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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,09 2008 - tech 
TechNews - US Auto Industry Will Probably Disappear - tech
(hx) 05:35 AM EST - Dec,09 2008 - Post a comment
  • Asus' N10Jc-A1 Netbook Tested - The N10Jc-A1 model is the cheapest in the line at $649, but that's quite expensive for a system with an Atom processor. And it's that anemic CPU that effectively hamstrings the N10J's potential crown jewel: its GeForce 9300M GS graphics chip. While the GeForce's video decoding hardware certainly has merit (provided you're powering an external display, since the screen's native resolution is too low for even 720p content), recent games are largely unplayable on the N10J du to the Atom's lack of horsepower. Bumping up to more expensive models in the N10J line doesn't look all that appealing, either. All they add is Bluetooth support, additional memory, and Windows Vista, which will consume most of that extra memory anyway.
  • FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Image Quality - This article answers the question whether or not there is a noticeable difference between DX9 and DX10 and showcases some of the cool features like Fire, Blood, and Real Tree quality differences.
  • New trojan in mass DNS hijack - What makes this one interesting is how it can pollute other devices on a LAN, even fully-patched or non-Windows systems.
  • Krugman: Concentration Of US Auto Industry Will Probably Disappear - Nobel economics prize winner Paul Krugman said Sunday that the beleaguered U.S. auto industry will likely disappear. "It will do so because of the geographical forces that me and my colleagues have discussed," the Princeton University professor and New York Times columnist told reporters in Stockholm. "It is no longer sustained by the current economy."
  • Bosch Projects 50% of Euro New Vehicles to Have Stop-Start by 2012 - Bosch Start-Stop system reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 8%
  • Jollbot - Grasshopper like robot on a mission to space (video) - The first jumping and rolling robot, Jollbot has been created by Rhodri Armour, a PhD student from the University of Bath. Its hoped his creation, which can jump over obstacles and roll over smoother terrain, could be used for space exploration or land survey work in the future.
  • The Super-Secret Spy Lens - The Super-Secret Spy Lens will cost you around $50 and is the ideal tool to achieve natural un-posed shots of children or even people walking by on the street.
  • MSNBC Producer Flips Out (video) - Stay classy MSNBC!
  • State Silences Young Guitarist (video) - 8-year old Tallan 'T-Man' Latz is unable to play his guitar in clubs that serve liquor because of Wisconsin laws.
  • Punisher: War Zone Trailer - Now Playing! -check it out
  • Dead Like Me Movie 2009 Teaser Trailer - Here is the trailer for the movie, that will be released this February.
  • Beyonce US Elle Magazine January 2009 Pictures - Beyonce has featured the January 2009 issue of US Elle magazine. Enjoy!
  • Jessica Biel GQ Magazine Pictures -Here's Jessica Biel in the latest GQ Magazine UK
  • Anna Falchi is an incredibly sexy woman! - Anna Falchi (born Anna Kristiina Palomaki on 22 April 1972 in Tampere) is a Finnish-born Italian model and film actress.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,07 2008 - tech
NVIDIA GeForce 180.84 beta driver for GTA4 - tech
(hx) 04:04 AM EST - Dec,07 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
It's unusual to see a new driver from a video card maker in the weekend but NVIDIA has just released its GeForce 180.84 beta driver, which features bug fixes and optimizations for Grand Theft Auto IV.  They have four editions of the new version 180.84 drivers, covering the 32 and 64-bit editions of both Windows XP and Windows Vista. NVIDIA recommends that you update to the GeForce 180.84 driver for the best experience on Grand Theft Auto IV. More details can be found here.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,06 2008 - tech
TechNews - 1TB Hard Drive Roundup - tech
(hx) 12:03 PM EST - Dec,06 2008 - Post a comment
  • Battle of GPU Transcoders: ATI Avivo Converter and NVIDIA Badaboom - PC Perspective takes a look at the ATI Avivo Converter and NVIDIA Badaboom GPU video transcoders
  • 1TB Hard Drive Roundup (updated) - With the addition of the WD Black drive with its top-notch performance and its solid 5-year warranty, there is no reason to look any further for a 1 TB drive. Unless you want a cool running drive, in which case, just go with the WD Green.
  • OCZ unveils eSATA flash drive - Reportedly, the Throttle eSATA Flash Drive can reach 90MB/s while reading and 30MB/s while writing, which is comfortably above what USB 2.0 can achieve
  • Make Your Old USB Stick Into a Digital Multitool -  Here's a short guide of possibilities for what you can do with your drawer full of USB sticks
  • 7-Zip 4.62 - 7-Zip (download) is a file archiver much like winzip, only with a better compression ratio. Further more 7-Zip is open source software. Most of the source code is under the GNU LGPL license, meaning that it's 100% free to use
  • Songbird 1.0.0 Final  - Songbird (download) is a desktop media player built on the same platform as firefox, which allows seamless integration with all platforms, be it Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Firefox Trojan Masquerades as Legit Add-On - Firefox users beware: a new Trojan is masquerading as the 'Greasemonkey' add-on and will search for the normal things (passwords, login info, etc) but also looks for your library card numbers.
  • YouTube is Dead - YouTube says: no more Anonymous, no more exposure for the non-'sponsor-friendly'.
  • Nokia N97 Demo (video) - Here's a rundown of the specs: tri-band HSDPA 3G support; 802.11b/g Wi-Fi; aGPS and standalone GPS; 3.5-inch touch-resistive touch screen that measures 640-by-360 pixels in a 16:9 wide-screen format; 32 GB of built-in memory, with support for another 16 GB with the addition of a microSD card; 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, LED flash, and video capture at 30 frames per second; on-board accelerometer and compass; and support for Flash Lite 3.0 and Flash Video in the browser. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • LiveStation brings live TV to the iPhone (video) - LiveStation showed a live demo of their new app that plays live TV on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app isn't being released yet, because they need approval from the Apple App Store. Livestation offers peer-to-peer enabled streams from broadcasters like BBC and CNN
  • Unlocked Android Dev Phones Available - Out of seemingly nowhere, Google has revealed the Android Dev Phone 1, a SIM- and hardware-unlocked G1 designed to be sold exclusively to hard working developers. The handset ships with a system image that's fully compatible with Android 1.0, and obviously, it complies with any SIM card and can "flash custom Android builds that will work with the unlocked bootloader."
  • Parents warned on fake consoles  - Parents are being warned about fake imported Nintendo games consoles which could be a fire hazard and pose a danger to their children's safety.  HM Revenue & Customs said it had seized hundreds of counterfeit Nintendo DS and DS Lites, which were discovered to contain dangerous power adapters. Nintendo confirmed it had not produced the potentially dangerous adaptors
  • Tesla Owned By The Tango (video) - In this race, the Tango got 92.15mph in 14.480 seconds, beating its 14.7 "dial" handicap and thus losing the competition; the Tesla got 101.23mph in 14.666 seconds, slower than its 14.5 "dial" handicap and allowing it to proceed to the next round. (Two rounds later, the Tango's driver got behind the wheel of the Tesla and also beat its "dial" handicap... and thus lost!)
  • The machine creating water out of thin air  - Element Four, a small Canadian firm, has applied its water technology to create the WaterMill, a novel electricity-powered machine that draws moisture from the air and purifies it into clean drinkable water.
  • Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest - A lost city discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest could unlock the secrets of a legendary tribe
  • Sneak Peak At New Terminator Salvation (video) - Yes...this is a trailer for the the trailer. Enjoy!
  • Punisher: War Zone Trailer - Now Playing! - check it out
  • Isla Fisher FHM Magazine Pictures - Looks like some magazines must be feeling the recession too, because here are some old Isla Fischer pictures in the latest FHM.
  • Adriana Lima lingerie pictures - Here's Adriana Lima in some new ads for Victoria's Secret.
  • Emily Scott in Ralph Magazine - Emily Scott in bikini and almost topless in white wet t-shirt in Ralph magazine. Wow!
