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 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,26 2007 - tech 
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. GPU Performance-mainstream cards - tech
(hx) 08:17 AM EDT - Mar,26 2007 - Post a comment / read (4)
Wondering which mainstream graphics cards perform best with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl? The chaps over at FiringSquad have rounded up over a dozen different ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards. Along the way they also discuss topics such as 256MB vs. 512MB of memory, SLI/CrossFire performance, and the game's dynamic lighting model.
S.TA.L.K.E.R. is a very demanding game graphically, but fortunately you can get good frame rates with the game with today's latest mainstream graphics cards. You can find GeForce 7600 GS cards for right around $100 at many online retailers, while PriceGrabber listings for the Radeon X1300 XT start under $100. Unfortunately neither of these cards were quite able to hit what we'd consider playable frame rates with dynamic lighting enabled, but with a few more tweaks to our config file and a little bit of overclocking (the 7600 GS can typically hit 7600 GT speeds especially with better cooling) we think frame rates in the 30 fps range would have been possible, especially at 1280x1024.

If you can afford to spend $150, the Radeon X1950 GT is pretty hard to beat at that price point for S.TA.L.K.E.R. The X1950 GT isn't quite as fast as its predecessor, the X1900 GT, but as we discussed in our Sapphire X1950 GT review, these cards are based on the exact same GPU used in the X1950 Pro, so it's not hard to get more performance out of these chips with a little bit of overclocking. In the US Sapphire is the only board partner bringing the X1950 GT to market at this point, while in Europe and Asia Palit and TUL are the sole card manufacturers. NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GS also performs well, but at stock speeds it isn't quite as fast as the Radeon X1950 GT. A factory overclocked 7900 GS card would no doubt fare better in S.TA.L.K.E.R.

Moving higher up the price bracket, the Radeon X1900 XT 256MB and GeForce 7900 GTO really stand out. Unfortunately neither one of these cards can be found either online or at retail very easily anymore, they've basically been replaced by the Radeon X1950 XT 256MB and the GeForce 7950 GT. We don't have a Radeon X1950 XT 256MB for testing, but considering that the X1900 XT 256MB outperformed the GeForce 7950 GT, the X1950 XT 256MB should be the faster card. Of course, keep in mind that the GeForce 7950 GT we tested was running at stock speeds, and many of NVIDIA's board partners have chosen to overclock their 7950 GT cards from the factory for enhanced performance, so it's quite possible that one of these OC'ed 7950 GT boards could give the ATI card a run for its money.

Sitting alone at the very upper echelon of the mainstream graphics cards we tested is NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB. Clearly the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB is the fastest sub-$300 graphics card you can buy for S.TA.L.K.E.R. today; with the card delivering performance that was over 25% greater than the next closest competitor at 1600x1200. It really isn't even close. Besides performance, the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB has other intangibles going for it such as its added AA modes and low noise. It really is a great card for the gamer on a strict sub-$300 budget.
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,24 2007 - tech
TechNews - Water-Cooled X2900 XTX - tech
(hx) 08:57 AM EDT - Mar,24 2007 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Intel vs. AMD: Today's generation compared - Will a sub-$200 CPU suffice for your needs? Have price cuts allowed the Athlon 64 to catch up to the Core 2 Duo in terms of price-performance? What about power consumption and energy efficiency? Can any of these processors stand up under the weight of killer new games like Supreme Commander?
  • AMD may cut prices yet again next month? - This time the chipmaker isn't getting rid of its 90nm processors as fast as it would like. While it waits for Chartered Semiconductor to begin production of 65nm Athlons-which is expected to begin 'soon'-AMD will supposedly cut prices in its entry-level 90nm lineup next month.
  • Water-Cooled X2900 XTX Card Pictured - This cooling solution is probably provided by Aavid Thermalloy and coincidentally Aavid is touting their Turbo Tube cold plates with mass production in May, same time as R600 launch.
  • Creative Brings X-Fi Express Card to Notebooks - The new Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Notebook card forgoes the PCMCIA interface and instead uses the Express Card interface. The card itself has four ports (front, side, center/sub, and rear) and is presumably designed to hook up an analog 7.1 speaker setup.
  • Conroe E6600 New World Record: SuperPI 1M 9.563s@5304MHz - Wow thats seriously impressive!
  • Multi-Threaded Programming Without the Pain - Researcher Stefanus Du Toit created a program on the PlayStation 3 representing thousands of chickens, each independently tracked by a single processing core. The talk itself is interesting but the demo is golden!
  • Using netcat and tar to quickly transfer files between machines - Using netcat and tar to quickly transfer files between machines, aka tar pipe. So you have gigs of data to transfer between two machines over ethernet. A nice quick and dirty method is to use netcat and tar.
  • Exploit-for-sale hacker pins bug on Vista's e-mail app - A just-disclosed bug in Windows Vista's built-in e-mail program can be used by hackers to run malicious code on a victimized PC,
  • Trojan horse targets Skype users - The attack is similar to threats that target instant-messaging applications. A targeted Skype user will receive a chat message with the text "Check up this" and a link to a malicious executable called "file_01.exe" on a Web site.
  • Applepostpone Leopard to support Windows Vista - Apple is expected to launch its next generation Leopard operating system (OS) in April, but according to industry sources, the release of the new OS will be postponed to October to allow Apple to make Leopard support Windows Vista through an integrated version of its Boot Camp software.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3.0 bundles and Euro pricing - Creative Suite 3.0 software suite will be available in six distinct bundles with European pricing ranging from 999 euros to 2799 euros.
  • Top 10 iTunes Add-Ons - Included in this list are great programs that shouldn't be missing from the computer of an iTunes user.
  • PS3s Folding Power! - According to the most recent Folding@home client statistics sorted by operating system, the PlayStation 3 leads all other platforms by a huge margin. The PS3 has 367 current TFLOPS, while the next closest is Windows with 151 TFLOPS and more than ten times more CPUs. I just hope this massive distributed computer is used for good and not evil :
  • Toshiba Dropping HD DVD Player Prices April 1 - New prices from April 1st are: Toshiba HD-A2: $399 (previously $499), Toshiba HD-A20: $499 (previously $599). The manufacturer has also dropped the price of its current best-selling HD-XA2 second-generation HD DVD deck, which now retails for $799 (previously $999).
  • Upgrade the drive in your Apple TV - Step by step guide and pics inside.
  • Nokia Launches the N95, But Not In The U.S. - As a media player, the N95 supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, and M4A with playlist support; there's a headphone output, along with an integrated FM tuner. The N95 also supports Visual Radio which lets users pull up song info, artist details, and participate in interactive contests and surveys. On the video side, the N95 sports RealPlayer, and can play back MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, H.263/GPP, and RealVideo media.
  • Verizon Offers Fully Refundable Test Drive - The company will offer new subscribers a 30 day period to try Verizon phones and service, and will refund not only equipment costs, but all calling costs and fees to people who choose not to keep the service.
