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 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,29 2008 - tech 
Radeon users get new hotfix for Far Cry 2, Clear Sky - tech
(hx) 03:30 PM EDT - Oct,29 2008 - Post a comment
AMD has relase a new Catalyst driver hotfix which offers performance improvements for the DirectX 9 version of Far Cry 2 on CrossFire compatible systems, for the DirectX 10 version of Far Cry 2 on both single and CrossFire compatible systems, and for the DirectX 10 and DirectX 10.1 version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky on both single and CrossFire configurations at higher resolutions. You can grab the second hotfix from this page for both Windows Vista and Windows XP in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. Once again, AMD says this release only applies to owners of graphics cards from the Radeon X1600 series to the Radeon HD 4800 series - check out the download page for a full list.
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,28 2008 - tech
TechNews - Windows 7 pre-beta build: What's inside? - tech
(hx) 02:59 PM EDT - Oct,28 2008 - Post a comment / read (5)
  • Windows 7 pre-beta build: What's inside? - Windows 7 pre-beta will introduce Device Stage, Action Center, a new framework for user-interface animations, and StreamOn. ArsTechnica has first look at Windows 7 -  The taskbar has changed significantly, and there are a number of other changes
  • Microsoft Launches Windows Azure - During Microsoft's keynote at PDC 2008, Ray Ozzie announced a version of Windows that runs over the Internet from inside the company's data centers.
  • Exploit code for Windows critical bug available - Hackers and security researchers regularly reverse engineer patches after Microsoft release them in an effort to get workable exploit code.
  • Sonic Vox iPhone voice manipulation app - Turns you into Darth Vader (video) -  Sonic Vox shifts and contorts your voice while you are talking, turning the iPhone into a magical microphone of sorts. # Transform your voice even more. Simply swipe your finger up and down and hear what happens, hear what happens... Use it like a phone, with headphones, through an amplifier, or over Skype
  • Google Earth Officially Invades World of Apple iPhone (video) - The satellite view in Google Maps is pretty good already, but Google Earth is just so much more intense. With the Google Earth app for Apple's handhelds, you can move around, zoom in and out, and tilt the device for some funky effects as well Yeah, it's probably just a novelty, but you can probably find some use for it. Check out the video below for a demonstration of what you can expect. The app, as with most things from Google, is free and can be found through the App Store.
  • Is Surfing the Internet Altering Your Brain? - The Internet is not just changing the way people live but altering the way our brains work with a neuroscientist arguing this is an evolutionary change which will put the tech-savvy at the top of the new social order. The good news is that surfing the internet is making you guys super brainiacs. The bad news is that it is also turning some of you into internet addicts with Attention Deficit Disorder. Heh, what now? :P
  • E-Ink Development Kit Demo - Talking about e-paper and its many applications is one thing, seeing it in action is another thing altogether. I can totally see newspapers of the future being like this
  • Face Visualizer project turns us all into meat puppets (video) - No, the music is not controlled by facial contortions. Rather, Daito-san's face is twisted to the music via electrical-pulse stimulation -- 10 channels in total, 8 to control his facial expressions, 2 to keep the music and face in sync. No pain, no gain lol :-)
  • HDTV Prices Fall 22 Percent in September - LCD and Plasma HDTV prices are coming back down and, with any luck, those prices will continue to fall through the holiday season. Save your pennies, the TV you want ought to be really cheap after Christmas
  • Google Chrome (pic) - Anthropomorphic Google is scary...check it out
  • Likely To Vote For Obama? Then You Can't Vote! - Here we are again. Every four years the Republicans come up with the same 'October surprise' of removing from the voter rolls as many as possible of the people likely to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate. Because a majority of the federal judges are Republican appointees, the Republican election officials tend to get away with this illegal activity. Why I write about politics here? Good question. Well, I really don't like George Bush...and McCain is another George Bush, so pls vote Obama.
  • New Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Trailer - There is a new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer!
  • Danielle Bux Maxim Photos - Danielle Bux is featured in the November issue of Maxim UK and might I add that Danielle looks great!
  • Nadine Velazquez in FHM Magazine - Nadine Velazquez, the ridiculously hot star from NBC's My Name is Earl, heats up the pages of German edition of FHM magazine. Enjoy!
  • Nadine Velazquez Can Touch Her Toes! - Nadine Velazquez is also in the new Loaded Magazine, so make sure to check it out!
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,26 2008 - tech
TechNews - AMD Phenom X4 9950BE Tested - tech
(hx) 02:20 PM EDT - Oct,26 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • AMD Phenom X4 9950BE Tested - AMD understands that it cannot compete against Intel's high performance and thus they have strategically placed the X4 Phenom 9950 BE at an affordable price. The processor is currently available at price of $184.00, just sandwiched between the Intel's dual-core E8500 running at 3.16GHz and Intel's quad-core Q8200 running at 2.33GHz. So, the processor is very competitive price-wise against Intel.
  • AMD fixed missing shaders on HD 4830 card via BIOS update  - AMD released a video BIOS update that fixes the issue and makes available all the 640 SPs. AMD will be circulating this BIOS to all its press contacts and add-in-board (AIB) partners, to make sure the issue is isolated and fixed. The updated BIOS file can be downloaded from here.
  • NVIDIA Far Cry 2 Beta Drivers #2 - NVIDIA now offers another set of beta ForceWare drivers, which are now up to version 180.43, enabling NVIDIA SLI on Intel X58-based motherboards and offering further improvements in Far Cry 2 performance
  • Windows Vista SP2 Beta Next Week - Some of the features to be included with SP2 are native Blu-ray recording in Vista, Windows Search 4.0, a Bluetooth 2.1 feature pack and more.
  • The Risk of Waiting for Windows 7 - Are you XP users willing to wait until 2010 for a new version of Windows?