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,04 2008 - tech
TechNews - Vista SP2: What's inside? - tech
(hx) 02:53 PM EST - Dec,04 2008 - Post a comment
  • G.Skill, Intel & Patriot SSD Group Test - Bit-tech published a three-way SSD group test, featuring G.Skill's 128GB SSD, Intel's X25-M 80GB and the Patriot Warp V2 128GB drive
  • Samsung T260HD HDTV Monitor Tested - At first glance Samsung's T260HD looks like a television, but it's actually a high-resolution computer display that has multiple inputs. Thanks to these inputs and some internal magic from Samsung, the display even doubles as a 1080p television. If you have a small living room where you want a television and a computer display, but don't have room for both, the T260HD is for you.
  • Asus My Cinema-U3100Mini TV Tuner Tested - This petite USB device allows computers to view ATSC/QAM digital television - which is replacing the current analog setup in the United States of America fully by February 17th, 2009
  • Samsung CLP-315W Network Colour Laser Printer Reviewed - The CLP-315W is an excellent colour laser printer alternative for those without a large budget. It offers a great solution to get acceptable quality colour prints from a laser unit while maintaining a low operating cost compared to inkjet models. The wired and wireless networking abilities on the 'W' model will allow you to easily interconnect all the computers in your house with this printer with a quick and easy setup
  • ASUS G71V Gaming Laptop - Despite the capabilities to satisfy even the most hardcore gamer, the G71V is just as adept at running resource intensive Windows Vista applications, such as image and video-editing programs. If you’re looking for a truly dedicated gaming experience within a highly portable package, this badboy is just the ticket
  • New Catalyst drivers cause BSODs with dual Radeons - Apparently the AMD's Catalyst 8.11 drivers don't quite deliver the promised Ultimate Visual Experience for some users
  • Vista SP2: What's inside? - There is a good list of Vista SP2 features. In addition to the known Vista SP2 features - such as the ability to record data on to Blu-Ray media natively in Windows Vista and the addition of Windows Connect Now for simpler wifi configuration , the SP2 also will include. Built-in Hyper-V hypervisor , Event logging support in SPC, Fixes for DRM issues from WMP upgrades, Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless, Functionality to reduce resources required for sidebar gadgets, Improved power settings for Windows Server 2008.
  • First Windows 7 beta coming out in January 2008 - The first beta release of Windows 7 may be out in just over a month.
  • Microsoft seeks 'community' help to make IE8 Standards Mode work out - If users install their first Internet Explorer 8 updates, and they notice their favorite Web pages look like scrambled egg soup, will they blame the browser? That's the dilemma Microsoft is facing as it cautiously embraces "Web standards."
  • Google gOS On Video - Video of Google's gOS!
  • Could the next μTorrent slow down Skype, games? - The next version of μTorrent might put Internet service providers in a pickle. According to an article on The Register, the developers behind the popular BitTorrent client have decided to use UDP instead of TCP as the default protocol for file transfers, allegedly in an effort to evade Bell Canada's traffic shaping techniques.
  • Cheap iPhone might be headed to Walmart - Boy Genius Report says it's received a tip about a cheaper iPhone that could be headed to Walmart. How much cheaper? $99, the site says. Naturally, the lower price tag will involve some compromises. The $99 iPhone will reportedly feature only 4GB of storage capacity, and it will be tied to a two-year contract just like the $199 iPhone 3G. The cheapest iPhone 3G plan was ~$70 a month last time we checked, so the running cost for owning the device may be higher than for most other $100 phones. On the flip side, it'd be a $99 iPhone.
  • T-Mobile Giving Away Free Mobile Phone Games - Are you tired of spending far too much money on cell phone games? Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't cost you a thing and you didn't have to jump through any legal loopholes to get said free games? T-Mobile agrees.
  • The Levitating Water Machine (video) - Isn't amazing how something as mundane and insignificant as a strobe light can create such a cool effect?
  • Help Colbert take the #1 spot from Kanye on iTunes (video) - There is only one way to stop Kanye West's arrogance, and that's with Stephen's arrogance.
  • Watch the trailer for The Spirit - In Theaters 12/25 - The Spirit stars Gabriel Macht as a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. The movie also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Paulson, Paz Vega, Jaime King, Dan Lauria, Stana Katic, Johnny Simmons and Louis Lombardi. The upcoming adaptation is scheduled to hit theaters on December 25th 2008
  • SCIENCE FICTION (video) - check it out!
  • Alcohol Test (video) - Drunk test was to see if he could put the tape on the blacktop without falling on his head. He didn't pass :-))
  • BMW Product Navigator Uses Microsoft Surface (video) - Potential BMW buyers can now use the BMW Product Navigator based on Microsoft's Surface to custom order their next car.
  • Top Gear Takes Bus Race to Rally Track (video) - The Mayor of London is apparently looking for the best buses to fill the British city's roads, so the crew at Top Gear took it upon themselves to determine which was the best bus of all :-)
  • Supercar Shootout: Bugatti Veyron vs. Pagani Zonda F Roadster (video) - James May takes the all new 650hp Pagani Zonda F Roadster out for the first time, fully enjoying the incredible power at his disposal. The Zonda F is pretty sweet, but how does it compare against a million dollar sports car?
  • Star Wars Vs. Star Trek - DMP Edition HQ - Hilarious video. The geeks arguing over who would win really need to get a life and maybe a date, too! ;-)
  • Britney Spears Glamour Photos - Yeah, Britney Spears is back and she's on the cover and within the pages of Glamour magazine. And you know what? She looks fairly good, too.
  • Vikki Blows Sexy in Lingerie in Loaded Magazine January 2009 - Vikki Blows in a black lingerie appears on the January issue of Loaded magazine.
  • Roxanne McKee Maxim Magazine December 2008 - Roxanne McKee is featured in the pages and on the cover of the December issue of Maxim UK magazine.
New 400GB Disc Could Be PS3-Compatible - tech
(hx) 03:24 AM EST - Dec,04 2008 - Post a comment
Edge reports that new 400GB optical disc could end up being compatible with existing Blu-ray players, such as Sony's PlayStation 3. While current Blu-ray players and drives will not be able to read the 16-layer disc--each layer can hold up to 25GB--Pioneer claims that a firmware update may allow existing players to be compatible. The technology is expected to hit mass market by 2010, with a 1TB version of the disc format expected to arrive within five years.
It is because this is not a Blu-ray disc at all, this is a highly-condensed optical disc that the company proposed back in July and exhibited for the first time yesterday. Now Pioneer is making three new promises: the 400GB read-only disc will hit mass production sometime in 2010, rewritable versions will come through before 2012, and a 1TB version will become available within five years. The consoles you have right now will not be able to play these discs. Numerous sources have reported that the disc is compatible with Blu-ray players (and therefore PS3s) already on the market. Speaking to Edge, Pioneer said the opposite was true. "Current BD players and drives would not be able to read these discs," the company said, adding that the technology is "at this time not being proposed as a candidate for addition to the existing Blu-ray Disc format."
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,01 2008 - tech
Left 4 Dead VGA performance with 23 graphics cards - tech
(hx) 11:55 AM EST - Dec,01 2008 - Post a comment
The chaps over at Guru3D have tested the performance of Left 4 Dead with 23 graphics cards. This title should really not be any problem for a modern PC and definitely doesn't need high-end gear. The three cards that really shine (for the money) are GeForce 9800 GTX+, GeForce GTX 260 and Radeon HD 4870. People that play games at 1280x800 or 1280x1024 are budget gamers. And any budget card will be just fine too, though the GeForce 8600 GT simply doesn't cut it anymore due to lack of framebuffer and raw power.
Here we have the level we test in. We move from the start of the level all the way up to the 2nd picnic table with the light, run that scene 3x and average out the three results. Our campaign is Blood Harvest and the level we measure in is The Woods. Grab weapons and health from the picnic table to your right. Walk straight down the path into the forest. Keep following the path until you reach a bridge. Don't worry about getting lost, you can't really get off the path. Note: zombies may come down on you from either side as you walk along the path. Be alert and watch your friendly fire.  We recorded the first 30 seconds of the time demo we created for you to watch, have a look here.
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,30 2008 - tech
TechNews - Core i7 920 Performance Analysis - tech
(hx) 10:33 AM EST - Nov,30 2008 - Post a comment
  • Core i7 920 Core Disabling Performance Analysis - A lot of today's games are able to make use of the multi-core technology on offer from the i7 920. The question is exactly how many cores do we really need to get the most performance out of our games?
