuration, MediaTek's variation continues to use all eight cores simultaneously.
  • MS will give you up to $650 towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 3 - f you currently own any Surface, Microsoft wants to reward your loyally and help you upgrade to a Surface Pro 3. Thanks to a new promotional offer the company is running, they will give you up to $650 towards the purchase of a new device. Here's the deal, if you have a Surface and want to buy a Pro 3, head over to this website and you can get your current device apprised. The downside here is that unless you are looking to upgrade your current Pro 3 to a Pro 3 with an i7, you won't be getting anywhere close to the $650 mark. For example, a maxed out Surface Pro 2 will net you $361 and if you have a Surface RT, you will only get about $84 for your working device. The promotion runs from 2/15/2015 to 3/8/2015 and is only available in the US, Canada is not included in this promotion. Another thing to note about this offer is that the trade-in voucher must be used by April 8th, 2015
  • MS will give you 100 GB of OneDrive storage if you have a Dropbox - Microsoft is targeting Dropbox in its latest free storage giveaway by hanging a 100 GB carrot in front of Dropbox users. If you have a Dropbox account, Microsoft will boost your storage by simply clicking the link at the bottom of this post. To redeem the offer, you will have to verify that you do have a Dropbox account by saving a document to the service. Microsoft makes this process quite easy and it only takes about 10 seconds to grab that 100 GB of additional storage for one year. Microsoft has been giving away a lot of free storage recently with the company offering up 100 GB of storage through Bing, but this campaign is specifically targeted at a competitor. For those of you who have both services, this is an easy way to boost your OneDrive storage with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Microsoft hints at upcoming Windows 10 campaign in latest advert - Microsoft has released a new video to promote Windows and this could be the beginning of the Windows 10 marketing machine. The company will be releasing the OS later this year and it looks like June is the target. The clip, that you can watch above, focuses on the foundation of Windows and how the upcoming release of Windows 10 will focus on providing a personal experience. While Windows 10 is not mentioned by name, the advertisement does refer to building a new OS.
  • Microsoft OneNote is now completely free on PC and Mac - The OneNote free edition, while it was popular and seen as a step in the right direction, still heard some criticism for not being completely free. That is, some features of the software were still restricted to the paid versions. Fortunately, however, it has recently been announced that the full version of the software will be going free on both the PC and the Mac without any restrictions.
  • iPhone Users Can Now Store Office Documents In iCloud - Microsoft has announced several new features for its Office suite of productivity apps. First and foremost, third-party cloud providers can now integrate their own services into the "locations picker" in the iOS Office apps. This means mobile device users can open, edit, and save their documents to any cloud service. Apple's iCloud is the first to receive this support, so iPhone and iPad users can store their mobile Office documents in iCloud. Microsoft said it plans to bring this feature to the Windows and Android versions of Office soon. Further, Microsoft is making it possible for cloud storage providers to weave Office Online into their own mobile applications. Microsoft's vision here is to let people open, view, and edit their online documents from any browser on any device. Microsoft said Box, Citrix, and Salesforce are already working on this level of integration. Microsoft has dramatically increased the availability of Office to mobile devices in recent months with the hopes that people and businesses will continue to use its productivity suite rather than competing products from Apple and Google.
  • Apple Opening iOS 8.3, iOS 9 Betas to Public - Starting in mid-March, iPhone owners will be able to install the beta version of iOS 8.3. Apple's hope with the public beta release is that more eyes on the developing build will help eliminate more bugs throughout the process. The public build is also the third iOS 8.3 beta build for developers, so the general public can see the same features as the developers. Just like in the OS X beta program, users will also have an app that allows them to send feedback about the beta back to Apple.
  • Samsung acquires Apple Pay competitor LoopPay - Following reports of a potential acquisition last year, LoopPay, makers of a popular mobile payments service and one of ApplePay's largest competitors, has officially been acquired by Samsung. Like ApplePay and other mobile payments companies, LoopPay provides an alternative to existing magnetic swipe readers and POS machines in retail stores, which have proven to be a huge safety risk for millions of customers. Their products allow shoppers to process payments without ever swiping a card, and LoopPay says its products -- which include a key fob and the CardCase -- work at 90 percent of existing retailers.
  • Sprint Now Offering 12GB Share Plan for $90 - Sprint has announced a new option within its range of Family Share Pack plans. Customers can get up to 10 lines with unlimited talk, text, and 12GB of high-speed data to share for $90 per month. Sprint has dropped per-line smartphone access charges from $25 per month to $15 per month, but will waive access charges completely (for a period of one year) for customers who port their number from another carrier. Tablets cost $10 per line and mobile broadband devices cost $20 per line. Sprint is also still offering to pay the ETFs for customers who break their contract to switch to Sprint (up to $350 per line, four lines max). All devices must be purchased through Sprint Easy Pay or the Sprint iPhone for Life Plan.