  • How to Unlock T-Mobile G1 Without Activation - This procedure will let you go through most of the T-Mobile G1's features without actually activating a SIM card from T-Mobile. If you're not quite prepared to sign a two-year contract, you can actually use the T-Mobile G1 on Wi-Fi alone. It's a simple five-step process.
  • iTunes glitch censors song titles - A temporary error with the UK's iTunes Music Store has caused some inoffensive song titles to be censored. Tracks affected include Hot by Avril Lavigne, which is displayed as H*t, while The Cheeky Girls' biggest hit has become Cheeky Song (Touch My B*m).
  • Underworld 3 Trailer - The official Underworld: Rise of the Lycans trailer is out. And looks pretty good! This is what the Underworld franchise should have been from the very beginning. Oh yeah...adding one of the hottest women on the planet, Rhona Mitra, doesn't hurt either :P
  • Behind the Scenes of SAW V - Now in Theaters - SAW V is now playing in theaters everywhere!
  • LOL Planes (pic) - Looks like a Pixar movie :-)
  • So, You Were Saying? (pic) - check it out
  • Wasssup remix (video) - Remember those Budweiser "Whasssssssssupppppppppppp!!!" ads, that made you want to crush and kill everyone in your pat? :-)
  • Give me a boost (pic) - I almost right-clicked and looked for 'show image' ...
  • The Best Obama video yet, making the close!  - He isn't going to be able to do everything he promises, but if he accomplishes what he said are the three most important: energy independence, affordable health care for all, and education reform then I think his presidency will have been a great success.
  • Cameron Richardson Has Still Got It! - These Cameron Richardson photos show that the Skin Deep actress still has some hotness to be reckoned with!
  • Hayden Panettiere Flashes Her "Panties" - If Hayden Panettiere would have lifted up her skirt and there had been a sexy ass thong or at least something that remotely resembled lingerie under there, I might have at least had gotten slighty excited. Instead, now I'm going to just sit here and sulk :\ Maybe next time they can dare her to not wear any panties at all. Or a dress, for that matter. At least Hayden looked really good, showing off as much cleavage as she could. That part was hot.
  • Jessica Biel Brings Her Hotness to Marie Claire - Yep, Jessica Biel is like the complete package, except for the acting skills. Okay, she's pretty good at that too if the part involves her taking her clothes off.
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,24 2008 - tech
TechNews- Far Cry 2 performance with 17 VGA cards - tech
(hx) 03:42 AM EDT - Oct,24 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel cuts Core 2 Quad Q6600, Q8200 prices -  The 2.33GHz Core 2 Quad Q8200 has dropped from $224 to $193 in 1,000-unit quantities, while the old Core 2 Quad Q6600 has slipped a tad from $193 to $183
  • Far Cry 2 performance with 17 VGA cards - Any somewhat modern PC will allow you to play the game
  • Input Lag and You: Dell 2408WFP report - Some research online indicates that the 2408WFP has 'input lag' issues, but most reports indicate that it is 'not significant' in reality. Yes, some benchmarks measure it to be up to and around 50ms, but how does that ACTUALLY affect the end user?
  • Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield -  After spending some time with Minefield, one thing is clear: the future of Firefox is fast. Lightning fast. How fast? Some claim that it has the fastest javascript engine on the planet, which means it leaves Google's Chrome browser in the dust.
  • Google Launches Gmail for Mobile 2.0 - Google has announced Gmail for Mobile 2.0 for J2ME-supported devices. The mobile mail app is available now and can be downloaded by accessing Google's mobile page.
  • Windows 7 to RTM within a year? - As the WinHEC conference is an annual affair, providing the conference isn't cancelled next year then this would put Windows 7 on target for a RTM before November next year
  • 101 Tech Tips and Tweaks for Windows - PCStats' 101 tech tips and tweaks for Windows guide has a little bit for everyone in it from novice to advanced users
  • LG turns it's eyes to solar panel production -  The company will invest 220 billion won (US$167 million) to replace its A1 PDP line with the two solar production lines
  • Bill Gates' mysterious new company - Bill Gates next venture is a think tank? According to this article, people close to Gates say that this is not a commercial venture but there are things that suggest it might be. Who knows...
  • Mysterious 'dead water' effect caught on film (video) - Researchers have recreated the mysterious 'dead water' effect in the lab to better understand how it slows down ships.
  • Soldiers of Misfortune (DOD:S & GMOD Machinima) - The flashback story of a U.S. Army Ranger (Xanatos) and his journey behind enemy German lines in Italy involving a fellow American soldier (STEV) and a British POW (WolfeR).
  • Friday the 13th, Watchmen - Trailers Online - I have to say that Watchmen already had me 100% ready to go see, and now it has me heart and soul. I cannot wait for this film.
  • Gisele Bundchen Topless In American Photo - Gisele Bundchen is appearing in a shoot even hotter than her GQ football inspired spread from earlier this year.
  • Marisa Miller does Complex - Victoria's Secret Angel Marisa Miller heats up Complex magazine, striking some raunchy poses for bikini photo-shoot session for the cover and pages of the publication's November 2008 issue
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,23 2008 - tech
Far Cry 2 Widescreen Issue, EVGA bundle - tech
(hx) 02:13 PM EDT - Oct,23 2008 - Post a comment
The official Far Cry 2 Forums have word that widescreen support in Far Cry 2 is actually a cropped version of the 4:3 video, reminiscent of a similar problem, or design decision, from BioShock .If this is the same as the BioShock widescreen issue, then its being completely overblown by people wanting an excuse to whine as usual. I've seen comparison screens for the BioShock issue and what people were getting pissed off about amounted to basically losing the bottom half inch of your wrench, nothing that affected the gameplay experience at all. The Widescreen Gaming Forum is all over this, as is their way, and there are hopes for a fix for the just-released first-person shooter sequel soon, official, unofficial, or both (thanks BluesNews, VE)

In Far Cry 2 related news, EVGA has announced a promotion where they will be bundling a copy of Far Cry 2 with their video cards but this time the cards are GTX 280, GTX 260 and GTX 260 core 216.
