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Simon The Sorcerer 3D
(hx) 01:54 PM EDT - May,16 2002

Simon The Sorcerer 3D is already third of edition of Simon the Sorcerer /Simon Sorcerer (1993), Simon Sorcerer II (1995)/ - one of the most popular point & click adventures. In the two previous outings for our hero, Simon was introduced as a cheeky but loveable teenager who was unwittingly transported to another world of magic and fantasy. For those who didn't play the previous Simon Sorcerer games here is a bit from the story. Simon was summoned by the ancient wizard Calypso, who needed Simon's help in order to defeat the evil sorcerer Sordid (the villain from the first two parts of the game) and his conniving sidekick Runt. Simon 2 ended with Sordid stealing Simon's body in order to launch his most evil and devious world domination plan yet - and leaving Simon lost and bodiless!... Simon 3D starts with Simon's soul being reunited with his body on the roof of an Aztec temple...Simon The Sorcerer 3D features a classic adventure elements such as puzzle solving, story, and character interaction, over 60 stylish characters, and 30-60 hours of gameplay. The game seems to be quite boring at first, but try to finish it at least to the end of chapter 3 and you will see that the game isn't so bad after all. Despite the game looks ugly and dated, If you liked in the previous Simon games, you will probably like Simon The Sorcerer 3D too. But honestly I think this game will target rather hard-core adventure players with lots of patience.

snd: 3/5 - quite good voice acting and music
gfx: 2/5 - unattractive, very dated 3D cartoon world, modified Prince of Persia 3D engine (NDL NetImmerse 3D), most locations often appear empty and lonely
playability: 4/5 - great classic adventure spoilt by bad engine, 30-60 hours of gameplay, 6000 dialogues, nice puzzles, occasional bugs
genre: adventure
release: April 2002
developer: Headfirst Studios
publisher: Vivendi
Overall: 59%

last 10 comments:

DuTravellerposted - May, 17 2002 - 05:30
the movement of the character sucks!!sometimes i cant get out of houses...!!

NeoNposted - May, 19 2002 - 12:31
How can a new game still sucks? I hate it.Looks like it came out from N64, look at thr graphics. ARghhhhhhh.

Walkmaposted - May, 21 2002 - 04:38
it is almost the worst game i have ever played, it sucks

Glassworksposted - May, 30 2002 - 19:15
I haven't even played the game, and it looks as though I never will. I have the original Simon the Sorceror 1 and 2 CD's that I bought years ago, and judging from the screenshots of this 3D version - they have lost the atmosphere of the adventure. What a shame.

no importanposted - Jul, 01 2002 - 09:29
Realllly old graphics indeed

Nicola Magrathposted - Jul, 02 2002 - 15:56
Although Simon 1 & 2 are two of my favourite adventure games, I feel that simon 3D lacks atmosphere and playability. Very disappointing!

Sorceressposted - Jul, 14 2002 - 14:59
Simon deserved better than this glitchy game, but if you can endure all the bugs it is an entertaining and challenging game with good voice acting and lots of humour.

nobposted - Jul, 17 2002 - 13:18
Damn. Simon's all crapped up. How could you do this to him, to me, to everybody that loved the first two games. I demand a better Simon 3. I will pretend this never happened.

Bellanokposted - Jul, 20 2002 - 09:12
Oh just shut up. If you'd done a game in 2D and then had to model it all up in 3, it wouldn't end any better! It's well made after all. Maybe not as good as 1&2, but not THAT bad!!

Johnposted - Aug, 20 2002 - 12:04
Totally agree...First two Simon Adventures were the best of all time(in those years of course) and with todays technologies, thats all they could manage to do with Simon 3D?? Shame

Coolleposted - Sep, 06 2002 - 13:45
Simon the sorceror 1 & 2 is ranked first on my list of great games. But Simon 3D is disappointing :/ But it's still worth the money if you ask me.

Danielposted - Sep, 26 2002 - 19:19
:( It was a real sad moment when I saw Simon 3D. It's bullshit that the graphix doesnt count as long as the gameplay is good. Simon 1 and 2 had excellent atmospheric well detailed graphix, which gave the game a cosy feeling to play. It's all gone now :( DAMNIT!

Peteposted - Jan, 05 2003 - 17:02
Agreeably the third in the series is lacking something that its predecessors had, but unfortunately we are entering a new 3D age of gaming. It would have been far more risky to make simon 3 in the same style as the originals than to make it as it is. Cut them some slack guys, its not that bad a game...

lee wrightposted - Jan, 18 2003 - 09:46
i have played simon the sorcerer 1&2 but not simon the sorcerer 3d. but by going by all these other comments it looks crap and i can even see the graphics on this game are totally crap and with the technology they have got now its a shame!

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