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 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,07 2015 - all 
Unreal Engine Powered Beard Trimming Game - briefly
(hx) 03:52 AM EDT - Oct,07 2015 - Post a comment / read (4)
Did you guys know there was an Unreal Engine powered barber shop game out there? :D

ARK: Survival Evolved adds 'flying battleship dino' - briefly
(hx) 02:25 AM EDT - Oct,07 2015 - Post a comment / read (2)
The Quetz is being introduced just ahead of a mid-week Steam sale, in which ARK will run for $19.99. Those looking to pick the survival game up at this price will only have until Thursday to do so. ARK: Survival Evolved is currently on Steam Early Access.

Microsoft Hololens Project X Ray Demo - tech
(hx) 02:21 AM EDT - Oct,07 2015 - Post a comment / read (8)
Microsoft held a massive event Tuesday in New York City at which the company unveiled a number of new devices, including the hot Surface Pro 4, new Lumia-branded Windows 10 smartphones with Continuum, and the surprise no one saw coming, the slick Surface Book hybrid laptop. But before any of those new devices were actually shown, Microsoft demoed some exciting new HoloLens mixed-reality technology, dubbed Project X-Ray, that allowed a gamer - named Dan -- to battle holographic robots right on stage, live. During the demo, Dan 'held' a holographic gauntlet gun that he used to fire lasers and blast robots as they hovered in the air or broke through the makeshift walls. Live at the event, onlookers could see what Dan was seeing in his HoloLens augmented reality lenses up on the big screens and the effects and interactions were impressive.

 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,06 2015 - all
Cyberpunk 2077 Is Far,Far Bigger Than The Witcher 3 - briefly
(hx) 05:23 PM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment / read (2)
Cyberpunk 2077, the next game from The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, is the biggest title the studio has ever made. The sci-fi-flavoured RPG was originally announced back in 2012, but the Polish outlet has remained quiet on specificities of the project since. Now it has been revealed that the title will be ever grander in scale than the third and final entry in the developer's sprawling fantasy series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. "Cyberpunk is far bigger than anything else that CD Projekt Red has done before," visual effects artist Jose Teixeira told MCV. "Far, far bigger. "We're really stepping into the unknown in terms of complexity and size and problems we encounter."

The Escapist Responds To Cloud Imperium - briefly
(hx) 05:16 PM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment / read (3)
The Escapist has responded to the legal threats from Cloud Imperium Games' legal team. Here's a bit:
The Escapist, notwithstanding Cloud Imperium Games' notice and posting, stands by its coverage of Star Citizen and intends to continue to investigate the developing story. Since publishing our original stories, we have been contacted by, and are currently interviewing, additional sources corroborating a variety of the reported allegations. Additionally, if Mr. Roberts' offer for The Escapist to "meet the developers making the game and see how we're building one of the most ambitious PC games first hand" remains open, we take the opportunity to accept such invitation so as to hopefully provide the public with sufficient information and opportunity to vet such sources' allegations and claims for themselves. We have also communicated the foregoing directly to Cloud Imperium Games.
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Video - movie
(hx) 03:46 PM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment / read (1)
Today Deep Silver and inXile published a new gameplay video for the post-apocalyptic RPG, Wasteland 2: Director's Cut. Just a week ahead of launch, Brian Fargo, inXile CEO, covers squad selection and gives tips on how to utilize the Rangers' traits and gear to your advantage. Check out the new Quirks and Perks positive and negative character personalities in Wasteland 2: Director's Cut (there's even an a*$hole trait).

Offering overhauled graphics, expanded voice-overs, gameplay enhancements, complex character building as well as some brand-new features, inXile brings last year's critically acclaimed PC title to current-gen consoles. Together with its reactive story and tactical, explosive turn-based combat, Wasteland 2 combines the best elements of a classic RPG with modern design philosophies.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 13th in the Americas and October 16th worldwide.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone Launch Trailer - movie
(hx) 03:24 PM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment
Launching October 13th, 2015, Hearts of Stone packs over 10 hours of new adventures and introduces new characters, powerful monsters, unique romance, and a brand new storyline shaped by gamer choices. The expansion also introduces a brand new system of Runewords that significantly affects gameplay. Each Runeword will impact a different aspect of in-game mechanics and will allow the players to experiment with various strategies and tactics.