Nvidia GPUs support DX10.1 features in Far Cry 2 - tech
(hx) 05:20 AM EDT - Oct,23 2008 - Post a comment / read (2)
Bit-Tech reports that Nvidia GPUs will support the DirectX 10.1 features implemented into Far Cry 2 via an extension to DirectX 10 that's supported in all of Nvidia's DirectX 10 hardware.
Today, we have gathered some more information from Ubisoft on the implementation and it's quite an interesting one because the capabilities are also enabled on all Nvidia GeForce 8, 9 and GTX 200 GPUs, even though they don't comply with DX10.1's requirements. "The Ubisoft team wanted to enhance the anti-aliasing through the reading of the multisampled depth Z-buffers, explained Vincent Greco, Worldwide Production Technical Coordinator at Ubisoft. "This feature was enabled by either using DX10.1 or using a DX10.0 extension supported by Nvidia DirectX 10 GPUs." All of Nvidia's DirectX 10 GPUs support a superset of DX10, but don't fully support all of DirectX 10.1's requirements so Nvidia cannot claim compliance with DX10.1.

When we asked what DirectX 10.1 features Nvidia supported back in May, the company was very cagey, with Tony Tamasi claiming that "the red team will go out and try to get every ISV to implement things that aren't supported [by our GPUs] for competitive reasons. That really isn't good for game developers, Microsoft and also for us too. So I'd rather not say what [DX10.1] features we don't support. I can tell you that one thing we support for sure is reading from the multisample depth buffer [with deferred rendering], which right now seems to be the thing that people are finding interesting in 10.1. And so for the ISVs that are doing that, we're supporting them directly [and exposing the feature to them]," explained Tamasi.
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,22 2008 - tech
Nvidia Forceware beta drivers for Far Cry 2 - tech
(hx) 10:13 AM EDT - Oct,22 2008 - Post a comment
AMD put out a driver hotfix for Far Cry 2 yesterday, and now Nvidia has followed along the same lines with a new beta graphics driver release. According to Nvidia, the ForceWare 180.42 beta driver supports GeForce 8800-series, GeForce 9, and GeForce GTX 200-series GPUs, and it's "recommended for the best experience" in Ubisoft's open-world shooter. You can grab the GeForce 180.42 beta drivers for Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, and Windows XP x64. Since this is a beta release, we probably wouldn't recommend it to folks who value overall stability more than a potentially better Far Cry 2 experience.
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,21 2008 - tech
Far Cry 2 Ships; Performance Evaluation - tech
(hx) 05:58 PM EDT - Oct,21 2008 - Post a comment / read (2)
Ubisoft today announced that Far Cry 2 has shipped to store shelves for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Far Cry 2 has an ESRB of 'M' for Mature and will be available at the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $59.99 for Xbox 360 and the PS3 and at $49.99 for PC. In related news, OCC has published a new review on the Far Cry 2 Performance Evaluation: "As you can see, the performance of the cards scales in proportion with their capabilities, with the faster cards getting the higher scores. All of them performed at a level that is still playable. When the AA is cranked up to 8x with all settings to ultra high, the cards do see a severe performance drop. The HD4850 went as low as a 12FPS average."
TechNews - Free Far Cry 2 With GTX 260 & GTX 280? - tech
(hx) 04:07 AM EDT - Oct,21 2008 - Post a comment
  • Free Far Cry 2 With GTX 260 & GTX 280? - Some rumor claims Far Cry 2 will be bundled with all NVIDIA GTX 260 and GTX 280 cards (at no charge to the card makers). Obviously this means that those of you that were planning on buying either of these two cards soon might want to wait a bit and see if there is any truth to the rumor.
  • Crysis Warhead and Stalker CS - Multi-GPU Gameplay - Are the days numbered for video cards with 512MB memory per GPU when it comes to HD gaming? It sure looks like it.
  • Nvidia to leave only six partners - Fudzilla reports that Nvidia will 'very shortly' prune its partners list and leave only six companies: Asus, EVGA, MSI, Palit, XFX, and Zotac. But according to Graham Brown, Marketing Manager at BFG Technologies, BFG will stay a nvidia partner producing recent/upcoming GeForce cards. "This is just another Fudo classic. He needs a better source", he said.
  • How to Hack Any Linux Machine in 30 Seconds? (video) - A short but complete guide for hacking any linux machine in just 30 seconds.
  • Microsoft's Patent For Automatically Censoring Audio Data - Gamers may soon be a little shielded from voice chat stupidity on Xbox Live, as Microsoft has been granted a patent for real-time censoring in voice communications (bleeping words in an audio stream).
  • Kevin Rose demonstrates Qik application for the iPhone (video) - Kevin Rose of Digg gives a demonstration of Qik, an application which uses the iPhone's camera and using either the cellular data connection or a Wi-Fi data connection streams the video. Previously only available on jailbroken phone the Qik application will soon be available on iTunes.
  • New Get a Mac ads make more fun of Vista (video) - Two new Get a Mac ads have hit the airwaves.
  • Panasonic Fuel Cell Has 20 Hours of Power - Panasonic says the fuel cell will be positioned at the underside of notebooks and provides about 20 hours of power with 200cc of fuel. The prototype weighs just 320 grams. The fuel, highly concentrated methanol, can be stored in bottles.
  • Funny and Painful Paintball Gun Prank (video) - Some friends rig a paintball gun up to shoot their buddy in the knees as he steps through the door.
  • Toyota iQ gets first commercial (video) - The spot is high-concept, with no boilerplate screaming about powertrains or showing the car oversteering across the screen, but you can tell that the car looks like a Scion xD that's been treated to a cut-n-shut for a length under three meters. Pronounce it "ick" if you like, but when your competition is the Smart, it's hard not to look, uh, smarter
  • Crowpath - Chased, caught and charged (video) - Video for the song "Chased, caught and charged" from the Fullength album 'Son of sulpher'. Wow :-)
  • Cheerleader Gets Knocked Out By Bad Shot (video) - A cheerleader standing on the sidelines gets hit by a missed shot on goal and is almost knocked out from the ball. Ouch!