  • What does the hot girl at the party think of your programming language? - Geek talking to a hot chick at a party about code language... that is as hypothetical as it gets :-)
  • Bounty offered to kill pirate DVD sniffer dogs - Sounds like a Disney movie in the making...
  • Like a Fish - Revolutionary Underwarer Breathing System - An Israeli Inventor has developed a breathing apparatus that will allow breathing underwater without the assistance of compressed air tanks.
  • Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer - I personally think it's the best one yet.
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,22 2007 - tech
TechNews - Cool Havok Behavior Video - tech
(hx) 09:57 PM EDT - Mar,22 2007 - Post a comment / read (2)
  • All Water Cooled EVGA 680i Mainboard - Innovatek's high-quality blocks are used for the CPU, PWM, northbridge and southbridge - the hottest-running parts of the board.
  • IBM Unveils Super Conductive Thermal Paste - The new technology allows air-cooling systems to remove more heat and helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of computers.
  • Cool Havok Behavior Video @ GDC - In this podcast with PodTech's Rio Pesino, Havok's Jeff Yates demos the Havok Behavior Tool.
  • Creative updates ALchemy software for Vista - Aside from a handful of bug fixes, the new version 1.3 ALchemy software adds support for Baldur's Gate 2, Battlefield Vietnam, C & C Generals, The Chronicles of Riddick, Dungeon Siege, Far Cry, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, Hitman 2, Knights of the Old Republic 2, MDK2, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Serious Sam 2, and Serious Sam: The First Encounter.
  • Ten Must-Have Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar - Sidebar gadgets are basically the Microsoft answer to the Mac's Widgets—free, downloadable applets that can be useful, fun, both, or neither
  • Google puts an "Easter Egg" in the Personalized Homepage - If you chose any theme other than Bus Stop and Classic, visit the homepage at 3:14 AM (your local time).
  • Polymorphic computer unveiled - It performs as a single system on a chip, resulting in a significant reduction of the number of processors required for computing systems, and it performs in an array of chips for teraflop throughput. In addition to the ability to adapt its architecture for a particular objective, the MONARCH computer is also believed to be the most power- efficient processor available.
  • Folding@Home - Sony Playstation 3 fights cancer - When not in use the console will join a supercomputing network researching causes of cancer, Alzheimer's and other incurable diseases.
  • Wii's Opera Browser Final Version Delayed to April - But Opera promises that they've been working with Nintendo to add features that fans have requested to the Wii's Internet Channel. A fair trade?
  • UK retailers say PS3 won't be in such high demand on launch day after all - Didn't get around to pre-ordering? Don't worry, there won't be a rush
  • Xbox 360 Elite, 120GB HDD May Ship With Data Transfer Cable - The question on all Xbox 360 owners' minds is how they are going to transfer all their saves, videos, XBLA games and other junk over to the bigger drive. Without a specific solution from Microsoft, the only feasible way to transfer data from drives is to use a memory card—and even then, even the newly announced 512MB unit isn't big enough for some files.
  • News Corp. and NBC: YouTube competitor coming - The service will launch this summer with "free" ad-supported TV shows and movies
  • It's Been an 'All Out War' on Pot Smokers for 35 Years - Since 1972, U.S. taxpayers have spent well over $20 billion enforcing criminal marijuana laws and 16.5 million people have been arrested. It's time to put an end to this waste.
  • France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years - France became the 1st country to open its files on UFOs when the national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings spanning five decades.
  • New Bill Aims to Rid U.S. of Inefficient Light Bulbs by 2012 - The bill (PDF), which was submitted by California representative Jane Harman, indicates that light bulbs which have an overall luminous efficacy of 60 lumens per watt (lm/W) will be prohibited by January 1, 2012. The energy requirements get progressively steeper every four years. On January 1, 2016, the requirement will grow to 90 lm/W and will reach 120 lm/W by 2020.
  • World's Largest Commercial Airplane Touches Down in LA, NY - The Qantas-operated Airbus A380 arrived at Los Angeles International with just its flight crew and a squad of engineers inside. Seems like a waste of space, since the giant aircraft can seat 555 people.
  • Light Echoes From a Red Supergiant - This Hubble Space Telescope image of the star V838 Monocerotis reveals dramatic changes in the illumination of surrounding dusty cloud structures. The effect, called a light echo, unveiled never-before-seen dust patterns when the star suddenly brightened for several weeks in early 2002.
  • SciFi Extends BSG Season Four To 22 Episodes - It won't come back until January at the earliest, but "Battlestar Galactica" fans do have something to celebrate now: A 22-episode fourth season. But the question remains whether this back-nine pickup is good for the show, or bad
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,21 2007 - tech
Techews - Apple TV Goes On Sale - tech
(hx) 08:09 PM EDT - Mar,21 2007 - Post a comment
  • Intel 45nm UMPC CPU Slated For H2 2007 - Intel has a new UltraMobile PC processor under development and expects the first devices based on it to appear later this year.
  • Overclocked 8800s tested - Foxconn provides a three-year warranty from the date of purchase. EVGA goes even further by providing a lifetime warranty as well as an advanced RMA (return merchandise authorization) program. In other news, DriverHeaven just posted a review of the XFX 8800GTS XXX 640MB.
  • March 2007 Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update - It fixes problems whereby games and applications may not install correctly, run properly or could cause system instability and/or instant user death. Maybe not that last one. What's notable is that many of the titles on the list of those updated are of particular interest to gamers and hackers. Lego Star Wars, Battlefield 2 and Age of Empires III all get fixes, which will be a relief to multiplayer game fans.
  • Adobe says no way to Vista updates - Adobe says you'll have to upgrade to new versions of popular (and really expensive) software like Photoshop, InDesign and DreamWeaver if you want them to run well under Windows Vista.
  • RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.1.8 - This pack is designed to bring a Windows XP CD with SP2 integrated fully up to date with all of the latest hotfixes released by Microsoft since SP2's release.
  • The Devil wears prada .. and does Unified Comms! - check it out!
  • Apple TV Goes On Sale - The device, available through Apple's Web site for $299, includes a 40-Gbyte hard drive capable of storing up to 50 hours of video, and a remote control.
  • CeBIT 2007 Babes - Over 80 pictures of pretty CeBIT booth babes
  • The LARGEST, high-quality Quicktime VR I've ever seen! - It's for the Airbus ACJ Corporate Jet, an interior view. Check it out at full screen! :P
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,20 2007 - tech
TechNews - R600XTX Pictured & Benchmarked - tech
(hx) 09:56 PM EDT - Mar,20 2007 - Post a comment / read (1)
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,19 2007 - tech
TechNews-Geforce 8800 Ultra Coming Next Month - tech
(hx) 01:02 PM EDT - Mar,19 2007 - Post a comment
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,16 2007 - tech
TechNews - Running Vista Without Activation - tech
(hx) 09:48 PM EDT - Mar,16 2007 - Post a comment / read (1)
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,15 2007 - tech
TechNews - Intel's Next Desktop Launch Details - tech
(hx) 09:47 PM EDT - Mar,15 2007 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Intel's Next Desktop Launch Details Revealed -  With the introduction of Core 2 Duo E6x50-series processors, the entire Intel Core 2 Duo desktop lineup will fall below the $300 price point. The top of the line Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 is priced at $266 per processor and is clocked at 3.0 GHz - higher than last year's flagship Core 2 Extreme X6800 at a fraction of the X6800's $999 launch price. Wow, it looks like I may be upgrading to Dual or Quad-core sooner than expected. :-)
  • AMD roadmap update on R600 - details confirmed -  The original and monster Dragons Head measuring 12.4inches long will still be sold but recommended just for OEM and system integrators. AMD will also release the Radeon X2900XT and X2900XL sometime in April with reduced clock speeds and only 512MB GDDR3 memory.
