Gameguru Mania - cheats

  SiN Episodes: Emergence #update 1 [trainer +10]
In-game hotkeys:

NUMPAD 1: Infinite Health
NUMPAD 2: Infinite Ammo
NUMPAD 3: No Tension
NUMPAD 4: Zero Saves
NUMPAD 5: Infinite Money
NUMPAD 6: No Recoil
NUMPAD 7: Automatic Weapons
NUMPAD 8: One Hit Kill
NUMPAD 9: Teleportation Ammo
F5: Save Position
F6: Load Position
NUMPAD 0: Ingame Menu

*Special notes:

Automatic Weapons
This option will turn all your weapons into automatic mode including
handguns, sniper rifle, shotgun, etc. Just hold the fire button to fire
like machine guns.

Teleportation Ammo
When this option is on, you can teleport to an enemy's position by
shooting at him/her.

Save/Load Position
Press F5 to save your current position, pressing F6 afterwards will
teleport you back to the saved position.

Ingame Menu
For this to work you need to run the trainer BEFORE the game and keep it
running while the game is still running. However if the menu doesn't work
the trainer will still function normally.

Cheat Beeps
Most of the options can be toggled ON/OFF using the same hotkey, there
will be 2 different beep sounds corresponding to ON and OFF everytime
you push a hotkey.

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer & read nfo
3. Run the game

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