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  Rainbow Six [N64]

On the main menu got to quick start and input on of the following codes:

02 - 12D1S2Q22MQQ
06 - K2TK65Q2F4SQ
07 - T2TT68QGF!WQ
09 - 52T572Q4G4SQ

On the main menu got to quick start and input on of the following codes:

02 - 1ZL1S2RF2MQQ
07 - T2TT68QGF!WQ
09 - MJB2D1R2G2RQ
10 - 2ZB2T2R2GMQQ

On the main menu got to quick start and input on of the following codes:

02 - 1ZB1S2S22M??
03 - BJBBC3S225??
04 - BZBBSMS22888
05 - CJDCCQS2F288
07 - DJBDCYS2F5??
08 - DZBDS8S2F???
09 - 2JB2D1S2G2??
10 - 2ZB2T2S2GM??
11 - FJDFD3S2G5??
12 - FZDFTMS2G888

All Levels Password:
Recruit - VZRFTMQ2G8SQ
Veteran - FZJFTMR2G8RQ

Don't be affected by Flashbangs:
To be totally unaffected by flashbangs, simply turn on your nightvision goggles. You will not see the screen as a dizzy blur. You must leave them on until the effects of the grenade wears off.



Easy computer hacking mission:
To beat this level is fairly simple if you follow these steps. First take one team of guys all the way down into the basement. When you get there throw a bunch of frag grenades to get the guards on the floors above to get distracted. Next take your other team of guys and go into the elevator shaft and down the ladder. Now go out the door and to the right into the door where the alarm goes off. Close the door and proceed to turn off the alarm. Now quickly go out of the room and head towards the office that has the computer with the files you need to download on it. Go into the room and download the files. Now quickly go back to the roof withotu being seen.

Tips for not killing hostages:
- Watch your radar
- In some levels you should use not hand-gernades or even flashbangs
- Lock pick kits enable faster opening of doors
- Heart beat sensors enable you to see enemies on your radar in levels that you normally can't
- Assault, Electronics, and demolitions are just some of the specialties team members can have
- Silencers work best on some levels

Download on computer:
Start out with two teams with one person on each team. On the "Planning Screen" tell the other person to go wait at the 3rd. floor door.Start the Mission. Take your person and go down the ladder and watch where the guard goes by putting your map on full screen. As soon as he passes the corner, go into the room across the hall and turn the alarm off. Then shut the door. Switch to the other person. Take that person and go through the door and to the right. Go into the room with the computer an download the files. This took me several times.

255 grenades:
Throw every grenade in a row full strength. Continue even you you get to zero and then it will say you have 255 grenades

Make Operatives Dance:
This code is really obvious. All you have to do is repeatedly push up, then down on the control stick while pushing C up.(Or down.)

Here is a fun liitle thing to do. Make it so you are looking directly into the air. Throw a combination of flash bangs and frag grenades at full strength into the air and sit back and watch the fire works!

Get 255 flash bangs:
This is just like how you get 255 grenades. All you have to do is toss all 6 flash bags at top strength. Make sure you keep the Z button down, never let go of it. When you get done doing this code, you can have 255 flash bags, and 255 flash bags.

Enemies Surrender:
The enemy must be on a floor higher than you (example: on a roof). Make it so he can see you and shoot at you but not hit you. Shoot about 10 or more bullets right above the enemy's head, but do not kill him. Then he should be on his knees surrendering. Its best to turn "auto target" off in the options.

Inside The Wall Glitch:
In level 4: Eagle Watch there is a glitch that will let you get inside the walls. You start the level and go into the other big room and go into the blue hallway and go straight untill you reach the gold hallway and take a right on the first right in the gold hallway next go straight and take the first left and stop take a look at the wall to your left now walk right into it. Your are now inside the walls

Easy Computer Hack:
(Make Sure You Have SILENCED guns)
When you start off turn your rader to full screen. Then send an operative down the ladder and wait until you see one gaurd on your map walk past your door but through the hall with the security alarm. Wait until he's at least past the 2nd pillar in the wall. Now open the door and sidestep and shoot him with a silenced pistol (Make sure you hit him ONE SHOT ONE KILL). Now go back and shut the door. Wait for the other guard but until he's far enough and open the door and drop him. Now disarm security, go upstairs and do the same thing. Tip: Wait until their a couple steps away and their backs to you.

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Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan, the most common is a keylogger called HotKeysHook or the file has been packed/protected with VMProtect or Themida and is recognized as Win32/Packed.VMProtect or Win32/Packed.Themida. In ALL cases this is a FALSE ALARM as NONE of the Game Trainers @ GCW contain known malicious code! More info in the PC Games FAQ!