  • Optimus Keyboard not $1,200 as initially thought! - Make it cheap enough for gamers, it it might sell...
  • Folding@home Enlists the Power of PS3's Cell Broadband Engine - If 10,000 PS3 user-just 1% of those who own the console in North America-run the software, it will double the amount of computing power the project currently receives worldwide. Of course, PS3 owners won't be able to play games at the same time they run the folding simulations.
  • Commodore to make High end games PCs - The BBC Reports that the legendary Commodore will soon be making extremely pretty high-end gaming PCs. The first four PCs in the Commodore range sport Intel Core Duo or Quad processors, have up to 4GB of RAM, two video cards and hundreds of gigabytes of hard drive storage. All the machines run Windows Vista. No prices have been announced yet but the range is expected to be between $1,900-$9,500.
  • Blu-ray To Replace DVD Within 3 Years? - The Blu-ray disc association (?) said today that it plans on replacing the DVD within 3 years. Heh, good luck with that!
  • Cisco Buying WebEx For $3.2 Billion - Cisco has announced that it has plans to pay $3.2 billion dollars for WebEx, the online conferencing company.
  • Google Phone Confirmed In Development - Isabel Aguilera, Google's CEO in Spain and Portugal, confirmed today that a phone is in development but tried to downplay the significance by stating that it is just one of 18 R&D initiatives the company is working on.
  • 'Wiki' In The Dictionary - The term Wiki has finally made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, along with 287 other new words.
  • Using Google To Commit Murder - Some lady thought it would be a good idea to search Google and MSN for ways to commit murder…just before she killed her husband. What makes this case even more unusual is the amount of evidence gathered from the hard drive belonging to the defendant.
  • Smoking 2.0 Give Lungs a Break - The NicStic is a cigarette-size plastic tube with a rechargeable heating coil that vaporizes tobacco instead of burning it. Pop a filter on the end of the tube, and in seconds it is warmed up enough for a nicotine fix without the smoke. Because it has no smoke, it also has none of the tar, arsenic, cadmium and formaldehyde of regular cigarettes; it also passes muster with local anti-smoking laws here.
  • Stargate: Continuum to Film Scenes in the Arctic - MGM is teaming with the U.S. Navy to capture a series of bone chilling adventure scenes for the studio's upcoming 'Stargate SG-1' direct-to-video, 'Stargate: Continuum.' In 'Continuum', while 'SG-1' attends the execution of Ba'al, the last of the goa'uld system lords, Teal'c and Vala inexplicably disappear into thin air. Carter, Daniel and Mitchell race back to a world where history has been changed: the Stargate program has been erased from the timeline. 
  • Transformers Photos - DreamWorks Pictures has released some new photos from the anticipated Transformers, opening in theaters on July 4. Wow!
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,14 2007 - tech
TechNews - QX6700 oveclocking record - tech
(hx) 12:58 PM EDT - Mar,14 2007 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • QX6700 oveclocking record - 4171MHz on air cooling - The Intel QX6700 CPU was taken to the unbelievable speed of 4241MHz on air cooling only!
  • Super Talent 4GigaByte Fully Buffered DIMMs and SATA 32GB SDD disks - Super Talent Technology announces a new 4GigaByte DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMMs (FB-DIMMs) which are designed for use in the latest Intel Xeon server boards based on the Intel 5000P (Blackford) chipset. They also announced a full range of Solid State Disk (SSD) drives with an industry standard Serial ATA interface.
  • OCZ 2GB Vista Upgrade Edition DDR2-800 - MBReview has taken a good look at OCZ's 2GB DDR2-800 Vista Upgrade Edition Kit.
  • GeForce 8600 GTS & GT additional info - Now, the final core clock of 8600 GTS is at 675MHz while 8600 GT is at 540MHz, both lowered from the earlier specs we have seen. The memory clock for 8600 GTS stood at 1GHz using 1ns 256MB GDDR3 memories while memory clock for 8600 GT stood at 700MHz using 1.4ns GDDR3 memories. GeForce 8600 GTS has 8 layers PCB based on P401 design kit while 8600 GT has 6 layers PCB based on P402 design kit. 8600 GTS requires an additional power with the TDP at ~71W while 8600 GT which doesn't requires external power is rated at ~43W TDP.
  • Samsung SyncMaster XL20 - The MSRP of the SyncMaster XL20 is $1999 USD. This at a time when you can get a best-in-class CCFL based LCD for less then $600 USD. Granted this isn't a consumer monitor by any stretch.
  • Dell Laser Printer 1720dn -  If you're in the market for a solid monochrome workhorse for networked business use, you can't go much wrong with the Laser Printer 1720dn. And if you don't need duplex or Ethernet connectivity, the Laser Printer 1720 is even better value for money.
  • XNA bods talk DirectX 11+ - In terms of hardware integration, the XNA team pointed out that a number of hardware trends will need to be looked at. CPUs are adopting more and more parallel cores, and DX11+ will sport better support for parallel resource creation on threads, and a more friendly driver interface for working with parallel threading.
  • Internet Video Converter 1.40 (free) - Convert videos between major formats (Mpeg (vcd/svcd/dvd compliant), DV, Quicktime, Windows Media, Xvid, H264, 3GP, PSP, iPod, Flash video (FLV, Swf) got from Youtube, DailyMotion, Google Video etc...
  • MessengerDiscovery Live 1.2 - MessengerDiscovery Live (download) adds extra features to Windows Live Messenger that are not included by Microsoft. You can tell which of your contacts have deleted you, imitate your contacts, remove advertisements and protect your custom emoticons.
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a cumulative service pack that includes the latest updates and provides enhancements to security and stability.
  • Windows Vista One Click Activator-BIOS Emulation Crack - check it out
  • Apple megapatch fixes unpatched flaws - Apple has released a security update to its Mac OS X operating systems to plug multiple security holes.
  • New NAND Flash Could Store 1250 DVD Films - A fully developed tera-level NAND flash memory can hold 500,000 audio songs in an MP3 file format or record 1,250 DVD films and 1 million high resolution photos within a space equal to that of a person's fingernail.
