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 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,18 2009 - tech 
TechNews - Three million hit by Windows worm - tech
(hx) 08:27 AM EST - Jan,18 2009 - Post a comment
  • Intel H57, P57 and Q57 chipsets for Lynnfield/Havendale - One of the major highlights of the three high-end chipsets will be the introduction of a new technology known as Braidwood. In short terms, it is basically a revision of Intel's Turbo Memory which was first seen on the Santa Rosa mobile Centrino platform in May 2007 and later in its second revision on the Monteniva platform in July 2008. The technology attempts to decrease hard drive usage by moving frequently accessed data over to flash memory which ultimately allows for faster boot times and more power efficiency. This time, however, the memory chips will also feature a dedicated NVRAM controller to the system and storage buffers to allow for read and write speeds available only on solid state disks.
  • Samsung SyncMaster T240 24inch LCD Monitor - Gaming on this monitor is fine as long as you have the hardware to push out a 1920x1200 gaming experience at a decent framerate. But if you have the videocard and system to do so, this monitor won't let you down. Gaming is great with no ghosting witnessed at all. Just make sure you use the native 1920x1200 resolution. If you don't want or can't utilize the higher resolutions, I would drop down to a T220 so you can use the 1680x1050 resolution instead
  • Windows 7 BETA vs Windows Vista SP1 SSD Performance Compared - Obviously Microsoft have spent some time improving SSD performance under Windows 7.
  • Three million hit by Windows worm - Although Microsoft released a patch, it has gone on to infect 3.5m machines. Experts warn this figure could be far higher and say users should have up-to-date anti-virus software and install Microsoft's MS08-067 patch.
  • Free POP3 Access with Windows Live Hotmail - When you setup an Windows Live Hotmail in an email program using POP access, the following settings are to be used
  • Researchers Make Cloaking Breakthrough - The researchers say that the latest advance in cloaking technology comes thanks to the development of a new series of mathematical algorithms that are used to guide the design and fabrication of the required exotic composites needed for the cloaking process
  • Methane Could Signal Life On Mars - NASA announced Thursday that its researchers and university scientists found methane in the Red Planet's atmosphere. Pockets of methane might have been produced long ago by the interaction of water and volcanic rock below the Martian surface. But the gas might also be produced by microbes that thrive below the inhospitable Martian surface, where there may be liquid water
  • Young 'pirates' in Sweden receive millions from the state - The youth league of the Swedish branch of file-share and copyright reform advocacy group, the Pirate Party, has received millions of kronor in state support.
  • 8 Years Of Bush in 8 Minutes! - Now consider that Americans not only elected him *again*, but they reelected him by a slightly larger margin.
  • Surveillance Cameras Capture Flight 1549 Crash Landing into the Hudson River - check it out!
  • Crank 2 Trailer Online - Let's be honest here, anyone who saw Crank knows that there really didn't need to be a sequel. But we are getting one anyways and it looks like fun!
  • Kate Beckinsale At Hollywood Life Magazine - Winter 2008 - Kate Beckinsale looks hot!
  • Blake Lively Appears on Vogue Cover - Blake Lively is on the cover of February's Vogue magazine, and it's the best I've seen her. Blake is pretty damn stunning in this photoshoot, and that's gotta be a good thing for her career
 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,16 2009 - tech
TechNews - Core 2 Quad price cuts coming - tech
(hx) 09:12 PM EST - Jan,16 2009 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Core 2 Quad price cuts coming next Monday? - Price cuts are indeed coming - they'll hit on Monday, January 19, and they'll affect Intel's line of Core 2 Quad processors. The cuts will also hit equivalent Xeon X3300-series processors, our source claims
  • 55nm GT200: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 1GB Tested - Even at real-world resolutions like 1600x1200 and 2048x1536 the GTX 285 was able to run noticeably faster than the GTX 280 OC. Of course the AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 was the best card in our graphs but in reality it is priced higher than the GTX 285 and utilizes a pair of GPUs to get the job done (much like NVIDIA's own GTX 295 did to beat out the 4870 X2 for the performance crown).
  • Nvidia Even Greener with 9600GT Green Edition - This card is known as GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition based on the new 55nm G94-350-B1 core. The reason why Nvidia called it Green Edition is because its core voltage is 0.1V lower than the current 55nm G94 cores thus reducing power consumption further
  • Seagate offers fix, free data recovery for bricked Barracudas - The free data recovery for already-bricked hard drives seems like a nice touch, especially considering the cost of third-party services
  • Electronic Cigarette at CES 2009 (video) - Working as some sort of intermediary is the E-Cig, an electronic cigarette that really mimics a real cig but without the harmful tar and other chemicals. You can still get your nicotine fix by sucking on this electronic death stick, but all you breathe back out is hot vapors. It's steam, not smoke, so it's virtually odorless!
  • Windows 7 tips and tricks - check it out
  • Woman blames Dell for missing online classes - Abbie Schubert paid more than $1,100 for a Dell laptop hoping to enroll in online classes at Madison Area Technical College, or MATC. But something stopped her: she bought an operating system for her computer she never heard of, Ubuntu.
  • Slow PC Market Slams NVIDIA - Arstechnica has an article online, Slow PC market slams NVIDIA, will see 40-50% Q4 revenue drop, talking about how the video card and motherboard manufacturer was hurt by a slow PC marketplace
  • T3 reviews the Sony Reader and the LG Watch Phone (video) - T3 delivers its verdict on the Sony Reader and LG Watch Phone.
  • Paris Hilton website infects visitors with malware - Visitors to the 27-year-old socialite's website,, risk having sensitive personal information stolen from their computers
  • YouTube strips out audio and mutes copyrighted videos - YouTube is now muting users videos that use a copyrighted audio track. WTF :(
  • iTunes DRM-Free Upgrade: Full Price, All or Nothing - If you want to upgrade some of your music on iTunes to the new DRM-free version, you are out of luck unless you pay full price for your entire music collection. That's right, there is no picking and choosing, it is all or nothing. That's right, there is no picking and choosing, it is all or nothing.
  • Steve Jobs to take medical leave until late June - Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs is to take medical leave until the end of June, saying his health issues were more complex than he first thought. Mr Jobs revealed last week he was being treated for a "hormone imbalance" but was staying on as the firm's head. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook will stand in while Mr Jobs is away
  • NoPoPo is a pee powered battery - The NoPoPo batteries are designed to recharge with a few drops of water or even urine, by injecting it into the battery chamber with a pipette. A mixture of magnesium and carbon reacts with the liquid and produces power up to 500 mAh in the case of an AA-size battery. The NoPoPo batteries cost $15 a pair and come in AA and AAA packing and retain their charge for up to 10 years. They can be recharged only 2-5 times, which hints that it may be marketed as a disposable battery
  • Nazi Zombie Movie: Dead Snow (poster + info) - Here's a little more info about new nazi zombie flick called Dead Snow.
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop - In Theaters Friday! - It looks pretty good actually :P
  • My Bloody Valentine 3D - In Theaters Friday! - My Bloody Valentine 3D, in 2D and 3D theaters everywhere this Friday, 1/16.
  • Fast and Furious Trailer - This trailer looks like the new film will promise some kickass action and some hot cars. Perfect. That is all I can hope for. This franchise started great, petered, then made a detour in a chapter I was surprised to like, and now its time to return to the origins with the original cast.
  • AnnaLynne McCord Does GQ Magazine - '90210' hottie AnnaLynne McCord, 21, stripped down for the February issue of GQ magazine
  • Rosario Dawson on Max Magazine - Rosario Dawson was the featured cover girl on this month's Max magazine.
 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,13 2009 - tech
TechNews - Windows 7 beta keys until January 24 - tech
(hx) 12:14 PM EST - Jan,13 2009 - Post a comment
  • ATI Cuts Prices on 4870X2, 4850X2 Cards - ATI has cut the prices on the X2 flavors of the 4850 and 4870 cards in response to Nvidia's GTX 295 release.