  • NSA hid spying software in hard drive firmware, report says - The U.S. National Security Agency has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers, according to cyber researchers and former operatives. That long-sought and closely guarded ability was part of a cluster of spying programs discovered by Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security software maker that has exposed a series of Western cyberespionage operations. Kaspersky said it found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs, with the most infections seen in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria. The targets included government and military institutions, telecommunication companies, banks, energy companies, nuclear researchers, media, and Islamic activists, Kaspersky said. Kaspersky published the technical details of its research on Monday, which should help infected institutions detect the spying programs, some of which trace back as far as 2001.
  • Malware Is Still Spying On You Even When Your Mobile Is Off - Most of us have seen Hollywood movies where hackers trace and spy on mobile devices even though they are switched off. Like most things in spy movies, we disregard it as fiction. However, the AVG mobile security team recently discovered malware that may challenge this preconception. The malware hijacks the shutdown process and the device remains functional even though it appears to be off. First seen in China, the malware spreads through Chinese app stores with around 10,000 devices infected so far. The malware affects versions of Android older than v.5 (Lollipop) and requires root permission to hijack the shut down process. After pressing the power button, the phone displays an authentic shutdown animation, and the phone appears off. Although the screen is black, it is still on. While the phone is in this state, the malware can make outgoing calls, take pictures and perform many other tasks without notifying you.
  • Lenovo's Superfish security snafu blows up in its face - The preloaded Superfish adware does more than hijack website ads in a browser. It also exposes Lenovo owners to a simple but dangerous hack that could spell disaster.
  • This Is Your Brain On Extreme Weather - We like patterns. Unfortunately, that means the most recent thing we notice tends to become the most important data point in that pattern.
  • Buran: The Russian Space Shuttle That Almost Was - Did you know the Soviet Union had its own Space Shuttle? Learn all about the Buran, what happened to it, and what innovations set it apart from its NASA counterpart.
  • Everything Wrong With American Beauty In 12 Minutes Or Less - Since the Oscars are fast approaching, we thought it'd be fun to sin a couple former best-picture winners, starting with 1999's American Beauty. Great movie, still has sins.
  • Has Homer Simpson Been In A Coma For The Past 20 Years? - A compelling theory as to why "The Simpsons" has gone completely off the rails (aside from the fact that writers are forced to detach from reality as they attempt to write episodes about everything ever).
  • Neill Blomkamp Directing Next ALIENS Film, Ridley Scott Producing - Gotta be better than Prometheus right? Scott producing rather than directing will probably benefit the film.
  • How Many People Does John Wick Kill in the Movie? - If for some wildly ridiculous reason you still haven't watched John Wick, you should stop what you're doing and watch it immediately before you check out this video full of violent spoilers.
  • Furious 7 - International Trailer - Universal Pictures released an international trailer for Furious 7 (previously known as Fast & Furious 7), an upcoming American action film directed by James Wan & written by Chris Morgan. The seventh installment in the Fast & Furious film series.  Furious 7 is scheduled to release on April 3, 2015.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - International Trailer -Warner Bros. released an international trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, an upcoming Australian post-apocalyptic action film directed & produced by George Miller, co-written with Brendan McCarthy & Nico Lathouris. The fourth film of Miller's Mad Max franchise. First film of the franchise in almost 30 years. It stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Nathan Jones, Abbey Lee, Riley Keough. Mad Max: Fury Road is scheduled to release in 2D and 3D theaters on May 15, 2015.
  • Rare Look Inside Antarctic Explorers' Huts - After 10 years of conservation efforts, the huts that once housed the likes of Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton are ready for a new generation.
  • Japanese Underground Bike Parking Machine - This can't be easier or cheaper than buying a bike lock, but it looks so cool that I want one anyway!
  • High Res Wifi Signal Mapping - A really cool video!
  • White Blood Cells Attack A Parasite With A Vengeance - All you bacteria out there better watch this video so you can know what to expect next time you try to get in us.
  • An NHL Webcam Gets A Terrifying Surprise Visitor - By the looks of it, that bird is a raven, and if we had to guess what it's saying, it'd be "nevermore will the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl. Love, Baltimore."
  • 3 Year Old White Belt Reciting the Student Creed - How many 3 year olds do you know that can say "self-discipline"?
  • How Lil Jon Cleans Snow Off Cars - Boston take note: nothing moves snow like a powerful subwoofer!
  • Zach LaVine Pulls Off Ridiculous Space Jam Dunk At NBA Dunk Contest - LaVine jumps so high he nearly clotheslines himself - with the rim.
  • 10328x7760 - A 10K Timelapse Demo - showcasing the extreme resolution of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera
  • Cat to warm by a heater - LOL!
  • Russian Man Takes Off All His Clothes During Security Check - I'm pretty sure he's not concealing anything :)
  • People are Awesome Epic Wins 2015 HD - People are awesome epic wins skills and talent!
  • Irina Shayk for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2015 -  She's single again guys *wink*
  • The best pics on the Internet #121 - All pictures are carefully handpicked!
  • Hottest Babes on the Internet #57 - Which one is hottest? ;-)