  • Intel to build 90nm fab in China - Ehrmm...I expect this fab will take some time to build...which processors exactly will it be producing, I thought intel had switched to 65 nm everywhere,
  • Sharp develops laser for burning HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs at 6X - It will begin mass production of the diodes from May 2007 with an output of 210 mW it is the world's highest
  • Asus A626 PDA Is Only 1.5cm Thick - The PDA is composed of a stainless steel casing weighing a total of 158 grams and measures 1.5cm thick.
  • Toshiba HD-XE1 HD DVD player Reviewed - According to the article, this player features a good picture quality, 1080p support and HD DVD disc features like accessing menus mid film, but it is no much better than the Toshiba HD-E1 model and the price is not so appealing (L649.99, around 956.00 euros or $1258).
  • AT&T SMT5700 Smartphone is The iPhone Alternative - Word is that the SMT5700, successor to the SMT5600, will run on Windows Mobile 5, rock a 2 megapixel camera, and have a full QWERTY keyboard. Other than than, we're still waiting on more leaky information. You know, like price.
  • AT&T Opens First Megastore - AT&T has replaced a 2000 square foot Cingular store in Houston with a new "Experience Store" more than twice its size. The new 5000 square foot space is the first of 11 new stores that will bring together all of AT&T's services, both wireless and wireline.
  • How to reduce your cellular bills using Asterisk - Just call your asterisk box with your mobile, let it ring and hang up. Asterisk will call you back at once and provide you with a normal dialtone (early B3). If you plan to setup an Asterisk server, check out this 60 second overview of asterisk.
  • Top 5 Ways To SMS For Free - GigaOM lists the top 5 ways to send FREE text messages.
  • Awesome Ipod mod - The picture explains itself.
  • MIT Putting Entire Curriculum Online For Free - MIT is planning on putting its entire 1800 course curriculum online for free by the end of the year.
  • Computer Games Magazine Killed Off - One of the world's longest-running PC mags, Computer Games, has been closed down. Best of luck to all those affected by this...
  • Ford Sells Aston Martin: Are Jaguar and Land Rover Next? - In case you missed it, Ford Motor's plan to sell most of its elite Aston Martin sports car unit for $925 million. And it raises questions about whether Ford's cash burn, forecast at $17 billion this year and next, will force it to also jettison money-losing Jaguar or others of its Premier Automotive Group.
  • How Liquid Body Armor Works - The two primary types of liquid body armor currently in development both start with a foundation of DuPont Kevlar, commonly used in bulletproof vests.
  • Radical new Boeing aircraft takes flight - It would be a dream come true for the airline industry: A plane that uses up to 30 percent less gas to reach its destination, compared with today's jets.
  • Stargate Worlds Lives On... - EGM reports the MGM-licensed massively multiplayer game, Stargate Worlds, is being developed alongside two direct-to-video motion pictures. Apparently, the game has been in preproduction for some years and is now in full production, and is being developed with direct input from Stargate SG-1 show producers Brad Wright and Robert Cooper
  • Did you see Watchmen in the 300 Trailer? - Check it out - Warning: This video does contain some adult content!
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,13 2007 - tech
TechNews - Shader Model 5.0; G90/G100 info - tech
(hx) 01:08 PM EDT - Mar,13 2007 - Post a comment / read (3)
  • Core-based Pentiums, Celerons coming on June 3? - The chips coming out on that date will include a 1.6GHz Pentium E2140 and a 1.8GHz Pentium E2160, both of which will have 1MB of L2 cache and an 800MHz front-side bus.
  • Intel P35 'Bearlake' Chipset Performance Preview - Bearlake-X will be known as the X38 chipset and it will be Intel's premium high-end chipset designed to replace the 975X chipset. The main advantage of this chipset is that it features two full-speed PCI Express x16 slots for Dual Graphics and they will be new version 2.0 slots supporting up to 5Gbps bandwidth
  • Nvidia Prepares for Shader Model 5.0; G90/G100 info - G90 is an improvement on the current G80 architecture and there won't be any major changes. G100 will be a total new GPU architecture. There isn't too much information on G90 and G100 right now but we could see them by Q1 2008. G100 will match up against AMD R700.
  • GeForce 8500 GT Outperforms 7600 GS; GeForce 8600 pictured  - GeForce 8500GT is based on 80nm TSMC process and has 128-bit memory interface. It looks like its performance is slightly better than the current GeForce 7600 GS series. The GeForce 8600 GTS will cost $200-250 and will run at a core clock of 675MHz with 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 memory running at 1GHz. The 8600 GT will run at 540MHz with 128MB or 256MB of 700MHz GDDR3 memory. Pricing for the 8600 GT will reportedly be between $150 and $180.
  • eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB KO ACS - This eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS KO w/ACS will set you down 339.99 USD. So there's a 40 dollar difference (these prices are pretty much the same in EURO's by the way). The question is... is the 40 bucks worth it? Short answer... yes.
  • ADS InstantHDTV PCI Capture Card - One big advantage a HTPC offers over even a high-definition TiVo is the ability to extract and edit the recorded content. If you want to capture HDTV shows and record them onto blu-ray or HD-DVD, then you probably already have an STB with firewire hack to record HD-HBO). For the rest of you who want to record HDTV content on your PC, the ADS InstantHDTV PCI card is a good choice.
  • Samsung announces 8GB NAND flash sampling - This could result in many handhelds being able to come with 8GB storage with little or no changes. Samsung's "moviNAND" as it is called is expected to enter mass production at the end of this year
  • It has Been LEGAL to Unlock Your Cell Phone Since November 2006! - The Library of Congress (who knew they were in charge of this) issued a new rule in 2006 making it legal to unlock cell phones for the 'purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communication network.' Looks like using the iPhone with T-Mobile may not be a problem after all. Yeah no kidding, Congress did something useful for once and we don't hear about it, whats up with that?
  • Viacom Sues YouTube For $1 Billion - MTV owner Viacom Inc. said Tuesday it has sued YouTube and its corporate parent Google Inc. in federal court for alleged copyright infringement and is seeking more than $1 billion in damages
  • EU Now Looking to Energy Efficient Lighting - EU leaders at a summit on Friday mandated that energy-efficient lighting be in place in office buildings and streets in 2008 and homes by 2009.
  • Sandra Bullock's Premonition - talked to Sandra Bullock about what it was like to star in the new thriller.
  • Animated Atari Pong T-Shirt - Is this the "I'm with Stupid" shirt of this century?...and have you seen the EQ shirt? 
  • Lockeed Martin Wraps up CKEM Testing - The CKEM is 60 inches long and weighs in at less than 100 pounds. The projectile travels at a top speed of Mach 6.5+ over a distance of 1,300 feet to five miles and destroys the intended target using kinetic energy.