  • Palit GeForce 9800 GTX+ Video Card NE/98TX+XT352 Tested - At the time of writing the NE/98TX+XT352 is available at NewEgg for $189.99 ($159.99 after $30 mail in rebate). Value is on par price-wise with other 9800 GTX+ cards and within about $10-$15 of it's true competition the HD4850. If you are looking for a mid-level performer that will play most games great at or below 1920 x 1200 resolution, then by all means give this card a try.
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 in Action (video) - Since the host end of USB 3.0's plug is fully compatible with USB 2.0 (and 1.0, as it turns out), they expect folks to start buying future-proof USB 3.0 hard drives and wait for computer manufacturers to build it in -- or just grab a PCIe card if they're really enthusiastic. With around 10 times the headroom -- about 500MB a second -- of USB 2.0, the real bottleneck now is hard drive speeds. In the test we saw, the drive averaged around 78MB per second, and we can easily see SSD and RAID scenarios exploring this transfer speed. Their prototype setup to accomplish this was sprawling and a little bit ghetto, but by the time this is shipping in devices the chip will be shrunk down to about the size of a stamp.
  • Windows 7 beta keys to be available until January 24 - If you missed the Windows 7 beta launch late last Friday, don't panic - you have almost two weeks left to get a license key. The first look at the beta can be found here and here
  • Windows 7 may ship as early as July - The timing of Microsoft's Windows 7 beta and its expiry dates provides a clue as to the actual ship date of the final product, according to info gathered by Microsoft observer Ed Bott. The software officially expires on August 1st but does so just a month after the believed July 1st start of a Windows 7 upgrade program for new PCs, effectively marking off July as the release month. Anonymous sources of Bott's have also suggested a similar launch window.
  • Dangerous coding errors revealed - The 25 entry list contains errors that can lead to security holes or vulnerable areas that can be targeted by cyber criminals.  Experts say many of these errors are not well understood by programmers.
  • HyperSpace instant-on OS pops up while Windows boots - HyperSpace sits in its own hard drive partition (you'll apparently need 3GB of contiguous space), and it can co-exist with English versions of Windows Vista SP1 x86. Hardware-wise, Phoenix says you'll need an Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processor with hardware virtualization support, along with Intel GMA 3000, 3100, X3000, X3100, X3500, or X4500 integrated graphics.
  • 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Supercut (video) - Scenes from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Production Fisker Karma debuts for 2010 (video) - The aluminum spaceframe four-door is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that Fisker says will reach 60 miles-per-hour in 5.8 seconds and be able to cruise comfortably at 125 miles-per-hour.
  • Firefox is Better Because You Can’t Do This With IE - People gotta learn not to divide by zero! ;)
  • How to hallucinate with ping-pong balls and a radio - Wouldn't it be fun to hallucinate on your lunch break?
  • Aaron Eckhart says Two-Face may Return (video) - Does that sound to you like he is implying that Two-Face would return??
  • Best Female Driver Ever (video) - This chick gets a wheel lock on her car for illegally parking downtown but that doesn't stop her from driving off.
  • Adriana Lima in a Victoria's Secret Bikini - I  don't know what her secret is, but these Adriana Lima bikini pictures from the new Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog have her looking bustier than ever!
  • Jennifer Aniston cover girl of Vogue Magazine! - Jennifer looks incredibly young and beautiful for a woman approaching her 40th birthday very soon. What a true beauty! What do you think? Are you an Angelina Jolie fan or a Jennifer Aniston fan?
  • Valda Silva is a very beautiful woman! -Valda is pretty on par with most of our other snacks, and there's something about her that just keeps me looking!
 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,09 2009 - tech
TechNews - Windows 7 Beta Goes Public - tech
(hx) 09:25 PM EST - Jan,09 2009 - Post a comment / read (1)
We've moved this site to a new server located in Slovak republic, so it should respond faster for folks in Europe. Let me know if anything doesn't work as it should.
  • AMD introduces Dragon PC gaming platform and new Phenom II CPUs - In the Phenom II, AMD has produced a chip that comes strikingly close to duplicating the performance of Intel's mid-range Core 2 Quad processors, the Q9300 and Q9400
  • Intel Fourth-Quarter Sales Drop 23%, Missing Forecast -  Wel, the economy is doing poorly, so this kind of news is expected. I'm more curious to hear which companies can still maintain growth during this time
  • What Does 256 Cores Look Like? - Yes, I said 256 cores!
  • X58 Motherboard Round-Up - DriverHeaven have four more X58 based boards from MSI, ECS and Foxconn and they ran each of the boards through a selection of real world tests including media encoding, Photoshop and gaming as well as some overclocking.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Review Round-Up - Much like in the preview of the GTX 295 its performance on the I7 platform is just phenomenal. It far outstrips the performance of the HD4870x2 and Core I7. The performance is so far superior in all but two benchmarks that it just makes sense to go with the GTX 295
  • NVIDIAs GeForce GTX 295 Overclocked - TweakTown overclocked NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 295 . "While some would say "why bother overclocking something so fast?" - We reply with "why not?!"
  • AMD Reveals Cloud Supercomputer, Video Games via Server-side - AMD and OTOY unveiled plans for a new supercomputer they believe will revolutionize entertainment. By calculating all relevant data sever-side and then streaming the results to online devices, AMD claims the platform can bring video games and other "graphically-intensive applications" to "virtually any type of mobile device with a web browser without making the device rapidly deplete battery life or struggle to process the content."
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Tested - Unlike previous such glasses these will offer stereo by alternating between eyes, offering 60 FPS for each, which means this set-up will require specific LCD monitors that support a 120 Hz refresh rate or a 3D-ready DLP television. The glasses have an MSRP of $199.00, not counting the monitor or video card
  • Samsung's transparent OLED Display (video) - When the screen is off, it is transparent to about 70%-85%.  The display is 4.3", 320x240 pixels.
  • Philips to unveil a "secret" OLED TV soon? - Philips will unveil a new TV in January 29th. Philips say that the TV truly offers something new and is genuinely like nothing you've seen before... and there are rumors that they are working on an OLED TV.
  • Do-it-yourself 3D movies at home - Manchester-based PDT has created the Minoru webcam that has two lenses set roughly the same distance apart as human eyes. Software included with the webcam turns the two images into what is known as an anaglyph. If someone gave you an iPod with one ear piece you would think they were nuts. To see the resultant footage in 3D, viewers must wear the familiar spectacles with red and blue lenses. This ensures that only one of the two images being shown is seen by each eye and forces the brain to turn them into a moving 3D image. DIY 3D movies shot with the Minoru can be shared on YouTube.
  • Eee PC T91 convertible tablet (video) -  The 2-pound, 1-inch thick tablet features an 8.9-inch LED backlit touch panel riding atop Intel's Z520 Atom processor. It also features a TV-tuner and built-in GPS. No other details yet.
  • Apple announces king-size MacBook Pro - The 17inch MacBook Pro has a 1920x1200 display with a 700:1 contrast ratio, and Apple offers a matte finish option for an extra $50. Aside from that, the $2,799 starting price gets you a 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, GeForce 9400M integrated graphics, GeForce 9600M GT discrete graphics, and a battery Apple rates for up to eight hours of run time
  • Google Picasa 3.0 Reviewed - So what's changed since version 2.7? In addition to the ‘Sync to Web’ button, there is a Retouch tool to remove unsightly blemishes and improve photo quality. It can also help you to restore old photos with marks, water stains, and scratches to excellent condition
  • Windows 7 Beta Goes Public - I got a couple very fast direct links for you: Windows 7 beta 32-bit and Windows 7 beta 64-bit. These are straight from Microsoft and the transfer rate right now on my download is 511KB/sec. However, I will have to wait for Microsoft to get things straightened out before I can get a working key.