Far Cry Primal Coming February 23, 2016 - briefly
(hx) 02:18 PM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment / read (1)
As expected, Ubisoft has confirmed the game by not only releasing its first official trailer, but also confirming it will be released on February 23, 2016. The reveal trailer shows Far Cry Primal will indeed be set in the prehistoric age as we can see primitive humans hunting a wooly mammoth, when they’re suddenly attacked by a saber-toothed tiger. The end of the trailer shows what appears to be an opposing tribe attacking the protagonist.

Star Wars: Battlefront - PC Requirements - briefly
(hx) 10:53 AM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment / read (2)
The official PC requirements for Star Wars: Battlefront have been unveiled via Origin page.
Minimum PC System Requirements
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
Processor (Intel): Intel i3 6300T or equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Hard Drive: At least 40 GB of free space
Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
Graphics card (ATI): ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection

Recommended PC System Requirements
OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later
Processor (Intel): Intel i5 6600 or equivalent
Memory: 16GB RAM
Hard Drive: At least 40 GB of free space
Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB
DirectX: 11.1 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
MGS5: The Phantom Pain Patch - patch
(hx) 10:50 AM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment
Konami has released a new patch for all versions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. According to its changelog, this update adds new 'Event FOB' missions, as well as a paid service via which players will be compensated for 'any materials and staff lost due to rival infiltrations'.
- New 'Event FOB' missions added
- FOB insurance service begins
- New and improved missions for Combat Deployment (Online)! Rewards also get a huge boost
- New equipment added! A higher level of performance… Grade 7
- Night vision equipment can now be developed for your Security Team staff
- Infiltrate without leaving a trace
- FOB expansion time reduction now available
- Improvements to on-screen UI elements and point scoring
- GMP and materials limits are greatly increased online
- Other changes
Far Cry: Primal Revealed - briefly
(hx) 01:12 AM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment
It appears tha IGN Turkey has leaked Ubisoft's upcoming game, that will be no other than Far Cry: Primal.

Steam Sections coming to GameStop - briefly
(hx) 01:09 AM EDT - Oct,06 2015 - Post a comment
Valve sent out a press release announcing it has partnered with GameStop, GAME UK and EB Games to launch dedicated Steam Sections this fall across each retailer's storefront. The Steam Sections will feature Steam Hardware devices, like the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and Steam Machines, as well as a variety of Steam prepaid cards. Steam prepaid cards launched across various retailers three years ago, and Valve revealed sales performance for them have increased each year. Steam hardware is expected to launch officially on Nov. 10. Steam Machines from hardware manufacturers like Alienware, Asus, Falcon Northwest and others will be priced starting at $449.99. Valve's Steam Controller and Steam Link are priced at $49.99.
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,05 2015 - all
Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Story Overview - movie
(hx) 04:44 PM EDT - Oct,05 2015 - Post a comment
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 presents the most ambitious campaign yet. Treyarch discusses their vision of the Black Ops 3 world, shedding a bit more light on just how far down the rabbit hole goes. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is currently planned for a November 6th release.

The Crew Wild Run - Join The Summit! - briefly
(hx) 04:41 PM EDT - Oct,05 2015 - Post a comment
Ubisoft sends along a press release announcing a closed beta for The Crew Wild Run, the upcoming expansion for Ivory Tower's open-world racing game, The Crew.

The Crew Wild Run expansion will be available for download starting from November 17, and in a bundle with the base game and the expansion, in stores November 19.
Star Wars Battlefront - Gameplay Preview Videos - preview
(hx) 04:27 PM EDT - Oct,05 2015 - Post a comment / read (2)
Check out gameplay preview videos of DICE's upcoming multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront.