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,12 2007 - tech
TechNews - Intel To Lower Quad Core CPUs in Q3 - tech
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  • Intel To Lower Quad Core To Dual Core Pricing In Q3 - Intel is going to shave off around 70% off their Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz, 1066FSB) price in Q3, pushing Quad Core into the mainstream by second half of this year. The current price for Q6600 stood at $851 and Intel is going to lower it to $530 on Apr 22nd
  • Intel Core2 Q6600 CPU - The only reason to buy the Q6600 over the E6600 would be if you do a LOT of encoding, rendering etc etc
  • All Core 2 Duo Models - A series of quick reference tables containing all Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme CPUs released to date. They also have published a quick reference tables containing the main specs of all Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 X2 models released to date.
  • nForce MCP68S Supports H.264 up to 720p - These chips are suppose to run the Vista Premium powered machine and they also supports HDMI out. The integrated graphics is based on Geforce 7 technology and it supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader model 3.0. Ramdac works at 300 MHz that is enough for 1920x1440 resolution at 75 Hz. The integrated graphics supports Pure Video and HD H.264 video but only up to 720P. This is still great for an integrated graphics.
  • Specs for low-end ATI DirectX 10 cards outed - According to VR-Zone, the RV610 will roll out in at least two different products: an RV610 "Pro" and an RV610 "LE". The Pro model will pack 256MB of GDDR3 memory running at 700MHz, and it will have a power rating of 35W, a six-layer PCB, and hardware H.264 video decoding support. As for the LE, the site says it'll have 128MB of GDDR2 memory clocked at 400MHz as well as HyperMemory support, giving it access to system RAM. VR-Zone says a Core 2 Extreme X6800 system with an RV610 LE card managed to hit a score of 2000-2099 in 3DMark 2005 at a resolution of 1280x1024.
  • Sapphire Radeon X1950GT - Testing 256MB vs. 512MB memory - Is it worth spending the extra money on a 512MB variant of the Radeon X1950GT? The answer is not really unless it was that important to you that you have to tell your friends that your graphics card is 512MB and that makes you better than him and his 320MB 8800GTS. Graphics cards in this arena still can't really see huge benefits to twice as much memory.
  • Seagate ships hard drives with encryption - In addition to an 80GB Seagate drive, the ASI machine will feature a fingerprint reader, 15.4-inch display, Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile 2.0GHz processor, Nvidia graphics with 256MB memory, 1GB RAM and a DVD rewritable drive, according to ASI.
  • Intel Unveils Its First Solid-State Drive - The Z-U130 product comes in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB densities. The 1GB and 2GB versions are already in production, with the 4GB to be added in April. The top-end 8GB drive isn't slated for production until December.
  • Hitachi and LG Set to Unveil Blu-Ray/HD DVD Drive for PC - The projected price is roughly $1200, which means that the PC drive alone costs the same amount of money as the BH100 player compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats. However,  the GGW-H10N can record up to 50GB of data.
  • HP TouchSmart IQ770 Review - Built around an AMD Turion X2 TL-52 mobile processor, the IQ770 comes with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 256MB graphics adapter, slot loading lightscribe DVD writer, and 19 LCD display.
  • Nyko Multi-Reader 360 for the Xbox 360 - Almost every device these days seems to be USB connected and use some sort of storage card. Nyko wants you to connect them all to your Xbox 360 and to forget about your PC.
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Driver 2.12.0002 - According to Creative, the driver doesn't support Decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS signals, DVD-Audio, DirectSound-based EAX games, Gameports, 6.1 speaker mode and SPDIF passthrough is supported on Vista 32-bit only. (thanks Thinus).
  • 20 Must Have Firefox Extensions - ComputerWorld has their list of 20 FireFox extensions they feel no one should be without.
  • The French Parliament switches to Ubuntu - The French Parliament looks to be the next big Ubuntu switcher according to reports.
  • Quad-layer DVD Technology Becomes the Third HD Format - Unlike HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, VMD is a red-laser technology that achieves its storage capacity by using a greater number of layers
  • MacBook Battery Fire - After hearing about this 'battery exploding' story, it might be time to check your MacBook battery.
  • Dell :Absoulutely free Vista upgrade 70% off. - Think Dell will upgrade it for free for you? Might want to think again after hearing this case.
  • Oppo DV-981HD Upconverting DVD Player - This DVD player  upconverts 720x480 resolution DVDs all the way up to 1080x1920! It boasts a great deinterlacer, and image enhancement that will put the full resolution to use, all for about $230.
  • Nokia N95 gets close-up preview - The new N95 is packed with a plethora of features. A 3G phone with a five mega-pixel camera, HSDPA, Wifi, Bluetooth, and even built-in GPS, all make this phone one of the most eagerly awaited mobiles for sometime. The main feature of the phone that really sets it apart from bog-standard mobiles is the built-in GPS.
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,10 2007 - tech
TechNews - Intel 1333MHz FSB CPU Prices - tech
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  • Intel 1333MHz FSB CPU Prices Leaked - Three parts are scheduled for a Q3 2007 release and are called the E6540, E6550 ($163) and the E6750 ($183). All CPUs share the same FSB speed and the E6540 and E6550 have 2.33GHz clock speeds with the E6750 running 2.6GHz.  At the top of the list is the E6850, which keeps to a 65W TDP, but runs at 3GHz, and is priced at a massively competitive $266 as I reported yesterday.
  • GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Roundup - The 8800 GTS GPU has all the key ingredients found in the GeForce 8800 GTX, only NVIDIA disables two banks of stream processors, that's 32 shaders total. This cuts the number of functional shading units down from 128 in GeForce 8800 GTX down to 96 in GeForce 8800 GTS.
  • Intel VIIV vs. AMD LIVE! - pitting two nearly identical systems from HP against each other, one compliant with Intel's VIIV guidelines, the other with AMD's LIVE!
  • Turtle Beach Audio Advantage SRM - I would recommend the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage SRM to anyone who desires to have the portability of an external sound card.
  • Dell Offers Free Motherboard Upgrades for XPS 700 Customers - Dell will be offering free motherboard upgrades to its XPS 700 customers when it begins to offer its 'next generation XPS gaming motherboard' later this year. Even the service and installation will be provided free of charge via a Dell-authorized onsite technician. In addition to this, the customer will also have the option to upgrade to a quad-core processor for a 25% discount.
  • Socket Mobile's SoMo 650 Pocket PC - The rugged exterior isn't much to look at, but is built to withstand one meter drops, while the 802.11b/g WiFi allows for a semblance of phone capabilities, since the 624MHz Intel processor is more than enough for VoIP apps.
  • Microsoft on the future of DirectX -  Microsoft says it plans to integrate general-purpose GPU-friendly features like double-precision arithmetic and improved memory access into future DirectX versions. The company also mentions dynamic global illumination and ray tracing in its list of future image quality improvement.
  • Microsoft introduces JPEG replacement - The new format, which Microsoft has dubbed HD Photo, supposedly offers higher image quality, smaller file sizes, and significantly more functionality than JPEG.
  • FREE Open Source Alternatives to Popular Programs - A whole website dedicated to open source alternatives of programs on both Linux and Windows platforms. An invaluable resource for anybody who wants quality open source applications.
  • Dude, Where's My 4 Gigabytes of RAM? - Good article, nice explanation of how the Win32 memory map works in basic terms.
