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 Gameguru Mania News - Sep,09 2008 - tech 
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky DX10 Benchmarks - tech
(hx) 03:31 AM EDT - Sep,09 2008 - Post a comment / read (2)
The chaps over at PCGH have published a batch of DX10 benchmarks for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky using some 11 different video cards. Here's a taster:
Stalker: Clear Sky knows only two ways of running: very slow or absolutely playable. Depending on the scene or level the framerate is below 20 fps or climbs to more than 40 fps - but we experienced the former to happen more often. Anisotropic filtering is recommendable since it doesn't cost a lot of performance. But you should abstain from any kind of anti-aliasing. MSAA already lowers the fps without improving the optics very much. Better graphics can be achieved via transparency FSAA or SSAA, but both modes are unplayable in Stalker: Clear Sky. In higher resolutions at least, the graphics cards with a lot of video memory can beat their less equipped competitors. The Geforce 8800 GTX for example is 14 percent faster than the 9800 GTX+ at 1,680 x 1,050. AMD's HD 4800s are doing quite well - we cannot confirm the rumors from Russian forums that the Radeon cards would deliver insufficient performance only. The Geforce GTX 260 seems to suffer from driver related problems. Multi GPU systems are scaling extremely well (up to 100 percent) with the X-Ray Engine - not very surprising since the engine is not new. A special multi GPU article with videos will be released by next week.

If you want to play Stalker: Clear Sky with all details in DX 10 a t a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050, you will have to use a multi GPU solution. If you don't need high framerates you can do with Geforce GTX 280 or a Radeon HD 4870. At 1,280 x 1,024 a Geforce 8800 GTX, 9800 GTX+ or a HD 4850 do quite well, but you will have to go down to 1,024 x 768 to make them display the game really smooth. Stalker: Clear Sky requires a lot of RAM and video memory. Currently we are testing what processor is best, but at the moment more than one core seems to be useless.
 Gameguru Mania News - Sep,08 2008 - tech
Crysis Warhead PC Specs Explained - tech
(hx) 05:25 PM EDT - Sep,08 2008 - Post a comment
Chris Remo (ex-Shacknews) visited Crytek and got the lowdown on the specs for those Warhead PCs that the company talked about months ago (link). Apparently the $699 Warhead PCs will be able to run the game on high settings thanks to a 2.66GHz C2D e7300, NVIDIA 9800GT and 2GB of memory.
The Crytek team originally planned simply to give the Warhead PC's specs to EA to use for the recommended requirements, but eventually Nvidia got involved and it became clear that there was no reason that such a machine couldn't simply be sold straight to consumers looking for an easy entry (or re-entry) into PC gaming.

Though I don't have every nitty gritty hardware detail, I did get the machine's most important specs:
- CPU: Intel Core Duo e7300 (@2.66GHz)
- Video card: Nvidia 9800GT
- RAM: 2GB

