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  The Blockheads [Android]
Google Play Achievements

A Better Sleep (500 XP) Sleep in a Bed.
Airtime (500 XP) Get at least 30 blocks of air in a Rail Handcar.
Amethyst Chandelier (500 XP) Craft an Amethyst Chandelier.
Amethyst Pickaxe (500 XP) Craft an Amethyst Pickaxe.
Amethyst Portal (500 XP) Upgrade Portal to Amethyst.
Angler (500 XP) Catch a Fish with a Fishing Rod.
Ankle Biter (500 XP) Catch a baby Shark in a Bucket.
Archer (500 XP) Fire an arrow from a bow.
Attraction (500 XP) Use a Magnet to extract Iron Ore.
Bling (500 XP) Craft a Gold Pickaxe.
Blockmarket (500 XP) Buy or sell something at a Trade Portal.
Blue Fury (500 XP) Defeat a Cave Troll.
Brighter Light (500 XP) Place a Lantern.
Bronze Age (500 XP) Craft Bronze.
Chef (500 XP) Cook a Dodo Stew or a Fish Curry.
Circumnavigator (500 XP) Get right around the entire Planet.
Clean Energy (500 XP) Craft and place a Solar Panel.
Clothing (500 XP) Craft and wear an item of Clothing.
Color Splash (500 XP) Dye an item of Clothing.
Conspiracy Theory (500 XP) Craft and wear a Tin Foil Hat.
Decorator (500 XP) Paint something.
Diamond Chandelier (500 XP) Craft a Diamond Chandelier.
Diamond Pickaxe (500 XP) Craft a Diamond Pickaxe.
Diamond Portal (500 XP) Upgrade Portal to Diamond.
Diggy Diggy Hole (500 XP) Mine Stone with a Pickaxe.
Ding (500 XP) Use an Elevator.
Emerald Chandelier (500 XP) Craft an Emerald Chandelier.
Emerald Pickaxe (500 XP) Craft an Emerald Pickaxe.
Emerald Portal (500 XP) Upgrade Portal to Emerald.
Espressoholic (500 XP) Drink a cup of Coffee.
Find A Diamond (500 XP) Find a Diamond.
Find A Ruby (500 XP) Find a Ruby.
Find A Sapphire (500 XP) Find a Sapphire.
Find An Amethyst (500 XP) Find an Amethyst.
Find An Emerald (500 XP) Find an Emerald.
Fire And Water (500 XP) Find or create Basalt and mine it.
Four's a Party (500 XP) Warp in a Fourth Blockhead.
Get Over Here! (500 XP) Kill a Scorpion.
Greenfingers (500 XP) Sow a Seed.
Hard As Nails (500 XP) Craft Steel.
Hat (500 XP) Craft and wear a Hat.
High Five (500 XP) Warp in a fifth blockhead.
Home Sweet Home (500 XP) Craft and place a Sign.
Hot Stuff (500 XP) Reach the Center of the World.
Iron Age (500 XP) Craft Iron.
Jaws (500 XP) Hang a Shark Jaw on the wall.
Life From Stone (500 XP) Find a Lime.
Mountaineer (500 XP) Climb the highest mountain.
North Pole (500 XP) Reach the North Pole.
Painting (500 XP) Paint and hang a painting.
Palace Builder (500 XP) Build with Gold.
Paparazzi (500 XP) Take a photo.
Pig Iron (500 XP) Craft iron from Pig Iron at an Electric Furnace.
Poison Arrow (500 XP) Fire a Poison arrow from a Golden Bow.
Portal Chest (500 XP) Store something in a Portal Chest.
Pyro (500 XP) Burn something.
Resurrection (500 XP) Bring a Blockhead back from the dead.
Rich Earth (500 XP) Plant something in compost.
Ring of Fire (500 XP) Eat a Chilli.
Ruby Chandelie (500 XP) Craft a Ruby Chandelier.
Ruby Pickaxe (500 XP) Craft a Ruby Pickaxe.
Ruby Portal (500 XP) Upgrade Portal to Ruby.
Sapphire Chandelier (500 XP) Craft a Sapphire Chandelier.
Sapphire Pickaxe (500 XP) Craft a Sapphire Pickaxe.
Sapphire Portal (500 XP) Upgrade Portal to Sapphire.
Scenic Ride (500 XP) Share a Passenger Car with another player.
Sleep In Style (500 XP) Sleep in a Golden Bed.
South Pole (500 XP) Reach the South Pole.
Space Climber (500 XP) Get to Space.
Spotlight (500 XP) Place a Steel Downlight or Uplight.
Step Up (500 XP) Use a Staircase.
Storyteller (500 XP) Start a Campfire.
Sunrise (500 XP) Reach the East Equator.
Sunset (500 XP) Reach the West Equator.
Three's a Crowd (500 XP) Warp in a Third Blockhead.
Tin Man (500 XP) Craft and wear an item of armor.
Toot Toot (500 XP) Blow the horn in a Steam Locomotive.
Top Shelf (500 XP) Display something on a Shelf.
Travel In Style (500 XP) Ride a Donkey.
Treasure Hunter (500 XP) Find a Treasure Chest.
Two's Company (500 XP) Warp in a Second Blockhead.
Tycoon (500 XP) Buy or sell an item to another player at a Shop.
Walls Of Steel (500 XP) Place a Steel Block.
Wind In Your Sails (500 XP) Ride in a Boat.

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