  • It's a MP3 Player, It's a Voice Recorder! No, it's Super Pen - You can get five different capacities including 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. Prices range from about $104 USB for the lowly 128MB version to about $208 for the 2GB version.
  • Meet EZTV, The Leading TV-torrent Distribution Group - EZTV has been the leading TV-torrent distribution group for over a year now. They collect and distribute the TV-torrents, that find their way to millions of people every week.  
  • RIAA demands $3,000 each from 50 Ohio students - Now, they are asking for $3,000 each from 50 students at Ohio University. Barring the students actually paying the $3,000, the RIAA is threatening to sue each and every one of them, for up to $590,000 to the worst 'offender'.
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G1 Digital Camera - The 6-megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-G1 digital camera is Sony’s first digital camera with the ability to send photos wirelessly to other Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-enabled devices, such as another camera or a PC. The new Cyber-shot DSC-G1 digital camera’s camera-to-camera wireless capability makes it possible to send your friends a photo at the push of a button.
  • Panasonic intrusion alarm - Intrusion alarm are nothing new, if someone breaks in they sound a loud alarm but this is not the case with the latest intrusion system from National Japan. Other than sounding an ear deafening alarm on sensing an intruder it also flashes brightly thereby attracting attention.
  • Opera DS Web Browser Finally Coming to US - Although the Opera web browser has been available for the Nintendo DS in Europe and Japan for some time now, Americans have been snubbed. Not anymore, because Opera is coming on June 4. I'm surprised that it has taken them this long, considering that they already went through the trouble of translating to produce the European version. Yes, you still have to suffer in the dungeon of 802.11b blazing slow connections, but hey, it's mobile web and it's essentially free. You just have to plop down the price for the software (and RAM boost pack), which should be in the $30 range. Much cheaper than importing.
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TechNews - E6850 to cost only $266?! - tech
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TechNews - AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ 65nm tested - tech
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 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,06 2007 - tech
TechNews - NVIDIA G84/G86 In April w/o HDMI - tech
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TechNews - NVIDIA Plans For GeForce 8800 Ultra? - tech
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  • Five desktop quad-core solutions compared - Here's hoping somebody comes out with a Quad FX mobo that has the admirable power efficiency of Opteron systems before AMD scuttles the Quad FX concept entirely. Meanwhile, Intel's quad-core processors are just amazing
  • NVIDIA Plans For GeForce 8800 Ultra? -  What makes it so ultra isn't known yet, but speculation is that it will be released around the same time as ATI's R600.
  • NVIDIA Ships 128-Core Graphics Cards for High-End Film Editors - Sharing some of the same technology with NVIDIA's GeForce 8 series of consumer cards released last November, these cards are aimed at high-end film effects artists and oil and gas explorers, and maybe a few absolutely fanatic gamers.
  • ATi External Graphics Technology - Photos - They're calling it Lasso and it'll go a bit further than having an external graphics card for a laptop.
  • Dell 2407WFP UltraSharp 24-inch LCD display tested  - check it out
  • Blu-Ray Supporter Samsung to Offer Notebook with HD DVD - The system with HD DVD ROM drive is equipped with Intel Core Duo T2500 processor, whereas the one with HD DVD burner features Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 CPU.
  • Build an $800 Gaming PC - Can you build a decent gaming PC for just a couple hundred dollars more than the latest game consoles? Sure you can!
  • Every video card ranked. How does yours stack up? - This was compiled by a guy named J3r3my on the forums. It even includes the new R600 cards all the way to a Voodoo 1.
  • AMD Accuses Intel of Destroying Evidence in Antitrust Trial - AMD filed a brief with US District Court Judge Joseph J. Farnan, Jr. accusing Intel of having destroyed e-mails and other documentation that may have been important to its antitrust case. In other news, AMD has issued a warning today saying the company is 'unlikely to meet' its revenue guidance for the first quarter.
  • Another AACS Device Key Found, AnyDVD backups Blue-Rays! - Another user of the Doom9 Forum, whose members have been actively working to develop a system to subvert AACS copy protection, has apparently discovered in a memory dump a legitimate device key. The source of the key appears to be CyberLink PowerDVD; and another forum user was able to use a published AACS formula to validate its authenticity.
  • Apple plugs eight QuickTime holes - Apple has released a new version of its QuickTime software, partly to repair eight serious security vulnerabilities. Apple confirmed that the vulnerabilities make both Macs and Windows PCs susceptible to malicious files which, when opened with QuickTime, could give the attacker full control over a computer running the software.
  • Vista Codec Package v4.3.0 - I'd recommend this to everyone looking for a solid installation that works right the 1st time.
  • Itunes 7.1 update is available - Get it from apple now / what the fullscreen coverflow looks like / Demo video on YouTube
  • Real IDs to Become Real in 2010 - US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced today that states will be given an additional two years past the original May 11, 2008 deadline to comply with the directives of the controversial Real ID Act.
  • US picks design for new nuclear warhead - The arsenal of Cold War-era nuclear bombs deployed on its submarines are in need of replacements, US officials stress, against a hail of criticism
  • The 100 oldest .com Domains currently registered - One would expect the big names to be there, but also some surprises!
  • Video Game Consoles in 41% of U.S. Homes - A new report released by Nielsen claims that video game consoles are now in 41% of U.S. homes, an 18.5% increase from the fourth quarter of 2004. I am slightly surprised by that high percentage.
  • Microsoft patches Xbox 360 - Microsoft has quietly released a fix for a security vulnerability that could let Xbox 360 owners run their own applications or operating systems on the console.
  • FoxTrot's take on the RIAA - check it out!
  • The 50 Most Important People on the Web - Despite what Time magazine would have you believe, you are not the most powerful or influential person on the Web. At PC World we love online personals, social networks, and videos of people falling on their keisters as much as the next person, but without the folks who create the Craigslists, MySpaces, and YouTubes of the world, much of the Web's.
  • Slide Show of First Automated Garage in NYC - Take a tour of AutoMotion Parking Systems' (video) automated garage at 123 Baxter Street in Chinatown, the first of its kind in New York City
  • One Of The Best Billboards You Will EVER See! - You've seen some creative billboards in the past, but this has got to be one of the best.
  • Lucas on Upcoming Star Wars Projects - The 'Star Wars' creator talked about Lucasfilm's upcoming projects.
Windows Vista cracked totally! - tech
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Late last week news of a 'brute force' keygen for Vista proliferated across the Internet. There were reports that after a few hours it could return a number of valid keys. But there's an activation circumvention method from another team of hackers. And this one could cause MS a bit more trouble. The new hack exploits Vista's System Locked Pre-installation 2 (SLP2) mechanism. SLP2 allows favoured OEMs to avoid users having to activate their Vista installs. SLP2 combines an OEM specific certificate on the Vista installation media, along with appropriate markers in the machine's BIOS (specifically, in the ACPI_SLIC table) and an appropriate product key. With all three, Vista sees the system as pre-activated and doesn't do any further activation process. The hack is basically a BIOS emulator, which exists as a system driver (so does that make X64 editions immune?), serving up the correct BIOS data to the Vista licensing system when required. Combine this with the appropriate certificate and key for the version of Vista and OEM BIOS - bang goes the activation mechanism.