TechNews - Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday - tech
(hx) 01:52 AM EDT - Oct,05 2015 - Post a comment / read (8)
  • Apple Took Steps to Protect New iPhones from Liquids - The Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are more resistant to water damage than their predecessors, according to iFixit. The company tore down the new iPhones and discovered the frame supports a gasket that helps protect against liquid ingress. Moreover, cable connectors on the logic board - a weak link in any electronic device - are sealed with silicon. iFixit notes that Apple did not take any apparent measures to protect the speaker nor the SIM card tray, which still allow some liquid to seep in. The subtle changes made by Apple do appear to help the phone survive quick dunks in water, as evidenced by various videos posted across social media, but Apple is making no claims about the new iPhones being waterproof or even water resistant.
  • Microsoft Acquires Havoc - The Official Microsoft Blog announces Microsoft has acquired Havoc, the 3D physics middleware provider, from Intel
  • 15 million T-Mobile customers affected by data breach - On Thursday, T-Mobile revealed that Experian, a third-party used for customer credit checks, had been breached. As part of the breach, 15 million T-Mobile customers had their personal data stolen from the company. The theft affected customer data ranging back two years, from September 2013 through September 2015. The stolen data included names, addresses and birth dates, as well as encrypted social security numbers and ID numbers (such as driver's license or passport number). The company notes that no credit card numbers or bank account information was taken. Whilst the more sensitive data was encrypted, the company states that this encryption may have been compromised by the attackers, but does not mention the type of encryption used or why this might be the case.
  • Apple updates iOS to v9.0.2 - fixes unauthorized access - Last week it was discovered that a new iOS 9 flaw could allow strangers access to a device without having the PIN. While some claimed it was a hoax involving clever use of the new more responsive Touch ID sensor, the threat was indeed genuine, as Apple has now released an update that fixes the issue. According to Apple's support page, they have pushed a new update for iOS devices that puts iOS at version 9.0.2. The latest update fixes some bugs and also improves stability for Podcasts, while at the same time eliminating the security flaw allowing unauthorized access.
  • How Much Do You Value Your Personal Data? - Sensible Data' is an interactive installation consisting of three machines that invite to create a passport from your personal data. Take a picture of yourself and a machine will draw your portrait. Send an email and an algorithm will judge your age, gender and beauty. By pressing a dubious button, you can get a nice confirmation stamp.
  • Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer - Adblock, a popular extension for blocking advertising in Chrome and Safari with more than 40 million users, was quietly sold today. The extension displayed a popup on October 1 saying that it is now allowing Eye's 0acceptable advertising - which allows advertisers to buy their way onto the whitelist - through the filter. hat's strange is that the company won't disclose who it's been sold to, why it was sold, or how much it was sold for. For the extension's claimed 40 million users this raises an interesting question: Can the extension continue to be trusted if the new proprietor is entirely anonymous? TNW contacted Adblock's remaining staff to ask if they'd disclose the buyer but the company refused, saying that the purchaser had specifically asked not to be named. The only thing the team would tell us is that the tool's creator Michael Gundlach will no longer have any relationship with the company - that probably means he's cashed out. Adblock's previous director, Gabriel Cubbage, is now running things under the new owner.
  • Nexus 5X from LG Rounds Out Google's Smartphone Offering - Google has announced the Nexus 5X, a less-costly alternative to the Nexus 6P. Where the 6P is made by Huawei, the 5X is made by LG. Notable features include the Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor positioned on the back of the phone, which can be used to secure the phone and authenticate Android Pay purchases. The 5X also includes a USB Type-C port, the new connector for phones, tablets, and laptops. The Nexus 5X has a 5.2-inch full HD screen and is powered by a 1.8GHz Snapdragon 808 processor with 2GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of storage. In very related news, Google also has announced the Nexus 6P, one of two new Nexus-branded smartphones and the first ever to be made by Huawei. The Nexus 6P is a slim, upscale handset skinned in aluminum. The 6P has a fingerprint sensor on the back for security and Android Pay authentication called Nexus Imprint. The phone has a 5.7-inch quad HD screen and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor with 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of storage. (video + details)
  • Verizon's Go90 Video Service Launches for All - Verizon has made its go90 mobile video service available to anyone who wants to use it. The service had been in only a handful of markets on a trial basis, but is now usable around the country. With go90, video content is supported by advertisements. The free programming comes from providers such as Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN, Discovery Network, VH1, Maker Studios, Machinima, StyleHaul. Verizon says it has between 100 and 200 hours of exclusive content from online video services such as AwesomenessTV. Verizon hopes the service will score well with younger consumers. It is available to Verizon and non-Verizon customers alike, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The apps are free to download from the Play Store and iTunes App Store.
  • Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday - The eight-hour workday hasn't changed much since Henry Ford first experimented with it for factory workers. Now, Americans work slightly longer - an average 8.7 hours - though more time goes into email, meetings, and Facebook than whatever our official job duties actually are. Is it time to rethink how many hours we spend at the office? In Sweden, the six-hour workday is becoming common. (Ed.note: Damn, my average is 13 hours)