  • Trojan Blocks The Pirate Bay and Mininova - It turned out that the trojan originated from a keygen supplied with a copy of pirated software. Instead of generating a key, it modified the hosts file of the computer so that it redirects The Pirate Bay, Suprbay (The Pirate Bay forums) and Mininova to, which means that the sites never load
  • IE8 is Coming, IE8 Blocker Tool Already Out  - Looks like the IE8 is almost ready and that a blocker tool is out already to help IT admins / corporate customers block the install until they have a chance to test IE8 on their network
  • European Commission considers 14% tax on GPS phones - European Union wants to add extra import CLO (the duty) for devices with GPS and DVB-T. Extra CLO for GPS devices would be 3.7% and for DVB-T devices would be 14.7%
  • AT&T slowing EDGE to force customers to switch to 3G? - AT&T is rumored to be downgrading the quality of EDGE data, effectively forcing users to upgrade to newer 3G technology
  • TomTom 720 Navigation Tested - Bluetooth technology connects your TomTom 720 to your cell phone, so when you have a phone call, you can answer it through your GPS. You can talk on your phone through the GPS, so that you do not ever have to touch your phone while driving. Also, when you get text messages, you can elect to have your TomTom read your text messages back to you.
  • Japanese Human Slip-n-Slide (video) - These guys come up with the craziest game shows. This time they drench 20 smokin' hot chicks with oil and have some old dude try to slip and slide over every one of them.
  • Man Holds Breath for 10 Minutes (video) - As a birthday present for the President of Kazakhstan, a yoga trainer holds his breath underwater in a glass box for ten minutes.
  • US Street Fighter movie trailer - Capcom is going to have a very busy February with the console release of Street Fighter IV (the PC version is due out later in 2009). Also on February 27 the second Street Fighter feature film is due in theaters. IGN has posted up the US trailer for the movie which is sub-titled The Legend of Chun-Li. Will this movie make us forget about that first horrible Street Fighter film or make us wish it was as good?
  • Last House on the Left Trailer - The Wes Craven Classic Horror film, Last House on the Left is getting a new take. And who better to make the new version than the master of horror himself - Wes Craven
  • Bugatti Veyron - TopGear Compilation (video) - Here's a video compilation of Bugatti Veyron. The fastest car on the world :-)
  • Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight in Maxim UK - Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight are in the February issue of Maxim UK. These two women are absolutely stunning!
  • Carolina 'Pampita' Ardohain's Sweet Ass In Rolling Stone Magazine -  I know the pictures are small, but an ass like that deserves attention!
nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers v181.20 - tech
(hx) 03:42 AM EST - Jan,09 2009 - Post a comment
There are brand new GeForce 181.20 drivers out today for Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x86, and Windows XP x64. The drivers add support for the GeForce GTX 285-a new top-of-the-line single-GPU card based on the same 55nm GT200 "B" chip as the GTX 295. Aside from that, Nvidia has made some bug fixes pertaining to Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, Grand Theft Auto IV, Prince of Persia 4, Serious Sam 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King, alongside other, non-game apps. Oh, and the new drivers apparently tweak power management for GeForce GTX 260 and 280 cards, too. Grab them if you need them!
 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,06 2009 - tech
TechNews - GT212 has 384 SPs - tech
(hx) 05:09 AM EST - Jan,06 2009 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Gigabyte EX58-UD4P Intel X58 Mobo Tested - The Gigabyte EX58-UD4P is meant to offer value for Core i7 users, retaining some of the X58 chipset's most interesting features like 3-way SLI and CrossfireX support, which should come extra handy for gamers willing to burn cash for the ultimate performance
  • GT212 has 384 SPs, more specs revealed - To start matters off, GT212 is the successor to 55nm GT200b which is currently rolling into production. In comparison, the upcoming architecture is essentially following two similar footsteps of 65nm G92 last March - a die shrink to a smaller fabrication process and a decrease in memory interface width.
  • Seagate ships two-platter 1TB Barracuda 7200.12 - So, will these include the awesome lock-up inducing firmware? if so, I'll take two! Just kidding...of course, I'll wait for WDC's 2TB offering.
  • Viewsonic VX2260WM 22-inch Full HD Monitor Tested - So, Viewsonic's first foray into the 1080p 22-inch segment is pretty solid. It's certainly one of the better TN panels we have seen, it just pips Iiyama's slightly cheaper model for image quality and physical desirability and adds a few useful features, including HDMI, to boot. More importantly, that 1080p native resolution looks fantastic on a 22-inch panel, delivering eye-popping detail along with generous desktop real estate.
  • Nano-powered 'FreeStyle' netbook Impressions - The upcoming FreeStyle 1300n will feature an 11.6" 1366x768 display, a 1.3GHz Via Nano CPU, up to 4GB of RAM, support for 2.5" storage devices, 802.11g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional cell phone or WiMAX connectivity
  • What Software Bundles Should Come With a Laptop? - This is an excellent question that notebook manufacturers are apparently not asking consumers.
  • Budget Gaming Part 1: The Basics - XSReviews posted a new article series about budget gaming.
  • NEC breakthrough paves way for powerless standy-by modes - In processors, the circuit is used as the basis of a 1-bit memory cell, storing a bit in its two possible states, within the register storage space. Existing flip-flops require power to maintain their state and a clock circuit to control them. NEC's MFF uses magnetism to eliminate the need for juice.(thanks Ron Mertens)
  • Steve Jobs: I'm not dying, relax - Apple's prolific CEO has written a public letter to say he isn't on his death bed after all-and we should all "relax and enjoy the show tomorrow."
  • Monsters Vs Aliens 3-d TV Spot - Looks like they are turning up the advertising machine on Monsters Vs Aliens, starting with a 3-d commercial. Got your 3-d glasses?
  • One year in 40 seconds (video) - Images from the same spot through one year.
  • Wingsuit Base Jumping Video - Man Can FLY! - This speaks for itself...Turn up your speakers! ;-)
  • Miranda Kerr Japan Vogue February 2009 Pictures - Miranda Kerr goes topless in February 2009 issue of Japanese Vogue Magazine. The 25-year-old Aussie displays a perfect body in Vogue, so do enjoy the pics!
 Gameguru Mania News - Jan,03 2009 - tech
TechNews - Android Netbooks Likely by 2010 - tech
(hx) 02:07 PM EST - Jan,03 2009 - Post a comment / read (5)
  • Android Netbooks Likely by 2010 - Interesting, seems to be the beginning of Google's assault on Microsoft! What do you thin guys?
  • Windows 7 Beta 1 Vs Windows Vista Vs Windows XP - Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from ZDnet has benchmarked Windows 7 with its successors Windows Vista and Windows XP. The Windows 7 build 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400 was considered for testing. Since its 32bit, it was tested against 32bit versions of Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The overall results were very promising for Windows 7. It outperformed its successors Vista and XP in almost every factor tested and ranked #1. Windows Vista ranked #2 with the AMD and #3 with the Intel.
  • Nokia 5800 vs Blackberry Storm (video) -  The Nokia 5800 and Blackberry Storm are so far its closest competitors with large touchscreens and loaded to the teeth with multimedia and Internet functionality.
  • Toyota Possibly Developing Solar-Powered Car - Toyota is working on an electric vehicle that will get some of its power from solar cells on the vehicle, and that can be recharged with electricity generated from solar panels on the roofs of homes.
  • Stephen Chow's CJ7 Trailer - check it out
  • First Look at 12 Big Movies Coming In 2009 -  From ''Harry Potter'' to ''Terminator,'' ''Wolverine'' to ''Watchmen,'' EW gives you an exclusive sneak peek at 21 pics from the most anticipated new releases of the next 12 months.
  • Segway Skiing (video) - The mad developers at FatWallet have a little fun skiing around the office behind a segway with a driver you might recognize! Carpet burns aside, the friction finding a good deal was a slippery slope on this day...heh!
  • Wireds Sexiest Geeks of 2008 - Wired has listed the sexiest geeks of 2008the only problem is that the winner is a dude ;)
  • Beautiful Swimsuit Models: Chelina Manuhutu - Chelina Manuhutu is a beautiful model from Netherland. Chelina sings in a girl group called Dare, who have released the single 'Chihuahua' for a Coca Cola commercial.
  • Rachel Stevens FHM Magazine Pictures - I've found some pictures from Rachel's FHM photoshoot and wow they're good!