 Gameguru Mania News - Mar,03 2007 - tech
TechNews - GeForce 8600 Series on April 17 - tech
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  • nForce 680i LT SLI for Hardcore Gamers on March 12 - nForce 680i LT SLI reference boards will come with active cooling instead of heat-pipe design on 680i SLI reference board, a green PCB instead of a black PCB, DDR2-800 instead of DDR2-1200 SLI memory, 8 USB 2.0 ports instead of 10, one Gigabit Ethernet instead of two, two PCIe x16 slots instead of 3, and without all the neat stuff like LED POST codes, Power/Reset buttons and Speaker.
  • NVIDIA To Launch GeForce 8600 Series on April 17th - NVIDIA is set to launch mainstream 8600GTS (G84-400) and 8600GT (G84-300) as well as 8500GT (G86-300) on 17th of April. GeForce 8600GTS and 8600GT will have 256MB GDDR3 memories onboard and sports 128-bit memory interface but no HDMI yet. GeForce 8600GTS is meant to replace 7950GT and 7900GS while 8600GT to replace 7600GT and 8500GT to replace 7600GS.
  • NVIDIA ForceWare 101.41 BETA Vista Drivers - This new Vista beta driver adds GeForce 7 series SLI support, GeForce 6 series SLI support (pending QA review) and GeForce 7950 GX2 support (both GPUs are now operational).
  • Breaking the Silicon Barrier: Graphene Transistors Demonstrated - The new transistors are only one atom thick and less than 50 atoms wide. The development opens the gate to superfast computer chips at sizes not possible before with standard Silicon transistors. Graphene-based circuits, however, are not likely to be completely ready until 2025.
  • Firefox 3.0 to work with web apps while offline - Mozilla is aiming for an integration between the browser and web apps that is 'as smooth-running as a desktop application. Useful for laptops mostly I guess...
  • Mozilla Thunderbird v1.5.0.10 - This minor update fixes Network Security Services (NSS) SSLv2 buffer overflow and crashes with evidence of memory corruption.
  • Best Buy Confirms It Has 'Secret' Website - It would seem that Best Buy, under pressure from state investigators, has confirmed that it has a 'secret' store intranet site that employees have been using to block some consumers from getting cheaper prices advertised on
  • Microsoft Vista, IE7 Banned By U.S. DOT - According to a memo being reported on by Information week, the US Department of Transportation has issued a moratorium on upgrading Microsoft products. Concerns over costs and compatability issues has lead the federal agency to prevent upgrades from XP to Vista, as well as to stop users from moving to IE 7 and Office 2007.
  • BBC strikes Google-YouTube deal - The BBC will soon offer trailers, classic clips and news on Google's YouTube video sharing website.
  • Google Loses $1 Billion To Click Fraud? - Imagine losing $1 billion a year to click fraud. That is the amount Google says it loses each year to click fraud.
  • New Sony Walkman to Battle Video MP3 Makers - For Europe, there are three models: the NW-A805 (2GB), A806 (4GB), and A808 (8GB). The screen is a 2-inch LCD panel with QVGA resolution (240 pixels by 320 pixels).
  • Wii hacked with LPT cable instead of modchip? - Textb00k posted a video of his modded Wii playing a backup of Red Steel where he ditches the trusty modchip for a couple wires soldered to the drive board and routed to his PC's parallel port. The setup (PC only) also requires a patching program like Syndicate or WAB's "ISO Loader" or "WABModCheap" to make sure the Wii's firmware allows backups to load
  • Sony pegs Memory Stick Pro Duo to 8GB - Sony Japan has announced the 'MSX-M8GS' Memory Stick Pro Duo with capacity of 8GB. Before you make plans of using it with your camera get this, the 8GB Memory Stick will be compatible with Cybershot and Vaio laptops sold in 2007. PSP's running firmware ver 2.81 will be compatible with the Memory stick. 8GB does put a lot of free space for disposal as you can load up 19 hours 20 minutes of QVGA video in MPEG-4 format at 768 kbps, 2500 JPEG images and 4100 songs in Atrac format at 64kbps.
  • Choosing a Handheld GPS - If you want your GPS to earn its keep during the whole journey, look for a model like the Axion Geo-320 or the Garmin nüvi 660, which play MP3s and display photos. Or try a Windows Mobile Pocket PC with GPS like the HP Mobile Messenger, iPAQ Travel Companion, Mio A701 or HTC P3300. Benefon's TWIG Discovery is a mobile phone with built-in GPS, which makes it a little chunky, but it's robust enough to travel.
  • Wrist-Wearable Computer - The ZYPAD has a AU 1100 400 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, & 64 MB ROM. It includes a 802.11 b/g WIFI, class 2 Bluetooth, 12-channel GPS receiver, 240 X 320 3.5" TFT 256K color touch screen with automatic contrast adjust, 1x USB1.1 Master Port, 1x USB1.1 Device Port and a 2200 mAh V Li-ion removable battery.
  • Bazen AT-956TV Bathtub for long and entertaining tub sessions - The tub has a LCD screen, DVD player and a TV tuner, so you can catch up your favourite movie, news or CNBC while relaxing after a day's hard work.
  • Verizon Launching Mobile TV in 20 Cities - The service will cost $15 per month or can be combined with VCAST for unlimited video clip downloads and online access for $25 per month
  • The rise of technology addiction - One major consequence of this phenomenon is that the line between work and private life is much more blurred, now that e-mail and phones provide a 24-hour link between employers and staff.
  • How deep has hacker gone into eBay? - There is no disputing that a hacker who goes by the name Vladuz has at the very least become a public nuisance to eBay. But some observers think the hacks Vladuz has pulled off reveal a much deeper problem at the auction giant.
  • Woman Sues Yahoo Over Picture - Get this, a woman is suing Yahoo for $20 million for using her picture without her consent. We’re not talking American Idol / scandal pictures either, just a plain ol’ picture of her and a friend and she wants $10 million for her and $10 million for the attorneys
  • Physicists reveal water's secrets - We all know a molecule of water chemically as H2O--two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But liquid water is much more complex than that. Among its many properties, water also can absorb large amounts of heat before it begins to get hot, and it releases heat slowly during cooling. Otherwise, pools of water, from puddles to oceans, might boil during the day or freeze solid at night, regardless of the season
  • Near realtime free satellite images of the Earth - The MODIS satellites gaze back at the Earth constantly circling and snapping high res images of our world.
  • Cruise Missile caught on Google Maps flying over Utah -
  • Watch 300 Seconds of 300 - MTV has your first look at 300 seconds of 300, opening in conventional theaters and IMAX on Friday, March 9. Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy.