  • Intel to Phase Out its Core 2 Quad Q6600 in Q1/2009 - Intel is planning to start phasing out the 65nm Core 2 Quad Q6600 in the first quarter of 2009
  • The plan to better battery life in Windows 7 - If a notebook runs Windows Vista, it will run Windows 7 and it will get better battery life
  • Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility - Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility installs the Windows INF files. The INF files inform the operating system how to properly configure the chipset for specific functionality, such as AGP, USB, Core PCI, and ISAPNP services.
  • Updated 3DFX Driver Released - The nostalgists at 3DFX Zone have cobbled together a new video driver that supports Voodoo3 and newer cards on Win2K and XP 32 & 64-bit OSes. Sorry, no Vista support. Wow, I still have two Voodoo2 cards and one Voodoo 3 card somewhere :-)
  • Samsung's X360 ultraportable cheaper than competition, but not as -  It's hampered by a disappointing 1280 x 800 glossy screen and an under-performing 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo CPU.
  • Intel rethinks Netbooks: 'Fine for an hour' but... - Intel's never made a secret of the fact that it developed the now-ubiquitous Atom chipset primarily for mobile devices and low-powered netbooks for at emerging markets, so it's not totally surprising to hear Intel sales VP Stu Pann say the company doesn't see netbooks as potentially cannibalizing sales of its existing processors -- but we are a bit intrigued by his seeming dismissal of netbooks as everyday machines. According to Stu, a netbook with a 10-inch screen is "fine for an hour. It's not something you're going to use day in and day out."
  • Jepsen Works to Raise Laptop Battery Life to 20-40 Hours - Pixel Qi plans to develop entire laptop and PC designs around its new screen technology to create the most power efficient models possible. One particular product in development at Pixel Qi is a new e-paper that is paper-white and offers both color and video. The screens draw just a small percentage of the power of a standard LCD screen and allow companies to make new kinds of laptop PCs with batteries that can last longer
  • Samsung LN52A850 52inch 120Hz, 1080P LCD TV Tested - It is extremely hard to find any faults with this Samsung TV.
  • New BlackBerry Storm challenges the iPhone - Despite having a keyboard, the Storm is a real BlackBerry, with push e-mail, corporate features and the familiar menus. In many respects, it is a touch-based, large-screen version of the recently released BlackBerry Bold, which is the most polished version of a traditional BlackBerry
  • How To Protect Your Home With Laserbeams (video) - This video will teach you how to turn those cheap mini-lasers into a security system that keeps out burglars and warns you of intruders. It's easy to make, and cheap too.
  • Mumbai Terrorists Used Mobile Technology for Edge - Looks like the Mumbai terrorists used Blackberry devices and mobile internet access to give them an edge during the siege last week. The terrorists were able to stay abreast of developments even though cable TV feeds were cut to the hotels and office block being attacked, apparently by using their phones.
  • Is There Liquid Water On One Of Saturn's Moons? - This is a new piece of evidence that the moon may harbor an underground ocean of water that leads to the conclusion that it might support life, even if microbial organisms only.
  • Furoshiki Gift Wrapping (video) - How to wrap your presents in Furoshiki (cloth) to avoid using wrapping paper. Unlike wrapping paper (which usually can't be recycled) Furoshiki can be used again and again.
  • How To Catch Turkeys Instructional Video - The video features a typical Norwegian turkey hunt ;)
  • Bruce Lee lights matches with Nunchucks (video) - It is actually an ad for the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition.
  • Cooking by the Book A Lil' Bigger Mix by Mastgrr (video) - That Stephanie kid is going to need to be put in protective custody until she's over 21 and knows kung-fu :-)
  • Dude Transports 20 bricks on his head (video) - You know, if this dude lived in the United Stated he'd probably end up on some show like America's Got Talent. But instead, he's just at work :-)
  • Happy Tree Friends - Reindeer Kringle (video) - Hope you get a kick out of the Holidays!
  • Anna Kournikova in Sport and Style Magazine - Anna Kournikova has a lovely spread in the Autumn 2008 edition of Sport and Style Magazine
  • Amazing Italian Hotness: Giulia Olivetti - She was named as the smartest star in the Italian entertainment world.
  • Veronika Zemanova Sexy Photos - Veronika is a what I look for in a model - hot, nice chest, amazing body!
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,27 2008 - tech
TechNews - Happy Thanksgiving! - tech
(hx) 03:34 PM EST - Nov,27 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Try to avoid drinking a bottle of Wild Turkey before preparing the meal ;)
  • Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Ultra Durable 3 Motherboard - The EP45-UD3P is the first motherboard from Gigabyte utilizing the Ultra Durable 3 Technology. The EP45-UD3P offers more secure computing with the TPM Security software, higher power efficiency, and cooler operation with the high quality component selection.
  • Patriot 64GB Xporter Magnum USB Flash Drive Tested - The Patriot Xporter Magnum 64gb USB drive is a nicely made product that seems durable and should last for quite some time and it's got some good speeds overall. If I had a choice between the large capacity or the higher speed, I'd happily choose the larger capacity any day. If you're looking for a large capacity USB drive then I'd definitely give this one a look as it's well made and it's got some decent speeds.
  • Seagate offers fix for 1.5TB Barracuda freezes - Perhaps that's not the end of this story, though. One of the Seagate support forum members who initially complained dropped us a line saying the new firmware negatively impacts performance.
  • Direct3D WARP10 to enable you to play DX10 Crysis using software renderer only - For example, Crysis may be a Direct3D 10 game, but if you only have a Direct3D 9-level graphics card, it might only make your jaws open instead of hitting the floor. But that's all going to change comes Windows 7. Simply put, in Windows 7, you will experience the same graphics fidelity and detail whether you have a Direct3D 9-level graphics card or even no graphics card.
  • New software - Safari 3.2.1 | CCleaner 2.14.750 | Recuva 1.21.373 (freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer) | Flock 2.0.2 (social Web browser, open source, cross platform and based on Mozilla)
  • Microsoft readying RC of Vista SP2 for February 2009 - Microsoft is targeting a release candidate (RC) version of Windows Vista SP2 for February 2009
  • Symantec releases antivirus for gamers - That is the worst GUI of any program I have seen in the past ten years. I can't believe a company like Symantec, once a valued and trusted security firm, would ever design something like this, let alone put it in a box and sell it. What a ****ing joke! The interface seems to have been stolen from the Asus motherboard update program On the other hand, it's nice to know they've (finally) caught on to fixing their mistakes :-)
  • Internet worm exploits Windows vulnerability - CNET News posted a news story that a worm dubbed Win32/Conficker.A exploiting a security hole that Microsoft released a patch for in October
  • YouTube Finally Going Widescreen - Those of you that have visited YouTube lately will notice that the video player has been upgraded to a 16:9 widescreen format. The new player will not distort older videos, they will play just fine (with black borders on each side) so you don't have to worry.
  • iPhone 3G adverts banned for being misleading (video) - What is misleading? Apparently claiming you can do all this in 30 seconds.
  • Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman Phone Review -  If your priority is a phone - in particular voice, messaging and contacts management - you may soon become frustrated with the W980
  • Smartphone round up - LC Incite | HTC Touch HD | Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
  • Renault vs Lancer EVO X (video) - For the challenge, the Top Gear guys are given a budget that is half the price of the Evo. The Mitsu rally car, which normally competes against the likes of something like the Subaru Impreza STi, goes for 30,000 GBP. In this way, our British blokes have 15,000 GBP to spend, including the price of the used car. Can Hammond, Clarkson, and May transform this used peoplemover into a competitive track car on such a budget? Can the Renault Avantime go toe-to-toe against the Evo? Let's just say that some cars are built for racing and others, well, they're built for grocery-getting.
  • Bi-Color LED Blow-Off Candles (video) - These LED Blow On-Off Candles are made of solid wax (except for some electronics) and feature a natural-looking, flickering light just like normal candles. Regular candles will blow out if you blow on the flame, but these LED candles will also blow on. Apart from this catchy little feature, the candle flames offer an option of switching between two colors (cool blue and normal yellow) for the flame
  • Everything You Need to Know About Camera Sensors - In this tutorial we wil teach you everything you need to know about one of the most important components of digital cameras: the sensor.