  • 25 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas (pics) - Check out these photos of crazy jack-o-lanterns to inspire your Halloween carving.
  • Obama slams McCain for calling him a 'socialist' (video) - Worth watching....he also made some great points, McCain has accused him of "restributing the wealth" by getting rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich - but he made the point that McCain is also "redistributing the wealth" himself; he's just doing it the other way around, by taking it from the working and middle classes and giving more and more to the rich. This is a valid point to make in light of the "socialist" nonsense coming out of the McCain camp...
  • Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones Funny Or Die Video - Here's another lame video from Funny Or Die where we've got Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones solving the economic crisis on Wall Street.
  • Sexy Hot Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures - She may be one of the most glamorous women in pop, but Geri Halliwell admits to a self-conscious streak whenever she strips down to her bikini in public. The Spice Girl, whose weight has fluctuated over the years, recently posed for her first bikini photo shoot in seven years. The 36-year-old shows off her toned beach body in this week's issue of Hello! magazine.
  • Miranda Kerr Topless FHM Magazize Pictures - Here's gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr in the latest FHM UK Magazine. Now that's how you make a bikini sexy!
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,20 2008 - tech
AMD releases Catalyst hotfix for Far Cry 2 - tech
(hx) 04:09 PM EDT - Oct,20 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
AMD has released a Catalyst driver hotfix in preparation for the incoming first-person shooter. The hotfix applies to graphics cards from the Radeon X1600 series to the Radeon HD 4800 series (check out the hotfix download page for a full list), and according to AMD, its sole purpose is to improve performance. The hotfix improves Far Cry 2 performance for all card setups in DirectX 10 mode, AMD says, but only users with CrossFire multi-GPU configs will see frame rates rise in DirectX 9 mode.You can grab the hotfix for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. German tech site PC Games Hardware has somehow benchmarked the hotfix in Far Cry 2, and it reports 83-97% performance gains for a Radeon HD 4870 X2 in DirectX 9 mode.
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,19 2008 - tech
TechNews - Intel Upcoming Mobile CPU Price Cut - tech
(hx) 06:04 PM EDT - Oct,19 2008 - Post a comment
  • Intel Upcoming Mobile CPU Price Cut (Q4 '08 to Q1 '09) - Intel is set to introduce 5 new processors for the Montevina platform on Dec 28th. Core 2 Quad Q9000 (2.0GHz), Core 2 Duo T9800 (2.93GHz), T9550 (2.66GHz), P9600 (2.66GHz), P8700 (2.53GHz) are priced at $348, $530, $316, $348, $241 respectively
  • GPUs Under $70 - HD 4550, HD 4350, Galaxy 9500 GT, S3 Chrome 440 GTX - Anyone coming into this review looking to see Crysis running at 1600x1200 at 60 FPS will be very disappointed. Not even the GTX 280 can push that in fact... But what we did see here today was an amazing display of performance for cards under the $70 price point - performance that just a few short months ago would have cost you as much as $200.  Another Budget Video Card Round-Up can be found on HardOCP
  • Intel's New Solid State Disks In RAID 0, A Case Study in Speed - Blinding speed in RAID 0 mode? Yes! Can't wait to have that kinda performance in my box...
  • Patriot Memory 32GB Xporter XT Tested - With a capacity of 32GB, the Xporter XT Boost can easily fit in your pocket and is a great replacement for that portable hard drive you might be lugging around. In benchmarks, the Xporter XT Boost outperforms all of the other drives and confirms that this is quite a speedy drive.
  • ASUS EeePC Top Touch Screen In Action (video) - check it out
  • Microsoft sends Vista SP2 invites - beta release in 4 weeks - Microsoft will include Windows Search 4 in Vista SP2 along with Bluetooth wireless support (including latest BT 2.1 fixes), support for the new VIA 64-bit CPU and additional application compatibility updates.
  • Passport Required To Buy Mobile Phones In the UK - Everyone [in the UK] who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance. Phone buyers would have to present a passport or other official form of identification at the point of purchase. Privacy campaigners fear it marks the latest government move to create a surveillance society. A compulsory national register for the owners of all 72m mobile phones in Britain would be part of a much bigger database to combat terrorism and crime
  • BMW Car Konfigurator with Microsoft Surface is an awesome experience - BMW has taken advantage of the Microsoft Surface by programming its BMW Car Konfigurator into this multi-touch platform. Although it is in a prototype form factor at this point in time, chances are there that BMW will release a fully working version in due time.
  • Helicopter noise making Alarm clock (video) -The Helicopter alarm clock from Tokyo makers Toyo Trading launches a rotor up in the air that keeps on flying around while making an extra-annoying engine sound. The battery-powered clock can only be silenced by catching the rotor and putting it back into the clock base
  • Self-Balancing Unicycle (video) - Doesn't a self-balancing unicycle, a cool technical achievement in itself, take the fun out of a unicycle?
  • Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama - Powell said a major part of his decision (video#1, #2)to abandon his own party was his conclusion that Obama was the better option to repair frayed U.S. relations with allies overseas.
  • Happy Tree Friends - Peas in a Pod (video) - Lumpy finds out the true meaning of getting cloned!
  • GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 4 (video) - director BenBuja presents his fourth installment of the BG&SS series and its crazier then ever!
  • Linda O'Neil - World's Sexiest Brunette! - check it out!
  • Rihanna + Bikini = Good - Who doesn't want some very sexy Rihanna bikini pictures? :P
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,16 2008 - tech
TechNews - Far Cry 2: GPU and CPU benchmarks - tech
(hx) 08:10 PM EDT - Oct,16 2008 - Post a comment / read (5)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9300 Launch Roundup - The GeForce 9300 chipset is 20% faster than the Intel G45 chipset across the board. By this performance metric, it is likely that the faster 9400 boards will outstrip the G45 chipset by 35% or more across the board. This is a very impressive feat for an integrated graphics card to say the least. Had the GeForce 9300 and 9400 come out when the G45 launched, Intel might have had a real problem. Intel is rumored to have a new CPU coming out for the high-end and we’ll see how that translates with integrated graphics at that time.