  • Opel Gran Turismo Coupe Concept - The new concept is based on the next-generation Vectra platform that will also spawn the new Insignia crossover. Powering the GTC is a modified version of the current Vectra OPC's 2.8L V6 turbo sending up to 300hp through all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.
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TechNews - Vista Brute Force Keygen - tech
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  • AMD Demo R600 Crossfire on Quad Core Barcelona Setup - AMD has publicly demonstrated a Barcelona system with a pair of 200W R600 cards running in Crossfire mode which is capable of hitting one teraflop.
  • R600 Clocks Higher Than 800MHz - Apparently R600 GDDR3 will be available in early May while R600 GDDR4 will be available in mid May but in limited quantities.
  • NVIDIA 7950GT, 7900GS, 7600GT, 7600GS Reach EOL? - Well, Nvidia has done this in the past. If they make a new chip that can be made cheaper then the old ones and is better they will replace the old chips en masse.
  • Lenovo Recalls 100,000 Laptop Batteries - The recalled nine-cell batteries have the part number FRU P/N 92P1131 and sell for about $180.
  • Vista Offers Nothing to Gamers - If you use your PC for gaming primarily, I see no reason to upgrade to Vista just yet. Sure, it's pretty to look at, and it has that "new" shine to it, but ultimately it's less stable than XP overall for gaming. In related news, Nvidia announced that it plans to release a new set of beta ForceWare graphics drivers for Windows Vista 'in the next few days.' The drivers will finally bring SLI support for GeForce 7- and GeForce 6-series graphics cards. Also on the menu will be performance improvements in OpenGL games, performance improvements for SLI setups running at high resolutions, and fixes for many bugs.
  • Vista Brute Force Keygen -  It is a simple brute force attack, dumb as a rock that just tries keys. If it gets one, you manually have to check it and try activation. Is is ugly, takes hours, is far from point and click, but it is said to work!
  • Detailed Windows Vista Tweaking Guide - The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion (TGTC) is the complete system optimization guide for Windows users. Designed for novice and advanced users alike, it is written in plain English to help you genuinely understand all aspects of Windows and your PC. Another interesting tutorial/article can be found here.
  • Creating Hi-Def DVDs Using Regular 4.7GB Type 5 DVDs - I had no idea this was even possible. Check out the How-To!
  • EU Looking Into New Fines For Microsoft - EU is looking to fine Microsoft $4 million USD per day!
  • Virgin doubles cable bandwidth to 20Mbit - Virgin, previously known as NTL:Telewest, has officially announced plans to double the maximum speed of UK cable-based internet services
  • Xbox 360 cracked - Hardware hackers have developed a technique to hack Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console so that it might be possible to run alternative operating systems on the hardware. The approach, which only works given physical access to the hardware and is strictly for fun, relies on a taking advantage of a vulnerability in the Xbox 360 hypervisor. Properly exploited, the bug allows tinkerers to run arbitrary code (even an alternative OS) with full privileges and full hardware access. Full details on the ingenious exploit, including proof of concept code, were published on BugTraq on Wednesday.
  • Verizon Launching Mobile TV in 20 Cities - The service will cost $15 per month or can be combined with VCAST for unlimited video clip downloads and online access for $25 per month.
  • You have 10 Minutes to remember as many of the 50 United States as you can. - Think you can do it without cheating? I missed 20, but I am not from the USA and never learned them :-)
  • Programmer Personality Test - A great test to take if you are a programmer! 
 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,28 2007 - tech
TechNews - AMD launches 690G/690V Chipsets - tech
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  • Intel To Cut CPU Prices Earlier - Price reduction will focus on entry-level and mainstream CPUs, with 820 and 915 series prices expected to drop 5-10% to around US$80.
  • AMD Launches New 690G and 690V Chipsets - With support for ATI Avivo, dual digital outputs, dual-link DVI, HDMI and HDCP, AMD's 690 chipset brings more to the table than any other integrated chipset offering before it when it comes to features. But what about performance? Does AMD 690 have what it takes to dethrone NVIDIA's GeForce 6150 and how does it stack up against Intel's Core 2 Duo/G965 combo?
  • NVIDIA MCP68 Board First Look -  There will be 2 SKUs, MC68PV for the high end and MCP68S for the value to compete against 690G and 690V respectively. Its successor MCP 78 will support DX10.
  • Inno3D introduces the WAVE for passive cooling solutions -  It is the best solution for not only system integrators but also professional graphic designers who like to work in a quiet environment
  • ASUS Notebooks Coming To Best Buy - Beginning in late February, ASUS notebooks will be available for purchase at more than 150 Best Buy retail stores nationwide. Asus says the first of its notebooks to hit Best Buy stores will be its G1 gaming laptop. According to the specifications on Asus' website, the G1 sports a 15.4" display with a resolution of up to 1680x1050, a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, an Nvidia GeForce Go 7700 graphics processor with 512MB of memory, 2GB of DDR2-667 RAM, a 160GB 5400RPM hard drive, and a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera
  • CompUSA to Close Nearly 130 Stores - CompUSA is closing more than half of its United States stores in the next couple of months. The company will shut the doors on 126 out of the 225 stores that it operates in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Yahoo Mail Incorrectly Flagged As Virus - Despite a warning issued by Symantec, Yahoo Mail is not infected with the Feebs worm. Symantec says the error was due to incorrect antivirus definitions and has since been fixed.
  • MPAA: We Were Only Testing Forest Blog - The MPAA have responded to the claims that they illegally used Patrick Robin's blogging software. They say they were only testing it, and that the blog was "never advertised to the public in any way". I wonder what would happen if a filesharer said he was just "testing" a movie.
  • 51 GB HD DVD disc rivals Blu-ray capacity - Toshiba is planning to launch the new format before the end of the year. Feasibility is a big question, though. It's unclear if the addition of a third layer on an HD DVD would significantly increase mass production costs or time.
  • Google Maps adds real-time traffic data - Google has added real-time traffic data for major highways in more than 30 American cities to Google Maps. The data is color-coded to signify traffic conditions: green means no congestion; yellow minor holdups; and red means significant slowdowns.
  • General Electric Reinvents the Light Bulb - I'm glad that they want to make an incandescent bulb that's as efficient as a CFL, but will they last as long? CFLs are supposed to last 10 times as long as incandescent...
  • The 12 greenest cars of 2007 - Energy watchdog group tallies emissions, mileage and curb weight to come up with the least dirty dozen
  • Tarantino's Grindhouse Festival Announced - The event will be a showcase for the risqué films exploiting sex, violence and extreme subject matter from the 1970s that inspired Grindhouse, with prints directly on loan from Tarantino's private collection, many of which are unavailable on DVD and have not screened for the public in theatres in decades.
  • NASA releases first photos of Jupiter from New Horizons - Some of the most detailed photos of Jupiter ever captured were released by NASA on Wednesday
  • Huge Underground 'Ocean' Found Beneath Asia - But nobody will be exploring this sea by submarine. The water is locked in moisture-containing rocks 400 to 800 miles (700 to 1,400 kilometers) beneath the surface.