  • 7 Lame Deals to Avoid on Black Friday - Electronic House has put together a handy list of 7 lame deals to avoid on Black Friday. A good list to e-mail your less tech savvy friends and loved ones
  • Top 100 Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2008 - Find out what the hottest gifts for this Holiday shopping season are across 10 categories
  • Electronics TakeBack Coalition Times Square Ad (video) - This ad calls on Panasonic and Sharp to create a nationwide recycling program to take back their old TVs It's currently running on the CBS JumboTron in Times Square. Notice which company built the screen ;-)
  • New Star Trek Trailer with Spock - TMB International Friend RonSalon tips us off to an updated trailer for Star Trek.
  • TRANSPORTER 3, in theaters tomorrow! - Check it out
  • Tilt Your Way to Success with MacBook Pro (video) - Just as the iPod touch and Apple iPhone are equipped with accelerometers, it appears that this MacBook Pro is rocking a tilt sensor as well. In this, the player depicted can send that yellow wedge around the stage by simply tilting his MacBook in his chosen direction.
  • Katy Perry 'Hot N Cold' - YouTube Live '08 - Katy Perry performs her latest single "Hot 'N Cold" on YouTube Live
  • Elijah Wood Goes Animated For Post-Apocalyptic Animated Epic, '9' -  A post Apocalyptic film where robots are the only ones left to investigate wheat happened is right up my alley. Add to the fact that Tim Burton is producing and I can safely tell you that this is now on my radar in a big way.
  • One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't (pic) - Ever notice how most Mac users are skinny? It's because of all the calories they burn because they can't shut the fuck up about how great their Macs are. What is it about Apple that makes its users unable to shut their mouths? Everywhere I go, there's another asshole with a Mac preaching about how much better Macs are than PCs. They regurgitate lines directly from Apple's marketing campaign, like "it just works."
  • Doris Mar Sexy Photos - There's something about Latin ladies like Doris Mar that are absolutely the best.
  • Imogen Bailey Does Maxim - If you're a fan of hot athletic-looking chicks then you'll definitely like Imogen Baily!
  • Justene Jaro - Sexy Filipina Puerto Rican Model - Justene Jaro is one of my favorite Asian models on the import scene. Justene Jaro is Filipina-Puerto Rican, so we definitely get the best of both worlds!
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,24 2008 - tech
TechNews - 35W Quad-Core, Dual-Core CPUs soon! - tech
(hx) 05:06 PM EST - Nov,24 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel Prepares Assault with 35W Quad-Core, Dual-Core Processors - The processors will be the same as the company's mobile offerings in terms of specs, but will be compatible with desktop infrastructure. As reported earlier, the first breed of 35W chips for high-performance desktops made using 45nm process technology will be released already this month, whereas additional chips will be added into family on the 28th of December, according to certain documents
  • Intel Core i7 Memory Analysis - Can Dual Channel Cut it? - One of the biggest things that everyone has been looking forward to with Core i7 was the removal of the aging and antiquated FSB, allowing the CPU to finally live up to its potential. And the integration of the memory controller onto the CPU was the biggest leap forward in performance of all. However, Intel really didn’t need to worry about a triple channel memory controller at this stage.
  • Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB Review - GTX 280 killer - The Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB should pose an even greater threat to NVIDIA - it is a better solution for high performance gaming than the GeForce GTX 280, costs about the same as the GTX 280 and is more than $100 cheaper than the HD 4870 X2. In some games the performance differences between the HD 4850 X2 and the GTX 280 were small; around 5% or so. But in games like Bioshock the difference was MUCH more dramatic
  • New S3 Chrome graphics card is cheap, has built-in HD audio - This card looks very similar to the Chrome 430 GT that came out back in March
  • Microsoft readying RC of Vista SP2 for February 2009 - Microsoft sent invites to testers in mid October asking them to take part in the SP2 beta
  • Windows Live Search to become 'Kumo'? - Well, no matter how many times they change the name and colour gradient on the homepage, it isn't going to drive more people to the site ;)
  • Windows 7: Combined release with Direct X11 is unlikely - Microsoft answered some questions about Windows 7.
  • doPDF 6.1.280 - doPDF 6.1.280 has been released
  • Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 - Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 resolves issues that were found in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 since the software was released. This update rollup is highly recommended for all Exchange Server 2007 SP1 customers.
  • Internet Explorer 8 Will Be Available in 2009 - In a post on the official IEBlog, Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch says you can expect a public "release candidate" build of the new browser in the first quarter of 2009.
  • Apple iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Now Available -The long-awaited iPhone update, which includes Google Maps Street View, is finally here and ready for your downloading pleasure.
  • Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong With Nunchuck (video) - This commercial is awesome!
  • Movie Studios Sue ISP Over BitTorrent Piracy - Seven Hollywood studios including Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros and Disney have teamed up to sue iiNet, Australia's third largest ISP
  • Facebook Wins $873 Million Judgment Against Spammer - Facebook on Friday won $873 million in damages from a spammer, the largest award to date under the 2003 Can-Spam Act.
  • Mercedes Benz myCOMAND Interface (video) - The myCOMAND system uses high-speed wireless Internet with upload and download speeds of over 3MB to bring the connectivity of the web into any driver's hands
  • Astronaut loses $100,000 tool bag on a spacewalk (video) - ISS - "Umm, we have a lost tool," came the heralding cry of Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper who, while cleaning and lubing a joint on a wing of one of the station's solar panels, let a tool bag drift away just beyond her reach
  • New Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Trailer - I like the prehistoric squirrel in the Ice Age series more than any other character. Sadly, he is not the star of the films; even though he is always advertised like he is.
  • The Wrestler Trailer - Mickey Rourke is a bad ass and looks like he arrived out of The Road Warrior in this one.
  • Meteor Caught On Video - This is easily one of the best videos caught on a police car video cam
  • Best Princess Leia costume- Ever! (pic) - check it out
  • Obvious Fail....(pic) - That reminds me of the sign "Welcome to Chernobyl - we have radiation."
  • After 85 Years, First Gremlin Found Alive (pic) - Everyone should know about Gremlins. They are those little furry creatures that if you get them wet, they multiply and if you feed them after midnight, they turn pretty evil
  • SO ? (pic) - So...? ;-)
  • Kelly Brook Sexy Bikinis for 'J' Magazine - Here we go, the UK hot babe in sexy bikini Kelly Brook!
  • Olga Kurylenko Maxim US Photos - Olga is featured in another great Maxim photo shoot, this time the U.S. version. After looking over both sets of photos all I can say is that Olga Kurylenko is the real deal!
  • Mirella Grisales in Hombre-Magazine - Damn hot babe!
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,21 2008 - tech
TechNews - ForceWare Drivers v180.48 - tech
(hx) 06:08 AM EST - Nov,21 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel Core i7-920 Processor BX80601920 Tested - The runt of the pack, the Core i7-920 is truly one of the three fastest processor currently on the planet, and brings a huge amount of new features that should be very enticing to virtually any potential consumer
  • 5 GHz+ Phenom II Overclock on Dry Ice - 5GHz - 6GHz speeds are attainable using a little extreme cooling like dry ice or LN2
  •  Kingston HyperX 3GB DDR3 2GHz Triple-Channel Memory Kit Tested - The performance of the Kingston HyperX DDR3 2GHz 3GB triple-channel memory kit was impressive and it was great to see that it was overclocking beyond 2.1GHz with no extra voltage. Another thing that should be pointed out when it comes to performance is that no active cooling is required at 2GHz since the kit uses just 1.65V! I tested the memory inside the ThermalTake Spedo Advance chassis, which has good airflow, and when I touched the modules while playing Far Cry 2 they were just warm to the touch. Not what one would expect for some memory modules that are running at 2000MHz. It makes you wonder how fast these triple-channel kits will become in 2009 now that the Intel Core i7 platform is here.