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,29 2008 - tech
TechNews - Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 DVD ISO - tech
(hx) 06:28 AM EST - Dec,29 2008 - Post a comment / read (3)
  • AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition Tested - Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition works in thermal 'envelope' of 95W - significantly higher than Brisbane 65nm K8 X2 core but significantly lower than old Windsor 6400+ 90nm that dissipated 125W. In spite of that you won't need better cooling solution than box cooler but if you plan to go for higher frequencies than 3GHz, you will need better cooler. If you plan serious overclock (more than 3GHz) you will also need new AM2+ motherboard with SB750 southbridge or nForce 750a (780a) that has support for ACC - Advanced Clock Calibration. ACC helps in correction of signal between CPU and south bridge which results in higher overclock margin. On the other hand, if you don't want to invest into cooling solution and new motherboard with AMD Athlon X2 7750, you will get good performances with CPU that can easily operate at 3GHz.
  • Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 DVD ISO Image Torrent Download - Windows 7 beta 1 (build 7000) has leaked to torrent. The beta will expire on July 1, 2009. The first review can be found here.
  • Three Options for Vista-to-Windows 7 Update? -  Good bye Business and welcome back Professional? No word on a super-cheap version, such as Starter or Home Basic yet. Interesting!
  • Rivatuner 2.22 New Years Edition - Rivatuner has been updated towards version 2.22 This release has a number of updates and fixes. Obviously support has been added for (ForceWare) GeForce drivers 181.xx and AMD ATI Catalyst 8.12 driver support has been added as well. Biggest change for this release is a much requested feature. Rivatuner can now be Skinned.
  • Samsung Digital Photo Frame Features Bonus Malware - Amazon is warning customers that purchased the 8inch Samsung Digital Photo Frame about a worm that was included on the driver CD.
  • iPhone app iChampagne lets you pop the cork in style (video) - Here is an iPhone application dedicated to the new years eve party. It is called iChampagne 2008 and is the brainchild of a Japanese developer 'Appliya,'. All it requires is a couple of shakes to open the champagne bottle and get the bubbles flowing :-)
  • Futuristic Japanese Cars (video) - Cool designs and bizarre concept cars take the stage at Japan's motor show, including Honda's 'organic' car skin and a rotating Nissan that talks you out of a bad mood.
  • Uber Geek Jams with Himself (video) - Definitely one of the truly talented musicians on youtube in my opinion
  • LA PLACE DU MORT (video) - I love spooky off-da-wall Halloween shorts! La Spooks!!! LOL! Enjoy!
  • More Hilary Duff Hotness from Maxim - Hilary Duff looks seriously smokin' in these shots!
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,26 2008 - tech
TechNews - Intel P45 Mobo Roundup - tech
(hx) 01:17 PM EST - Dec,26 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel P45 Motherboard Roundup: MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte - Depending on your budget and feature desires, either the MSI, Gigabyte or ASUS board is going to have what you need. If you have or want to move on to DDR3 memory technology then the ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi AP is the choice for you but if you are looking to stay on a tight budget while still getting a lot of great features and technology then both the MSI P45 Platinum and Gigabyte EP45-DS3R make excellent choices.
  • Nvidia's Solution To Defective GPUs : Buy Our New Chips - Nvidia apparently has a solution to the problems faced by many in their notebooks powered by GeForce 8M series, that is, to encourage the OEM/ODMs to buy their new problem free chips. Of course, this doesn't solve the issues faced by current users and there won't be any replacement for them.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing - Heading into 2009, there are currently no software tools or benchmarks that synthetically test SSD bandwidth performance with complete accuracy. Many of yesteryear's testing tools may still apply, but several are technology- or cache-biased while others are simply not suitable for SSDs. Readers should regard SSD reviews with some degree of caution, and lean towards comparison articles which offer a wide variety of well-know HDD products.
  • Digital Camera Tips, Tricks, and Hints - Mark Wilson has put together a simple guide for how to use your digital camera. It's mostly geared toward the point-and-shoot cameras on the market that most consumers would have, but there are also some camera tips and tricks for the SLR owners in the audience as well.
  • VHS is Dead - The VHS format is done officially as the very last supplier of tapes has stated that they are ditching the format
  • How an old phone can make money - If you got a shiny new mobile for Christmas you might be able to make some money on your old one.
  • Walmart publicly confirms iPhone sales, $197 price - Walmart will sell the 8GB iPhone for $197, and 16GB models will sell for $297. All phones will still require a two-year contract with AT&T
  • Holiday Video 2008 - check it out
  • 9: Trailer - 9 is based off of the short film of the same name created by Shane Acker who is also helming the feature length adaptation.
  • Nicola McLean Heats Up J Magazine - Nicola Mclean is looking sexy on the December issue of J magazine.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,22 2008 - tech
TechNews - TBP Free Mobile Video Converter - tech
(hx) 04:35 PM EST - Dec,22 2008 - Post a comment
  • Athlon X2 7750 vs. Intel E5200 - For those that want to stick with AMD, the Athlon 5200+ also looks like a good possible choice for extremely cost concious individuals, but if that's the case, we would actually point you in the direction of the 4850e instead
  • USB Flash Drive Comparison - 21 Tested and Compared -  OCZ, Lexar, Sandisk and Super Talent would be the choices to go with as they offer the best overall performance. From those, one would have to make a choice about what is most important to them, Write speeds or Read speeds, and even then theyre very similar in performance overall. (ed.note: I have very good experience with Patriot 4GB/8GB).
  • Netbook Round-up: Lenovo Ideapad S10, Asus Eee 904HA, Acer Aspire One and Smoothbook Slice -  I'd probably pick up the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 because it delivers the overall more solid package between the keyboard, screen and build quality
  • LG unveils new LCD that reflects sunlight when outdoors - The 14.1-inch display is intended for laptop computers and allows users to switch display modes to suit the location. The illumination from a backlight panel behind the screen, results in an image that looks good indoors but is not bright enough to be seen outdoors
  • The Pirate Bay Launches Free Mobile Video Converter -  The ViO converter reduces AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV and others videos to 20% of its original size without any reduction in image quality, and claims to do it faster than any other converter
  • Pidgin 2.5.3 - Pidgin is an instant messaging program for Windows, Linux, BSD, and other Unixes. You can talk to your friends using AIM, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, QQ, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, and Zephyr.
  • Microsoft Extends XP Availability For Distributors - Microsoft Extends XP Availability For Distributors
  • How to Speed up Windows Explorer in Vista - A guide about speeding up Windows Explorer in Vista.
  • Firefox 3: 8 Untold Secrets - With the ability to drastically expand the browser's functions using plug-in extensions and Greasemonkey scripts, many of Firefox 3's built-in features are overlooked. Here are eight handy things you can do with Firefox, ranging from tiny tweaks to hugely powerful capabilities, all with nary an extension to install.
  • iPhone 3G Unlock Video - While the actual unlock isn't available publicly yet from the Dev-Team, they have a video of 'MuscleNerd' from the team unlocking a 3G via software and putting it on the T-Mobile network.
  • R2D2 Army Can Dance (video) - Saw this video of an R2D2 army "dancing" making the rounds again so I thought I'd share. Pretty fun! :-)
  • Underworld 3 Poster - What a friggin amazing poster!
  • The Spirit Trailer - In Theaters Christmas Day! - The Spirit is American police-superhero film adaptation based on the newspaper comic book supplement of the same name created by Will Eisner.
  • Danielle Lloyd Bikini Pictures from Nuts Magazine - What you think about these Danielle Lloyd bikini pictures?
  • EVA MENDES DOES 'ALLURE' - Allure magazine kinda missed the point of having Eva Mendes in a wet T-shirt. A white wet T-shirt, no less. You'd expect to get some awesome see-through shots here, but alas, it falls just short of the mark. Still damn sexy though, but Eva Mendes does that pretty easily!
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,19 2008 - tech
TechNews - GeForce GTX 295 Performance Tested - tech
(hx) 07:48 PM EST - Dec,19 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • ASUS P5Q Deluxe Mobo tested - It's one of the most interesting top models based on Intel P45. You can also pay attention to a less functional modification of P5Q Deluxe -- P5Q-E. If you want DDR3, take a look at P5Q3 Deluxe.