I snapped a picture of the Warhead PC I used today. It had no external branding, and it wasn't clear whether the final version (which can be preordered next week and will ship alongside Crysis Warhead on September 16) will, although a Crysis-themed desktop background will be preloaded. It's a visually conservative rig, but I appreciated that there weren't a dozen obnoxious blue neon lights swirling visibly through a plexiglass window—we'll see what the shipping machine brings.
 Gameguru Mania News - Sep,06 2008 - tech
TechNews - Samsung gives Blu-ray five years to go - tech
(hx) 04:55 AM EDT - Sep,06 2008 - Post a comment
  • AMD quietly takes the axe to Phenom pricing - It's definitely nice price cutting (20-25%), maybe they are really have many stocks and clearing and coming ahead for the 45nm parts. But, to boost sells, they really need more SB750 equipped boards. There are only a few really on the shelf so...
  • Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard Tested - The Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme is worthy of the Extreme moniker offering stellar performance at both stock and overclocked speeds. It is no wonder that this board has become my primary benchmarking board for Wolfdale processors. It has the ability to hit nearly 100% FSB overclocks under liquid nitrogen and hefty ~80% FSB overclocks on air. Stock performance was exceptional and users with a hankering for more speed can overclock to their hearts' content with only their cooling and processor being their limiting factor. Enthusiasts looking for a DDR3 board with the P45 chipset should look no further for a top tier performance motherboard
  • 4-Way SSD Round-up - OCZ, Super Talent and Mtron -  The write performance limitation of current SSD technologies would likely manifest itself in database server applications under transactional conditions. What was absolutely impressive however, were the random access and seek times, along with the benefits that come with them and Solid State Storage in general. You simply have to experience first hand, the responsiveness of a desktop system running an SSD, to fully appreciate it.
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Available Now: Windows XP $399, Ubuntu $349 - The long rumored, long awaited "Eee PC Killer" from Dell, now called the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, is now shipping!
  • Everun Note Unboxed (video) - This AMD dual-core Turion powered Everun mini-notebook is easily one of the smallest I have ever seen.
  • Asus' Eee PC 901 netbook Tested - With an 8.9" screen that's full "web width", an Intel Atom processor, and battery life of nearly eight hours, the Eee PC 901 is a more capable computer than the first Eee PCs. But how good is it? Can it stand up against a wave of netbook competitors?
  • Microsoft kicks off $300 million Windows Vista marketing push! - Well, maybe it would be better to use that $300mil to give everyone a free copy of Vista as proof-of-concept or make it cheaper...
  • Twelve unnecessary Vista features to disable - Some are shiny baubles that slow down graphics performance, while others are optional utilities that hog memory when they shouldn't. 
  • Samsung gives Blu-ray five years to go - Samsung UK Consumer Electronics Director Andy Griffiths predicted that Blu-ray will be obsolete by 2013
  • Awesome Car Dealership Interactive Technology (video) - I think this video, while not as impressive as some of the other interactive tech we've seen lately (multi-touch, surface, etc.), is still a neat way to get people into the whole vehicle selection process.
  • New Firefox JavaScript engine is faster than Chrome's V8 - Mozilla's next-generation JavaScript engine actually outperforms V8
  • World's largest solar power plant - The total site will have a surface area of 80 hectares and cover a space larger than 100 football fields
  • Noonan and Murphy on Palin (video) - Two conservative commentators on MSNBC, after they're off the air, say what they really think about the veep choice
  • Ferrari planning to launch F430 Scuderia Spider? - It looks like Ferrari is planning to launch and open-air Spider version of the F430 Scuderia!
  • Happy Tree Friends - Whose Line Is It Anyway? (video) - LOL
  • Best South Park License Plate Ever (pic) - check it out
  • 62 mph! (100km/h) Cops hunt highway skateboarder (video) - A video of the skateboarder, broadcast on German television networks on Wednesday, showed a helmeted figure wearing a red and white protective suit building up speed by holding onto the back of a motorcycle before letting go and freewheeling.
  • 101 Atheist Quotes - check it out
  • Drunk Guy Falls on Table (video) - Three guys sitting around a table. Lots of empty beer bottles. Place your bets on which one tumbles first! :-)
  • Eve Wyrwal - Front Magazine - Mar 2008 - Eve Wyrwal (b. 1988) is a Polish glamour model currently living in Rugby.
  • Abigail Clancy FHM Pictures - Abigail Clancy is not nude (you wish), but luckily enough she is featured in pages of FHM magazine once again!
  • Michelle Hunziker Does a Bikini Good...Very Good! -  Here are some very nice Michelle Hunziker bikini pictures from the beaches of Rio, wherein the 31-year-old Swiss model shows off her best ass-ets. Get it? ;-)
 Gameguru Mania News - Sep,03 2008 - tech
TechNews - Google Internet Browser Out! - tech
(hx) 08:51 PM EDT - Sep,03 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel intros $230 Core 2 Quad Q8200, new Core 2 Duo - The Core 2 Quad Q8200 costs $224 in volume quantities and packs four 2.33GHz cores, 4MB of L2 cache, and a 1333MHz front-side bus.
  • A Chinese Challenge to Intel - The chip, code-named Godson-3, was developed with government funding by more than 200 researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Computing Technology (ICT).
  • GeForce 9800 GT Video Card Roundup - Hardware Canucks posted an in-depth GeForce 9800 GT Video Card Roundup featuring cards from ASUS, EVGA, Palit and Gigabyte.
  • Budget Cooling Solutions from TITAN and Thermaltake -  Do you plan to replace your boxed cooler? If so, check out this coolers
  • Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition External 2TB HDD Tested - The Studio Edition and Studio Edition II both use USB 2.0, FireWire and eSATA, giving you access to your data just a little faster
  • Logitech illuminated keyboard the thinnest ever - To optimize existing backlight technology, Logitech combined microlens reflectors, a multilayer painting process and laser etching - creating a backlight experience that is brighter, sharper and easier to read. Whether you're typing an e-mail or chatting with a friend, the adjustable backlight gives you just the right amount of light
  • What's next for DirectX? A DirectX 11 overview - DirectX 11 is clearly an attempt to build on the foundation laid by DirectX 10, while adding new functionality in where required. Thus, we wait with anticipation to see what its release will bring, and of course more importantly exactly what content creators can do with it as time goes on.
  • Google Internet Browser - Chrome Beta Released - If you decide to download it and give it a whirl, post your thoughts in the comment section.  Personally, I don't know why Google would want to make its own browser, especially considering all the cash the company gives Mozilla every year...But wait, Google always says: There's no complete privacy on the Internet, so maybe they just got a  plan...there is an editorial / article about it
  • Microsoft targets 15-second bootups for Windows 7 - A senior member of the Windows 7 development team says that there is a team of engineers dedicated to start up performance that has set a goal of having a 15 second or less boot time.
  • RivaTuner v2.10 out for grabs - RivaTuner is a complete powerful tweaking environment, providing you everything you may need to tune NVIDIA GPU based display adapters
  • Sysinternals Suite 9/02/2008 - A bundling of dozens of selected troubleshooting Sysinternals Utilities.
  • Ultrasound To Give Feel To Games (+ video) - Force feedback isn't making your gameplay experience realistic enough for you? Try a face full of ultrasonic waves!
  • Hands-on with MultiTouch Cell (video) - If you though multi-touch was cool, you'll love multi-touch on more than one display!
  • Samsung YP-Q1 MP3 Player Does Video and FM Radio Too (video) - Taking on the familiar bar-style form factor, the YP-Q1 can handle your usual smattering of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC, but the little color display is also good for your video files too, including MPEG4 and WMV.
  • Gorenje debuts fridge freezer "Made for iPod" - Apparently designed specifically for what Gorenje describes as the "the cult iPod touch," the fridge of course boasts the usual iPod dock, as well as pair of built-in speakers of unspecified kitchen-shaking ability.
  • The Arctic Region Is Going Through Scary Changes - The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has decreased to the second lowest level recorded ever since satellite measurements were first taken in 1979.
  • Scientists Solve Greatest Superconductor Puzzle Yet - Superconductors, materials that conduct electricity with no resistance below a certain temperature (the critical temperature, Tc), have a variety of incredible applications. For example, superconductors could offer electricity transmission with no losses from power plants, saving the country's money and fuel, could power faster computers, and could make ultra-efficient motors
  • Why 20-Something Guys Won't Grow Up - Today's 20-something guys are less likely to read a newspaper, attend church, vote for president or believe that people are basically trustworthy, helpful and fair. The percentage of 26-year-olds living with their parents has nearly doubled since 1970.
  • Virtual relationship via Second Life ends in real life kidnap drama - There is a reason why they say you should not meet your virtual friends in the real world
  • Sikorsky X2 at 288mph is the Worlds fastest Helicopter- This first 30-minute flight showed that the thing doesn't fall out of the sky, but it won't be streaking through the wild blue yonder at 288mph until its fourth test flight.
  • Ferrari California is easy to drive - you know, for the ladies (video) - check it out!
  • MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson Was A Real Life Hacker in 1980s - Tom Anderson, cofounder of MySpace and everyone's first friend when a MySpace account is initially created, was a hacker in the 80's and broke into Chase Manhattan Bank's system
  • A Tribute to Don LaFontaine: The Voice (video) - 750,000 television spots, 5,000 movie trailers, 1 voice, Don LaFontaine has the most recognizable voice in the game right now. Here is the legend's story told by none other than the legend himself. RIP, Don, the moviegoing world will miss you
  • Preeti Bhutani - HQ Photoshoot - She is one of the Bollywood's rare actress who is looking for some good role in the industry.
  • Katie Downes looking great in black lingerie - She's walking the streets in sexy lingerie, that's good enough! :P
  • Gisele Bundchen Arena Magazine September 2008 Pictures - Gisele Bundchen is featured in the latest issue of Arena Magazine and shows off her freakishly amazing body.Does this girl ever look bad?
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,30 2008 - tech
TechNews - GeForce 9550 GT to be a HD 4670 killer? - tech
(hx) 08:36 AM EDT - Aug,30 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • AMD Athlon X2 6500 (K10, Kuma) at 2nd September - The chip will operate at 2.30GHz, feature 1MB of L2 cache [512KB per core], 2MB L3 cache as well as dual-channel DDR2 memory controller. The new product will have thermal design power of 95W.
  • AMD's First 45nm Desktop CPU Set to Arrive Jan 09 - The code-named Deneb chips will not get truly high clock-speed boost, but will be able to offer substantially higher performance thanks to larger cache and architectural improvements