  • Nvidia GTX-260 Core 216 VS ATI 4870 1GB 5 Game Shootout - Nvidia BFG GTX-260 Core 216 (MaxCore) made it a clean sweep. With every game at every resolution, it took the lead and kept it
  • IOGear KVM switch supports up to 256 systems! - The GCS1716 KVM is a combo switch allowing access and control of up to 256 computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). As many as 16 additional switches can be cascaded bringing the total number of connected computers to 256 computers that can be controlled from a single keyboard-monitor-mouse console. A custom ASIC (patent pending) provides an auto-sensing function that recognizes the position of each station on the installation, eliminating the need to manually set the position with DIP switches. Additionally, the GCS1716 features high density SPHD 15-pin instead of the usual 25-pin connectors thus allowing for a compact design and installation in a 1U system rack
  • USB 3.0 specification finalized -  Known alternatively as USB 3.0 and SuperSpeed USB, the new spec promises both ten times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 and backwards compatibility with current devices
  • nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers v180.48 WHQL (a.k.a. Big Bang II) - These new drivers bring four major enhancements: across-the-board performance increases, multi-display support for SLI multi-GPU configurations, the option to dedicate a graphics card to PhysX computations, and SLI support for some Core i7 motherboards with Intel X58 chipsets
  • Rivatuner 2.20 - Guru3D's Rivatuner has been updated towards version 2.20 In this release we have included a huge number of new stuff to keep you busy, obviously support has been added as well as ForceWare GeForce drivers up-to 180.48 WHQL and AMD ATI Catalyst 8.11 support.
  • Gmail offers new Inbox themes - Gmail owners, Google, wanted "to go beyond simple color customization" and have announced 30 new themes
  • Microsoft kills OneCare; plans free antivirus - Microsoft has officially announced plans to exit the paid-for antivirus software market, killing off the Windows Live OneCare product it launched just two years ago
  • Exciting Features For Ubuntu 9.04 - For those of you looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 9.04, the alternative OS gurus at Phoronix have a little info for you
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) due Q1 2009 - It is quite soon after Leopard.. either way I'm keen to see what they've come up with.
  • Blu-ray Burners To Go Mainstream In PCs By 2011 - According to DigiTimes, Blu-ray combo drives will be mainstream in PCs next year and Blu-ray burners will go mainstream in 2011
  • Chinese pirates crack Blu-ray DRM, sell pirated HD discs - China, raided a warehouse last month that contained HD copies of a number of popular movies. There were over 800 discs (so, what is that, like eight spindles?) that were packaged in faux Blu-ray boxes, complete with holograms to make them appear legitimate
  • How Fast is Asus P565 Smartphone with 800MHz CPU? (video) - The Asus P565 is powered by an 800MHz Marvell processor and in the video below, you can see just how fast this processor can go. Asus just released this clip to show you exactly how much faster 800MHz can pump along the data compared to a suitable competitor. I can't say for sure, but I think that's an HTC Touch Diamond on the left.
  • Hands-On and Feature Walkthrough of Verizon BlackBerry Storm - The first touchscreen BlackBerry from Research in Motion has arrived at Verizon Wireless, so it's time to find out if it lives up to all that hype. Has it been worth the wait? How does the touchscreen user interface compared to something like HTC's TouchFLO 3D or the Apple iPhone 3G?
  • G4saurus Defectus (video) - Ever wonder why your green video card never lived up to your expectations?
  • Honda FC Sport Fuel Cell Car at LA Auto Show (video) - As its name implies, the FC Sport is a more extreme version of the typical fuel-cell vehicle. It's designed to not only attract attention, but also exploit the advantages of hydrogen power for improved performance. Although it uses roughly the same drivetrain components as the FCX Clarity, it strategically places them to help achieve a very low center of gravity and improved weight distribution.
  • Chinese auto giants are geared up to buy out GM and Chrysler - Chinese carmakers SAIC and Dongfeng have plans to acquire GM and Chrysler, the auto manufacturing giants in China, such as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, have the capability and intention to buy some assets of the two crisis-plagued American automakers.
  • Bike Hero (video) - How to you get video game geeks to spend time outside? How about by playing Guitar Hero on a bicycle ;-)
  • A Very Lucky Day (video) - This kid used up a lifetime of luck in just 30 minutes on a gameshow but it was one hell of a ride!
  • Guns N' Roses Album On MySpace - Guns N' Roses has put their latest album on the band's MySpace page days before it will be available to the public. At least you’ll be able to hear it before you buy it…which is a good thing in this case
  • First Look at Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter? - Depp is playing the Mad Hatter and he'll appear alongside co-stars Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Sheen, Mia Wasikowska, Matt Lucas, Crispin Glover, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman. Burton's latest is written by Linda Woolverton and based on the Lewis Carroll classic "Alice in Wonderland." The film will combine performance-capture imagery, currently seen in Beowulf, with live-action footage. Look for it in theaters on March 5, 2010.
  • Higher Quality Star Trek Trailer - Hope or no hope, I've gotta say I do like this trailer.
  • Jennifer Ellison Topless Bikini Pictures - These Jennifer Ellison Topless Bikini Pictures are Totally Staged and Totally Hot!
  • Keira Knightley Does Empire Magazine - Keira Knightley in Empire Magazine Russia November 2008
  • Nicola McClain's Breasts are Nuts! - Nicola is featured in Nuts Magazine in a sexy jungle setting. She was on I'm a Celebrity, a UK reality show about living in the jungle (Survivor anyone?)
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,20 2008 - tech
Need for Speed Undercover Benchmarks - tech
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PCGH has benchmarks for Need for Speed Undercover on a variety of configurations:
If you want to play NfS Undercover at 1,280 x 1,024 with maximal details, you will need at least a E7300 or Q6600 with a Radeon HD 3870 or a Geforce 8800 GT. While Undercover is running very well on AMD's Radeon cards, the Phenoms and Athlons don't stand a chance against Intel's Core 2s. So for example a E4300 is faster than a X4 9750 and only the X4 9950 (not n the benchmark charts) can beat the Intel CPU.

4x Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing is, activated in the game options, almost free; only the Radeon HD 3870 loses some ground. The two oldest graphics cards in the review, the X1950 Pro and the 7900 GT, are far behind on the last places - playing Need for Speed Undercover with those cards is rather impossible.
Normally I wouldn't complain much. But I feel it's my duty to warn anyone even thinking of purchasing this game, I wanted to like it, but, well, it's just terrible ;-)
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,19 2008 - tech
Mirror's Edge PC to use PhysX effects - tech
(hx) 10:29 AM EST - Nov,19 2008 - Post a comment / read (4)
According to TechReport, Folks with newer Nvidia cards will get a treat if they grab Mirror's Edge for the PC next year. Nvidia has revealed that the PC flavor of DICE's free-running action game will support PhysX hardware acceleration. All you'll need is a GeForce 8 or better graphics card, and you'll be the envy of your console-using friends (you know, the ones who've already been playing the game for a week and counting). Here's how Nvidia describes the PhysX enhancements: "With the NVIDIA PhysX physics engine, the world of Mirror's Edge comes to life with real affects [sic] of wind, weapons impact, and in-game movements. Every-day objects within the game become part of the overall experience. Cloth, flags, and banners can now impact weapons and players; ground fog interacts with the player's footsteps; explosions fill the air with smoke and debris; and weapon impacts are enhanced with interactive particles."  Here's a video of the PhysX goodies in action:

 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,17 2008 - tech
Left 4 Dead Gets New TV Spot - tech
(hx) 03:21 PM EST - Nov,17 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
Valve has unleashed another TV commercial on the eve of the release of Left 4 Dead, its high-intensity, zombie-fleeing shooter for PC and Xbox 360. Left 4 Dead ships to retailers tomorrow and unlocks tonight at midnight EST for customers using the Steam digital distribution service.

We're now about 10 hours away from the game's release!
TechNews - Intel Core i7 Available - tech
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  • Intel Core i7 Available - Ready to migrate to Core i7? Today's your day! Newegg and other retailers are now selling the long-awaited "Nehalem" CPU family and supporting motherboards
  • Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5P X58 mobo tested - Well, you get everything you need, and then a little more really. This is where Gigabyte shines for sure. Simple items as optical SPDIF, 8x USB, two Gigabit Ethernet connection are just great. But where Gigabyte takes the motherboard to the next level are the 10 SATA ports, the POST Diagnostic LED, CMOS switch, six DIMM slots, 3-way SLI compatible, Dynamic Energy Saver.
  • Nvidia: SLI is faster than Crossfire on Nehalem platform - check it out
  • Windows 7 Video Introduction - UI and Netbook Operation - So far the change in Windows 7 that has generated the most press has been the Superbar. This is actually locked in build 6801, probably because it's still in its very early stages, but someone figured out how to unlock it. Once it's unlocked you can see that it's flashy and functional, but not that different from the standard taskbar. The version on display at PDC was improved and it should be even better before the beta, once it's closer to being finished.