  • GeForce GTX 295 Performance Tested - nVidia is back on top... - No matter what game you'll play with the GeForce GTX 295, you'll play it at dazzling framerates, very high resolutions and the very best in image quality
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Core 192 versus Core 216 performance analysis -  If you're already the owner of a GeForce GTX 260 with 192 Stream Processors, then such an increase isn't such a big deal
  • Toshiba readies half-terabyte SSD for early 2009 - This creatively named THNS512GG8BB SSD is based on 43nm multi-level cell NAND flash memory, and Toshiba gives it speed ratings of 240MB/s for sequential writes and 200MB/s for sequential reads
  • Western Digital announces layoffs, fab closures; ABIT Closing Down - Western Digital firm has trimmed its revenue forecast for the ongoing quarter, and it plans to "realign its cost structure" by closing fabs and firing 5% of its workforce (approximately 2,500 people), among other steps.  ABIT will be closing down the company on December 31st. Awww, Abit made good boards. Sad to see them go...
  • GeForce graphics cards gain OpenGL 3.0 support - Nvidia has released drivers with 'full' support for OpenGL 3.0 and version 1.3 of the OpenGL shading language (GLSL).
  • [!] Microsoft releases patch for IE vulnerability - Just a friendly FYI for all you Internet Explorer users out there. Microsoft has issued an out-of-cycle patch for the Internet Explorer vulnerability that came to light. That means it's time to run Windows Update (or update manually). I've rolled out this patch onto several systems and there don't seem to be any obvious negative side-effects.
  • Nvidia Offers Unified Notebook Drivers - No longer will you have to wait for your notebook manufacturer to release their version of an Nvidia video driver weeks after the standard release. Nvidia now offers unified drivers that are compatible with any notebook running a GeForce 8 or 9 series or Quadro NVS GPU
  • RIAA To Stop Suing Individuals downloading music - The RIAA says it will finally end the legal assault against consumers that began back in 2003. The Recording Industry Association of America will instead, focus its anti-piracy efforts with ISPs.
  • The Top 20 Most Outrageous Heavy Metal Album Covers - Heavy metal bands have always relied on their album covers. Most metal bands wouldnt have been half as popular if it wasnt for their ridiculously awesome album art. But how did it go so wrong? When did bands start thinking it was okay to take their shirts off and pose as medieval warriors?
  • Behind the Wheel of the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Car (video) - Honda FCX Clarity is an electric car, so it's already a step ahead of a hybrids like the Toyota Prius. That said, it's not the same kind of electric as the Tesla Roadster. With those plug-in electric vehicles, you have to plug the car into a wall outlet for several hours at a time to get any sort of reasonable range. With the FCX Clarity, you get your own electric powerplant built right into the car!
  • Zenvo ST1 Supercar Twin-Charges for 1104 Horsepower - With a mid-mounted turbocharged and supercharged 7.0-liter V8 engine (perhaps from Chevrolet?), the ST1 puts out an incredible 1,104 horsepower and funnels it through a six-speed manual gearbox
  • GE research team pulls together an OLED christmas tree (video) - The research team at GE has put together a cool OLED christmas tree. The OLEDs were made by a roll-to-roll fabrication. The OLED is 6 inch wide, by 15 feet
  • Don't Invite This Guy for Free Beers (video) - Hehe, this is exactly how guys drink beer in my country :P
  • I knew physics wasn't that hard - WTF :-)

  • 6000+ paintings put together to make 5 minute animated film! (video) - What if you watch a film and whenever you pause it, you face a painting? Over 6000 paintings were painstakingly produced during two years to create a five minutes film. Khoda is a psychological thriller; a student project which was seen as a 'mission impossible' by many people but eventually proved possible!
  • The TWILIGHT Before Christmas (video) - check it out!! Poor Santa ;)
  • David Copperfield Trick Goes Wrong, Breaks Man's Arm (+video) - An employee of David Copperfield was hospitalized Wednesday with a broken arm after one of the illusionist's tricks went awry on stage. The unidentified employee was assisting Copperfield during the "fan illusion" and got his arm caught in the fan. In the illusion, Copperfield appears to walk through the fan and disappear as he turns to smoke
  • Hot Chick Bellydances (video) - Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones of all
  • Taya Parker loves to display her sexy curves - Looks like Taya Parker loves to display her sexy curves :P
  • Angelina Jolie Australia InStyle January 2009 Pictures - Angelina Jolie shows her sexy on the cover and the pages of Australia InStyle magazine January 2009 issue.
  • Alicia Whitten is hot! - Check out these great hot photos of super sexy model Alicia Whitten.
  • Jennifer Ellison Topless In Nuts - Here are a few Jennifer Ellison pictures with her massive British t*ts taking over the pages of Nuts magazines. Enjoy!
ATI Catalyst 8.12 Hotfix - tech
(hx) 11:41 AM EST - Dec,19 2008 - Post a comment
AMD/ATI has released a small hotfix for their latest version of the Catalyst driver set, 8.12. This patch fixes the black screen issue affecting 4850 cards in CrossfireX mode only. The issue does not occur if you have a single 4850 card. Here is the exact symptom this hotfix addresses:" After installing ATI Catalyst driver release 8.12 for two or more ATI Radeon HD  4850 graphics cards in a system with ATI CrossFireX technology, the system restarts and halts on a black screen. The black screen occurs prior to the loading of the desktop for the Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows Vista 32-bit operating systems."
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,16 2008 - tech
TechNews - GeForce GTX 285 specs leaked - tech
(hx) 08:43 PM EST - Dec,16 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Nvidia Chipset For Intel Atom Supports SLI - Nvidia is preparing a special version of their MCP7A chipset to support Intel Atom processors. More interestingly, the chipset offers support for SLI technology by offering two PCIe x8 links.
  • Nvidia to launch new GT300 GPU in 1Q/09 - Nvidia is planning to launch its next-generation high-end GT300 GPU in the first quarter of 2009. The GPU will be manufactured under a 55nm process, according to sources at graphics card makers
  • GeForce GTX 285 specs leaked - The upcoming GeForce GTX 285 will run at 648MHz with a 1476MHz shader clock and a 1242MHz memory clock (that's an effective 2484 MT/s)
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 1.5 GB Workstation Graphics Card - Of course, that beast costs $3,499, and it's going to be a tough sell in this economic climate, powerful as it may be. Perhaps the more reasonable solution is the card we're looking at today, the Quadro FX 4800, the Quadro FX 5800's little brother
  • PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series Tested - It's basically the latest version of Creative's X-Fi Fatal1ty soundcard. The major difference between it and the original we reviewed 2 years ago is PCI-E connectivity, on-the-fly DTS and Dolby Digital encoding, and a few other things.
  • ASUS Eee PC 1000HA Netbook - The 1000HA lacks the Bluetooth and Draft n of the 1000H, but still retains the same great looks, along with killer battery-life.
  • Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display Tested - The screen packs the same 1,920 x 1,200 resolution that was on the 23-incher it replaced, but ditches that DVI connector in favor of the newer, less widely adopted DisplayPort. So, is the newfangled screen worth $899?
  • Serious security flaw found in IE - The flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer could allow criminals to take control of people's computers and steal their passwords, internet experts say. Microsoft urged people to be vigilant while it investigated and prepared an emergency patch to resolve it.
  • Virgin Launches UK's Fastest Broadband Internet - The company, which operates in the U.K. but is U.S.-listed, launched 50 megabit broadband Monday, which will allow albums to be downloaded in 11 seconds and films in just over three minutes
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic unboxing (video) - You get a hot 19 seconds of the box just chilling all by itself on a table at the front-end of this celluloid masterpiece, then some real unboxing, handling action, all with a smooth, atmospheric soundtrack.
  • Futuristic Hovering Weapon System (video) - Even though this device is just the tracking system, it is still somewhat scary and impressive.
  • Hawking Predicts Discovery of Alien Life: But Asks, Will It be - On the 50th anniversary of NASA, Stephen Hawking, Newton's heir as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, answered the question, 'Are we alone?' His answer was short and simple: 'probably not!'
  • Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist (video) - President George W. Bush dodges shoes thrown at him by Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia television network, during press conference in Baghdad, December 14, 2008
  • High Quality Wolverine Trailer - The movie may end up sucking all kinds of serious ass... but the trailer is damn good!