  • NASA Reports flowing water on Mars - The findings, which are described in the journal Nature Geoscience, offer an explanation for peculiar, long streaks that sometimes appear on sloping Martian terrain. The dark features, which can reach 5 meters wide and more than 100 meters long, were first noticed in 2010. By analyzing their reflected light signature, a team of eight scientists has concluded that the streaks consist of mineral salts that easily absorb moisture-and that flowing water is the likeliest explanation for their appearance. The Red Planet has been known for years to have ice, and its surface bears the topographical scars of ancient water flow. This latest research, though, is the first to provide compelling evidence for the ongoing existence of flowing water on Mars.
  • The Taiwanese Animators Take On The Mars Water Announcement - The Internet exploded on Monday following NASA's announcement about flowing water on Mars. And alien conspiracists are one step closer to realizing their dreams. The Taiwanese animators take on all of the mars water news.
  • Stephen Hawking: Aliens Could 'Conquer And Colonize' Us - The world famous physicist has admitted that if aliens came to visit Earth, the outcome might not be a positive one. Stephen Hawking has tackled the mysteries of the universe his entire life. Now the world-renowned scientist has some new things to say about a potential alien invasion . "If aliens visit us, the outcome could be much like when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans," Professor Hawking told El País. "Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach," he said. The physicist, who has suffered from motor neurone disease since his twenties, explained that the existence of aliens is beyond doubt. "To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like."
  • Spectre Official Trailer #2 (2015) - In case you doubted Christoph Waltz was going to be an incredible Bond villain
  • The X Files - Official Trailer (2015) - Monday night, Fox aired two short teaser trailers for its upcoming "X-Files" revival - here are both. And don't worry, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and that theme music are all still around.
  • Bone Tomahawk Trailer - Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive trailer for the upcoming Kurt Russell horror/western, Bone Tomahawk. The movie will be available in theaters and on VOD platforms on October 23rd.
  • The Forest - Official Trailer - A supernatural thriller set in the legendary Aokigahara Forest. A young American woman, Sara (Natalie Dormer of 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Hunger Games'), goes in search of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared. Despite everyone's warnings to 'stay on the path,' Sara enters the forest determined to discover the truth about her sister's fate. Don't miss 'The Forest' In Theaters - January 8, 2016!
  • The Revenant Trailer - When all is lost, you fight. Watch the new trailer for The Revenant Movie, in theaters this December.
  • Back to the Future - Doc Brown Saves The World - A Teaser for the Anniversary Blu-ray set.
  • A Good Day to Die: Fake Funerals in South Korea - Whilst the rest of the world gorges itself on K-Pop, Korean movies, and smartphones produced by Korean tech giant Samsung, Koreans themselves have never been more bummed out. With over 14,000 of its citizens killing themselves in 2012, South Korea is the suicide capital of the developed world, despite its booming economy.
  • Make $1000 A Week Standing In Line - Samuel recently spent 48 hours outside the Apple store in the Meatpacking District waiting for the iPhone 6s. He was the first in line, slept in a fold-up cot for two nights, had pizza delivered to his spot and snagged $1000 for the gig.
  • Man Saves Dog That Was Buried Alive - Who the hell would do something as awful as this? :(
  • This Guy Makes Some Amazing Faces - A Centrifuge 9 G - Training to fly a fighter plane is the only time you want someone repeatedly shouting "SQUEEZE THE BUTT" in your ear.
  • Man sets gas station on fire trying to kill spider - Seriously, what are you thinking buddy?
  • Fire Breathing In Bullet Time Is Awesome - Using a 48 DSLR camera array these guys create a 3D video of themselves breathing fire
  • Denmark Is Really Desperate - The birth rate in Denmark is precipitously low, so this travel agency put together a few ways to get the youth of Denmark to have some damn kids already.
  • When your kid annoys you part 2 - WTF!?
  • Never ask to be rated - Rate meeeeee...... rate me, my friend. :-D
  • Can You Tell A Girl's Ass From A Guy's Ass? - That poor girl with the guys ass ;)
  • Rachel Hilbert Bikini Pictures - She's clearly very talented :)
  • Lisa Snowdon's Cougar Hotness  - I'd never heard of Fabulous Magazine before this, but they got one of my favorite busty British cougars Lisa Snowdon on the cover of their latest issue, and hey, that's good enough for me.
  • Elsa Pataky Is Pretty Sexy - check it out!
  • Sexy 6 Weekly Hot Burger Commercials - Yay! Check it out! :-)
  • The best pics on the Internet #155 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
  • The best pics on the Internet #156 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
Star Citizen Threatens Lawsuit Against The Escapist - briefly
(hx) 12:52 AM EDT - Oct,05 2015 - Post a comment / read (11)
Looks like Cloud Imperium Games is going to take legal action against website The Escapist following their article exposing hostile working conditions and possible funds mismanagement. Here are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:
The attorney also claims throughout the letter that The Escapist piece was instigated by developer Derek Smart. Smart has been on a campaign against CIG and Star Citizen that ramped up after his pledge was refunded and forum access was revoked. Freyermuth accuses The Escapist of being duped by a collection of sources that were shopped to a number of websites, pointing to Glass Door reviews that emerged in the wake of the site's first in-depth story about Star Citizen.