  • GeForce 9550 GT is going to against Radeon HD 4670 -  Currently, there are no details available regarding the card's technical specifications but, according to all the rumors, it will have to be better than the 9500GT, which sports a 550MHz GPU, 1400MHz shaders and 1400MHz memory.
  • Adam & Jamie draw a MONA LISA in 80 milliseconds! at NVIDIA's Show - Adam and Jamie, hots of the known mythbusters show compared a CPU vs a GPU to explain parallel processing and the GPU drew an ACTUAL mona lisa drawing using paint balls in 80 milliseconds!
  • IBM Tests 4-Terabyte Solid-State Drive Tech - Engineers and researchers at the IBM are testing a 4-terabyte, high-speed solid-state drive array and the results are nothing short of impressive
  • Microsoft warns of IE8 lock-in with XP SP3 - Microsoft warned users of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) that they won't be able to uninstall either the service pack or Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) under some circumstances.
  • Is bloatware on the way out for PC makers? - Best Buy's Geek Squad bloatware removal service is putting pressure on PC vendors to change their software bundling practices.
  • Comcast to deploy 250 GB/month usage caps in October - Comcast is now saying that, beginning October 1, it will implement measures to cap its residential broadband customers' total data use at 250 GB per month
  • Sony Bravia EX1 the world's first LCD TV with HD wireless - Designed specifically for the European market by Sony's EU Design Centre the EX1 comes with a wireless transmitter which beams HD images wrelessly in runtime thus cutting on messy HDMI cables.
  • Sony Ericsson TM506 from T-Mobile is Ten Times Faster than iPhone 3G - While the iPhone 3G, operating on the AT&T network, was only capable of doing an average of about 545kbps in John's tests, the TM506 with T-Mobile pulled down a "crazy average" of 5037kbps. That's faster than a lot of people's DSL connections at home!
  • Flaw gives attackers access to passcode-protected iPhones - A member of the Mac Rumors forums has uncovered a major flaw that allows malicious users to gain access to certain passcode-protected iPhones.
  • Sony Cyber-shot T500 P&S Camera Does HD Video - It won't do 1080p, but this slim and compact camera can do 720p videos, recording them in surprisingly in a non-Sony proprietary format, MPEG4 AVC/H.264
  • Most Unfortunate Name Ever - Check it out ......."What's your name?" "Yoo Suk...What's yours?" ;-) However, Tyson Gay isn't far behind.
  • New Max Payne movie trailer released - Take a look. Film's out next year.
  • Orangina Naturally Juicy English version (video) - Here's the full length version of FFL Paris' latest Orangina spot, "Naturally Juicy". Naughty dancing furries!
  • Kristen Bell - Maxim Magazine French - Sep 2008 - Kristen Bell is Maxim France's cover girl for September 2008. I'm so glad she is back for the third season of Heroes.
  • Vida Guerra Has Nice Breasts - There's no doubt Vida Guerra has nice breasts!
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,27 2008 - tech
TechNews - New GeForce 9400 GT costs only $59 - tech
(hx) 05:28 PM EDT - Aug,27 2008 - Post a comment
  • Inside the Nehalem: Intel's New Core i7 Microarchitecture - It features a new Turbo Mode technology which is treated just like another P-state to the operating system and is completely transparent to any software or games. The PCU regulates the frequency and power within it's own specs so there is no need to adapt or tune software for it.
  • NVISION 08 Coverage - Day 1: Jen-Hsun Huang's Keynote | Day 2: Keynote, NASA, Kyle Busch and Exhibitors  
  • MSI Memory lover the first motherboard with 8 memory slots  -  It supports the IntelCore 2 Extreme / Quad and other multi-core processors with an FSB up to 1600MHz. The main feature of P45-8D Memory Lover is the superb memory expansion flexibility. It has a total of eight memory slots which users can expand to 16GB by using four DDR2 memory or 8GB by using four DDR3 memories
  • New GeForce 9400 GT costs only $59 - Based on NVIDIA's G96 GPU, the chip ships with 16 stream processors clocked at 1.4GHz, while the graphics core runs at 550MHz. NVIDIA's reference specifications also call for a minimum of 512MB of DDR2 memory clocked at 400MHz, with its 128-bit memory interface providing up to 12.8GB/sec of peak bandwidth, while texture fill rate stands at a paltry 4.4 billion texels/second (about a tenth of the GeForce 9800 GTX's fill rate).
  • Western Digital adds 750GB, 1TB drives to its RE3 HDD series -The fresh 3.5-inch drives come with 750GB (WD57502ABYS) and 1TB (WD1002FBYS) worth of storage space, have SATA 3.0 Gbps connection interfaces and bear a rather striking resemblance to the Caviar Black desktop HDDs
  • Samsung 2263DX Black 22inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Tested - The Samsung SyncMaster 2263UW is easily one of the best consumer LCD monitors on the market.
  • Microsoft preps laptop mice with new sensor - If you visit Microsoft's peripherals site right now, you'll see a teaser for what sounds like a new series of mice. The teaser video shows people using their mice on a variety of different surfaces, and it mentions "the technology that will go anywhere you do." At the end, the teaser shows a pattern of blue eye-shaped areas on a black background and says simply, "9.9.08 Say Goodbye to Laser."
  • NVIDIA ForceWare 177.92 BETA Drivers - PhysX v8.08.18 included! - It is very fast and brings optimalization in 3DMark Vantage, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Enemy Territory (Single) and Bioshock, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Enemy Territory, World in Conflict (Dual, SLI). Also the promised PhysX v8.08.18 was added.
  • Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 - Microsoft has released the second beta of Internet Explorer. My response: "Who cares?" Do you?
  • BurnAware Free Edition 2.1 - BurnAware Free Edition (download) allows you to easily perform the most common disc burning tasks: write to all CD/DVD media types, including Blu-Ray; write Audio CDs and DVD-Video files; create and burn disc images; write multi-session discs and much more.
  • Microsoft tweaks anti-piracy check for Windows XP - Microsoft has updated software that verifies whether a copy of Windows is genuine in its Windows XP Professional edition, making it similar to the notification in Windows Vista and thus more persistently visible to users.
  • Project Mojave Experiment Demos Released - Project Mojave was a focus group where Windows XP users, who hadn't upgraded to Windows Vista were brought in, interviewed about their perceptions of Vista and then they got an exclusive demonstration of the next release of Windows, code-named "Mojave". Of course the kicker is that the product being demo'd wasn't "Project Mojave" it was Windows Vista.
  • Crytek: PS4 And Xbox 720 May Arrive In Three Or Four Years - The PlayStation 4 and Xbox '720' will arrive in 2011 or 2012...maybe :-P
  • AMD sells its digital TV unit to Broadcom - The acquisition will give Broadcom ownership of AMD's Xilleon integrated processors, NXT receivers, Theater 300 DTV processors, and panel processors.
  • Hackers breach Best Western in data heist -Hackers have broken into the corporate databases for best Western Hotels and may have stolen the names, addresses and credit card information of every customer who stayed with the international group since 2007
  • Computer viruses make it to orbit - Nasa has confirmed that laptops carried to the ISS in July were infected with a virus known as Gammima.AG.
  • BlackBerry Bold Unboxed! (video) - RIM and Rogers Wireless launched the Bold and it has everyone in a fever...mainly for its new features such as its sexy display, 3G and media player!
  • Jailbreak Your 2.0.2 iPhone 3G with QuickPwn (video) - The good guy from has put together a video tutorial that walks you through the entire jailbreaking process.
  • TomTom GO 930 Tested - There are several cool functions though that I have not see any other GPS devices that have like, lane switch function, cool voices etc. The question is though is it worth the 500$?
  • Rouge from TokyoFlash is trendy and hip - Deciphering this watch is not all the tough; the outer ring of small dots represents minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five-minute groups
  • GM Reconfigurable Performance Display - General Motors has developed a Reconfigurable Performance Display that can be configured to display a 'gauge' for a number of different things like horsepower, temperature, boost and so on.
  • Quantum Mechanics For Dummies (video) - It outlines Einstein's distaste at Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and is a good starting point in realising that the universe is far, far stranger than can be imagined.
  • Solar plane makes record flight - The Zephyr-6, as it is known, stayed aloft for more than three days, running through the night on batteries it had recharged in sunlight
  • The 5 Scientific Experiments Most Likely to End the World - Surely in their insatiable curiosity and desire to put knowledge above all things, science would never, say, inadvertently set off a chain of events that lead to the end of the world. Right?
  • Crowd Chants "F*ck FOX News!" live on FOX News! (video) - Dumb reporter walks into protesters, and unsuccessfully tries to get them to talk to him
  • Man hires hitman to kill wife. Wife Kills Hitman! - Kudos to the wife for kicking this guy's ass!
  • Madonna - 4 Minutes (Live Sticky & Sweet Tour) - Video - Well, she still can dance! Respect!
  • This Is Why God Made Little People (video) - This little dude has some moves :-D
  • Hollyoaks Calendar 2009 - Loaded - Featuring Claire Cooper, Hollie-Jay Bowes, Gemma Merna, Roxanne McKee, Jennifer Metcalfe and Zoe Lister
  • Alessandra Ambrosio - Victoria's Secret Supermodel Obsession - check it out!
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,24 2008 - tech
TechNews - Intel to Release First 6-Core CPU in Sept. - tech
(hx) 05:49 PM EDT - Aug,24 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel to Release First 6-Core CPU in September - The highest performance model will sport a maximum core speed of 2.67GHz, 130W TDP (Thermal Design Power) and 16MB of L3 cache, while the mainstream E7450 model will provide a core frequency of 2.4GHz and 90W for the TDP
  • Inside Nehalem - This article represents the culmination of several IDF presentations, privates meetings, and conversations with Intel representatives from this past week--most of the slides are from a presentation give by Rajesh Kumar, Intel Fellow and Director of Intel's Director, Circuit, & Low Power Technologies.
  • ATI Radeon HD 4870 Overclocking Guide - Even though the Radeon HD 4870 will handily tackle practically every 3D game out there, there is still a dragon left to slay and that dragon is called Crysis. The Radeon HD 4870 delivered an average frame rate of 38 fps at 1600 x 1200 and 32 fps at 1920 x 1200. Very good but it would be nice to have better frame rates, wouldn't it? So, let's see how well the Radeon HD 4870 overclocks!
  • Intel touts SSDs for extreme gaming - Intel will be shipping their 80 GB XM SSDs within 30 days and in Q4 the capacity will double to 160 GB
  • Acer cuts Aspire one netbook pricing - The firm claims you can now get the Intel Atom-powered system with 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard disk drive, a three-cell battery, and a copy of Windows XP Home Edition for just $349
  • ASUS launches a slew of new laptops - The new Asus F8 notebooks come in several colors and feature the Asus Express Gate technology to go online in 8s.
  • AnyDVD HD - download!