  • Apple's all-new MacBook Pro packs new NVIDIA GPUs, glass trackpad - Apple's MacBook Pro using NVIDIA's new 9400M GPU + chipset 1-2 punch for integrated graphics, supplemented by 9600M GT switchable discreet graphics chip for heavy lifting, and pumping out those graphics over a Mini DisplayPort connector, if you'd like to supplement the LED backlit screen. As expected there's an SSD option, with drive accessible underneath the battery. The 15.4-inch base model retails for $1999, with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and both GPUs. Step up to $2499 and you get a faster CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. The 17-inch MacBook Pro comes in a similar configuration with a 2.6GHz processor, starting at $2799, but sans the redesign and GPU love.
  • Far Cry 2: GPU and CPU benchmarks - All-clear: You don't need a high-end PC to run Far Cry 2 at playable framerates - even the 'Ultra High' Settings are far from the brutal system requirements Crysis imposes. Even with a Core 2 Duo E6600 or an Athlon 64 X2 6000+ and a Geforce 9800 GT/8800 GT or a Radeon HD 4850 you can play the highest settings.
  • Dell documents reveal 12-inch netbook -  The Mini 12 (or Inspiron 1210) will feature an Intel Atom Z520 or Z530 processor, 1GB of memory, some type of hard disk drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Windows Vista and-wait for it-a 12.1" display with a 1280x800 resolution!
  • Leaked Screens Showing NVIDIA Multi-Monitor SLi - VR-Zone has posted a preview of NVIDIA's 180.10 drivers that apparently have multi-monitor SLi support
  • Adobe Flash 10 delivers GPU acceleration - Adobe's Flash Player 10 is available from this page for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux - including Ubuntu 7 and 8. It delivers GPU acceleration, however, developers actually have to enable GPU acceleration manually in the code.
  • First Firefox 3.1 beta speeds up JavaScript - The Firefox 3.1 beta scored 1873.0ms, slightly ahead of Chrome's 2212.2ms and well past Firefox 3.0.3's 3792.6ms. It's not just benchmarks, either-TraceMonkey makes GMail and iGoogle feel incredibly snappy. The Mozilla guys reportedly think TraceMonkey has room for extra optimizations, so the final Firefox 3.1 release might be even speedier.
  • Microsoft aiming to deliver Vista SP2 before Windows 7 - Microsoft's goal is to deliver both SP2 releases before it delivers Windows 7 in order to lessen confusion among users as to whether to deploy Vista and Windows Server 2008 - or to wait for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (a k a Windows 7 Server). - - Currently, Microsoft is believed to be attempting to RTM Windows 7 in the second half of 2009. The Softies have said Windows Server 2008 R2 is on track for 2010.
  • eCoupled Wireless Blender Demo - Fulton Innovation (video) - The technology behind wireless powered devices like this blender is cool and the fact that it can be used on everything from lighting to laptops makes it even cooler.
  • Freaky Robot Girl (video) - The robot Repliee R-1 looks like a five-year-old girl except for being freaky looking and covered in silicone skin. Few people are fooled into thinking she's real but it was made to be life-like to put people's mind at ease. The Repliee R-1 robot blinks, stands, and wears clothes.
  • Danielle Lloyd sexy in Nuts magazine for October 2008 - Here's Danielle Lloyd as a naughty teacher in the latest Nuts Magazine. And once again, Danielle is covering her boobs :P
  • Ivanka Trump Max Magazine Sexy Pictures - Real life business woman and celebrity hottie Ivanka Trump finds her photos gracing the pages of the October issue of Max magazine. And all I can say is it's about time Ivanka shared her beautiful self with the world again!
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,15 2008 - tech
ATi Catalyst Drivers v8.10 - tech
(hx) 04:43 PM EDT - Oct,15 2008 - Post a comment
If you own an ATi video card, head on over to the AMD / ATi website and download the new Catalyst 8.10 drivers for 32-bit/64-bit Windows Vista and Windows XP. The new Windows drivers offer performance improvements for Unreal Tournament 3 and Prey for HD 3800-series and HD 4000-series accelerators as well as Catalyst Control Center enhancements (fan control in the overdrive tab and a "Force Component Video" detection option). Grab them if you need them.
Brothers in Arms - Hells Highway VGA performance - tech
(hx) 04:13 AM EDT - Oct,15 2008 - Post a comment / read (1)
GURU3D has posted a VGA performance test with fifteen graphics cards on Brothers in Arms - Hells Highway. Here's a taster:
What are we looking for in gaming performance wise? First off, obviously Guru3D tends to think that all games should be played at the best image quality (IQ) possible. There's a dilemma though, IQ often interferes with the performance of a graphics card. We measure this in FPS, the number of frames a graphics card can render per second, the higher it is the more fluently your game will display itself.  A game's frames per second (FPS) is a measured average of a series of tests. That test often is a time demo, a recorded part of the game which is a 1:1 representation of the actual game and its gameplay experience. After forcing the same image quality settings; this time-demo is then used for all graphics cards so that the actual measuring is as objective as can be.

Frames per second / Gameplay

<30 FPS  - very limited gameplay
30-40 FPS - average yet very playable
40-60 FPS  - good gameplay
>60 FPS - best possible gameplay

So if a graphics card barely manages less than 30 FPS, then the game is not very playable, we want to avoid that at all cost.  With 30 FPS up-to roughly 40 FPS you'll be very able to play the game with perhaps a tiny stutter at certain graphically intensive parts. Overall a very enjoyable experience. Match the best possible resolution to this result and you'll have the best possible rendering quality versus resolution, hey you want both of them to be as high as possible. When a graphics card is doing 60 FPS on average or higher then you can rest assured that the game will likely play extremely smoothly at every point in the game, turn on every possible in-game IQ setting.