  • Ubuntu set to debut on netbooks - Rob Coombs, director of mobile marketing at Arm, said he expected to see the first devices running the version of Ubuntu by the time of the Computex show in June.  The devices will be based around the Arm7 architecture and, in particular, the Cortex A8 and A9 processors.
  • G-Speak - Minority report for the masses - According to Oblong the G-speak platform is in use today at Fortune 50 companies, government agencies and universities. A software development kit that runs on both Linux and Mac OS X is available. Applications are source-compatible across both operating systems and can run on ordinary desktop and laptop computers in addition to gesturally-equipped g-speak machines and clusters.
  • Sweden's Ultra-Modern Underground Data Center (+ pics) - Underneath Stockholm, deep in the bedrock exists a data center better than any high tech lair Hollywood could probably dream up. Bahnhof, one of Sweden's largest ISP's has created a bunker of high tech goodness that is surely to astound.
  • What Has Driven Women Out of Computer Science? - Cool read if you like this sort of discussion.
  • Astronomers capture first images of new planets - To identify the planets, researchers compared images of the system, known to contain planets HF8799b, HF8799c, and HF8799d. In each image faint objects were detected, and by comparing images from over the years, it was confirmed that these were the planets in their expected positions and that they orbit their star in a counterclockwise direction
  • Unboxing Sony Xperia X1 Windows Mobile Smartphone (video) - David Ciccone of Mobility Today was lucky enough to get his hands on a brand new Sony Xperia X1 smartphone, unboxing the glorious handset in the video below.
  • New Xbox Experience Quick Look - Major Nelson has posted a small video showing you just how easy it is going to be to update your Xbox 360 to the New Xbox Experience.
  • Obama will record weekly address on YouTube - President-elect Obama will record the weekly Democratic address not just on radio but also on video -- a first. The address, typically four minutes long, will be turned into a YouTube video and posted on Obama's transition site,, once the radio address is made public on Saturday morning. Obama's First Weekly YouTube Address Can be found here. Looks like Obama and crew know how to reach the youth of America.
  • Watchmen Theatrical Trailer - Big news this weekend is that the full theatrical trailer for Watchmen will be seen ahead of the big new releases
  • 50 Amazing Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography - Tilt-shift photography is a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model
  • Dog Malfunction (video) - This dog is clearly defective ;-)
  • Miranda Kerr - Ocean Drive - Nov 2008 - Miranda Kerr was the November 2008 cover girl for Ocean Drive magazine
  • Vikki Blows: Topless Video Game Vixen (NSFW) - If you like video games, and hot naked chicks, then I think you're really going to love these Vikki Blows topless pictures from Front magazine that recreate scenes from the video game Devil May Cry.
  • Brooklyn Decker Sports Illustrated Bikini Photos - Brooklyn Decker is probably one of the hottest swimsuit model I've seen featured in Sports Illustrated in a good bit. She is a very hot and extremely sexy model. Don't you think?
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,14 2008 - tech
TechNews - ATi Catalyst Drivers v8.11 - tech
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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,12 2008 - tech
TechNews - Google launches video chat for Gmail - tech
(hx) 06:02 AM EST - Nov,12 2008 - Post a comment / read (2)
  • Intel Core i7 - Choosing the Best Memory Kit - TechAge  just posted an article taking a look at running varying memory densities and frequencies on Core i7 to see if there is any reason to go with a high-end (expensive) memory kit.
  • Call of Duty World at War 16 card VGA performance test - The budget minded will play the game at 1280x1024. So let's leave out the high-end cards out of the equation for a minute. The reality here is that if you pick up a Radeon 3870 which sell for like 70 bucks these days, you can play this game at 1280x1024 with extensive eye candy enabled, which includes 4xAA
  • Fallout 3 gaming performance test - With its use of the older Gamebryo engine, Fallout 3 doesn't tax GPUs like a game like Crysis, yet it still looks good. hardware enthusiasts with GeForce GTX 260/280 SLI setups or Radeon 4870 X2/4800 CrossFire should be able to crank up the graphics settings to the max yet still get very good performance. ATI's 4870 X2 was clearly the fastest card for this game, with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 280 finishing second overall. The Radeon 4870 1GB also put up a strong showing, we saw a clear performance advantage for the 1GB 4870 SKU over the 512MB part. Considering the price difference between the two cards, we'd urge you to pick up the 1GB board if you can afford to splurge a little.
  • Nvidia Unveils New Quadro FX 5800 with 4GB RAM - The Quadro FX 5800 is launching at $3,499, and its spec sheet looks well furnished: 240 stream processors, fill rate of 52 billion texels per second, 128-bit precision, true 10-bit color support, 102GB/s memory bandwidth (which should translate to an 800MHz GDDR3 clock speed, if my math is right), and "interactive 4D modeling with time lapse capabilities."
  • Asus unveils their N20A 12.1inch notebook - In this tiny package, the N20A packs the full potential of a Core 2 Duo platform while its little brother, the A10, uses the Intel Atom. The list of processors is quite satisfying: Intel Core 2 Duo P9400, P8600, P7350 or T5850. The GPU used is the Intel X4500HD, on a GM45 Express chipset
  • Seagate Responds to Freezing HDDs - Seagate is investigating an issue where a small number of Barracuda 7200.11 (1.5TB SATA) hard drives randomly pause or hang for up to several seconds during certain write operations. This does not result in data loss nor does it impact the reliability of the drive but is an inconvenience to the user that we are working to resolve with an upgradeable firmware. We are therefore asking customers if they feel they are experiencing this issue to give our technical support department a call with any questions. Affected part number: 9JU138-300, 336 with firmware revisions SD15, SD17, or SD18.
  • Ways on how Windows 7 will support SSD better than XP/Vista - First, Windows 7 will turn off disk defragmentation when it detects an SSD instead of a spinning disk drive. Defragging disks speed ups the reading of data from conventional hard drives by moving similar data together. But flash-based SSDs are already fast at reading data. Rather, SSDs are slow at writing data. Moreover, the process of erasing and moving data requires "flashing" the memory cells with high voltage. That gradually wears out the SSD. Defragmentation thus shortens an SSD's lifespan without improving performance.
  • AVG anti-virus mistakenly tags user32.dll - A recent definition update for the popular AVG Free 7.5 and 8.0 anti-virus apps mistakenly tagged a Windows system file and told users to delete it.
  • Google launches video chat for Gmail - Google is rolling out video and voice capabilities for the chat function that is embedded in the Gmail interface. It's a bare-bones voice and video-conferencing service, but it's simple to install and use and is a very good addition to Gmail. Both video and voice chat needs a plug-in. The plug-in requires an Intel-based computer running Mac OS X or a computer running Windows XP or Vista, a Webcam, and/or a microphone. It works with browsers that support the current version of Gmail: Chrome, Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0, and Safari 3.0. No support for a Linux based plug-in as of yet.
  • Visa introduces pin payment card - Aimed at savvy internet users, the Visa PIN card features an alpha-numeric display and a 12-button keypad built into the back of a conventional credit, debit or prepaid card
  • Circuit City files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; lays off more workers - The company, one of the top five retailers in the US for selling games, has now filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This move comes on the heals last week of its decision to close 155 stores in the US
  • Study shows how spammers cash in - Spammers are turning a profit despite only getting one response for every 12.5m e-mails they send, finds a study
  • Korea's Next Generation Rifle With Laser Targeting And Expl. Rounds - The new rifles weigh 6.1kg and are 860 mm long. The exploding bullets have an range of 460-500 meters. The rifles have been specifically designed for urban combat, and the Agency for Defense Development, which has the ironic acronym ADD says the rifles will be ready for combat use in 2009. All that laser guided exploding goodness comes at a price though, the rifles have cost around 18.5 billion won (around $180 million USD) to develop, and each individual rifle costs 16 million won (around $12,000 USD). Due to the new rifles high cost each field unit squad will have two of the new rifles.
  • Walking Assist Device Prototype (video) - On November 7, Honda unveiled a prototype walking assist device that helps support the bodyweight of the user.
  • Dumb Woman Destroys Gas Station (video) - Some dumb woman accidentally reverses into the gas pump then when she goes to hit the brake she instead floors the accelerator.