  • Firefox to get massive JavaScript performance boost - Mozilla is leveraging an impressive new optimization technique to bring a big performance boost to the Firefox JavaScript engine.
  • LinkedIn launches native Iphone app - The indigenous app, based on the same back end that serves LinkedIn mobile, reportedly offers quicker response time and a myriad of new features.
  • Intel Demos Bizarre Tesla-esque Wireless Power Transmission System - Using two large coils Intel showcased a system that could send 60 watts of power at 75 percent efficiency up to 3 feet. The power was enough to light up a bulb at the receiving end.
  • iHologram: Incredibly Cool (but useless) iPhone app (video) - The application works by assuming a constant viewing angle (35-45 degrees), typical for when the device is placed on a tabletop.
  • Physicists Theorize New Method for Faster than Light Travel - Two physicists from Baylor University have theorized what they believe to be a method of faster than light travel that would not break the Theory of Relativity.
  • Solar plane makes record flight - A UK-built solar-powered plane sets an unofficial world endurance record for a flight by an unmanned aircraft.
  • Storming Sweden in the World's Wildest Prius (video) - Love it or hate it, the Toyota Prius is a boring car and the last thing you'd expect to see snagging trophies at a car show. But three Swedes with wild imaginations and a truckload of cash have turned a car with the personality of a goldfish into the world's wildest hybrid!
  • Happy Tree Friends - Suck It Up (video) - Sniffles gets caught up in a whirlwind battle with those crafty ants!
  • Michael Phelps at an Early Age (pic) - That dang kid was always a winner ;-)
  • Greatest Medication Side Effect Ever! (video) - Cracked isn't always spot on with some of their things, but this was definitely amusing and worth watching :-)
  • 25 Most Awesome Horror Kills (video) - The kills just keep on coming! Dugg for Gremlins and Killer Klowns from Outer Space ;-)
  • Izabel Goulart - Sexy Photos - She is still pretty amazing to look at!
  • Rebecca Loos Cool Lingerie photoshoot - Rebecca Loos (born on 19 June 1977 in Madrid, Spain) is a Dutch glamour model and aspiring singer who was personal assistant to English football player David Beckham
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,23 2008 - tech
TechNews - Upgraded GTX 260 in mid-September - tech
(hx) 07:32 AM EDT - Aug,23 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel E8600 Core 2 Duo Processor Tested - If you already have an E8xxx or Q9xxx processor, don't feel pressured to buy the newest toy on the block as you won't gain much from it. Like all top tier processors, you pay quite a lot for very little and the $182 E8500 is a much more attractive choice for most consumers. Now, if you absolutely must have the fastest processor on the market or eat, sleep, and dream about overclocking then the E8600 should be in your shopping cart as you read this. Chances are this is as fast as it's going to get until Nehalem comes out, so you might as well get it now and enjoy it for a few months.
  • GeForce GTX 260 to get a speed boost next month -  These cards will supposedly feature nine thread processing clusters (TPCs) instead of eight, which should work out to 216 stream processors and 72 texture units (up from 192 SPs and 64 TUs on the current model). What Nvidia really needs to do now is to lower the price of the GTX260 even further...
  • NVIDIA nForce 700a, GeForce 8000 Chipsets - The present implementation of Hybrid Power is interesting not for top graphics cards (although power saving is already noticeable in this case), but for top SLI configurations
  • Acer cuts Aspire one netbook pricing - The firm claims you can now get the Intel Atom-powered system with 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard disk drive, a three-cell battery, and a copy of Windows XP Home Edition for just $349. Penguin sympathizers can get the same netbook with Linpus Linux Lite pre-installed for $20 less.
  • Microsoft intros SideWinder X6 keyboard and X5 mouse - In games, users can turn the numeric keypad into a "programmable macro pad" that can remember as many as 90 macros per title. The SideWinder X6 also has little extras like a "Cruise Control" mode (presumably for long World of Warcraft sessions) as well as color-adjustable backlit keys
  • ATi Catalyst Drivers v8.8 - Hybrid Graphics support is introduced for XP in these drivers
  • Adobe Flash ads launching clipboard hijack attack - In the Web attacks, which target Mac, Windows and Linux users running Firefox, IE and Safari, hackers are seizing control of the machine's clipboard and using a hard-to-delete URL that points to a fake anti-virus program
  • Why the Megapixel Race Needs to End - Wired’s Gadget Lab wants the megapixel race to end and explains their position nicely
  • Guy Eats Michael Phelps Breakfast in Less Than Five Minutes! (video) - Competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti downs three pancakes, three french toasts, three fried egg sandwiches, a bowl of grits, an omelet, and two cups of coffee in less than five minutes.
  • Cop Car Vs Deer (video) - Gives a whole new meaning to looking like a deer in the headlights!
  • Russian Tsar Hydrogen Bomb Explosion (video) - This is the Russian Tsar the largest, most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated!
  • Usain Bolt World Record 200M 19.30 @ Beijing 2008 (video) - Bolt simply rocks :-) not talking about 4x100m (37.10 WR) men ;-)
  • Leryn Franco's Topless Pictures - Leryn Franco (born 1 March 1982 in Asuncion) is a Paraguayan athlete who specializes in the javelin throw. Her personal best throw is 55.38 metres, achieved in May 2007 in Fortaleza.
  • Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes Are My Supermodel Obsession - Here's Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes posing in lingerie for the 'Supermodel Obsession' book. Enjoy!
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,20 2008 - tech
TechNews - Dual-core Atom chip next month - tech
(hx) 07:36 AM EDT - Aug,20 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel plans to deliver new dual-core Atom chip next month  - Intel plans to bring its first dual-core Atom to market next month, it was revealed here Monday during the Intel Developer Forum. The chipmaker also disclosed more details of the Nehalem processor. The power-efficient mobile processor will be targeted at Atom-based desktops called nettops.
  • Radeon HD 4670, 4650 specifications -Reportedly, both offerings will feature 320 stream processors-just like today's Radeon HD 3850 and 3870-but with memory interfaces only 128 bits wide. Core clock speeds will range up to 750MHz for the Radeon HD 4670, while memory will top out at 1,000MHz (presumably an "effective" 2,000MHz).
  • Asus Eee PC 1000 40G netbook Tested - The Atom is an obvious upgrade over the original Eee's underclocked Celeron, but the 1000's bigger screen and higher display resolution are much more important improvements. Having 1024 horizontal pixels makes web browsing a breeze, particularly when coupled with two-finger scrolling. The larger screen also stretches the form factor to accommodate a larger keyboard
  • Fujitsu SAS Drives and Highpoint RocketRAID 2640X4 Testing in Linux - Looking to add reliable and high performing storage to your linux based server? TechwareLabs tested the Fujitsu SAS hard drives in a linux environment and brings to you expected performance in an enterprise setting
  • The 3rd feature pack for Vista - Windows Feature Pack for Storage which contains 3 technologies: Active Storage Platform, Image Mastering API update for Blu-Ray media and Smart Card Driver.
  • World's Smallest Vista-Powered QWERTY Device (video) - What you see here is the Willcom D4 by Sharp, a handheld that they claim is the world's smallest Vista-powered QWERTY device
  • T-Mobile to Offer First Phone With Google Software - The high-end phone is expected to match many of the capabilities of Apple's iPhone and other so-called smartphones that run software from Palm, Research in Motion, Microsoft and Nokia to access the Internet and perform computerlike functions
  • Tris = Free Tetris for iPhone (video) - While you could fork out 10 bucks to get the EA version of Tetris, wouldn't be so much better to get in on some Tetris action for free?
  • Tallest Skyscraper in the World Almost Completed - It looks like a set from Blade Runner or the interior of the Death Star! Check it out
  • How Ferrari's U-Turn In Dubai (video) - This driver shows how Ferrari F430's do U-turns in Dubai.
  • Aerial combat: American F-15 vs Russian Su-27 (video) - Check it out
  • Cute Girl Takes Bath in Mac and Cheese (video) - What school is this where chicks who look like that actually agree to strip then bathe in a bath of mac and cheese? ;-)
  • Usain Bolt runs 9.69 for World Record in 100m (video) - Usain Bolt runs 9.69 for World Record in 100m! Woot!
  • Jennifer Walcott Photos are Tight! - This is the latest set of Jennifer Walcott photos that have been released and although they are heavily airbrushed, I think guys and girls alike can agree that she has it going on!
  • Jessica Simpson Photos from Glamour Magazine - Jessica Simpson is back in print and this time it's within the pages and on the cover of Glamour magazine.
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,17 2008 - tech
TechNews - Can AMD survive another Core 2 Duo? - tech
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  • Can AMD survive another Core 2 Duo?  - IDF is just around the corner and Intel will provide a flood of new information about its upcoming Nehalem (Core i7) processor as well as its 32 nm and 22 nm successors
  • VIA lands Nano CPU orders from HP - HP has already ordered 500,000 Via C7-M processors, which indicates they're planning to sell half a million Mini-Notes by the end of the year.
  • Six DDR3 kit Round-Up - Which DDR3 kits were good for overclocking? And possibly the most important question, which DDR3 kit meets your needs? Take a look!
  • XFX GTX 280 XXX 3-Way SLi /4870X2 CFx - The XFX 280's come pre-overclocked and work fine individually, however if you slot three of them into a single system, they begin to heat up, considerably. I recorded load temperature increases from around 65c in single card to around 85c. Thankfully Ntune supports three cards at a time and you can individually toggle fan speed. Putting all three cards to 100% fan raises the noise levels, however it is bearable and it manages to help get things back under control and temperatures drop by a good 8-10c.
  • Engineering Windows 7 - Blog dedicated to the engineering of Windows -  So far the blog is saying all the right things and so on, I just hope that when they say they are listening to the community, they mean enthusiasts and end users...not analysts! ;-)
  • doPDF 6.1.270 - doPDF installs itself as a virtual printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To create PDF files, you just have to print your documents to the doPDF pdf converter.
  • T-Mobile to Offer First Phone With Google Software - The phone will be made by HTC and is expected to go on sale in the United States before Christmas, perhaps as early as October
  • iPhone 3G in Reality Versus Advertisement (video) - The iPhone 3G may appear to load web pages lightning fast in commercials, but in reality, its speed is not so zippy.
  • Adderall: Not Just for ADD Anymore - Adderall is designed to be used as study tool for students diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but you don't need to have either diagnosis to feel the desired effects of this drug. It's an amphetamine, so it enhances your attention span and wakes you up, thus helping you pull all-nighters during finals week and just have more stamina for academia in general. Basically, it's like Red Bull. On cocaine.