  • BSG: The Face of the Enemy - Webisode 1 - Little surprised at the reveal of Gaeta's batting preference, and not sure it was necessary, but not opposed. Still a nice touch to start out a little bit before we have the cold winter to wait for Battlestar Galactica's return just over a month from now.
  • Hilary Duff Maxim Magazine Pictures - Hilary Duff looks good in the new issue of Maxim. We got legs. We got cleavage. What more do you want? :P
  • Shay Laren Has Nice Natural Breasts - The American hottie sports some of the nicest natural looking breasts that I have seen in a long time
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,13 2008 - tech
TechNews - 10 VGA cards run Grand Theft Auto IV - tech
(hx) 06:25 AM EST - Dec,13 2008 - Post a comment / read (4)
  • AMD Phenom II Performance Uplift - VR-Zone posted an article on the performance of the AMD Phenom II processor: 'This slide shows the key areas of improvements for 45nm Phenom II over 65nm Phenom such as more IPC, higher frequency, more cache, and DDR3 support. There is a 5% cache uplift on the cache architecture and a 3% uplift on the core architecture. With all these innovations in place, AMD is touting a 20% performance boost...'
  • GeForce GTX 295 to be Nvidia's next dual-GPU card? - This GeForce GTX 295 is rumored to have dual 55nm GT200 GPUs each with 240 stream processors, 448-bit memory interfaces, and 896MB of GDDR3 memory riding shotgun
  • 55nm GTX285 Climbs to Head of Single-GPU Cards - GeForce GTX 285 will have the same 240 stream processors, 1GB of GDDR3, and 10.5inch circuit board length as the existing GeForce GTX 280
  • 10 VGA cards run Grand Theft Auto IV - In the test they used the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800, 2.93GHz overclocked to 3.2GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX260, 9800GTX+, 9600GT, 9600GSO (G94) and ATI Radeon HD 4870X2, 4870, 4850, 4830, 4670, 3870 cards. Except GTX260 all the VGA cards are 512MB.
  • Left4Dead GTX-280 SLI vs 4870 1GB Crossfire - Valve decided to go with DirectX 9 when they coded Left 4 Dead, and making that choice and coding it in a highly efficient manner produces fantastic FPS results with both the Single EVGA GTX-280 and Diamond 4870 1 GB
  • NVIDIA Quadro CX Review and Adobe CS4 GPU Acceleration - PC Perspective tested the performance of the NVIDIA Quadro CX under the Adobe CS4 suite.
  • HD Video Playback Using $20 CPU, $30 GPU - How low cost is this hardware? How about a $20 processor and a $30 video card? Think it's possible?
  • Logitech announces new G13 Advanced Gameboard - What is the prefect merge between a regular keyboard and one made for gaming? Logitech thinks it has the answer with their newly announced G13 Advanced Gameboard
  • UnitedKeys keyboard has OLED function keys, costs $260 - UnitedKeys has started shipping a new keyboard that has nine auxiliary function keys each with a small, one-inch OLED display. The keyboard also costs $260, making it considerably cheaper than Art Lebedev's much-hyped Optimus Maximus (current sale price: $1,578.92).
  • Seagate Lowers Warranty Period from 5 to 3 Years - Seagate has announced today that effective January 3, 2009, the company will be making some important changes to its limited warranty terms for selected drives.
  • Dell launches tiny nettop for businesses - Dell's OptiPlex 160 includes a 1.6GHz Atom 230 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, an 80GB 2.5" hard drive
  • RadioShack Selling $99 Netbook - RadioShack is selling an Acer Aspire One netbook for $99 but there's a catch, you need to sign up for a 2 year contract with AT&T. The Atom powered netbook comes with 1GB RAM, 160 HDD and Windows XP Home. Well, I don't like any Acer hardware. What's your experience with Acer? Neverthless, If you plan to buy a netbook, check out Holiday Guide: Netbooks and this ASUS NJ10 netbook review
  • New MacBooks Have Faulty NVIDIA GPU, RAM Issues? - While most of the complaints about the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros have focused on things like the screen or the absence of a certain much-loved port, it appears that another problem has been bugging some folks that went ahead and maxed out the RAM on their shiny new laptop. Apparently, loading 4GB of RAM (either from Apple or a third party) has caused at least a few MacBooks and MacBook Pros to freeze up randomly which, for the time being at least, can only be remedied by dialing things back to 2GB or 3GB of RAM (something tested by jkOnTheRun). While Apple isn't saying anything publicly about this just yet, one member of the Apple support forum claims to have heard from an Apple engineer who says that Apple is, in fact, aware of the problem and that a software update is on the way to fix it, possibly within a few days.
  • HP Wipes Hard Drive To Fix Broken Keyboard - What happens when you have a stuck 'P' key on you HP laptop? Send it in for warranty work and get a free hard drive wipe while you are at it. Ouch!
  • Microsoft fixes 28 flaws; 6 are critical - The 'critical' bulletins affect Windows GDI, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Windows Search. The "important" updates affect SharePoint and Windows Media Components.
  • Google Chrome - Google Chrome (download) is properly the first Google product that has come out of beta this fast. Yesterday Google announced that there web browser Google Chrome has gone into version 1.0.
  • Firefox 3.1 Beta 2  - Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (download) is now available for download, and brings quite a lot of new features with it.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 1 - There are over 750 changes in this release, many laying the groundwork for future changes. Some notable changes include: User Experience Improvements, Tabbed Email, Email messages, folders, and calendars (with the Lightning extension installed) can be opened in tabs, Improved Message Reader Viewer and more.
  • DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.2 - Daemon Tools (download) is an application for multiprotection emulation. It is further development of Generic Safedisc emulator and incorporates all its features. This program allows running backup copies of SafeDisc, Securom, or Laserlock protected games. Also included is a Virtual DVDROM drive enabling you to use your CD images as if they were already burned to CD.
  • Windows 7 Multi-touch App for Media Transfer (video) - Looks like Microsoft has decided to add in some features from its surface technology into the new OS. Software maker PQ-DVD (they make iPod video conversion software) have worked together with Microsoft, and come out with this new interface that allows you to simply place the device on the computer surface and multi-touch that data to its home. Who needs a mouse or keyboard when you've got hands? It's probably not faster than using a keyboard/mouse. It looks like it takes a lot of movement to perform certain tasks that ordinarily just took a slight jerk of the arm maneuvering the mouse and a few clicks. Still, this looks cool.
  • YouTube Greeting Cards - YouTube is doing the holiday greeting card video thing again this year. My question is this...with all the malware, virus and worms out there, does anyone you know actually click a link to a video anymore? I don't open any greeting card emails since 1996 :-)
  • Google Android Ported and Running on HTC Touch Smartphone - If you are not satisfied with the T-Mobile G1 but would still like to enjoy the Google Android smartphone platform, it seems that you have a few more options. In fact, here's a video of an old HTC Touch running on Android. That's pretty cool and, by implication, it could almost mean that nearly any HTC Windows Mobile smartphone can be swapped out for some Google-y goodness.
  • Gravity Balans is the first gravity defying chair - It offers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, placing ones feet above the heart in the fully reclined position. It's like getting very close to zero gravity
  • Glow Graffiti - Paint With Light - With the Glow Graffiti powered with UV light you can write, stencil and draw rude pictures to create your very own glowing light show. Don't expect to find out where and when its available yet, but at least plan out your targets from now on :P
  • Sky TV screens the suicide of a 59 year old MN disease sufferer (video) - A terminally ill motor neurone disease sufferer at the Swiss clinic Dignitas, has his final moments filmed and shown on British Television. Airs at 9pm GMT+1 Sky Real Lives Channel 243, Wednesday December 10 2008. WARNING: Video shows the moments before death. What's your opinion on this?
  • Fire-Breathing Robo Dog Is Mad Max's AT-AT! (video) - Trying to find that gift for the hard to shop for tech-guy in your family? Get one of these! Made by London Mutoid Waste Company in four weeks, Larry is a walking robot made out of spare parts and a Citroen 2CV engine-an old popular car in Europe that probably nobody knows in the US
  • Dragonball Evolution Trailer - A new trailer for the live-action adaptation of popular anime/manga series 'Dragonball' (now titled 'Dragonball Evolution,' it seems) has hit the Internet. The film features Justin Chatwin as Goku, the hero of the film, as well as 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' alum James Marsters as the villain, Lord Piccolo. Dragonball Evolution is scheduled to hit theaters in April 2009.
