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  Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey [N64]
How to get in a fight
As simple as it sounds all you must do is check poeple on the boards.

Non-Stop Fighting
At options screen, hold L and press C-right, C-left, C-left, C-right, C-down, C-up, C-up, C-down, C-left, C-right, C-right, C-left, C-right, C-left. If you did this right you should get into a fight every 5 to 20 sec.!!
NOTE:This code must be re-entered each period.

Invisible Players
During the opening face-off, pause the game & select replay. Make a player flash by pressing L or R, and while he's still flashing press Z. The player will disappear.

Stretch the players
Press the C-button and the R button. There will appear 16 zeroes at the bottom of the screen. Now, you can changes the size of the heads of the players by pressing C-Down. To change the length of the players, press C-Left. Then press C-Up.

Ad Cheat
At any non-gameplay menu, press Z to view an advertisement. Each time you press the Z button a different ad will appear.

Choose Your Opponent
When you are playing against the computer, go to the ''Select Your Team'' menu and highlight whichever team you want to play against. Press the Right C(C>) button 3 times, and you should hear a click. The highlighted team will now be your opponent.

Edit Player Sizes
When at the Options menu, hold either C Up, C Left, or C Down and press R. You should then see a line of numbers called ''Specials'' at the bottom of the screen. Here are some numbers to input to edit the characters:

Big Heads:
Hold C Down and press R until the first two digits of the ''Specials'' option are ''10''.

Huge Heads:
Hold C Down and press R until the first two digits of the ''Specials'' option are ''01''.

Tiny Heads:
Hold C Down and press R until the first two digits of the ''Specials'' option are ''11''.

Tiny Players:
Hold the C Left button and press R until the third digit of the ''Specials'' option is ''1''.

Giants Players:
Hold the C Left button and press R until the fourth digit of the ''Specials'' option is ''1''.

Short, Fat Players:
Hold the C Up button and press R until the fifth digit of the ''Specials'' option is ''1''.

Tall, Thin Players:
Hold the C Up button and press R until the sixthdigit of the ''Specials'' option is ''1''.

These codes can be combined also.

Trade Players
At the Options screen, hold L and press the following:

C Down
C Down
C Up
C Up
C Down
C Down
C Right
C Right
C Down

If done correctly, the eighth digit of the ''Specials'' option will have turned to ''1''.

Return to the main menu, and choose ''Records''. Access the ''Team Stats'' option and press C Up ten(10) times. You should get a ''Modify Teams'' menu.

Choose the two teams you want to modify with the Control Pad, then press A. The roster of the first team appears on the left, press B to change the team on the right.

Use Up or Down to highlight the player you want to replace, use Left or Right to highlight the player you want to replace him with. Press A to make the substitution. Press Start to advance to the other team. Press Start again to return to the ''Team Stats'' screen.

Unlock Special Teams
Go to the Options screen, and hold down the L button while pressing right C, left C, left C, right C, left C, left C, right C, left C, left C. Now, enter a game and go to the team selection screen. You'll find a new conference available with four different teams: Team Canada, Team USA, Team Williams, and the 99ers.

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