  • BMW recalling 200,000 vehicles as air bags won't deploy - To auto giant has detected a problem with the 2006 3 Series, the 2004-2006 5 Series, and the 2004-2006 X3 compact sport utility as a result of which it is recalling 200,000 vehicles.
  • Top Ten Worst Car Names - Do you have any that belong on the list? Let me know in the comments ;-) FYI, I own a Ford Focus - it's definitely the best car I've ever had, it's really hard to find better car for the same money.
  • Hot Reporter Completely Owned by Zorb (video) - Poor girl ;-)
  • Helicopters Crash (video) - Two Helicopters crash air
  • Michael Phelps wins Gold Medal #8 - Phelps earned his unprecedented eighth Olympic gold medal of the 2008 Olympics as he swam the butterfly leg of the Americans' world-record win in the 4x100m medley relay to close out the swimming competition at the Water Club. Congratulations to Michael Phelps! FYI, here's an underwater frame-by-frame shot of Michael Phelps' .01-second victory in the 100m Butterfly Final.
  • Weightlifting Accident 2008 Beijing (video) - Janos Baranyai was trying to snatch 148kg(326lbs.) in his third lift in the men's 77-kg division, when his elbow popped out of socket. No longer able to support the weight of the barbell, his right forearm bent backward. The 24-year-old Hungarian fell to the floor in shock, shaking and crying out in pain
  • Body Of Lies Movie Trailer - Here's the new Body of Lies movie trailer, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe.
  • Louise Glover Hot Photoshoot -  She is well known from her work as a glamour model, with appearances in British lad mags, including FHM, Bizarre, Maxim, Loaded...
  • Anna Kournikova's Hot Ass In Maxim -  I have to say, the shot of her ass is one of the greatest pictures I've ever seen!
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,13 2008 - tech
TechNews - NVIDIA G92s and G94 Reportedly Failing - tech
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  • Intel officially confirms 'Core i7' branding for Nehalem - The first products in this new family of processors, including an "Extreme Edition" version, will carry an "i7" identifier and will be formally branded as "Intel Core i7 processor."
  • GeForce GTX 260/280 versus Radeon HD 4850/4870 - Clearly the GeForce GTX 260 is a superior performer when compared to the Radeon HD 4850, though when you take value into account the performance vs. price ratio is very close. The Radeon HD 4850 did cop a hiding in Company of Heroes and Unreal Tournament, where it was on average 53% and 48% slower, respectively. However games like Crysis, saw the GeForce GTX 260 produce smaller leads
  • ATI HD4870X2 Crysis AA vs DX9/DX10 Performance - MadShrimps compared the performance of the ATI HD4870X2 under Crysis AA and DX9/DX10
  • NVIDIA G92s and G94 Reportedly Failing - According to the report, not only are all G84 and G86 chips bad but the problem is also being reported in G92s and G94 GPUs.
  • 320 GB Hard Disk Drive Round-Up - VelociRaptor from Western Digital is the fastest hard disk drive around on this capacity range
  • Microsoft Security Updates for August 2008 - The monthly security update includes six bulletins that address issues rated 'critical', the highest of Microsoft's security alert levels. Four of the critical bulletins addressed vulnerabilities in Office. Those patches included fixes for an ActiveX control in Office 2003 and older, flaws in Office filters, Powerpoint and Excel
  • Microsoft's New Technology: Unwrap Mosaics (video) - This is one of those times when you really do have to see this to believe it. Editing videos is nothing new but editing them like this is awesome!
  • MIT student newspaper publishes the banned DEFCON slides - The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has sued three MIT students.
  • Here's A Map Of Nations That Don't Use The Metric System  - check it out
  • 50 State Internet Speed Report - Hit the link and download the complete PDF that shows each state in detail or just use the handy roll-over map to see where your state ranks overall
  • Propane Plant Explodes in Toronto (video) - Toronto skyline was up in flames/smoke
  • Beware Of The Bear (video) - This dude is awesome
  • The 6 Raunchiest, Most Depraved Sex Acts (From the Bible)- What happens when you take a really skanky sex story and dress it up in a lot of flowery words? You get the Bible. Or large chunks of it, anyway.
  • Rihanna Bikini Pictures - Here's Rihanna in a bikini vacationing with Chris Brown in Barbados
  • Alison Carroll - The New Face of Lara Croft - Gamers can dream that Angelina Jolie will one day take her cinematic Lara Croft into the video game world. But for now, they'll have to make do with the lovely Alison Carroll, a competitive U.K. gymnast who looks downright sporting in her multiple-holstered, black-booted garb
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,12 2008 - tech
NVIDIA GeForce Power Pack - tech
(hx) 12:14 PM EDT - Aug,12 2008 - Post a comment
NVIDIA announced new software that uses the processing power of GeForce video cards for other applications than graphics and games. The GeForce Power Pack includes all kinds of goodies for owners of Nvidia GeForce 8, 9 and 200 series of video cards, including full PhysX support, technology demos, Folding@Home, a physics mod for Unreal Tournament III, and the full version of Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction.
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,09 2008 - tech
TechNews - Intel Going With 'Core i7' Name? - tech
(hx) 06:46 AM EDT - Aug,09 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Nehalem to hit the market as 'Core i7'? - The rumor mill suggests that Intel will be naming its Nehalem processors 'Core i7' and has posted a couple Core i7 logos as their proof
  • AMD 790GX Chipset Platform Launch - AMD's new 790GX chipset proved to be a solid performer throughout our entire battery of benchmarks. In all of the more processor and memory bound tests, the 790GX performed on-par with or slightly ahead of NVIDIA's nForce 780a chipset and just behind AMD's own 790FX. In terms of IGP performance, the 790GX outperformed offerings from both Intel and NVIDIA in both in-game benchmarks that we ran and by a very large margin.
  • Budget Graphics Card Roundup - August 2008 - Check out gaming performance of seven different budget graphics card products from various manufacturers (HIS Radeon HD3450 256MB Silence edition, Sapphire Radeon HD3450 512MB, Point of View Nvidia 8500GT 256MB, XFX Nvidia 8600GT 512MB, HIS Radeon HD3650 IceQ Turbo 512MB, Sapphire Radeon HD3650 OC edition 512MB, XFX Nvidia 9600GSO 384MB).
  • How to Use The SPDIF Connector Available on GeForce Video Cards - Some GeForce video cards have an SPDIF connector. Learn when and how to use it.
  • USB-Stick Mega Roundup - 42 USB-Sticks are compared! Oh well, if you need a fast USB stick, I strongly recommend you to buy the Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB/4GB/8GB USB 2.0 Xporter XT Boost - they cheap & fast! (I own two - both 4GB and 8GB models)
  • 7 Days with the HP 2133 Ultra Portable Netbook - Of all of the designs on the market currently available HP has done the absolutely best job of integrating the Via C7-M platform into a notebook. It has the hands down best appearance, design, and functionality.
  • Mozilla demos Aurora next-gen browser concept - What will web browsers look like in the future?
  • Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless by New Exploit - Mark Dowd of IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Alexander Sotirov, of VMware Inc. have discovered a technique that can be used to bypass all memory protection (example code) safeguards that Microsoft built into Windows Vista. These new methods have been used to get around Vista's Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and other protections by loading malicious content through an active web browser. The researchers were able to load whatever content they wanted into any location they wished on a user's machine using a variety of objects, such as Java, ActiveX and even .NET objects. This feat was achieved by taking advantage of the way that Internet Explorer (and other browsers) handle active scripting in the Operating System.
  • Faking passport RFID chips for $120 - Using an $80 RFID reader, van Beek was able to obtain a copy of all the biometric data, substitute arbitrary values for each of the fields, then write the modified data back out to a separate $40 RFID chip
  • Tailcam view of the Airbus A380 (video) - The Airbus A380's onboard video system is super cool as it displays feeds from three cameras positioned on the exterior of the plane.
  • General Motors Posts Monstrous $15.5 Billion Loss in Q2 2008 - Things aren't exactly looking bright in Detroit. It's not just Ford that is going through some woes these days, because GM on Friday reported a $15.5 billion second-quarter loss, the third-worst quarterly performance in its nearly 100-year history. That's a lot of money. Like, a lot of money...
  • YouTube Still Not Making Money - Well, If I bought something for $1.6 billion two years ago and it still isn't making money (actually costing me $1 million a day in bandwidth), I'd be pissed...
  • NASA considers Plasma Rocket for testing at Space Station - The engine is called a Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket, or VASIMR, and if that sounds like something you'd see on Star Trek, you're not too far from the truth!
  • Robots that swarm together (+video) - European researchers have designed robots that react to one another in ways that resemble the actions of mammals.
  • PEKING 2008 OPENING CEREMONY (video) - Awesome show! In other news, Security firms warn people to be on their guard as cyber thieves prepare attacks that centre around the Beijing games.
  • Death Race - Jensen ejects a can of Napalm (video) - check it out
  • Disaster Movie - Trailer - In Theaters August 29th - Taking aim at everything and everyone, from "Indiana Jones" and "Iron Man" to Amy Winehouse and High School Musical., DISASTER MOVIE lampoons the blockbuster movie, pop culture icons and public figures along the way as Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer satirize everything as only they can.
  • Get Lucky Ski Trailer - check it out
  • The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters - Love 'em or not, females in fighting games are always going to be downright sexy.
  • Smart Car Vs Lamborghini (video) - It's a pretty close contest but the winner in the end is obvious ;-)
  • Eva Mendes Banned TV Commercial (video) - This recent commercial for Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession has been banned by all TV network stations because they feel Eva Mendes is too sexy in the ad.
  • Cats On A Treadmill (video) - hehe meow!
  • Denise Richards - It's Complicated Photoshoot 2008 - Wow, real complicated there, doll
  • Miranda Kerr Bikini Pictures - Miranda Kerr is quickly becoming one of my favorite supermodels, with her ong legs, gorgeous eyes and great ass what else could you ask for :P
  • Stephanie McMichael - Nuts Magazine - Stephanie McMichael in her sexiest photoshoot ever.
  • Irina Sheik - Paris Capitale Magazine - Aug 2008 - She burns the pages of Paris Capitale magazine, August 2008
 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,04 2008 - tech
TechNews - Intel Larrabee architecture details revealed - tech
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  • Intel Larrabee architecture details revealed - A new chip unveiled by hardware maker Intel is hoping to take graphics processing back to the x86 instruction set while still offering DirectX and OpenGL support. The chip will be offered as discrete chip on motherboards as well as a standalone processor to compete directly with the GeForce and Radeon products - Dunno if it's just me, but I see a lot of promise in this architecture. If they get the drivers right...