  • New Terminator Salvation Trailer - I still have some serious reservations about Terminator Salvation... but damn this trailer looks good.
  • Hello, is it me you'r looking for? (pic) - Clever squirrel :-) What could be a better place to hide from the photographer?
  • Jennifer Aniston Nude In GQ Magazine - Here's Jennifer Aniston nude in the new issue of GQ magazine. Obviously, the good stuff's covered up, but still. She looks pretty damn hot!
  • Frederica Fontana is damn hot! - Frederica is one of those models that seems to wear only bikinis or less, which is my favorite kind of model.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,10 2008 - tech
ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver - tech
(hx) 07:29 PM EST - Dec,10 2008 - Post a comment / read (3)
AMD has released the new Catalyst 8.12 display driver for Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Media Center Edition, Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit. The new Catalyst 8.12 drivers, aside from performance improvements, enable ATI Stream technology. The new 8.12 ATI graphics drivers will supposedly fix problems in Grand Theft Auto IV PC, and are recommended for Prince of Persia '08.. Games that will show performance improvements with the new drivers include Fallout 3 (between 6 and 12 percent), Far Cry 2 )20 percen on Crossfire systems with slower cards and 70 percent with faster cards without AA enabled). Left 4 Dead (2 to 4 percent) and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky (5 to 10 percent)
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,09 2008 - tech
TechNews - US Auto Industry Will Probably Disappear - tech
(hx) 05:35 AM EST - Dec,09 2008 - Post a comment
  • Asus' N10Jc-A1 Netbook Tested - The N10Jc-A1 model is the cheapest in the line at $649, but that's quite expensive for a system with an Atom processor. And it's that anemic CPU that effectively hamstrings the N10J's potential crown jewel: its GeForce 9300M GS graphics chip. While the GeForce's video decoding hardware certainly has merit (provided you're powering an external display, since the screen's native resolution is too low for even 720p content), recent games are largely unplayable on the N10J du to the Atom's lack of horsepower. Bumping up to more expensive models in the N10J line doesn't look all that appealing, either. All they add is Bluetooth support, additional memory, and Windows Vista, which will consume most of that extra memory anyway.
  • FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Image Quality - This article answers the question whether or not there is a noticeable difference between DX9 and DX10 and showcases some of the cool features like Fire, Blood, and Real Tree quality differences.
  • New trojan in mass DNS hijack - What makes this one interesting is how it can pollute other devices on a LAN, even fully-patched or non-Windows systems.
  • Krugman: Concentration Of US Auto Industry Will Probably Disappear - Nobel economics prize winner Paul Krugman said Sunday that the beleaguered U.S. auto industry will likely disappear. "It will do so because of the geographical forces that me and my colleagues have discussed," the Princeton University professor and New York Times columnist told reporters in Stockholm. "It is no longer sustained by the current economy."
  • Bosch Projects 50% of Euro New Vehicles to Have Stop-Start by 2012 - Bosch Start-Stop system reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 8%
  • Jollbot - Grasshopper like robot on a mission to space (video) - The first jumping and rolling robot, Jollbot has been created by Rhodri Armour, a PhD student from the University of Bath. Its hoped his creation, which can jump over obstacles and roll over smoother terrain, could be used for space exploration or land survey work in the future.
  • The Super-Secret Spy Lens - The Super-Secret Spy Lens will cost you around $50 and is the ideal tool to achieve natural un-posed shots of children or even people walking by on the street.
  • MSNBC Producer Flips Out (video) - Stay classy MSNBC!
  • State Silences Young Guitarist (video) - 8-year old Tallan 'T-Man' Latz is unable to play his guitar in clubs that serve liquor because of Wisconsin laws.
  • Punisher: War Zone Trailer - Now Playing! -check it out
  • Dead Like Me Movie 2009 Teaser Trailer - Here is the trailer for the movie, that will be released this February.
  • Beyonce US Elle Magazine January 2009 Pictures - Beyonce has featured the January 2009 issue of US Elle magazine. Enjoy!
  • Jessica Biel GQ Magazine Pictures -Here's Jessica Biel in the latest GQ Magazine UK
  • Anna Falchi is an incredibly sexy woman! - Anna Falchi (born Anna Kristiina Palomaki on 22 April 1972 in Tampere) is a Finnish-born Italian model and film actress.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,07 2008 - tech
NVIDIA GeForce 180.84 beta driver for GTA4 - tech
(hx) 04:04 AM EST - Dec,07 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
It's unusual to see a new driver from a video card maker in the weekend but NVIDIA has just released its GeForce 180.84 beta driver, which features bug fixes and optimizations for Grand Theft Auto IV.  They have four editions of the new version 180.84 drivers, covering the 32 and 64-bit editions of both Windows XP and Windows Vista. NVIDIA recommends that you update to the GeForce 180.84 driver for the best experience on Grand Theft Auto IV. More details can be found here.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,06 2008 - tech
TechNews - 1TB Hard Drive Roundup - tech
(hx) 12:03 PM EST - Dec,06 2008 - Post a comment
  • Battle of GPU Transcoders: ATI Avivo Converter and NVIDIA Badaboom - PC Perspective takes a look at the ATI Avivo Converter and NVIDIA Badaboom GPU video transcoders
  • 1TB Hard Drive Roundup (updated) - With the addition of the WD Black drive with its top-notch performance and its solid 5-year warranty, there is no reason to look any further for a 1 TB drive. Unless you want a cool running drive, in which case, just go with the WD Green.
  • OCZ unveils eSATA flash drive - Reportedly, the Throttle eSATA Flash Drive can reach 90MB/s while reading and 30MB/s while writing, which is comfortably above what USB 2.0 can achieve
  • Make Your Old USB Stick Into a Digital Multitool -  Here's a short guide of possibilities for what you can do with your drawer full of USB sticks
  • 7-Zip 4.62 - 7-Zip (download) is a file archiver much like winzip, only with a better compression ratio. Further more 7-Zip is open source software. Most of the source code is under the GNU LGPL license, meaning that it's 100% free to use
  • Songbird 1.0.0 Final  - Songbird (download) is a desktop media player built on the same platform as firefox, which allows seamless integration with all platforms, be it Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Firefox Trojan Masquerades as Legit Add-On - Firefox users beware: a new Trojan is masquerading as the 'Greasemonkey' add-on and will search for the normal things (passwords, login info, etc) but also looks for your library card numbers.
  • YouTube is Dead - YouTube says: no more Anonymous, no more exposure for the non-'sponsor-friendly'.
  • Nokia N97 Demo (video) - Here's a rundown of the specs: tri-band HSDPA 3G support; 802.11b/g Wi-Fi; aGPS and standalone GPS; 3.5-inch touch-resistive touch screen that measures 640-by-360 pixels in a 16:9 wide-screen format; 32 GB of built-in memory, with support for another 16 GB with the addition of a microSD card; 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, LED flash, and video capture at 30 frames per second; on-board accelerometer and compass; and support for Flash Lite 3.0 and Flash Video in the browser. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • LiveStation brings live TV to the iPhone (video) - LiveStation showed a live demo of their new app that plays live TV on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app isn't being released yet, because they need approval from the Apple App Store. Livestation offers peer-to-peer enabled streams from broadcasters like BBC and CNN
  • Unlocked Android Dev Phones Available - Out of seemingly nowhere, Google has revealed the Android Dev Phone 1, a SIM- and hardware-unlocked G1 designed to be sold exclusively to hard working developers. The handset ships with a system image that's fully compatible with Android 1.0, and obviously, it complies with any SIM card and can "flash custom Android builds that will work with the unlocked bootloader."
