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  Grind Session [PSX]
Unlock Special Skate Park: The Dream House:
When you have opened the final skate area (Huntington) then place third or better in the competition to recieve a Dreamhouse in which wings of the Mansion can be unlocked by completing tasks from the courses (High Score, Hitting all of a certain object, ect).

Unlock Every Single Level:
During play, pause the game and press Circle, Up, Down, Square, Triangle. All levels including the dreamhouse will now be unlocked

Unlock Every Single Trick:
Press pause then press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right. Then it should say "all tricks enabled". Also, it should say "dont hurt yourself".

Huntington level:
To unlock level 8, go to the big gray ramp with a blue streak on the bottom that is in front of a wall. Go off the ramp, and do an air trick. If you hit the wall exactly in the middle of the trick, you will land the move perfectly and get full points.

Fast skater:
In the middle of a game push the start button and type in the following code: Triangle, up, down, Circle, left, right. This code should alow your skater to speeds well above average speed to jump higher and stay in the air longer to improve your trick.

Halfpipe level:
Complete the endurance (all levels) with any normal character. The halfpipes are being carried by trucks.

Play as Master Ao:
Gather all the keys, all the photos and all the coins in both wings of the dream house with any character. Master Ao the ultimate skater (full vert, street, balance meter, plus every trick) will be unlocked.

Hint: Unlocking levels:
Master all of the points for each level to unlock the next level. As you unlock each level you also get the photo shoots at each area. As you get photo shoots, you must gain anywhere from 1000 points and up for each photo.

Hint: Unlocking hidden characters:
Place in the Huntington Tournament and unlock the Photo shoot. You will unlock a different character with each skater that earns the photo. You have to get 8000 points in one move. You can angle towards the fun box that has a quarter pipe with two rails on either side -- you start out facing it. You have to launch off the quarter pipe with a Nollie/Boneless then do a big trick like a Flip or a Christ Air. Land on the rail, grind, then jump off and Kickflip. It is tough to pull off, but is worth over 8000 points.

Willy Santos unlocks "Skator".
Cara-Beth Burnside unlocks "Hang Man".
Ed Templeton unlocks "Demon".
Daewon Song unlocks "Rex".
John Cardiel unlocks "Stanley"
Pigpen unlocks "Daave Carnie"
A female custom skater unlocks "Stinger"
A male custom skater unlocks "Golgotha"

Hint: Photos:
After you gain the necessary points for a photo shoot, and you get those points for the shoot, you will see different pictures, such as the drawings for the NYC area, and more.

Hint: Dream house in free skate for all the skaters:
Unlock all the rooms in one of the wings. Then, collect all four coins for that wing. There is one in each room.

To open the Dream House, you must first unlock all of the levels. Then, play all of them at least once. You have to get everything in a level to get a key. The key will open a room to the Dream House.

Hint: More time:
There are some rails that have numbers on them. If you grind those. you will get an extra 10 seconds. If you do a super trick onto the rail you will get an extra 13, 15, or even 20 seconds.

Hint: Rollerblades in pool:
When you get a key for your dream house (east wing), open the aqua room and use the skater's eye at the pool with the shark in it. Instead of fish, there two pairs of rollerblades will be there. Note: You cannot use the rollerblades in the pool -- you can only look at them.

Hint: Always land perfectly:
When making a huge spin off a quarter pipe, land on the ground next to it. You will always land perfectly.

Hint: Avoid modified PlayStation error:
This trick is useful when playing the game on a PlayStation that has a mod chip. Immediately after you start skating, open the PlayStation's CD lid. When the disc stops spinning, close the lid. This will allow the game to continue, without the modified PlayStation error message. You must do this every time you start to skate.

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