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  Midtown Madness 3 [Xbox]
Unlock all cars + level select
to unlock all cars go to the car selection screen,
press the left thumbstick in (so you hear it click) keep it pressed and than press:


L= Left Trigger
R= Right Trigger

If done correctly the cars all sweep by and you can choose any car you want!

-from KaMiKaZeHoEr

'59 Cadillac Eldorado Seville:
Successfully complete the Pizza Delivery job in Washington D.C.

'67 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback:
Successfully complete the Stunt Driver job in Washington D.C.

Successfully complete the Paramedic job in Paris.

Armored Car:
Successfully complete the Security Guard job in Paris.

Cadillac Escalade
Successfully complete the Limo Driver job in Washington D.C.

Chrysler PT Turbo
Successfully complete the Rental Car Driver job in Washington D.C.

Dodge Viper SRT-10
Successfully complete the Private Eye job in Washington D.C.

Hummer H2 SUV
Successfully complete the Salesman job in Washington D.C.

Washington Police car
Successfully complete the Police Officer job in Washington D.C.

Audi S4 Avant:
Win the first six Blitz races in Paris.

Audi TT:
Successfully complete the Special Agent job in Paris.

Cement Truck:
Win the first six Checkpoint races in Washington D.C.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06:
Win the checkpoint race 10 in Washington D.C.

Chevrolet SSR:
Win the first three Blitz races in Washington D.C.

Chrysler Crossfire:
Win the Blitz race 10 in Washington D.C.

Fire Truck:
Win the first six Checkpoint races in Paris.

Successfully complete the Delivery Man job in Paris .

Freightliner Century Class S/T:
Win the first six Blitz races in Washington.

Hummer H2 SUV:
Successfully complete the Salesman job in Washington D.C.

Koenigsegg CC:
Successfully complete all jobs and win all races.

Successfully complete the Chauffeur job in Paris.

Lotus Esprit V8:
Win Blitz race 10 in Paris.

Mini Cooper S:
Successfully complete the first three Blitz races in Paris.

Paris Bus:
Win the first three Checkpoint races in Paris.

Paris Police:
Successfully complete the Police Officer job in Paris.

Saab 9-3 Turbo:
Win the Checkpoint race 10 in Paris.

Washington Bus:
Win the first three Checkpoint races in Washington D.C.

Washington Police:
Successfully complete the Police Officer job in Washington D.C.

Floating paint:
When you collect a paint job for a vehicle, look where the paint can was located. Little paint blobs should still be floating around, as if the can was still there.

Fix For Custom Soundtrack Glitch In Midtown Madness 3
There seems to be a glitch that will play the first 2 songs then play the same song over and over in the game. This is for those who want to use the custom soundtrack and are having this problem. First select songs and make a soundtrack or if you already have then do this little trick. Go to the cruise mode and just run around or let the game sit while leaving it unpaused. For some reason this mode the soundtrack actually changes songs. Let the songs play through about half way Ex. If you have 10 songs on your list let 5 play completely. Then go to the Blitz mode the guy who starts the race always has something to say if he is saying different things then this is a good sign. Start the race and finish it listen to what song is playing and then either restart the race if you did not beat it or continue with the next one if the song is different then you know have the glitch fixed. You may need to repeat this trick in cruise mode but it will work. Then once the songs seem to work they way the should reset your Xbox and try the game again in a race mode. Your music should now function the way it was meant to. Xbox is working on a patch but this trick will keep you from going crazy listening to the same song.
-from mamoulian

Unlock the 2 Secret Cars!
(Both cars require the Koenigsegg CC)

To Unlock the ASP:
On the Northern side of the La Siene river, on the right side of page 23 in the manual, there is a jump bordering the river, and the paintcan marked ????. Start on the far right side of the river with the Koenigsegg CC, and gain as much speed as possible. When you hit the ramp, the speed should launch you to the ASP.

To Unlock the Serpent Mk2:
First, go to the Southwestern side of George Town. There, where the highway goes into residential area, the road should be steep enogh for the jump. Start where the Potomac highway intersects with the other highway, gain speed and hit the jump. Ths should launch you into what is the cool Serpent Mk2.
-from Ioda Fett

Easter Eggs:

1920's Movie Easter Egg
In Washington, go to the Lincoln Memorial. It should be Near a reflecting pool. Drive up and go inside, and drive to where you can face the statue using left or right on the thumbstick. Wait around 20 seconds, and the screen will look scratchy, and everything will be at least 3 times faster.

Old Paper Easter Egg
In Paris, Go to the glass pyrimids. they should be near the river in a big white spot on the map. Do the same as mentioned above to the pyramids, and the screen will become Tan and Black, like an old drawing.

Another Easter Egg
In Washington D.C., look for a large gate that leads into China Town. It is near the construction site. To the right of it you will find a wooden wall with a yellow graffiti tag on it. Hold up on the right thumbstick for approximately 20 seconds to get a sketchy effect.

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