Over 100 FPS? You have either a MONSTER of graphics card or a very old game.
In other news, the official Gearbox Software Forums have word on a bug in the game which can cause crashes or slowdowns on the Black Friday level. According to Gearbox: "If you have an ATI graphics card and are seeing crashes or severe slowdowns when playing the Black Friday level (the one with rain), it is a known problem with the ATI driver. We are working on a patch and are trying to make it available as soon as possible."
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TechNews - Core i7 940 Tested - tech
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  • Core i7 940 Review Shows SMT and Tri-Channel Memory Let-down - The processor is based on the Bloomfield core, and essentially the Nehalem architecture that has been making news for over an year now. PC Online went right to the heart of the matter, evaluating the 192-bit wide (tri-channel) memory interface, and the advantage of HyperThreading on four physical cores. In the tests, the 2.93 GHz Bloomfield chip was pitted against a Core 2 Extreme QX9770 operating at both its reference speed of 3.20 GHz, and underclocked to 2.93 GHz, so a clock to clock comparison could be brought about.
  • Sony PRS-505 E-book Reader Tested - The PRS-700 is very similar to the PRS-500, but it costs USD 100 more. For that additional cost, you will get a touch screen, more internal memory, a faster processor and the ability to make annotations with a stylus and an on-screen keyboard.
  • Windows 7 To Be Named Windows 7 - Mike Nash, VP for Windows Product Management, has made a post on the Windows Vista blog stating that the code name 'Windows 7' will in fact be the operating system's actual name. There you have it. Love it? Hate it? :-)
  • 3.0 officially released - This version includes some import new features like native Mac OS X compatibility and support for version 1.2 of the OpenDocument Format standard. It also introduces support for reading files in Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) format, which is used as the default in Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Microsoft Releases Silverlight 2 - Silverlight 2 will be available for download on Tuesday, Oct. 14
  • Happy Tree Friends - Halloween Smoochie (video) - Disco Bear goes trick-or-treating for Halloween, but gets more tricks than he bargains for! ;-)
  • Man trips and throws bride and parson into pool (video) - What kind of idiots get married right in front of a pool? ;-)
  • A Tattoo the whole family can enjoy (pic) - At just the right height for kids! ;-)
  • Stone (40,000 BC) vs iPhone (2008) - A feature comparison between a stone and an iPhone.
  • Britney Spears -Sexy Video form Uncensored 'Womanizer' Video Spot - Okay, here's the thing. Britney Spears is naked in the video for her new single, Womanizer. You will want to rip your ears off, because the song is awful, but Britney actually looks... good :-)
  • Hot Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures - Audrina Patridge displays what she has got in next month's (November 2008) Maxim Issue where she graces the Frontcover. What do you think guys? ;-)
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TechNews - 500 GB Hard Disk Drive Round-Up - tech
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  • Intel G45 Express Chipset Tested - The G45 Express' Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD isn't much of a gamer, then. But Intel's latest GMA does support Blu-ray decode acceleration a task it performs rather well. Even with our budget Pentium E2180, the X4500HD had no problems smoothly playing back high-bitrate Blu-ray movies at 1080p. The latest integrated graphics chipsets from AMD and Nvidia can do this too, of course, but at least Intel has reached parity here.
  • MSI P45 Diamond Motherboard Tested - It costs about a third of the price compared to seriously high-end solutions from the like of ASUS and Foxconn, but it's comparable to Intel's X48 and nVidia's 790 chipsets when it comes to everyday usage and gaming.
  • AMD Split into Two Companies - AMD announces they are splitting into two separate companies in an effort to keep pace with rival Intel, separating their chip design efforts from their chip manufacturing side
  • Over-volted RAM Will Damage Core i7 CPUs - While this isn't a big deal for most people, it could limit the type of memory you run and adversely impact overclockers that push their DIMM voltage to the limits when overclocking.
  • G94-based GeForce 9600 GSO coming this month - An updated GeForce 9600 GSO based on the G94 graphics processor will come out at the end of this month
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive Round-Up - There're clearly two winners: the new Western Digital RE3, which is targeted to the enterprise market, and Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, which is a mainstream product and thus the 500 GB hard disk drive that we recommend to the average user. Samsung HD502IJ in an option only if you can't find Seagate Barracuda 7200.11. All other models should be avoided
  • Sanyo develops 12x, 100 GB Blu-ray technology - Sanyo claims that the new device can support Blu-ray discs with up to four layers (instead of only two), raising the potential maximum capacity of Blu-ray discs from 50 GB to 100 GB. Sony previously indicated that Blu-ray may be scalable up to 200 GB
  • Apple set to release $800 notebook - Apple retail stores have been given price sheets that list 12 price points for the new range, with prices between $800-$3100.
  • Asus Eee PC Tablet Coming in Under Six Months - What's unclear is whether the touchscreen Eee PC will be strictly a Tablet PC-based device or if it will take on a convertible format like the Gigabyte subnotebooks.
  • OpenOffice 3.0 Final - (download) the product is a multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set similar to other office suites. New Features in version 3.0: Personal Information Manager (PIM), probably based on Thunderbird/Lightning, PDF import into Draw (to maintain correct layout of the original PDF),
    Web 2.0 support for weblogs and wikis, Office 2007 OOXML document import filter, Support for Mac OS X Aqua platform, Redesigned, more modern GUI., Extensions, to add third party functionality etc.
