Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Great Qin Warriors [trainer +3]
F3 Unlimited Ammo
F4 Unlimited Health
F5 One Shot Kills

NOTE: When enabling the cheats, make sure you are IN GAME. The menu
isnt good enough. You must be inside the game.

NOTE: This game likes to take over your keyboard. For you people with
slow computers out there, the requested cheat may NOT be activated
when you told it to. Keep pressing the cheat button and test to see
if it worked or not. This shouldnt be a problem for any of the newer

NOTE: This trainer is also designed to work with our previous Covert
Mode trainer.

To use the cheats, run the trainer's .exe file. Then run the game.
When ingame playing, press one of the listed keys from above to
activate the cheat.


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