"Whole passages of the Article, which the Author also repeated in the Podcast, were lifted from anonymous 'reviews' posted on, which the Author could not have verified since the site does not offer any messaging options," Freyermuth writes. "Conspicuously, those 'reviews' were posted very recently, i.e. after the Author had posted a previous article about Star Citizen and the self-appointed agitator Derek Smart, and just shortly before the [October 1] Article went online."

CIG is demanding a number of steps to be taken by The Escapist and its parent company Defy Media.

We hereby demand that you, as the responsible person in charge,
-  Personally apologize to Ms. Gardiner and our HR Manager for the tremendous emotional distress and potential repetitional harm that you have caused to them by violating the most basic journalist duties of fair and balanced reporting.
- Publish said apology on your magazine’s website, together with a retraction of the Article until such time as the murky backgrounds of its creation have been investigated.
- Engage and empower an independent party to fully investigate the events and circumstances that led to the creation and publication of this Article, including any bias of your staff and their involvement with other interested parties and any conspiring arrangements between them.
Steam's Weekly Top Sellers - briefly
(hx) 12:40 AM EDT - Oct,05 2015 - Post a comment
Here are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:
1.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2.Grand Theft Auto V
3.ARK: Survival Evolved
5.Fallout 4
6.Arma 3
7.Rocket League
9.Sniper Elite 3
10.Cities: Skylines
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,03 2015 - all
Weekend game, movie, hardware deals - briefly
(hx) 12:13 PM EDT - Oct,03 2015 - Post a comment
Here's a selection of this weekend's PC / Blue-ray movies, hardware deals.
  • Way of the Samurai 4 - $14.99 (40% off)
  • Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny + Return to Castle Wolfenstein - $13.38 (33% off)
  • Quake II: Quad Damage + Quake III: Gold - $19.98 (33% off)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption - $1.99 (67% off)
  • Police Quest Collection - $3.33 (67% off)
  • Other games in's Activision Titles for the First Time sale, including Kings Quest and Space Quest games, can be found here.
  • 1TB Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle Announced for Christmas - The bundle, available from November 10, will set you back $399 and comes replete with a copy of Bethesda's upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure, as well as a copy of Fallout 3. It's up for pre-order now on Amazon
  • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - $19.99 (50% off)
  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - $29.99 (40% off)
  • World of Warcraft - $9.99 (50% off)
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm - $9.99 (50% off)
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - $9.99 (50% off)
  • Mad Max: Fury Road (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) - $19.99 (56% off)
  • Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters II (4K-Mastered + Included Digibook) [Blu-ray] - $9.99 (63% off)
  • Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - $96.46 (58% off)
  • Horror Double Feature (Hellraiser / Hellbound: Hellraiser 2) [Blu-ray] - $8.16 (59% off)
  • Furious 7 (Blu-ray + DVD + DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet) - $16.99 (51% off)
  • TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI Express Adapter,2.4GHz 450Mbps/5Ghz 450Mbps - $37.24 (32% off)
  • NETGEAR ReadyNAS 2120 1U Rackmount 4-Bay Diskless NAS (RN2120-200NES) - $669.17 (40% off)
  • SanDisk Ultra 64GB Ultra Micro SDXC UHS-I/Class 10 Card with Adapter - $24.99 (58% off)
  • Anker Lightning to USB Cable 9ft / 2.7m Extra Long with Compact Connector Head [Apple MFi Certified] for iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad and iPod (White) - $9.99 (67% off)
  • Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular - $177.23 (57% off)
Introducing Battlefield 4 Community Operations - preview
(hx) 08:29 AM EDT - Oct,03 2015 - Post a comment
A first look, sneak peek of the upcoming Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC from DICE playtest sessions.

Battlefield 4 Community Operations includes Operation Outbreak, a map Battlefield 4 Community Operations is a free DLC pack coming for all Battlefield 4 players in Fall 2015.