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  Quake [cheats updated]
Command line cheats
To enter the "command line" press the ~ key at any time during gameplay. Enter the following into the lines and press Enter to enable cheats.

god- Enables God Mode (invincibility)
fly- Enables Fly Mode
kill- Instant death
noclip- Walk through walls. Repeat to turn off.
impulse 9- All Weapons.

Enemies Can't See You
Open the console by pressing the ` key and type in "notarget" (one word) and enemies will not see you until you shoot at them.

Hint: Well Of Wishes secret:
This is a secret extra for the Crypt Of Decay (Episode 2 Map 3). After the spiked hall, go forward, turn backwards, then look to your right. There is a room there where you must take a leap of faith to cross. Get the quad and keep going towards the wall until you reach a hall. Enter it and go down and swim. The dope fish is at this location. Go to the left of the fish and shoot to find the exit to the secret level.

Hint: Raven:
In Episode 2 Map 7 (secret level), shoot all of the gargoyle faces once. They will bleed. Then, go to the long, flashing corridor where you encounter two Hell Knights in alcoves. Shoot the wall of the second alcove to reveal a hidden room containing the initials of Tim Willits and Teresa Chasar, along with a raven symbol for the raven levels that they made for Doom 2.

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