  • Windows 7 to improve upon Vista's UAC scheme - The Windows team is working with users to make Windows 7's UAC implementation more effective and less annoying. Woot?! :-)
  • Microsoft's Windows 7 to Auto-Patch Games? - And as the image shows (reportedly taken from an early build), one feature it'll add is the built-in ability to auto-scan for new updates for your PC games, and notify you immediately once they're available
  • Vista Control Panel Secrets Revealed - There are, it turns out, a ton of other useful items buried in the Vista control panel
  • Youtube Audio Preview -  It seems someone at YouTUBE took this comic seriously and decided to add an 'Audio Preview' feature. Now you can hear your comments read aloud to you
  • WiFi is no longer a viable secure connection - Global Secure Systems has said that a Russian's firm's use of the latest NVidia graphics cards to accelerate WiFi 'password recovery' times by up to an astonishing 10,000 per cent proves that WiFi's WPA and WPA2 encryption systems are no longer enough to protect wireless data.
  • 'Unbreakable' encryption unveiled - Quantum cryptography is completely different from the kinds of security schemes used on computer networks today. These are typically based on complex mathematical procedures which are extremely hard for outsiders to crack, but not impossible given sufficient computing resources or time
  • Circuit City could be headed for bankruptcy - Consumerist reports that, after a series of major blows, Circuit City may now be facing bankruptcy.
  • Web Traffic Jam as People Search for Financial News - The internet feel a little slower lately?
  • Ford MyKey gives parents big brother like control - Called MyKey, the feature allows parents to program the ignition key so the car will not go faster than 80 mph, cut off the stereo's volume at just 44% of its max output, and set a persistent chime to go off if the seatbelts aren't being used (the stereo also gets muted until everyone buckles up).
  • Smart Monster truck (video) - Yes a cute Smart car converted into a Monster Truck!
  • Funny Microsoft PDC 2008 Video - FYI, the band playing is called '4 Softies and a Pizza Guy,' as it literally consists of 4 Microsoft employees and another guy who owns a pizza parlor.
  • The Economist Magazine Sums Up The Financial Crisis... - If you feel at a loss for words to describe the now global financial cover, this spoof cover floating around the internet for September's Economist says it all.
  • Transporter 3 Trailer - Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin, the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries. Transporter is in theaters November 26th 2008!
  • QUARANTINE - In Theaters Now (video)  -Quarantine is a 2008 American horror film directed by John Erick Dowdle and starring Jennifer Carpenter. The film is a remake of the Spanish horror film. It was released on October 10, 2008 by Screen Gems Pictures.
  • Steven Spielberg And George Lucas Rape Indiana Jones (video) - We all knew this happened... just not so literally ;-)
  • TV is Crap! (video) - CRAP CRAP dammit... CRAP TV LOL!
  • How To Get Jail Time For A Speeding Ticket (video) - This guy is pissed off that a cop is giving him a speeding ticket. After arguing with the cop for a minute he decides to turn his little problem into a much bigger problem
  • Is Halle Berry The Sexiest Woman Alive? - Halle Berry has been dubbed the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' in the November 2008 issue of Esquire. The mag's inside photo spread features Halle looking sexy, modeling tank tops with Esquire covers printed on the front
  • Roxanne Pallett Biker Chick - check it out
  • Ciara Nude Photos From Vibe - Ciara is pumping up the sexy in preparation for her upcoming release, 'Fantasy Ride,' which is due in December. The songstress posed in nothing but a pair of high heels for the October issue of Vibe magazine.
  • Alice Goodwin - Topless Photoshoot - Here's British newcomer Alice Goodwin in the latest Zoo Magazine. I think she's pretty damn hot!
  • Anna Kournikova - Maxim Magazine Germany - Oct 2008 - Here's some HOT scans of Anna Kournikova in the German October issue of Maxim. The mag gives her the title of the "hottest queen of the court." There's no doubt she deserves the title!
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Financial crisis - summary Friday 10/10 - tech
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TechNews - 13 WoW windows in 36 seconds! - tech
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  • ASUS EAH4870 TOP Radeon HD 4870 Review - Like most other HD 4870s on store shelves, the EAH4870 TOP sports 512MB of GDDR5 memory and a 256-bit memory bus. Additionally, the card features support for DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1, and CrossFireX multi-GPU technology. What differentiates the EAH4870 TOP from most other 4870s is its factory overclock: the core clock pushes pixels at 815 MHz (ATI's reference spec is 750 MHz) while the memory is set to 925 MHz (ATI reference is 900 MHz)
  • Fusion-io SSD - 13 World of Warcraft windows in 36 seconds! - The desktop computer was powered by a 2.5 GHz quad-core AMD Phenom, 4 GB of RAM and an Nvidia 8800 series graphics card
  • PCWorld : The 10 Most Overrated Products - Here are 10 tech items that don't live up to their billing -- and 10 that deserve respect that they don't receive
  • The Top 5 Reasons Why Vista Failed - ZDNet has listed the top five reasons Vista failed. What is your opinion? Do you think Vista is a failure?
  • It just won't die: Windows XP gets another six months - Microsoft has stepped up its effort to promote its Vista operating system, but Windows XP just isn't going away. The company reportedly extended the OEM downgrade timeline once again.
  • Another iPhone Security Hole Found By 12yr Old  - A new security hole that exploits the iPhone's emergency call feature in password-protected mode was stumbled upon by a 12 year old and his father. The flaw is almost the same as the one discovered a few weeks back
  • Lexus IS250C folding its hard top (video) - This new derivative of the IS250 sedan sports a three-piece aluminum roof that retracts in a "world's fastest" 20 seconds!
  • Ford Racing tests FR500CJ 'Cobra Jet' Mustang (video) - Since the current Mustang is a headlong dive into nostalgia, it stands to reason that Ford's working up a new Cobra Jet and eyeing drag racing domination yet again!
  • How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (video) - In this hilariously funny fish-out-of-water tale, How To Lose Friends & Alienate People tracks the outrageous escapades of Sidney Young (Simon Pegg), a smalltime, bumbling, British celebrity journalist who is hired by an upscale magazine in New York City
  • Fred: City of FRED? - FRED wants to be famous!
  • Johnny Depp To Get $75 Million For Pirates 4 - Should any human being get paid $75 million for 3 months work?