  • BMW Performance releases 3-Series teaser - BMW has released a new teaser video along with a short message reading: 'Can't wait to see more? Join us again in November when we will show you what genuine driving pleasure is all about. Because with BMW Performance true passion is a matter of course. See you then.'
  • First Trek film footage unveiled - Lost creator JJ Abrams has unveiled footage from his Star Trek prequel at a press event in London. The clips featured US actor Chris Pine as the young Captain Kirk, Heroes star Zachary Quinto as Mr Spock and Simon Pegg as Enterprise engineer Scotty
  • If The Matrix Ran on Windows (video) - MUST SEE! :P - Take the red pill. Get the blue screen ;-)
  • Lindsay Lohan - Harper's Bazaar Magazine - Lindsay Lohan in Harpers Bazaar December 2008 issue.
  • Ashley Greene Maxim Photos - Ashley Greene is the latest babe and upcoming celebrity to hit the pages of Maxim magazine!
  • Lucy Pinder Naked In Nuts (NSFW) - Lucy Pinder is getting much riskier these days. She used to cover her whole body, then she finally showed us her awesome breasts and now she's almost showing us her little kitty. I guess it's only a matter of time before she goes fully nude :-)
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,09 2008 - tech
TechNews - Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking - tech
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  • Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking and Heat (+ video) -  What do you need in terms of cooling when you bring it up to 3.8GHz with at 1.35 vCore?
  • Rambus Wants To Stop NVIDIA Products From Selling In US - The accused products include NVIDIA products that incorporate DDR, DDR2, DDR3, LPDDR, GDDR, GDDR2, and GDDR3 memory controllers, including graphics processors, and media and communications processors. The complaint names NVIDIA as a proposed respondent, as well as companies whose products incorporate accused NVIDIA products and are imported into the United States.
  • Microsoft: Windows 7 will run on SSD netbooks - Microsoft claims that netbooks equipped with solid-state drives (SSD) sporting as little as 16GB of storage capacity will be able to comfortably run Windows 7
  • Blu-ray Disc ripper for BD-Live titles released - The software called Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.4  is believed to be one of the most widely used applications of its type and, at least according to our knowledge, the first to support the BD-Live extension
  • Yahoo! Messenger - Yahoo! Messenger allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online friends. Unlike e-mail, instant messages appear as soon they’re sent. By downloading the application to your computer, you can send instant messages. Other features include voice chat, file transfer, mail and stock quote alerts, sports scores, news, and much more.
  • Tool to Bypass WPA-TKIP to be Released Next Week - As I reported earlier, researchers have discovered a method that bypasses WPA encryption and will release the exploit tool next week. Fret not, for there are fixes you can use, such as switching to WPA2 or changing the WPA algorithm from TKIP to AES. Better check your Wi-Fi networks
  • Microsoft Working on Software Distribution Like App Store - At the same developer’s conference where Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ruled out a new bid for Yahoo, he also talked about a new form of software distribution his company is working on that is similar to the iPhone’s App Store.
  • Microsoft Offering 25% Cash Back On eBay - Get this, if you use Microsoft's Live search you can actually get 25% cashback on purchases made on eBay.
  • Bionic hand makes inventions list  - The hand, developed by Livingston company Touch Bionics, was named alongside the Super Hadron Collider in Time magazine's top 50 innovations. It came in at 14th place, beating competition from the latest Mars Rover, designed to explore the red planet. The hand took 20 years to develop and has five separately working fingers.
  • Is Ahmadinejad's wife hotter than Palin?  - The world may never know :-)
  • Claudia Schiffer - Vogue Italia Magazine - Nov 2008 - An older and hotter Claudia Schiffer for Vogue Italia. Enjoy!
  • Very Sexy Pics of Jessica Canizales - Jessica Canizales is an absolute beauty!
  • Olga Kurylenko Does Maxim - Here's new Bond hottie, Olga Kurylenko looking smokin' hot in the German edition of Maxim magazine.
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,07 2008 - tech
TechNews - AMD vs. Intel - Which is the Better? - tech
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  • AMD vs. Intel - Which is the Better Processor Right Now? - Depending on what your PC is used for, the answer to the Intel vs. AMD question changes. Users looking towards budget-level PCs (or even HTPC) have a choice between Intel processors paired with the nvidia 9300 chipset, or AMD processors and the AMD 780G chipset. Both routes are more than sufficient for home office or home theatre purposes. Intel definitely becomes a favorite as system prices increase for gaming and content creation platforms. AMD is left in the dust as its older 65nm processors lack the muscle needed to compete with Intel's Yorkfield and Wolfdale 45nm offerings. In the gaming segment, the faster clock speeds of the E8000-series Core 2 Duo processors offer the best performance for dual core friendly applications.
  • Intel to discontinue three 45nm CPUs, seven 65nm CPUs - Three of the doomed CPUs feature the still-latest-and-greatest 45nm Penryn core. Intel will stop taking orders for the Core 2 Quad Q9450, Core 2 Duo E8200, and Core 2 Duo E8190 on January 9 next year. These 45nm processors haven't been around very long, but Intel has already supplanted them with faster offerings at the same price points
  • AMD Employee Charged With Stealing Intel Secrets - Federal prosecutors in Massachusetts say 33-year-old Biswamohan Pani downloaded confidential documents from the chip maker's California headquarters while he was on vacation and actually working for AMD. Prosecutors say AMD had no knowledge of Pani's actions and did not benefit. But they say the information Pani downloaded was worth more than $1 billion in research and development costs, and included details about methods for designing microprocessors
  • 1.5TB Barracuda users complain of random freezes - Judging by several forum threads - including an eight-page discussion on Seagate's own support forums - it looks like the ST31500341AS Seagate 1.5TB hard drive users complain of random freezes under Linux, Mac OS X, and even Windows Vista
  • Controlling Your Computer With Gestures (video) - Mgestyk Technologies has come up with an inexpensive gesture control system that allows you to do stuff like play games, control you computer or surf the net with just hand gestures
  • Microsoft confirms 2009 Windows 7 launch - Finally. After weeks of rumors and hints from other companies, Microsoft has admitted it: Windows 7 will hit PCs in 2009
  • Get ready for full-length movies on YouTube - YouTube will begin offering feature films produced by at least one of the biggest Hollywood movie studios possibly as early as next month
  • Yahoo-Google Ad Deal Dead - It's official, Google has ended its ad deal with Yahoo. I'm sure this will do wonders for Yahoo's already tanking stock. Ouch!
  • Fifteen minutes to crack WPA protocol, says researcher - Cryptographic expert Erik Tews will appear at PacSec security conference in Tokyo next week with his presentation, "Gone in 900 seconds: Some Crypto issues with WPA." There, Tews is expected to show off his discoveries in TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) cracking, that allow WPA to be broken in a brief 12-15 minute window.
  • Mac OS X 10.5 vs. Ubuntu 8.10 Benchmarks - Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.5 "Leopard" had strong performance leads over Canonical's Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" in the OpenGL performance with the integrated Intel graphics, disk benchmarking, and SQLite database in particular. Ubuntu on the other hand was leading in the compilation and BYTE Unix Benchmark. In the audio/video encoding and PHP XML tests the margins were smaller and no definitive leader had emerged. With the Java environment, Sunflow and Bork were faster in Mac OS X, but the Intrepid Ibex in SciMark 2 attacked the Leopard. These results though were all from an Apple Mac Mini.
  • AMD and Red Hat Demonstrate Live Migration of Virtual Machines - AMD, in collaboration with Red Hat, today demonstrated (video) for the first time 'live migration' of a virtual machine across vendor platforms.
  • Lenovo Profits Down 78 Percent - Lenovo announced today that its profits are down 78 percent and the company is facing restructuring with possible layoffs
  • iPhone 2.2 firmware jailbroken even before the SDK is out - It's not clear as to how they achieved this seemingly predictable occurrence, and neither is it clear as to what they managed to do with a jail broken phone other than the obvious network switch. It still will give many aggravated AT&T users an open option to switch their carriers even though it invalidates the warranty on the device.
  • T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Has Been Jailbroken - Now that the HTC-sourced T-Mobile G1 has been jailbroken, what can we expect? Well, they say that the jailbreaking process offers full system access with full read and write functionality. In this way, I don't think it'll be long before people try loading emulators on this thing so that it can run other operating systems like Symbian, Linux, or Windows Mobile.
