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  Dying Light V1.2.1 [trainer +9]
Hotkeys Funktion
Num 0 Infinite Health

Num 1 Infinite Stamina

Num 2 Unlimited Ammo

Num 3 No Reload

Num 4 Unlimited Throwables

Num 5 Weapon Durability

Num 6 Instant Grappling Hook

Num 7 +50.000 Money

Num 8 Instant Level Up

About available cheats

Num 3 - No Reload
When you activate this option its needed that
you also activate the unlimited ammo option...

Num 7 - +50.000 Money
Open your inventory and activate this option...

Num 8 - Instant Level Up
This will work only with agility and power

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