  • Microsoft sees end of Windows era  - Called Midori, the cut-down operating system is radically different to Microsoft's older programs.  It is centred on the internet and does away with the dependencies that tie Windows to a single PC

  • Xbox 360 Arcade dipping to $199.99 next month? - Crediting an anonymous reader for the discovery, the site displays a photo of a stock inquiry screen for the Xbox 360 Arcade. The tipster took care to obscure the company name on the screen, but we can clearly see a "Next promo price" field with 199.99 written next to it. To the right, the numbers "09/07/08" follow a matching "Date" field, hinting that the price cut is just over a month away.

  • New iPhone App Enables Internet Connection Sharing - Within 24 hours, Apple released, removed, and rereleased an application that enables internet connection sharing on the iPhone or iPhone 3G, also known as "tethering." There's no official word on why they did this.

  • How to Brew Your Own Coca-Cola Clone - Codenamed "Merchandise 7X", the list of ingredients that go into Coke - 922 million litres of which were drunk in the UK last year - has been kept carefully shrouded in mystery since the drink's inventor, a medicinal chemist called John Pemberton, first wrote it down in 1886. These days it is supposedly kept under 24-hour guard in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia, which is odd considering that author Mark Pendergrast published it in his exposé of the cola industry For God, Country & Coca-Cola (Basic Books) in 1993. The company maintains that this recipe is not the same as the one it uses.