  • CNN Hologram TV First (video) - During the American election Jessica Yellin was recorded as a hologram and beamed into the studio. Wow. Think of the porn implications! ;-)
  • Barack Obama wins presidency, making history - Democrat Barack Obama captured the White House after an extraordinary two-year campaign, defeating Republican John McCain to make history as the first black to be elected U.S. president. Barack Obama told supporters that "change has come to America" as he claimed victory in a historic presidential election.
  • Fanboys trailer - A must watch - This is the official trailer for 'Fanboys' which was scheduled to hit theaters in late 2007 but delayed till 2009, but now the force is strong with this one and if it does not sway to the dark side it will be in screens soon enough
  • Akira Live Action 2011 (video) - People are worried about Akira being translated to an American audience in a live action epic. Well fear not true believers!
  • WTF?! (pic) - This is why WTF was invented  :-) ...Who took a picture of my living room last night? :P
  • Monica Bellucci Topless Pictures from GQ Italy - The Italian edtion of GQ magazine has Monica Bellucci topless on the cover of the November issue.
  • Gemma Atkinson Lingerie Pictures From Nuts Magazine - Nuts Magazine managed to get Gemma Atkinson into some lingerie again! Enjoy!
  • Olga Kurylenko in FHM France - Olga Kurylenko has been featured in the newest FHM France. For those that don't know her, Olga is a bond girl in the newest 007 flick!
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,06 2008 - tech
Army Tries Holograms, Quantum Computing, WoW - tech
(hx) 03:30 PM EST - Nov,06 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
Dr. John Parmentola, Director of Research and Laboratory Management with the Army's science and technology office, told military bloggers Nov. 3 that the Army is "making science fiction into reality" by creating realistic holographic images, generating virtual humans and diving into quantum computing:
For the last several years, the Army has kept a close eye on research into areas of science that might have once been called "paranormal;" its practitioners drummed out of the academy as kooks and nut-jobs. But now the idea of implanting specific memories or erasing damaging ones, for example, isn't mere fantasy. Dr. Joe Tsien, a neurobiologist at the Medical College of Georgia and co-director of the Brain Discovery Institute, has been able to erase certain memories from mice subjected to traumatic experiences in a laboratory environment, Parmentola said. From a practical standpoint, the Army could use this kind of technology to help Soldiers who've been psychologically scarred by staring death straight in the eye. "You can imagine people who have horrifying memories, it would be great if we could eliminate them so this way they're not plagued by these memories uncontrollably," Parmentola said. "We have Soldiers that have this problem, like PTSD and traumatic brain injury, but there are many other examples that occur in the civilian world." The Army plans to highlight Tsien's and other research into the ragged edges of science fiction at the 26th Army Science Conference in Orlando next month, where experts in neurorobotics, high-tech computer displays and quantum physics will explain how Soldiers could benefit from the types of radical science most have only seen on episodes of the "X-Files."
Also, the U.S. Army may use MMO games like World of Warcraft as simulation training for new artificial intelligence that would see use in holographic soldiers for training:
To test out the computer generated humans' "humanity," Parmentola and his researchers want to unleash some of their cyber Soldiers into so-called "massively multi-player online games" such as "World of Warcraft" or "Eve Online" - games frequented by thousands of super-competitive human players in teams of virtual characters fighting battles that can last for days. "We want to use the massively multi-player online game as an experimental laboratory to see if they're good enough to convince humans that they're actually human," he said.
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,04 2008 - tech
TechNews - GeForce GTX 260 with 216 SP - tech
(hx) 08:33 PM EST - Nov,04 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel Core i7 / X58 round-up - Yet in some cases, the Core i7 undeniably delivers clock-for-clock performance increases over Core 2, along with dramatic gains in absolute performance. In fact, for the average guy, the secret hero of most test results was the Core 2 Duo E8600. If your main reason for wanting a fast computer is to surf the web and play games, you're probably better off getting a fast dual-core like the E8600 than you are picking up a Core i7-920 or any quad-core processor. Game developers keep threatening to really make use of more than two cores, but it just hasn't happened yet.
  • GeForce GTX 260 with 216 Stream Processors Tested - On the whole, overclocked GTX 260 cards with 216 stream processors catch up with the GTX280 in a number of tests. So users will again have to painfully choose what to buy.
  • Sapphire HD4850X2 Tested - The Sapphire HD4850x2 does just what it is supposed to do. Offer performance that is a shade less than that delivered by the baddest card out right now (for the time being). During the gaming tests the little X2 was consistently keeping up with the 4870x2. Of course, some games don't seem to scale with Crossfire but that is a whole other can of worms. When manually controlled, the two fan cooling solution kept the 4850x2 below the 70 degrees Celsius mark.
  • 22 Inch HP Debranded LCD Monitor Tested - This review is going to take a look at the 22 inch HP debranded DVI widescreen LCD monitor. What we have is an LCD monitor originally manufactured by HP that was rather highly regarded as a new product, and it has basically been refurbished by a third party and made available for $189.99 at minus the HP badging
  • Windows 7's new taskbar goes under the spotlight (video) - In essence, the new Windows 7 taskbar merges QuickLaunch with the traditional window management features, showing a set of icons for both open applications and the user's favorite apps. Mousing over an open app shows thumbnails for the windows that belong to it, and mousing over a thumbnail turns other windows transparent to reveal the selected window. Honestly I'd much rather keep this the way they are now. It looks slick but I think it's a bit slower....
  • Alienware launches their first CrossFire gaming PC notebook - Not to be confused with the M17x, this 17-incher is the outfit's very first CrossFire X-enabled notebook, and those with the requisite coin can get one outfitted with a Core 2 Quad / Extreme CPU, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, twin ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 GPUs, a WXGA+ / WUXGA panel, an optional ATSC HDTV tuner, up to 1TB of HDD space.
  • New MacBooks Support 6GB RAM - The bad news? Stuffing eight gigs in there 'throws OSX into fits, making it unstable for actual use.
  • New worm exploits critical Windows bug - A worm that exploits the bug Microsoft patched in an emergency update 11 days ago is actively attacking systems, several security companies and researchers said Monday. The worm, which Symantec Corp. labeled Wecorl but was dubbed MS08-067.
  • Core Security finds critical Adobe Reader hole - The vulnerability affects version 8.1.2 of Acrobat Reader, a patch is in the works
  • Crashing The iPhone - The bug Zambrini found is in the audio portion of Apple's video format
  • Nikon's D90 Through the Eyes of a Video Pro - As a digital SLR, the D90 meets industry benchmarks - more super-duper-mega-pixels than last year's model
  • Best Buy Lies To Sell TV Calibration Service  - To sell its special HDTV calibration service, this Best Buy in NC set up two identical model HDTVs, both showing ESPN. The problem is one was showing ESPN HD and the other one was showing just regular ESPN.
  • Dennou Figure ARis - A webcam doll that interacts with your (video) - Geisha Tokyo Entertainment has released the Dennou Figure ARis which is an augmented reality figure which allows you to play with a real cute cat or even with your very own cute doll. There is now no need for you to have a desktop screen stripping screensaver
  • Complete List Of Closing Circuit City Stores -  Circuit City is closing 155 stores and withdrawing from 12 markets
  • Games 'to outsell' music and video - UK sales of video games and hardware will surpass spending on music and video for the first time, a report suggests.
  • MDS Brings Skynet One Step Closer with Expressive Robot - Nexi is a robot that is able to learn and can interact with humans using speech, expression, and body language.
  • Crazy Driver Smashes Into Traffic Jam (video) - When you crash full speed into a bunch of stopped cars, causing mass destruction, don't expect your insurance to cover it.
  • Roxanne McKee Maxim Photos - British model Roxanne McKee heats up the pages of Maxim UK magazine, December 2008.
  • Olivia Munn in a Bikini (video) - What could be better than checking out Olivia Munn? How about Olivia Munn interviewing herself along with some wet bikini footage? Gotta love a girl with a sense of humor.
  • Jessica Biel's Naked Photos: Her Worst ;-) - Actress Jessica Biel has said that she regrets posing nude for a magazine photoshoot when she was 17.