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  Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast [cheats]
Enter the console with SHIFT+TILDE and enter: "helpusobi 1" to enable the cheats:

god - god mode
undying - undead mode
noclip - noclipping, walk thru walls etc.
notarget - enemies wont attack you
where (classname)
spawn (item) (list too big to fit here, something like item_bacta, misc_atst_drivable)
mrnoprules - does nothing
fly_xwing - control a xwing
drive_atst - control a ATST Walker

setforcemindtrick (1-3) - Mind Trick Level up Force
-from Top Gun (

give (all, health, armor, force, inventory, batteries, weapons, eweaps, weaponnum)

map (mapname) - choose map
kejim_post, kejim_base, artus_mine, artus_detention, artus_topside, valley, yavin_temple, yavin_trial, ns_streets, ns_hideout, ns_starpad, bespin_undercity, bespin_streets, bespin_platform, cairn_bay, cairn_assembly, cairn_reactor, cairn_dock1, doom_comm, doom_detention, doom_shields, yavin_swamp yavin_canyon, yavin_courtyard, yavin_final, pit, ctf_bespin, ctf_imperial, ctf_ns_streets, ctf_yavin, duel_bay, duel_jedi, duel_pit, duel_carbon, ffa_bespin, ffa_deathstar, ffa_imperial, ffa_ns_hideout, ffa_ns_streets, ffa_raven, ffa_yavin

use the following codes to give you force abilities or set the level of them:
setForceJump (level) (1 - 3)
setForceHeal (level) (1 - 3)
setForcePush (level) (1 - 3)
setForcePull (level) (1 - 3)
setForceSpeed (level) (1 - 3)
setForceGrip (level) (1 - 3)
setForceLightning (level) (1 - 3)
setForceAll (level) (1 - 3) - sets force level of all abilities

setSaberThrow (level) (1 - 3)
setSaberOffense (level) (1 - 3)
setSaberDefense (level) (1 - 3)

saberColor (color) (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) - set the color of your lightsaber

some other non usefull cheats:
control (npc-name)
setviewpos (x y z yaw)
setobjective (objective #) (display status) (status)
viewobjective (objective #)

g_dismemberProbabilities 0 - setting this to 0 will disable the chance calculations
for dismembering enemies with your lightsaber.
great fun! :)
g_dismemberment 1 - turning on dismemberment (can be done in the setup if ui_iscensored = 0)

and some codes without enabling cheats:
thereisnospoon - bullettime :)
taunt - will make kyle say something
victory - will make kyle do something like flipping his weapon

thanks to savage for the list

-- from Savage (Tanx man!)


Double edged Light Sabre
Load up multiplayer (only works with bots)
Bring down the console (shift and `)
type devmap ffa_deathstar or anyother map
bring up lightsabre press 1 again to holster it
type \\thedestroyer


2 new lightsaber styles unveiled!
setsaberoffense 4 -adds new strong(red) LS style. Style used by Desann

setsaberoffense 5 -adds new fast(blue) LS style. Style used by Tavion

-from Top Gun (

the older ones that require the enabler

















com_speeds !

r_speeds !

r_showtris !

/dycus + hatch

Install Notes:


1) Unrar to gamedir\gamedata\ (overwriting).

2) Start a game.

3) Go to the console (if you can't get to the console, add

bind x "toggleconsole"

to gamedir\gamedata\base\jk2config.cfg, where x is some free key).

4) Type in any of the cheats (for some you need to be further in the game,

like force_heal: you have to have your force-powers back to use that eg.).

5) And then play :)

-= Double-Sided Light Saber =-

Here's a little fun thing to do in the game.
This actually exists. But theres some factors in order to use it:

* only works in multiplayer
* only works on servers with cheats active

So you won't be able to run around multiplayer servers using it, since they all have cheats disabled. But you can use it for a botmatches, if you like. Here's how to do it.

Start a game in any map you like.

Press shift+tilde (or whatever is to the left of 1 on your keyboard)

Type in devmapall (mapname) - this will designated map.

Then ignite your lightsaber. Then turn it off (just press one) so that you're holding just the handle.

Then go into the console and type /thedestroyer

If all has worked well, your double bladed saber should ignite, and you can go hack up some bots or something.

Realistic model damage
This code, which is by far the coolest I've yet seen for this game, will let you do realistic damage to enemies in single player mode with your lightsaber.

First, open you console (shift + ~), and type:
helpusobi 1
Then type in:
g_saberrealisticcombat 1
Then resume your game, and hack away :)

More cheats:
g_saberChange 1 - enables any saber of your choice

saberchange 1 -enables any saberof your choice "single player only"

ineedyoda -brings yoda to help you fight "multiplayer game only"

oraclemode - gives 1000 health+armor - "single player only"

-from mothy J. Thompson

download the file:

(to unpack archives use: WinZip,WinAce, WinRar)

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