  • Robotic Digital Clock (video) - Cool clock!

  • Mountain Top Golfing Backfires (video) - I love that this guy took the time to carry a golf club and balls up to the top of a humongous mountain in Alberta, and then this happens...

  • Britney and McCain in 2008 (video) -  In this video John McCain announces his running mate. It's Britney, bitch ;-)

  • The 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High - There are two major products that came out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX :-)

  • Some Funny Pics - Don't Sound Stupid... Stop Saying this Word! || Honest Desktop || Once You Look, You Can't Look Away || Gangsta Fail

  • Karma is a Bitch (video) - check it out!

  • Holly Valance gets FHM cover, movie with Liam Neeson - SEXY Australian actress Holly Valance has picked up a new film role in Hollywood, and also posed for the camera in a saucy FHM Magazine spread

 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,02 2008 - tech
TechNews - 64-bit Vista uptake increases dramatically - tech
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  • Low-End Single/Dual-Core CPUs: Leisurely Computing - AMD processors are still doing fine in the Low-End segment (unlike the High-End). The cheapest dual-core processors offer similar performance. Sempron is outperformed by Celeron, but not as much as Phenom X4 by Core 2 Extreme. There is still a small fly in the ointment: AMD processors are not only slower, they are also much hotter. Not as hot as the notorious NetBurst, of course. But power consumption of K8 is still significantly higher than that of Intel Core. However, with the peak value of 40 W, many people will just not pay much attention to it. In related news, TweakTown take a look at the AMD Phenom X4 9350e - Low Cost Quad Core.
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM 24inch Monitor Tested - I would recommend the 2493HM to anyone looking for a large 24" monitor that doesn't require the professional color accuracy and gamut of an expensive screen.
  • 64-bit Vista uptake increases dramatically - 64-bit PCs running 64-bit editions of Windows Vista typically have 4GB of memory or more. Compared to 32-bit systems, which top out at around 3GB of memory, 64-bit PCs can offer added responsiveness when running a lot of applications at the same time and have the potential for greater performance and new experiences as next-generations applications are written to take advantage of this new platform
  • Kaspersky Detects New Worms Attacking MySpace and Facebook - The worms transform victims machines into zombie computers to form botnets which are used to create DDOS attacks and send spam email.
  • Optimus Maximus Coffee Spill Test - Look what we have here, a coffee spill on an Optimus Maximus and people are amazed it still works. Who drinks coffee over their $1500+ keyboard in the first place?
  • Inside GTA IV: Episode 5 (video) - check it out!
  • US Convoy Just Misses Roadside Bomb (video) - Amazing how much damage this bomb does to the road and how lucky these soliders are to drive away unharmed.
  • Driving Through a Massive Dust Storm (video) - Does anyone know where dust storms like this occur?
  • 34x25x36 (video) - 34x25x36 is the 3rd segment in a project about physical perfection ...omg
  • Victoria's Secret's Girls Gone Wild ! - Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Izabel Goulart, Selita Ebanks, Isabelli Fontana, Candice Swanepole, Julia Stegner, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are all here, and are all super hot. Obviously!
  • Jessica Jane Clement Maxim Pictures September Issue - Smoking hot is what these photos are that's for sure!
 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,31 2008 - tech
Expect Ray Traced Games in 2-3 Years, Says Intel - tech
(hx) 03:43 PM EDT - Jul,31 2008 - Post a comment
Games using hardware-intensive ray tracing technology could appear in the next two to three years, according to PC component maker Intel.
PCGH: There already is a Raytracing demo from Intel and Daniel Pohl, but the optical difference to the original rasterizer hasn't been very big.

Dr. Michael Vollmer: Please see this as a technical demo. The existing Quake 4 material had been taken, in order to make the technical effects visible - but that has nothing to do with the visual perfection. A complete demo, which contains the graphical aspect, too, is likely to look different. But there are all the basic features already, like shadow cast, surface reflections; you can already tinker with the idea that this component of visualization will be adopted by the gaming industry sooner or later.

PCGH: Are there game developers that already want to work with Raytracing?