  • Parents warned on fake consoles  - Parents are being warned about fake imported Nintendo games consoles which could be a fire hazard and pose a danger to their children's safety.  HM Revenue & Customs said it had seized hundreds of counterfeit Nintendo DS and DS Lites, which were discovered to contain dangerous power adapters. Nintendo confirmed it had not produced the potentially dangerous adaptors
  • Tesla Owned By The Tango (video) - In this race, the Tango got 92.15mph in 14.480 seconds, beating its 14.7 "dial" handicap and thus losing the competition; the Tesla got 101.23mph in 14.666 seconds, slower than its 14.5 "dial" handicap and allowing it to proceed to the next round. (Two rounds later, the Tango's driver got behind the wheel of the Tesla and also beat its "dial" handicap... and thus lost!)
  • The machine creating water out of thin air  - Element Four, a small Canadian firm, has applied its water technology to create the WaterMill, a novel electricity-powered machine that draws moisture from the air and purifies it into clean drinkable water.
  • Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest - A lost city discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest could unlock the secrets of a legendary tribe
  • Sneak Peak At New Terminator Salvation (video) - Yes...this is a trailer for the the trailer. Enjoy!
  • Punisher: War Zone Trailer - Now Playing! - check it out
  • Isla Fisher FHM Magazine Pictures - Looks like some magazines must be feeling the recession too, because here are some old Isla Fischer pictures in the latest FHM.
  • Adriana Lima lingerie pictures - Here's Adriana Lima in some new ads for Victoria's Secret.
  • Emily Scott in Ralph Magazine - Emily Scott in bikini and almost topless in white wet t-shirt in Ralph magazine. Wow!
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,04 2008 - tech
TechNews - Vista SP2: What's inside? - tech
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  • G.Skill, Intel & Patriot SSD Group Test - Bit-tech published a three-way SSD group test, featuring G.Skill's 128GB SSD, Intel's X25-M 80GB and the Patriot Warp V2 128GB drive
  • Samsung T260HD HDTV Monitor Tested - At first glance Samsung's T260HD looks like a television, but it's actually a high-resolution computer display that has multiple inputs. Thanks to these inputs and some internal magic from Samsung, the display even doubles as a 1080p television. If you have a small living room where you want a television and a computer display, but don't have room for both, the T260HD is for you.
  • Asus My Cinema-U3100Mini TV Tuner Tested - This petite USB device allows computers to view ATSC/QAM digital television - which is replacing the current analog setup in the United States of America fully by February 17th, 2009
  • Samsung CLP-315W Network Colour Laser Printer Reviewed - The CLP-315W is an excellent colour laser printer alternative for those without a large budget. It offers a great solution to get acceptable quality colour prints from a laser unit while maintaining a low operating cost compared to inkjet models. The wired and wireless networking abilities on the 'W' model will allow you to easily interconnect all the computers in your house with this printer with a quick and easy setup
  • ASUS G71V Gaming Laptop - Despite the capabilities to satisfy even the most hardcore gamer, the G71V is just as adept at running resource intensive Windows Vista applications, such as image and video-editing programs. If youre looking for a truly dedicated gaming experience within a highly portable package, this badboy is just the ticket
  • New Catalyst drivers cause BSODs with dual Radeons - Apparently the AMD's Catalyst 8.11 drivers don't quite deliver the promised Ultimate Visual Experience for some users
  • Vista SP2: What's inside? - There is a good list of Vista SP2 features. In addition to the known Vista SP2 features - such as the ability to record data on to Blu-Ray media natively in Windows Vista and the addition of Windows Connect Now for simpler wifi configuration , the SP2 also will include. Built-in Hyper-V hypervisor , Event logging support in SPC, Fixes for DRM issues from WMP upgrades, Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless, Functionality to reduce resources required for sidebar gadgets, Improved power settings for Windows Server 2008.
  • First Windows 7 beta coming out in January 2008 - The first beta release of Windows 7 may be out in just over a month.
  • Microsoft seeks 'community' help to make IE8 Standards Mode work out - If users install their first Internet Explorer 8 updates, and they notice their favorite Web pages look like scrambled egg soup, will they blame the browser? That's the dilemma Microsoft is facing as it cautiously embraces "Web standards."
  • Google gOS On Video - Video of Google's gOS!
  • Could the next μTorrent slow down Skype, games? - The next version of μTorrent might put Internet service providers in a pickle. According to an article on The Register, the developers behind the popular BitTorrent client have decided to use UDP instead of TCP as the default protocol for file transfers, allegedly in an effort to evade Bell Canada's traffic shaping techniques.
  • Cheap iPhone might be headed to Walmart - Boy Genius Report says it's received a tip about a cheaper iPhone that could be headed to Walmart. How much cheaper? $99, the site says. Naturally, the lower price tag will involve some compromises. The $99 iPhone will reportedly feature only 4GB of storage capacity, and it will be tied to a two-year contract just like the $199 iPhone 3G. The cheapest iPhone 3G plan was ~$70 a month last time we checked, so the running cost for owning the device may be higher than for most other $100 phones. On the flip side, it'd be a $99 iPhone.
  • T-Mobile Giving Away Free Mobile Phone Games - Are you tired of spending far too much money on cell phone games? Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't cost you a thing and you didn't have to jump through any legal loopholes to get said free games? T-Mobile agrees.
  • The Levitating Water Machine (video) - Isn't amazing how something as mundane and insignificant as a strobe light can create such a cool effect?
  • Help Colbert take the #1 spot from Kanye on iTunes (video) - There is only one way to stop Kanye West's arrogance, and that's with Stephen's arrogance.
  • Watch the trailer for The Spirit - In Theaters 12/25 - The Spirit stars Gabriel Macht as a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. The movie also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Paulson, Paz Vega, Jaime King, Dan Lauria, Stana Katic, Johnny Simmons and Louis Lombardi. The upcoming adaptation is scheduled to hit theaters on December 25th 2008
  • SCIENCE FICTION (video) - check it out!
  • Alcohol Test (video) - Drunk test was to see if he could put the tape on the blacktop without falling on his head. He didn't pass :-))
  • BMW Product Navigator Uses Microsoft Surface (video) - Potential BMW buyers can now use the BMW Product Navigator based on Microsoft's Surface to custom order their next car.
  • Top Gear Takes Bus Race to Rally Track (video) - The Mayor of London is apparently looking for the best buses to fill the British city's roads, so the crew at Top Gear took it upon themselves to determine which was the best bus of all :-)
  • Supercar Shootout: Bugatti Veyron vs. Pagani Zonda F Roadster (video) - James May takes the all new 650hp Pagani Zonda F Roadster out for the first time, fully enjoying the incredible power at his disposal. The Zonda F is pretty sweet, but how does it compare against a million dollar sports car?
  • Star Wars Vs. Star Trek - DMP Edition HQ - Hilarious video. The geeks arguing over who would win really need to get a life and maybe a date, too! ;-)
  • Britney Spears Glamour Photos - Yeah, Britney Spears is back and she's on the cover and within the pages of Glamour magazine. And you know what? She looks fairly good, too.
  • Vikki Blows Sexy in Lingerie in Loaded Magazine January 2009 - Vikki Blows in a black lingerie appears on the January issue of Loaded magazine.
  • Roxanne McKee Maxim Magazine December 2008 - Roxanne McKee is featured in the pages and on the cover of the December issue of Maxim UK magazine.
New 400GB Disc Could Be PS3-Compatible - tech
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Edge reports that new 400GB optical disc could end up being compatible with existing Blu-ray players, such as Sony's PlayStation 3. While current Blu-ray players and drives will not be able to read the 16-layer disc--each layer can hold up to 25GB--Pioneer claims that a firmware update may allow existing players to be compatible. The technology is expected to hit mass market by 2010, with a 1TB version of the disc format expected to arrive within five years.
It is because this is not a Blu-ray disc at all, this is a highly-condensed optical disc that the company proposed back in July and exhibited for the first time yesterday. Now Pioneer is making three new promises: the 400GB read-only disc will hit mass production sometime in 2010, rewritable versions will come through before 2012, and a 1TB version will become available within five years. The consoles you have right now will not be able to play these discs. Numerous sources have reported that the disc is compatible with Blu-ray players (and therefore PS3s) already on the market. Speaking to Edge, Pioneer said the opposite was true. "Current BD players and drives would not be able to read these discs," the company said, adding that the technology is "at this time not being proposed as a candidate for addition to the existing Blu-ray Disc format."