  • Dragonball Teaser Trailer - Dragonball is an upcoming 2009 American live-action film adaptation of the Dragon Ball media franchise.
  • Brooke Marks Visits The World Of Warcraft (video) - Brooke Marks has a bad drink one night and ends up getting sucked into the World of Warcraft. Azeroth will never be the same.
  • Pussycat Dolls In Underwear at Blender Magazine + Video - The PussyCat Dolls in underwear posing for Blender magazine.
  • Jennifer Ellison's Sexy 2009 Calendar - Here's Jennifer Ellisons 2009 lingerie calendar!
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Core i7 965 Offers 52% More Gaming Performance - tech
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According to some reviewers who had their hands on with the upcoming Bloomfield, the new CPU runs great. In a recent document sent to partners, Intel pointed out that when comparing Core i7 965 to a QX9770, we can get 52% more 3D gaming performance, 38% more rendering performance and 41% more movie editing and conversion performance. (Core i7 965 platform: X58, DDR3 3G, Discrete VGA card, QX9770 platform unknown.) Yes the numbers are quite vague, but they are coming directly from Intel, compared to a more expansive product, we can't expect more. (QX9770 >$1450, Core i7 965=$999).
 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,03 2008 - tech
TechNews - MS to tweak Windows 7 for multi-core - tech
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  • 2.93GHz mobile Core 2 Duo comes next quarter - Fudzilla claims Intel will introduce a 2.93GHz mobile Core 2 Duo priced at $530 in the first quarter of next year. That chip could supplant the existing $530 Core 2 Duo T9600, which runs at 2.8GHz with a 1066MHz front-side bus, 6MB of shared L2 cache and a 35W power envelope. Fudzilla claims the 2.93GHz chip will bear the Core 2 Duo T9800 name and sport the same FSB and cache size as the T9600.
  • Radeon HD 4870 with 1,024 MB vs. 512 MB VRAM - To really get benefits of 1 Gibyte you need to have a crush on high FSAA modes and/or a big display (1,920 x 1,200)
  • $350 Eee PC 900HA has 9-inch display, 160GB storage - The 900HA looks to have the same Atom processor and 8.9", 1024x600 display as the Eee PC 901, but it includes a 160GB hard drive instead of the latter's 12-20GB of flash storage. With a gig of RAM, a four-cell battery, and a copy of Windows XP Home Edition, the 900HA costs $350 with free shipping (although it's only up for pre-order right now).
  • Samsung SM2693HM 25.5inch widescreen monitor Tested - With the crappy colours, poor black tones, crushed whites, mediocre viewing angles, it certainly doesn't score highly in many areas. It's still a strangely likeable display, though.
  • Fujitsu to Sell HDD Business to Western Digital - The two companies are in the latter stage of negotiations over the deal and hope to reach agreement before the end of this year, the report said
  • Microsoft to tweak Windows 7 for multi-core processing - Microsoft coders are getting their hands dirty tweaking the new operating system with parallel processing in mind.
  • Microsoft will soon release 'Windows Cloud' OS, Ballmer says - Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer revealed a handful of details today on Windows Cloud, an operating system designed to help developers write Internet-based apps.
  • Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008: The Unofficial User's Guide - Why should you install this on your media-center PC? For folks with HDTVs, that's a no-brainer: the TV Pack introduces support for Clear QAM unencrypted digital cable. That means you should be able to pipe digital (and potentially high-definition) broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, other basic channels, and perhaps stations like MTV and TNT into your PC-something PC Magazine says was impossible with the previous version of Windows Media Center
  • Apple Releases iTunes 8.0.1 - Apple has released iTunes 8.0.1. There update contains a bunch of stability and performance improvements as well as a number of important bug fixes.
  • New attacks reveal fundamental problems with TCP - The problems, which were identified as far back as 2005, are not simply vulnerabilities in products from one or two vendors, but are issues with the ways in which routers, PCs and other machines handle TCP connection requests from unknown, remote machines. The attacks can be carried out with very little bandwidth, such as that available on a cable modem, and there don't appear to be any workarounds or fixes for the problems at this point.
  • Google Searches Everything in Android (video) - Google may have started out as a humble search engine, but I use Google Search for so much more than regular web searching. It seems that Google is taking a similar "you can search anything" approach to Android as well, because the smartphone platform not only uses Google to search the web, it can also be used to search with just about any application. From right within any application, you can tap on a search button or launch a search widget.
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Nokia Tube) Unveiled with S60 Touch - In terms of specs, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is powered by Symbian S60 5th Edition, which you may know better as S60 Touch. Other features include Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.2-inch touchscreen with tactile feedback (640x360 pixels), 1320 mAh battery, 3.2 megapixel camera with Zeiss optics, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, stereo speakers, finger and stylus UI control, new media bar interface, proximity sensor, and your choice of black, red, or blue.
  • Apple Drops NDA for iPhone Developers - Apple has announced that they have dropped the iPhone Non-Disclosure Agreement for released iPhone Apps
  • Toyota Innovates Safety with Industry-First Rear Airbags - The first car to get these rear airbags will be the Toyota iQ ultracompact microcar, which will be getting the safety upgrade by the end of this year
  • Florida Man Punches Shark To Save His Dog - How much do you love your pet? Enough to leap into the ocean and fight a shark to save it?
  • The REAL Sarah Palin! (video) - Sarah Palin the REAL story: starring Obama Girl.
  • Hayden Panettiere's Little Hand Holds A Big Cup - Everyone's favorite little person Hayden Panettiere decided to put on her tiny little pants and tiny little tank top and go get herself a massive frappuccino :P
  • Lucy Pinder Topless Bikini Pictures - Yes, once again some more Lucy Pinder bikini pictures. These pictures are very special because they appear to have been taken before her rise to the top of British glamour model
  • Diora Baird is Topless in Maxim - Hollywood hottie, Diora Baird, is topless in the new issue of Maxim UK magazine! Enjoy!