Dr. Michael Vollmer: We keep in touch with companies all over the world - I dare say that in two to three years time we will see something. There already are some individual approaches, especially in the science sector, which show that Raytracing algorithms are scaling very well with the numbers of cores. But the migration to a new programming technology takes years; Raytracing is still in an early stage.
TechNews - 3G iPhones Prone To Cracking? - tech
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 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,27 2008 - tech
TechNews - Google Hits 1 Trillion URLs - tech
(hx) 04:02 PM EDT - Jul,27 2008 - Post a comment
  • Core 2 Duo E8600 coming on August 10 - The CPU will run at 3.33GHz, or about 170MHz faster than the Core 2 Duo E8500 Intel recently pulled down from $266 to $183
  • Conroe vs. Wolfdale: To the Limit - Intel managed to do the impossible: the company used significant improvements (without radical overhaul) to squeeze so much performance from the updated Conroe that would have required a new architecture in old times
  • 2133MHz Corsair DDR3 memory hits stores - The Dominator DDR3 kit can run at speeds of up to 2133MHz, or a theoretical maximum of 17GB/s per channel, making it the world's fastest, according to Corsair
  • Triple-GPU Asus Graphics Card Tested -  Performance isn't as high as it could be: going from a single Radeon HD 3850 to the three-way, single-slot device only raised Company of Heroes frame rates from 37 to 55 FPS at 1280x1024 with 4X antialiasing enabled. That's a 49% increase in performance from a 300% increase in GPU horsepower-not exactly jaw-dropping.
  • Iron Key Could Be Most Secure Flash Drive Ever (video) - After 10 incorrect password attempts, the encryption chip will automatically self-destruct, rendering all the contents completely unusable.
  • ExpressGate Pre-Boot OS - Impressions - Where we really see more potential for ExpressGate is perhaps with Asus smaller netbooks or other applications where reduced functionality and improved start up time are key. The job of Splashtop is never to replace Windows XP or Vista but to handle all the basic tasks more people want to do so and to do it in a very user friendly, easy to manage way. After spending some time with ExpressGate one thing that came to mind for use on a device not requiring less functionality immediately was portable video players or MP3 player
  • Google Hits 1 Trillion URLs  - Google has reached over one trillion unique indexed URLs!
  • Attacks begin on net address flaw - Attack code that exploits flaws in the net's addressing system are starting to circulate online, say security experts.
  • Your HD Quality Suck? The TV Industry Doesn't Care! - When you turn on a high-definition broadcast, you assume that your TV will come to life with the crispest, sharpest picture imaginable. But the fact is, hi-def doesn't always mean high quality.
  • The DelFly Micro- world's smallest camera-equipped aircraft - It has a 4-inch wingspan and weighs just over 3 grams. Resembling a dragonfly this tiny craft carries a tiny camera that transmits live video of what it sees. Apparently it is intended to be merely the forerunner of much smaller aerial drones to come
  • Geologists Find 90 Billion New Barrels of Oil in Arctic - The new amount, equivalent to nearly 20 years of US foreign oil imports, is worth over $11 trillion dollars at current oil prices.
  • NASA Solves 30-year Mystery of Auroras - The mystery to science was how exactly the phenomenon was started in the atmosphere
  • The X Files I Want to Believe - Together Spot - Only a mystery this big could bring Mulder and Scully back together.
  • Sexy Optical Illusion (video) - Stare at the X in the center of the model's stomach.
  • The world's smallest evil genius! (pic) - check it out
  • Why You Shouldn't Live With A Girl (video) - Living with your girlfriend is one thing but living with a girl who is just a friend is never a good situation.
  • Unbelievable Knockout! (video) - Rory Markham destroys Brodie Farber with an amazing head kick
  • Mischa Barton in 'Nylon' magazine Hot Photoshoot - She might be the most photogenic person in the world.
  • Eva Mendes' Sexy Underwear Ads for Calvin - Eva Mendes is really working her sex-pot image these days!
  • Brenda Lynn: Just Because It's Sunday - Beautiful Brenda Lynn showing off her gorgeous curves to her fans in these sexy pictures!
 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,23 2008 - tech
TechNews - DirectX 11 Details Emerge - tech
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  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Tested - As the lowest speed rated 45nm Quad core Yorkfield processor, the Q9300 has some big shoes to fill. It features a 1333MHz bus speed running with a 7.5 clock multiplier to give a final clock speed of 2.5GHz, just slightly higher than the 65nm Q6600 and 166MHz slower than the Q9450.
  • Intel cuts chip prices up to 31 percent - The quad-core Q6600 was cut from $224 to $193. The desktop Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16GHz) got the largest cut, from $266 to $183 (31 percent) on the new pricing list, dated July 20.
  • DirectX 11 Details Emerge - Features include new shader technology that begins to allow developers to position GPUs as more general-purpose parallel processors, rather than being dedicated solely to graphics processing; better multi-threading capabilities; and hardware-based tesselation. The good news is that there will be no new hardware requirements, so DirectX 10 hardware should be DirectX 11 compatible.
  • OCZ NIA Brain-Computer Interface Evaluation and Showcase - The device is called the NIA, which is an acronym that stands for Neural Impulse Actuator, and instead of buttons, sticks, gyroscopes or motion sensors, it reads the body's natural biosignals and translates them into commands that can be used to control PC games
  • If your SSD sucks, blame Vista, says SSD vendor - It's Windows Vista's fault that solid-state storage isn't performing as well as its proponents predicted.
  • Are Google Maps Good or Evil? - Are you concerned that anyone on the internet can see your house, cars and family via Street View? On the other side was the announcement of, a new service from that said it shows where "sex offenders...thieves, violent offenders, murderers, or con artists" live in your neighborhood. The site shows people icons on a Google map; clicking an icon shows a person's photo, description, address, and criminal history.
  • Improve the Battery Life on iPhone 3G - One of the major things you can do to save battery life is to turn off the 3G when you don't need it. This almost eliminates the appeal of the iPhone 3G, but you can always activate it again if you want it. Other tips include turning off the auto-brightness, turning off location services, turning off Wi-Fi, turn off Bluetooth, and severely limit your use of GPS.
  • Manned spaceship design unveiled - The first official image of a proposed joint Russian and European manned spacecraft is unveiled
  • New Opel Insignia Drops in on London! (video) - The New Opel Inisgnia, which debuts at the 2008 British Motor Show was showcased in London on Monday (21st July). This new modern, stylish family car, seen as the Vectra successor, was dropped from the skies as more than 300 people watched on from below
  • Rossi Vs Stoner Laguna Seca 2008 Battle (video) - Rossi stops Stoner for first Laguna Seca victory
  • Smosh - *TRAILER* Food Battle 2008 - check it out
  • College Official Green Band Trailer - What began as the weekend-from-hell turns into the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.  Check it out!
  • The Dark Knight - review (video) - This is a fantastic movie!
  • Amber Heard: Maxim-um Hotness - Amber can be found in the latest issue of Maxim magazine
  • Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures - These Audrina Patridge bikini pictures are really, really hot!
 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,22 2008 - tech
ATi Catalyst Drivers v8.7 - tech
(hx) 02:54 AM EDT - Jul,22 2008 - Post a comment
If you own an ATi video card, head on over to the AMD / ATi website and download the new Catalyst 8.7 drivers for 32-bit/64-bit Windows Vista and Windows XP. There are a host of fixes and improvements as well as a new CCC enhancement that allows full hardware information for each physical graphics accelerator installed in the system. Those who install the new drivers can also look forward to resolved problems in Assassin's Creed, Crysis, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Hellgate London, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, World In Conflict, and World of Warcraft. Oh, and AMD mentions that the Catalyst 8.7 drivers bring a "Full Hardware information" section to the Catalyst Control Center.

On the Linux front, the Catalyst 8.7 release fixes a few bugs and adds support for Ubuntu 8.04, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP2, and openSUSE 11. You can get the 8.7 Linux Catalysts over here for 32-bit systems and on this page for 64-bit Linux variants. AMD links detailed release notes on both driver download pages.